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Perfect pamper gifts

Published February 21, 2017 by Bizzimummy

With Valentine’s Day over for another year, it’s perhaps time to think about Mother’s Day once again which is on its way in just a few weeks. 

Us Mothers need a bit of pampering every now and then and the majority of us ladies just love to receive pamper/bathing type gifts for any occasion. 

Now most ladies get fed up of the same bog standard supermarket gift sets that can be purchased anywhere and we like things a little different and special. This is where Perfect pamper gifts comes in very handy.

Perfect Pamper gifts create unique gift sets and pamper hampers containing luxury fragrant products. 

My own hamper arrived in a lovely little bow tied Jute bag, like this.

And yes you can even choose the bag colour. 

Before opening the bag, I knew it was going to be good inside because I could smell the lovely fragrant aromas inside. And inside – all these lovely pamper Goodies. 

The aromas are delicious and smelt so good, they made me hungry. 

I absolutely love all of the products inside. Just take a look at this Pomegranate & Vitamin E face mask!

It looks and feels like a fruity whipped cream and feels lovely on my face. 

The Whole lot of love bath bomb is huge and I can’t wait to drop into my bath. The centre rose part is made of soap petals which get pulled off and scattered in the bath before fizzing the bath bomb.

Then Sweet cherry body wash – the scent reminds me of my favourite yoghurt flavour and that’s black cherry. It contains cherry kernel oils and smells very sweet. 

Seville orange lip balm really helps my dry lips which I seem to get whenever I have a cold (which I do now!) 

And finally, for an added bit of bathing luxury – Wild rose scented candle. 

There are many pamper hampers to choose from, be it for mum, sister, daughter, friend etc. You can also Build your own hamper by choosing specific products and Perfect Pamper gifts even offer a Monthly subscription pamper box which I am considering signing up to. Monthly pamper treats sound amazing. 

The pamper hampers make wonderful gifts for us ladies and are a great idea for a Mother’s Day gift. The gifts hamper bundles such as the one I have start at £14.99 and include choice of bag, gift tag and personalised message. Each bag contains at least 4 pamper items depending on which one is chosen.

There are many to choose from at Perfect pamper gifts.

Transformulas anti-aging

Published February 17, 2017 by Bizzimummy

This year I turn a big 40! Although I’m constantly told I don’t look my age, I am still conscious of the tell tale signs of aging and mainly facial lines. I’m not afraid to admit it, but last year I had one round of Botox injections to my forehead as I was getting slightly paranoid every time I looked in a mirror. The Botox procedure, although pretty much painless and very quick gets very expensive so I am always happy to give other products a go. This time it is three products from Transformulas. Whose motto is “beauty without surgery”

These three products have now become a part of my daily beauty routine. I use them together and start with the face contour and tightening cream.

This gets applied to the whole facial area apart from close to the eyes. It has a slight menthol type scent and the box gives instructions of how to apply best. From first use I could instantly feel it working. It feels like my skin is being pulled or tightened and this feeling lasts a few minutes. It doesn’t feel uncomfortable or hurt in any way and it certainly works. I could see the effects within just a few days of use. 
For my eyes, I’m using the Transformulas eye lift gel

This one is pretty much odourless and clear. 

Many women suffer aging problems around the eyes first, with sagging and lines and dark rings to name just a few problems. I apply the gel all around my eyes and it feels really cool on, almost like I have cucumber on my eye. Again it gives a slight tight feeling but it’s a nice sensation.

Finally for my lips – Lip Volume!

This is probably the product I was most looking forward to using. The reason being – I have small lips. There doesn’t seem to be much volume to my lips at all and I have considered fillers but they hare very expensive and I hear quite painful too. 

The lip volume has a minty menthol aroma. It goes on like lip glosss does and instantly made my lips tingle and feel cool. It can be applied before lip stick or just as a daily routine. And yes it does seem to increase the volume a little, even if only temporarily. 

Apologies for the duck pout here! 

I love all three products and the fact that they do make my skin feel different and tighter.

I am including a before and after picture. See if you can see the difference after two weeks of use. 

Of course products that work don’t come amazingly cheap. You won’t find Transformulas in your local pound world. However all three of these products together cost less than one round of Botox which is for one area rather than three.

Contour cream – £36.95

Eye gel – £29.95

Lip volume – £29.95

So just under £100 for all three but still a lot less than the more evasive treatments and surgery.

If you want to know what’s in the transformulas products and how they work then you can find all the information and more on the Transformulas website. Products can also be purchased from the website as well as Boots and a few other places. 

Heavenly scents this Valentine’s Day

Published January 30, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Yes it almost February already and February is all about love and romance (the things I lack at the moment!) and also lovely fragrances. 

This is the body & soul collection from Joan Collins timeless beauty and it would make a lovely valentines gift. Unlike many beauty/fragrance sets which come with body cream of some sort (which rarely gets used) this one comes with both perfume and a reed diffuser. 

The scent – I am woman is similar in both the products so both room and woman can smell equally as good. The perfume is a fairly strong one with both woody, floral  and citrus hints, tho it’s not so overpowering that it smells like an old ladys handbag as it does have softer tones to it too. The eau du perfume bottle is fairly small in this set being only 12ml but with this, a little really does go a long way.

The reed diffuser comes with a fragrance bottle and several reeds. The reeds just sit in the liquid and I turn them twice daily. It gives a different but rather lovely scent to my room. The diffuser liquid will eventually all evaporate into the air but this will probably take many weeks so the scent will be around for a while.

The set costs about £32.50 and can be purchased from Joan Collins beauty, QVC, Urban retreat, Harrods and M&S

Swapping the pop for Get More vitamin drinks 

Published January 12, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Like most people I am trying to start the new year a little bit healthier and hoping to get in shape for the Summer. Unfortunately I am one of those people who enjoy chocolate, crisps and fizzy drinks (usually Pepsi or coke) and as many people know it’s these things that contribute to weight gain, health issues and dental problems. Luckily for me, a big box full of more healthier drinks arrived as the new year started and they taste really good so I’m determined to swap the fizzy stuff and cut down.

Get more drinks contain vitamins that are essential for our bodies. These are in most normal diets but for those, like myself , who often skip meals and don’t eat properly it can be hard to get what the body needs. I often feel tired but find it hard to get back into regular mealtime routines. Of course my kids eat healthily. 
The drinks come in lots of refreshing flavour and we have tried the majority of them. They come as both still and sparkling varieties. They don’t need refrigerating which makes them more handy for storage but I do like to put a few in the fridge just so they are really cool.

Many  of the drinks are a blend of two fruits together, such as mango and passion fruit with a few single flavours also available. The bottles come in different colours and each colour gives a different source of goodness to the body. These include vitamins A,B,C,D, multivitamins and minerals. The drink inside being clear liquid.

Because they are a flavoured water type drink and also healthy, my children’s schools allow them to take these drinks in if they wish, although it has to be the still variety. 

Get More also has a range of drinks designed especially for children callled “A little more”

Again these come in a choice of flavours and come with a leakproof cap. Just like the bigger bottles they also contain lots of good vitamins and things for little growing bodies. They are perfect for packed lunches and have no added sugars, natural flavours and low calories so schools will allow them. 

My children like both the little more and get more varieties, as do I. We find them really refreshing and fruity and enough to quench the sugar cravings. 

The drinks come alone or in multipacks and can be bought in most supermarkets and a few other stores which you can find out about on the website.

Vosene kids: New troll-tactic makeover 

Published November 24, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Vosene kids products, which my girls use a lot have been going through a rather exciting makeover to tie in with the launch of the new Dreamworks Trolls movie. From now until February 2017, all kids products will feature the troll characters on the bottles.

This now makes them even more appealing to children. The products inside stay pretty much the same, with a selection of combination shampoos both 2 in 1 and 3 in 1, both of which contain head lice defence products to keep the bugs away. Then why my girls are finished washing they can use the conditioning defence spray for extra protection and detangling there long curly hair.

The new Trolls products are limited edition and on the back of each is a unique scratch off code . This code can be typed into the website (as per instructions on the product) and there is a chance to win one of 40000 mini troll dolls. And guess what? Yes we won one so now Izebella will be excited as Trolls seem to be her latest craze.

 Buy Vosene kids troll products from supermarkets, boots, Superdrug and other similar stores.

Skinny tan: tan & tone oil

Published November 23, 2016 by Bizzimummy

“Skinny Tan is the first self-tanner that combines a natural tanning active with naturally derived skin smoothing actives to tan, contour and reduce the visible appearance of cellulite!”
Skinny tan differs from many other tanning products that I have tried (and believe me I have tried loads). It differs as it’s made with naturally derived tanning ingredients and therefore does not smell like fake tan and nor does it streak. I found the no streak claim a little hard to believe at firsr; I mean what tanning product will claim otherwise? 

I use products such as skinny tan because I have very fair natural skin and so unless the weather is extremely hot (which it rarely is over here) then I just won’t tan. As my sister had treatment for skin cancer earlier this year, I won’t use sunbeds either. Therefore I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a self tan addict. I have a drawer full of the stuff, all different brands and types.

I spotted Skinny tan on an advert and was pretty eager to test out their new product –  the skinny tan tone and oil to see if the product lived up to its claims. 

The bottle itself is fairly plain, no gimmicks or half naked women or bold claims on how good the product is. It’s a spray on type oil tan. I am more used to using gels and mousse but found this pretty much mess free. 

Starting on my legs and working upwards I spray a fair few sprays all over and then use a tan mitt (not included) to blend it all in. I think the only time you don’t need to blend in a spray type tan is when you go to a salon so make sure you have a tan mitt or gloves if using this product. It does have a scent but it’s not fake tan smell, a little like coconut and something else. Bring oil, I was quite surprised at hot fast it dried (almost instantly) and it blended in really well too. The results are instant, with deeper results within an hour or so.

The finished tan look is certainly impressive looking very natural and not at all orange or fake. The shade being just right for my skin too, not dark but no longer pale skin either. And as for streaking!! There is none, none at all, it’s a perfectly even tan and I am really happy with it.

The bottle is 100ml which will be enough for approximately 4/6 applications. The tan can last up to 7 days and fades like a normal tan.

Visit Skinny tan for more details and prices.

Back to school with Hedrin

Published September 28, 2016 by Bizzimummy

My children have now been back at school for about three weeks and unfortunately for my girls, the dreaded lice quickly returned. Head lice seem to be a continuous problem at my girls school with the majority of weekly newsletters asking us to check our children’s hair.

Headlice are a pain and especially so when they have to be combed out of long curly hair. It can be time consuming and really frustrating when they make a return a few weeks later. 

We are very familiar with the Hedrin brand of products. I have used a fair few and have been sent one of their new products which is the Hedrin once liquid gel.

This liquid gel is a really fast treatment and can kill both eggs and lice in 15 minutes. The “once” in the title indicates that hair only needs one treatment rather than two with this.

I had to apply it to dry hair on my girls, so it’s a good idea to apply before bathing. The bottle recommends leaving on for at least 15 minutes but anything up to an hour is fine. Thicker and longer hair will need leaving longer. Once the treatment time is up, shampoo is applied to the hair without wetting and then wash out. 

The gel has no odour and is not too runny. It washes out easily and our hair was not greasy the next morning. I was quite impressed that the one treatment did what is was meant to and kill the lice. I combed out a fair few from my girls heads.

Hedrin has a 3 stage phase to treating headlice. – “Detection, Treatment, Protection” Detection involves spotting signs such as itching and using a special lice comb to detect them. Treatment is as above and applying one of many products to kill the lice, then removing them with the comb. Protection involves using products to try and stop the lice from returning. Hedrin sell products for all 3 phases.

To protect from lice I use the Hedrin protect and go. Not only does this stuff help prevent live returning , it also acts as a hair detangler and leaves the hair looking healthy. It actually comes with a pretty pleasant smell too unlike that familiar tea tree scent.

I think it’s okay to use the protect and go daily and in the morning before school as that’s where they seem to pick them up.

I have used many different brands of head lice treatment but I do find Hedrin the best one. Hedrin products are available in many shops and stores. Most chemists and supermarkets sell Hedrin products along with boots, Superdrug and Amazon. The majority of Hedrin products cost between £6 – £12 and each product provides a few treatments. 

I am hoping the lice stay away for a few weeks at least now.

There is some useful information on products and headlice on the Hedrin website. 

Serenz allergy relief #Serenz

Published August 20, 2016 by Bizzimummy

If you suffer from allergies like I do, then you will understand how irritating and annoying they can be. Be it pollen, dust or something else it’s bloody annoying and sometimes embarrassing. 

The weird thing is, I had no allergies at all as a child or even as an adult; until that is: I got pregnant with my youngest child who is almost 4 years old. The allergies started and never stopped and it seems to be a daily thing which may go away for the odd few days and then return. Summer is much worse but even in the colder months, the allergies remain. The signs of an attack (as I call it) are probably familiar to others – it starts with an awful tickle in the throat which not even water fully relieves, then the itchy eyes, watering eyes followed by the sneezing which is then on and off all day and even into the night. I do not know exactly what allergen is causing it and neither does a doctor. 

Like many people I have tried many remedies. The tablets make me drowsy although some of them do work and the sprays only provide a very temporary relief, if any. 

I was asked to try a new product called Serenz. It is a brand new product designed to help with many types of allergies.

It does look like a nose spray from the outset but it is very different. For a start this uses carbon dioxide instead of nasal steroids or antihistamine. The little blue plastic part in the photograph happens to be a key. This is used to unlock the gas from the unit. Unlock, remove cap, test, insert into nostril and switch on. Yes it’s that simple, that’s all I need to in both nostrils with this. 

Now I’m not going to lie. It stings the nose at first, but this strange stinging sensation only lasts a second or two and then the sting goes. Also the more it’s used, the less it stings. I read too that not everyone will feel a sting or burn, some may just get a tingle or even nothing and it’s just the gas going up and nothing else. 

I have only been using the product for a few days so I cannot really comment yet on the long term usage or effects but it has calmed my symptoms slightly. The throat tickle is not as bad and I have not been sneezing and coughing quite as much since using. Obviously it is not an allergy cure but is certainly a symptom reliever.

When using – ensure a tight seal around nostrils and device and do not breathe or inhale up as you would with other nasal products. Just insert into the nose and press the button.

The Serenz allergy reliever costs £17.90 and can be used daily when required. It is for adult use only. Purchase from the Online chemist.

Spa technologies: Marine skincare range  

Published August 18, 2016 by Bizzimummy

I have two products from the new Marine skincare range from Spa Technologies UK. The products are called Marine as they contain natural products derived from the ocean bed, including – seaweed, red/brown algae, and liquid oxygen. These natural marine ingredients go deep into the skin to nourish, hydrate, repair and moisturise. A full list of other active ingredients found in the products can be viewed here. All products are suitable for vegans too.

I have been testing out 2 spa products for about two weeks. Both products are recommended for use at night, prior to sleep and as part of the everyday bedtime cleansing routine. First is a Flower peel serum.

Flower peel does sound like some sort of peel off face mask but it is actually a serum. 

Flower peel is an anti-inflammatory concentrate of hibiscus flower and green tea acids fortified with salicylic acid to help with problem skin. The benefits include – Gradual exfoliation without irritation, decongestant of  pores consistent with acne. Essential in treatment of rosacea. Allows basal cells to fully mature, strengthening the connective tissue matrix.

And of course, costing £25.00 a bottle I would only expect it to leave my facial skin in much better condition, which combined with the second product; it certainly does.

The aroma is a peculiar one which I could not quite put my finger on at first but I knew I had come across it before. It smells a little of fake tan and more so the gel tan type. Perhaps one of the tans I used had similar ingredients. 

Being a serum it is a little oily and takes a minute or two to absorb. I use this product first after washing and then apply the second product which is the Intensive night recovery.

Again another serum type product which works well together with the flower peel.

This being a blend of aromatic essences oils enriched with 10% oxygen aids skin repair and provides powerful moisture, boosting recovery for mature and very dehydrated skin. It is  an instant pick–me-up.

It provides a natural barrier that protects and provides the skin with anti-inflammatory EFA’s, rich Butters and Antioxidant Extracts
Perfect for hot Summer days too, After being in the sun the Intensive Night Recovery will repair the skin overnight, leaving skin with an extra glow and reducing the signs of premature ageing.

The aroma for this one was not as strong as the flower peel, it has more of an oily smell to it. Again it is oily and so slightly greasy at first but eventually sinks into the skin. 

I use a few drops from each bottle every night and although I am very lucky to not suffer from any skin problems in the first place, I can certainly feel a good  change in my skin texture and even tone since using them. 

The products are not cheap – £35 for the night serum and £25 for the flower peel and the bottles are not huge. Therefore probably out of my price range when it comes to products such as these but certainly worth a try and would make lovely gifts too.

Bath & Unwind

Published August 16, 2016 by Bizzimummy

So I’m half way through the school Summer hols and yes it’s getting stressful, kids running out of things to do, wanting money, wanting sleepovers, money being tight, house a mess and all the rest of it; whilst also trying to fit blog posts in when I can. Therefore it’s always nice when I’m sent goodies for myself and just myself to try out and especially so when it happens to be any sort of beauty or pamper products.

I had not heard of Bath and Unwind before prior to them contacting me. They sell many beauty and pamper type products from many different brands. I have had a browse of their website and many products do seem to be cheaper than on other sites and places. It is well worth a look to find some beauty bargains.

Bath & Unwind offered to send me out a selection of their products. The three products I was sent all do different things. There is something for the skin, hair and even sleep; perfect for bathing and then unwinding.

Moroccanoil dry shampoo 

I have tried a few dry shampoo products before but this is by far the best one so far. Firstly the scent is so much better, there is none of that hairspray scent with this one. Secondly there are two shades to choose from based on hair tone and of course being Moroccanoil; means it contains Argan oil. Any woman who cares about her locks will be familiar with Argan oil. It even contains UV protection to shield hair from the sun. Spray on tangled hair to detangle and leave smoother or give life to dull hair. It does leave a whitish/silver shimmer when first applied but this quickly fades once brushed.

It is £14.85 a can but I have not seen this product in shops or anywhere else and it really does wonders for my coloured hair.

Badger balm
Fear not, no badgers were harmed, or even used (as far as I’m aware!) making this product. 


This could be classed as a natural sleep remedy. It’s a balm which can be applied to temples, cheeks, neck or face just before bed. It contains lots of lovely lavender to help you drift off into the land of nod. It is 100% natural too. Lavender is of course a well known sleep aid and relaxant so it does help a little if you can’t sleep. 

It’s a little greasy at first but blends in, you don’t need to apply much and it smells lovely. It looks a little like wax and is really firm so I did have to press quite hard to get some out. This costs just £4.99 and it’s one of those products that will last a long time.


Steamcream is handmade in the UK and arrives in a choice of time. This beautiful floral tin is one of the limited edition tins. The cream inside is a multi-use moisturiser and is the perfect all rounder. 

Steamcream has a lighweight texture that is infused with jojoba, almond oil and cocoa butter, it instantly softens and smoothes the skin on the face, hands, body and feet making it also great for travel. 
The cream gives an instant cooling effect to my skin when applied and easily dries. It has a rather distinct scent and I can’t quite work out what it reminds me of. It is a product I like using. I can’t comment on the long term effects of using steam cream because I have not been using it that long and products like this take time to give any real results. 

I will say that opening the tin was an absolute nightmare unfortunately. There is nothing to grip to pull it open and no space between the lid and tin to wedge much in. I was beginning to think it was faulty and somehow fused together permanently. In the end I had to use a really sharp knife to wedge it apart which then bent the tin a bit but at least it’s open now. I do think the tins need to made easier to get in as I am sure I won’t the only one who has problems opening one. 

Steamcream tins start from £12.95.
I am enjoying all my products from Bath and Unwind.

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