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Beauty treats: [M]botanicals beauty balm 

Published May 18, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Today is a little pot of gold; literally. It is the hydrating beauty balm from [M]botanicals.

These are not the sort of products I would find in a supermarket or every day beauty store. The packaging whilst fairly simplistic speaks for the product inside. It looks expensive, it also looks very old fashioned and the type of thing found in a botanical factory. No gimmicks on the label and no big promises. The product inside is all natural.

And yes it’s gold! 

This does look like a product made with honey or from bees but it’s actually made with olive wax and coconut butter with an infusion of various essential oils. These oils include rose hip, evening primrose and borage. 

It’s a solid oil type product when scooped in my fingers it feels oily, and slightly grainy. The fine grain particles obviously do a lot for exfoliating whilst the overall product doubles up as both a beauty and skin healing product. 

Although it does feel a little greasy/oily when first applied, the product dries and absorbs remarkably fast leaving hardly any oily residue. It really helps with dry and itchy skin as my 9 year old daughter is finding out. It’s multiple natural properties can also help with facial lines and signs of aging and it can be used all over the body. 

Now I did say before that this is not a cheap product. It does not look like one and certainly does not work like a cheap product. It costs £28.00 for a 60g pot.

Find out more about thishydrating beauty balm on the website.

Beauty treats – Anatomicals

Published May 17, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Today’s treats come from Anatomicals who make bath and body beauty treats and gifts and they even have a small range for children too.

Anatomicals don’t sell their own products from the website but they do have a list of products and stockists on there.

Anatomicals products are recognisable by their distinct bright, colourful packaging which comes in all sorts of vibrant colours. Also their quirky text on every item which stands out so much in stores that it makes you just want to go over and read it.

This yellow tube of stuff is one of those products for children that I mentioned earlier, but of course is big kids can use it too if we want. 

Banana bath and shower gel, which can also be used on hair, just like a kids shampoo. It has lots of banana aroma and my girls love it. 

For us grown ups. We have huge bath bars. And when I say huge I don’t just mean slightly large. I mean this. 

(And just look at these colours too!) 

Lovely grapefruit fragrance and in pink which happens to be my favourite colour. This huge soap bar will last me a long long time. 

And when my face needs refreshing or my make up is a mess and needs wiping off, Anatomicals even has cleansing pads just right for the job.

I have no idea how many pads are in the pot and I’m not going to count them either but there’s a good few of them to keep me going for a while. Excellent for removing make up and also act as a daily cleanser. The glycolic acid in them is an exfoliator and helps remove any dead skin cells thus prepping the skin for tanning or enabling fresh make up to stay on for longer. 

Lovely products in lovely colourful packaging. 

Beauty treats – Delicate owl

Published May 16, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Today’s beauty treats come from Delicate Owl.

Delicate owl have some very lovely handmade bath and body pamper products which all come made with only natural ingredients. Their products don’t just smell good; they also look great in any bathroom and being natural, are kind to any skin.

Here are just a few products that I have had the pleasure of using recently. 

What girl wouldn’t want these in her bathroom?

The big pink pot in the middle is a salt scrub with a country rose fragrance. This stuff is just lovely and contains Rose geranium oils amongst a few other essential oils. It looks and smells delicious, almost good enough to eat, and I absolutely love the cute little wooden bath spoon that came with it.

The salts are really fine and the best way to use is to scoop a small amount out and rub all over the body. As well as washing and cleansing this is also great as an exfoliater prior to fake tanning (exfoliating reduces patches). I have also found that pouring a small amount of salts into hot running water helps release the rose atoms and gives a very relaxing aromatherapy type bath. Just don’t fall asleep!

Bare in mind, a little goes a long way, The aroma can be strong if too much is used as the salts contain a lot of essential oil. 

These salt scrubs also come lavender and orange marmalade 250g tubs costing £10.50 each. 
I love my soap slices too. I love the different scents and how they look so different to the regular supermarket soaps, even in simple shapes. Delicate Owl soap slices cost just £4.50 each for an 80g bar. 

The country rose soap is the prefect addition to the soap scrub. I know your all reading and just dying to see what the oatmeal soap looks like unwrapped, so here it is. 

This is a hard clear soap and the bits of oatmeal can be clearly seen inside. Again this is a great product for exfoliating and getting rid of those dead skin patches. 

And if soap isn’t your thing for hand washing and hand care then maybe natural hand wash is. 

These are the smaller trial bottles of the hand wash and lotion gift set for £25.00. Both the handwash and the hand lotion are also available to buy in full size single 300ml bottles for £12.50 each. All with the choice of fragrance. The lotion is lovely on dry or sweaty hands and the hand wash is great when they need a refreshing scrub. 

And finally………….. The bath bomb! I do love bath bombs, I can’t get enough of them as I always use them so quickly.

Heart shaped and gift boxed and again a few scents to choose from. This one is lavender and even contains actual bits of lavender. Lavender equals a very relaxing bath, perfect just before bedtime. Each bath bomb is just £4.00. 

Amazing bath and body pamper products at amazing affordable prices. 

Beauty treats  – Janiro + giveaway! 

Published May 15, 2017 by Bizzimummy

This week I will be writing  lots more beauty type posts and including some new products that I have been using recently. 

Today I have 3 products from Janiro and their Bio-essence range. 

Miracle water!

The first product is pretty much a multi use product and can be used by all members of the family. Bio essence water comes as both 100ml and 300ml aerosol spray bottle. It does a lot of things including acting as a cooling spray on hot days, moisturising dry hair, helps to reduce eye strain and even as a make up stay spray.  

As it’s ph balanced and hypoallergenic it means even those with very sensitive skin can use this without problems. My 9 year old daughter suffers from dry skin problems and this helps to relieve dry patches.

It’s only ingredients are Aqua and nitrogen so it really is a very gentle product. I imagine the nitrogen is just for the aerosol bit rather than the product itself. 

The one slight let down with this product is that if using it as a general cooling spray to cool down in the sun when sweating then it does make my skin smell a bit, like a sweaty odour which is luckily temporary. 

It seems perfectly safe to spray all over the body even on the face. 

Price starts from £9.00.


Next onto my favourite product of the three- The Facelifting cream with royal jelly and ATP

I’m always a little dubious when products and creams claim to beable to give face lifts and make the skin feel better, but this is one that I actually really like. The moment I apply it, I get an instant lovely cooling sensation all over my face and it lasts a few minutes afterwards. It’s not often I get this from other creams and it tells me that something is definitely working there. I have also noticed a slight reduction on my head lines which just don’t seem as noticeable recently. 

And look it’s like a pot of whipped cream! 

I love this stuff. The cooling effect, the reduction of lines and how it dries so quickly. This is one product that leaves my skin feeling great after just one application. 

This cream has many benefits, all of which you can read about on the product page. It is not an amazing cheap product because good products don’t come very cheap. A 40g pot of this stuff costs £33.90 but it really is a good buy. 

Snail secretion! Yes really!

This product got me thinking. It couldn’t possibly be made from real snails could it? Not those slimy things with shells that we all find in our gardens? But yes it is. 

The use of snail slime in beauty products actually goes back to Ancient Greece. Just as we excrete oils in sweat to protect our skin, snails do a similar thing. As a snail protects itself, the slime that is excreted from its body is packed with nutrients like hyaluronic acid, glycoprotein enzymes, antimicrobial and copper peptides, and proteoglycans. All of these nutrients are already commonly added to beauty products and are thought to provide many benefits to skin. 

As well as natural snail secretion this snail repair serum also contains collagen and bio energy fluid amongst other beneficial ingredients.

The application is by a glass dropper and it can be applied alone or with a moisturiser such as the face lift cream above. This is the first time I have used any type of snail secretion product. It is not slimy or smelly and unless told I would have had no idea that this product is made with the help of snails. 

This serum is £26.90 for a 30ml bottle. 

If you like the sound of the snail serum then you can enter my giveaway to win one for yourself below.

Giveaway Time

Janiro are giving away one of their snail secretion serums as above. If you want to be in with a chance to win one then just click on the entry link below. 

Entrants must live in the UK and have working email, Facebook and twitter accounts.

“This giveaway will close on May 29th 2017. One winner will be chosen at random to win the snail serum. Winner will be notified by email and will also appear on my prize winners page. Please allow up to 28 days for prize dispatch. “


Necta Perfecta beauty mask 

Published May 4, 2017 by Bizzimummy

I have been testing out another beauty mask. I love products that are made with all natural ingredients just like this one from Bee Good. Yes that’s spelt correctly too and as you can probably imagine – Bee good products contain honey. 

British wildflower honey in beauty products attracts and locks in water, protecting against skin dehydration and creating a silky smooth film to plump and visibly improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

The honey is just one of five natural ingredients in this beauty balm. The other four being – Supercharged plant oils (wheatgerm & camelina), natural waxes, Bisabolol and Propolis (from beehives).

This is a top to toe beauty balm meaning it is of benefit to many areas of the body and can even be used on the scalp and part of a hair treatment. 

This beauty product arrived very well presented in its own gift box with a very upmarket style pot. 

The balm itself is as you would expect yelllow/gold in appearance just like honey.

The texture is thick and appears a little waxy. When applied to my face it did feel ever so slightly greasy for a second or two but it did dry really fast. My hands did feel a little more greasy than my face and for some reason the product took a little longer to dry on my hands. It has a sweet honey sort of scent. It can be used as an overnight beauty balm and left on or as a quick exfoliater and washed off after five minutes.

As well as a beauty product it can also be used as relief for dry skin problems due to its natural ingredients.

It costs £39.95 but it is a fairly big pot and contains lots of product inside. It is really soothing to irritated skin and can even help with sunburn. 

Elastoplast and #tearsintosmiles campaign

Published May 3, 2017 by Bizzimummy

With the warmer weather finally making an appearance, many parents like myself will be eagerly trying to get their children playing outside, as opposed to sitting inside on games consoles and tablets. 

I am lucky that I live on a very small close with just ten houses and no roads outside my front door. Instead it’s all lawns and paths so all the kids can safetly play out without the need to worry about cars and roads.

Playing out always brings falls and cut knees at some point, my children regularly have their fair share and especially my girls. When this happens it’s down to me to give lots of hugs to make the stinging knee feel better as well as any first aid that may be necessary. This is usually just a case of an antiseptic wipe and clean followed by “magic” cream or a plaster.

Last Summer my 9 year old Jordanna was constantly covered in bruises and cuts, I actually worried when sending her to school. At one time the whole side of her body was covered in big scrapes where she had come off her scooter and literally skidded a few feet across the ground. She’s  certainly a tough cookie but her poor body looked such a mess.

#TearsIntoSmiles Challenge by Elastoplast is about celebrating playing outdoors and the freedom playing outdoors brings to children. After all, falling down is part of growing up. 

Elastoplast are a well known brand when it comes to plasters and they sent over a few of their new kids packs with Frozen and Star Wars character themes. 

These packs contain many plasters of different sizes and all with different images. My kids actually wanted to put the plasters on without any cuts.

We also kindly received a ring toss game to play outdoors. And yes it immediately took me back to my childhood days as I am positive I had something very similar to this.

Now it’s very unlikely that a game of ring toss will cause a cut knee or elbow or cut on any other body part (fingers crossed) but my kids love it. 

So we had the plasters, we had the weather, and we even had a new game to play outdoors, all we needed now was a cut knee or two. This is usually a frequent weekly occurrence in this house and usually happens on the way to school. So I waited and waited and just when I was finally about to give up and just stick a plaster on one of them regardless; it happened.  Izebella fell twice on the way home from nursery! 

My poor little girl cried because her knee stung. It was only a small scrape but it still bled and a small bruise was quickly forming around it. I wiped it with some cotton wool and warm water, and applied a frozen “magic” plaster of her choice (the magic bit makes it all better!). She actually could not wait to get one of these plasters on. 

They stick really well and seem easy enough to peel off with minimal pain – If any of you recall the big brown fabric plasters of the 1980s then you will know what I mean by pain and those famous last words from our parents “it won’t hurt if I do it quickly honest! It probably hurt more ripping those things off than the actual fall itself OUCH!!

Plasters such as the character ones above protect wounds and cuts from dirt and bacteria whilst also being skin friendly. It’s important to cover up new wounds to prevent further infection or trauma. These character plasters seem to really appeal to younger children like Izebella who is normally against having plasters on. As well as a nice plaster, a good clean and plenty of hugs helps overcome falls and cut knees and of course everything is magic, from the wipes, cream and plaster itself (tho this only works for the younger kids)

This post is an entry for the BritMums #TearsintoSmiles Challenge, sponsored by Elastoplast.

Pairfum diffuser bell

Published May 2, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Continuing with my home accessories today, I have a lovely item that most ladies would love in their home. 

It is a large reed diffuser in the shape of a bell. It comes from Pairfum London

PAIRFUM London is for Lovers of Perfume! They offer naturally luxurious couture perfume that won’t be found in high street stores plus Organic skin care products and natural home fragrance. 

Pairfum is ideal for health conscious consumers, as it is created for the health & wellness of the senses.

This large reed diffusers has a long list of fragrance oils to choose from to make the home smell deliciously fragrant 24 hours a day. It is certainly much larger than any diffusers I have had before and can last up to 9 months complete with 250ml of oil and 10 large reed sticks. I turn the sticks twice a day, once in the morning and then before I go to bed, meaning I can smell the fresh fragrance when I get up. 

My fragrance is one of my favourite and is called innocent vanilla. It’s a lovely sweet scent. The PAIRFUM Reed Diffuser uses a highly fragrant and natural non-VOC oil serum. This is both non flammable and non toxic and contains more pure couture perfume than typical diffuser oils. 

A large diffuser bell costs £37.50 and saves the need for buying regular cans of freshener. It also looks really ornate on top of shelves and makes a lovely gift too. 

Once a day sun protection

Published April 24, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Sun protection products are vital for children to protect against harmful sun rays and ultra violet light. Even in the UK where our Summers don’t get as hot as other places we still need to protect our children when the weather gets warmer. 

Unfortunately when children are at school, it’s left to our children to apply their own suncream correctly, something that can be difficult for younger children and something that older children will most probably forget or refuse to do.

Calypso suncare product that takes care of these sorts of situations. Their once a day kids suncream is factor 40 meaning it’s great for most countries if taking a holiday and also perfect for children in the UK sun too. 

This has a lovely scent to it which I think may be coconut with something else. When applied correctly, which is 15 minutes before going out in the sun on all exposed skin areas, it will provide an all day protection.

It’s also water resistant too meaning children can go in pools and the sea without needing another application. 

It’s all day cover is a little hard to comment on as we have not had lots of very hot days to test it on. I have applied the sun cream to both my girls who both happen to be fair skinned and burn easily and so far no sunburn on the sunny days. My son refuses to have it on, no matter what I try but luckily he doesn’t burn as easily. (Awkward teenagers!) 

The cream absorbs into the skin and dries really fast, I have tested this myself and found the cream to dry within seconds and no greasiness whatsoever.

This sun protection cream is sold in many places and also comes in factor 30 and factor 50. Prices vary but it costs between £5-£8 depending on the store. 

Sun free tanning with skinny tan mousse

Published April 24, 2017 by Bizzimummy

I don’t tan too well in the sun. Not that we get much sun here but I seem to burn rather than tan. I also had a bit of a skin cancer scare earlier this year with a suspected melanoma which luckily turned out to be non cancerous. Last year my sister had to have surgery to remove a cancerous mole from her face. Therefore I know just how dangerous sun beds and even constant sun can be to our skin. 

I have tried a fair few self tanning products. Some of them fare much better than others but all of them claim to give an even natural looking coverage and all claim to be streak free.

Skinny tan seems to be one of the better tanning products out there compared to others. They have bought out some new mousse self tanner in medium and dark shades. 

I find mousse the easiest tan product to use compared to lotion, gel, liquid or spray. A good tip is to always use a tanning mitt which can be purchased very cheaply. A tanning mitt not only helps to give the tan an even coverage and avoid finger marks but it also helps to keep the fingers and hands free of brown tan stains which can be difficult to remove and look quite hideous. 

This mousse comes out brown, so I can see exactly where it’s being applied and it’s pretty much an instant tan product as the results can be seen instantly with more of a natural look over a few hours. 

It dries very fast, almost too fast. It’s a good idea to only apply a little at a time, otherwise it will dry before properly blended in and then will cause streaking as I found on first use as I applied too much at once. 

I really liked the finished colour it gave after just a few hours. I have used both the dark and medium tan mousses. The colour difference between them is not big. I did notice a slighter darkness using the darker one but it’s not stupidly dark at all. 

Unlike a few other tan products, this one does not make me look orange but rather a more natural tan colour and even slightly reddish in places just as the sun would. This product contains 2 green based certified natural tanning agents which help to eliminate any orange colouring. Organic coconut is also added to give the scent so it does not smell like fake tan.

And the best bit is that the tan can last up to 14 days. It may need a light top up after showering to keep it going and obviously if I have a bath and scrub then it’s going to come off. 

Both tanning mousse bottles cost £26.99 each which works out cheaper and much safer than sunbeds. 

Oral B for kids

Published April 19, 2017 by Bizzimummy

After all those chocolate eggs and other Easter treats, it is slightly worrying that my kids teeth have been exposed to so much sugar, much more than what they would normally have. It was certainly time to try out some new and more powerful toothbrushes to give their teeth a proper “spring” clean. 

Oral B are the first thing that come to mind when thinking of electric toothbrushes. I have been using their products for a few years now and have not been disappointed.   They now have a new selection of character rechargeable toothbrushes for children. 

These are the Oral B stages power kids toothbrushes. Ryan already has a pretty good Oral B brush so Izebella and Jordanna were able to also have an Oral B too. Both of the brushes came with toothpaste and chargers. 

The toothbrush heads are specially designed for kids whilst still giving a much more intense clean compared to manual brushes. Izebella said it tickled her mouth when she first used it and both girls prefer there new brushes. 

The brushes even have a 2 minute timer function which is the recommended amount of time to brush teeth. The rotating/oscillating feature removes the need to “scrub” the teeth roughly side to side as we would with a manual or cheap battery brush. This was the slightly confising bit as my girls were still fastly brushing their teeth as they did before. The reason we brush so differently with these brushes is because the rotating brush head does the work for us. All we have to do is put the brush onto our teeth and gently move to the next tooth for a few seconds and the brush head cleans for us, no scrubbing and less risk of damage to our mouths. 

Brush heads need changing every few months, just like a manual toothbrush would. Packs of replacement brush heads can usually be purchased at the same place that sold the toothbrush and also stores such as Boots. Any of the kids stages brush heads are compatible meaning the characters can be changed as they only really appear on the changeable toothbrush heads.

Unfortunately my kids have had a few dental problems. Ryan had to have a few teeth removed and Jordanna has one bad one which did cause a few problems. I am hoping that the new brushes help to minimise dental problems from now on as we won’t be going back to manual or battery brushes now we have these. 

The only problem I have with Oral B brushes is the charger they come with. This is a 2 pin razor plug charger and I don’t know of anyone who has one of these razor charge sockets in their homes. Luckily I do have an adaptor for these chargers and they can be bought for a pound but I just don’t get why Oral B use these chargers or why an adaptor is not included with it. When I first saw one of these chargers I actually thought it was a foreign plug. Therefore if you intend to buy an Oral B toothbrush and don’t have a razor socket then you will need to buy an adaptor. Once charged the brush will last anything up to a week on one charge.

The kids brushes cost about £20 each. 

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