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Monster selfie studio 

Published November 3, 2016 by Bizzimummy

This monster selfie studio kit, proved to be a big hit in our house in the run up to Halloween. 

When you first look inside the box, it just looks like any other craft kit with various monster cut out designs and frames.However the kit works alongside a free app which can be downloaded on iPhones and android devices. 

For just £9.99 this kit helps transform our photo selfies into monsters and here’s how it works. 

First take a selfie with your phone, choose which monster you want to be via the app, then print it or email it. This is Ryan’s monster selfie and yes he’s a werewolf. 

Once printed the face can be cut out and put into one of the frames or add more monster accessories, or you can just keeps the printed images as posters. This is Jordanna as Frankenstien monster 

And this is Ryan’s completed design once cut out. 

Obviously you will need a printer if you wish to make something such as this as you have to print the images out. The one problem we came across was that the instructions state to print at 100% and not “fit to page”. We have a cannon air printer and print from iPhones and I have not come across any setting via a phone which allows us to change the setting so we just had to hope for the best and luckily the images printed at the correct size.

This kit and another similar one with animals can be purchased directly from Interplay, Amazon and most good toy stores.

Swizzels Halloween Giveaway! 

Published October 21, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Halloween is almost upon us yet again. A time when the ghosts and ghouls come out to play and not to forget those nasty clowns. 

To make sure your ready when those little goblins come knocking, Swizzels has once again bought out a terrifying assortment of sweet bags. These include Trick or Sweet, Chew crew and creepy squashes. These can all be found in those creepy supermarket aisles but be quick as they are bound to be snapped up by other hungry monsters.

However for those brave enough to be reading my blog, fear not because Swizzels are giving away a frightening feast of Halloween sweeties just for one brave reader. 

Included in this spooky selection giveaway is – 1x Bumper Bag, 1xChew Crew, 1xLots of Lollies,1xOrange and Blackcurrant Squashies 160g and 1x Trick or Sweet Bag. 

For those brave enough to enter, you are dared to click the link below. But be quick as this will all be over on Tuesday 25th October. 



(T&Cs – one winnner will win all the sweets as listed, I cannot guarantee a delivery before Halloween as deliveries can take up to 21 days. If selected as a winner please reply asap to the winning email) 

Smart Lab squishy human body (wicked uncle gifts)

Published October 30, 2015 by Bizzimummy

As it’s Halloween tomorrow I thought I’d bring you all something a little gruesome, at least for the squeamish among you anyway. Here is a rather squishy body. 

Whilst being a little freakish and perhaps even revolting to some, the kit does have many benefits as well as scaring the younger ones. 

The kit comes with a model skeleton which is encased in a tough plastic outer body, almost like skin. Inside the skeleton are various squidgy body parts.  

 These body parts are all removable and the skeleton can be removed from the outer skin. The parts all resemble the major organs which are of course required to keep us alive and have various functions and also 12 plastic bones and muscles. The idea is to take everything out of the skeleton and then build it back up putting the correct squishy parts in the correct place. The kit also includes tweezers and forceps. 

 This is aimed towards older children and teens and I had a bit of a play around with it too. Unless your a doctor you probably have no idea where each bit goes but not to worry as a body parts organiser is included along with a full guide on how to put the body together. 

There is also a really useful book included. This book describes with detail the roles of all the organs used with the body kit and could be very useful for biology homework. The skeleton body once assembled actually reminds me of some figures we had at school in our science labs.  

 There is even a stand to place the model on. Ryan loves science and loves taking this apart and putting it together. Jordanna isn’t too keen on it just yet and says she doesn’t like the feel of the squishy organs. In Ryan’s room it will happily stay then for the time being.

The age guide for the squishy human body is 8 and over.

I was sent this body kit from Wicked Uncle. They sell lots of fun and novelty gifts and toys for children of all ages from birth to teens. Their website has had a revamp and seems very mobile friendly too. Searching for what you want is easy, search by age, sex or just type in what you want to see if it’s there. 

The Squishy human body costs £21.95 at Wicked Uncle. The ordering process is easy, you do need to register an account. They accept most cards and PayPal payments and the item arrived quickly within 2 days.


Happy Halloween, Boo for You at Southport Pleasureland

Published October 27, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Happy Halloween is back at Southport this week throughout half term. If you have not been to one of the Happy Halloween events then it’s where Pleasureland turns into scary land with hundreds of pumpkins and scary things everywhere. 

Yesterday we went. The park opens at 11am and we were first there. This year it’s free admission and the rides are paid for via fun cards which are a bit like visitor passes that you hang around neck. These fun cards can be topped up with any amount. Most rides need 2-3 tokens and the fun card top up can be used on stalls too such as hook a duck.

Pleasureland has many rides for all ages to keep family’s entertained for a few hours.

There’s even water zorbs and trampolines too. 

During our visit. Several free shows were put on too, these were free and I was glad to sit down for a bit and get out of the cold. The first was a magic show with magician Russ Brown. Now all magicians need assistants and guess who got on stage yet again? Yes Jordanna who took part in a table balancing act. 

The second show combined Elsa, Anna, a tiger and wicked witch. 

There was a firework display later on from 6.30pm but sadly Izebella was feeling unwell so we had to go. However there will be another firework display for bonfire night on November 6th and again free entry.

We had a good day despite Izebella being poorly. The rain stayed away and we had hot dogs and chips at the park for lunch for less than £10.

Visit the Pleasureland Website to plan your visit.

Halloween at Asda

Published October 16, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Asda shelves are bursting with some very sinister and spooky Halloween goodies. There’s outfits, spooky food and lots of props and decorations like this assortment here.  

 This is just a small selection of what’s on offer this Halloween at Asda. The best bit being that all of these items are very inexpensive too meaning Halloween does not need to cost the Earth.

Props to hold such as big axes, fairy wands and ghoulish hands to collect sweets all add to the spooky effects of outfits.  


This year Ryan is wearing the Scream outfit, for which the toy axe will go quite well with. 

Jordanna has a fancy witch outfit and will be wearing this Monstrous witch kids mask. 

 And Izebella has a cat dress and will be wearing her new cute monster type pink hood. 

To decorate our home on Halloween we have these ghastly hanging decorations.  

The big devilish thing hangs on the door and costs £1.00.The glitter bird beasts come as a 5 pack again for just £1.00. The white skull plaque has a strange error appeal to it and big shiny beads  for eyes which shimmer in the dark. 

Finally if you find yourself battling with a pumpkin and a whole load of messy pulp and unable to carve a real face, then fear not because this year I will be using this instead.  

It’s a battery operated pumpkin lantern and when switched on it changes colours and illuminates the ghostly images on its front.   

It certainly beats carving one. 

All of these frightening gadgets and bits can of course be used over and over again for future Halloween celebrations. A bit like Christmas really, once used, put them in a box and in the loft for the next year. At these low prices they are certainly worth the purchase and will keep my kids happy for the night. 

All of the above items can be found in Asda stores and Asda online.


Halloween at Aldi

Published September 30, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Tomorrow (October 1st) will see some spooky goings on in Aldi stores across the country.With the arrival of lots of fun Halloween costumes and decorations. The products will only be available until stock runs out and with Aldis low prices these are bound to be popular.  

The spooky collections include lots of gory pieces for your party table, with table cloths, napkins, paper plates and cups to host the perfect gory feast.  

There’s even several ceramic Halloween style plates and serving dishes such as this one which can be used year after year. These are sure to get party guests talking and asking “where did you get that from”. 

Of course no one can have a Halloween party without dressing up and Aldi has a selection of costumes, pyjamas and accessories to add to the fun.  

Finally lots of decorations and party props to scare and entertain guests and those pesky trick r treat callers.  

Everything from inflatables to battery operated singing skeletons. Aldi has it all this Halloween. 

Items vary from store to store and here is an idea of some of the prices. 

 store from 01.10.15 while stocks last

Halloween Inflatable Characters


Dancing Skeleton


Halloween Serving Dishes


Musical Door Knockers/Bells


Children’s Dressing Up Set


Children’s Halloween Pyjamas


Halloween Battery Operated Lights


Halloween Berry Lights


Halloween DVDs


Halloween Drinkware


Girl’s Halloween Tutu Set


Children’s Halloween Boppers


Led Tealight Holders


Trick Or Treat Tins


Pumpkin Carving Kit


Children’s Halloween Tights


Assorted Partyware


Halloween Gel Stickers


Halloween Spiders Web


Happy Halloween: Southport

Published October 28, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Yesterday we woke early and boarded a train to Southport. From Southport station we headed to the coast and found our way to Pleasure land for a spooky spectacular Halloween family event called Happy Halloween.
I have been to Pleasure land many times but this time was different. From the moment we arrived we were greeted by all sorts of weird and wonderful characters. Scarecrows, witches, huge spiders and more.

Both statues, some of them moving and very lifelike and people in costume, everywhere we looked there was pumpkins. I have never seen that many pumpkins in one place.


All the rides at Pleasureland are included in the price of the ticket which must now be purchased at the entrance as all the internet allocations are sold out.
There are many rides there, even something for the very small ones. Izebella is now 2 and was very happy going on lots of rides with big brother and sister.

Jordanna being a little taller now was able to go on many big rides herself. Ryan won’t go on them and I couldn’t as I had Izebella. Jordanna even went on the big Piranha water shoot ride alone too. Ryan went on the ghost train and I would have took Izebella on but she point blank refused to go on. I did see one parent literally drag a screaming toddler onto it. Poor kid will no doubt have nightmares for weeks to come.
My girls loved the slides and trampoline too.



One of the special Halloween attractions is Trick or Treat street. It is set up like a small street with several doors. Children walk through it and knock on each door and either get a treat in the form of sweets or a trick which involves being sprayed with water or a whistle blown or something else. None of this is too scary for younger ones.


To add to all this fun, several different shows take place every half hour. We went to see 3 of them- Twitchy Witch which is a short pantomime and seems to have themes from Labyrinth, hansel & Gretel, The witches and Wizard of Oz. It’s quite entertaining tho Izebella was a little scared of the witch. Afterwards there was photo opportunities with the cast.


The next one was a magic show and as per usual, Jordanna was picked to go on stage and assist. I think she screams louder than any other child when asked for volunteers! Anyway she took part in a very spectacular trick which involved her walking through a solid mirror. She can’t explain how it happened either!!

She got a big spider balloon thing for it which unfortunately popped within an hour.
We also saw a puppet show but my battery was starting to die by this time so no pics sorry.

I think we were there a good 6 hours going on all the rides and watching shows. We had an amazing day and the rain stayed away too. It’s not often we get days out together as good as this one. Happy faces all round but very tired by the end of it.

The food and drink there is pricy and I really should of thought beforehand and took sandwiches and drinks of my own. A small tray of chips with gravy worked out at £3.00 and kids bottle drinks a pound each. It might not sound a lot but when there’s 4 of us it did work out expensive.
I would say definitely worth a visit and we hope to return next year.

It is open throughout half term and you pay at the gate.

http://www.happyhalloween.uk.com or http://www.southportpleasureland.com

Eyeball treats and more

Published October 25, 2014 by Bizzimummy


Imagine my surprise and sheer terror when the postman bought me a package and upon opening I was greeted with these bloody gruesome eyeballs!


Not one, but 12 of the gruesome things, full of blood and veins and all staring and glaring at me. Like something from a horror movie.


Well eyeballs taste good I have turned into a zombie creature feasting on eyeballs and blood!
Okay no of course I haven’t. These very decorative Halloween fancies are infact cakes and come from The Cake Nest over in Derbyshire.
I thought they were very effective, roughly eyeball size and ghastly great
decoration. White like eyeballs and with blood vessels and veiny things all over them.


Inside of course is the best bit. A sweet strawberry spongy gooey cake mixed with buttercream (then dipped in white chocolate) in bright red, just like blood!

They taste rather delicious tho and hard to put down once I had tried one. Of course Izebella won’t say no to feasting on an eyeball either.


These eyeballs are handmade to order at £15.00 a tray and delivered to your door. Will go down very well at Halloween parties.

If you don’t want scary eyeballs then maybe a few other Halloween cakes will do the trick (or treat!)

Yes all of these marvellous cake creations can be purchased from Cake Nest along with a whole selection of other cakes and treats suitable for other occasions and any time of the year.



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