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Degustabox July

Published July 21, 2017 by Bizzimummy

I had a sneaky suspicion that my July Degustabox may just arrive with some sort of Summer theme; and I was not wrong either. 

The theme is Summer and it’s Summer outside. So let’s take a look what’s inside the box this month.

I was very happy with the Blossom hill spritz of course and am looking forward to popping it open over some ice on a hot day. 

My daughter Jordanna loves the Mango and passion fruit juice and of course it is much healthier and better than fizzy pop.

I would of liked to have seen more sweets, chocs or crisps in the box, but I was happy with a bag of new rowntrees ransoms. 

The fry light bottle is actually avocado oil as opposed to the usual olive oil. Again being more healthier and I can use exactly the same as I would any other cooking oil.

My girls will eat the Weetabix. I’m just not a breakfast person at all. We like ryvita thins and have tried a few of the other varieties previously. The Djohn mustard may come in handy to make a recipe, perhaps some sort of sauce or flavouring for a meat dish. 

I’m not too sure about the packet of Quinoa. I know it’s a more healthier version to rice but I just prefer the rice too much so maybe I’ll pass it on to someone who will enjoy it more. 

None of us are really keen on olives either so the Oloves will be passed on to an olive lover somewhere.

It’s a nice box. The blossom hill was a lovely surprise. 

As always Degustabox costs just £12.99 monthly which includes U.K. delivery. If you use this special code – OMES2 at checkout then this will give you a massive £7.00 off a box meaning you only pay £5.99. The blossom hill costs £4.99 alone to buy so it’s a bargain price to pay.

Subscribe on line over at the Degustabox website. 

Find Degustabox on social networks too. 

Instagram: @Degustabox_uk 

 Twitter: @DegustaboxUK 

 Facebook: @DegustaboxUK

Chimasu Snack subscription box

Published July 21, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Chimasu is an Asian smack box, bringing a taste of Asia to UK door steps each month.

Each monthly box comes filled with at least 12 snack products from Asian countries such as Japan, China, Thailand etc. The majority being products that we never see over here and would find difficult to get hold of.

Monthly subscriptions start at £18 per month. This includes free shipping to the UK. Subscriptions cost slightly less if you sign up and pay in advance for longer.

And here is our unboxing video, so you can see all the goodies we got inside our July Chimasu box. I had 19 products in total.

Pocky sticks are gaining some popularity in the U.K. now tho I doubt we will see the full range of flavour like Japan has. The chocolate biscuit product was lovely as were the fruity gummy sweets. I was very surprised with the sunflower seeds too, they were like sweet crunchy nuts. I probably won’t eat the noodles myself or use the green tea tea bags but everything else is going down pretty well in our house.

Pocket money toy subscription box #2

Published July 18, 2017 by Bizzimummy

My girls got another box recently from My pocket money toys. This is a monthly subscription box packed full of age related toys. The boxes even get personalised with children’s names. 

The box theme changes monthly and this month the theme was very much about Space, planets, astronomy etc.

So here is the unboxing video for both my girls boxes. 

The boxes start from £14.00 monthly. Get yours here.

Inspirations box subscription 

Published June 22, 2017 by Bizzimummy

My first subscription box of the week is Inspirations club.

These boxes contain a curated package of ribbons, fabric, materials, buttons and other craft type materials. 

Now I am usual hopeless when it comes to making anything and especially so when it comes to sewing, but this package seems to make it much easier for people like myself. 

As well as all the craft materials, several project ideas will be included each month. My box gave easy guides to making a cactus keyring, fabric pencil case and a cactus pin cushion. The boxes come with different themes each month, hence the many cactus ideas in this box. Of course if your good and better than me at crafting you could just make whatever you wish with all these items.

The fabrics in my box were the first thing to catch my eye as there are a fair few of them. The blue fabric underneath shows how big the fabrics arrive and they all feel very good quality. 

Inspirations club offer a number of monthly subscription packages beginning with their basic package which starts at just £10 per month. The higher priced subscriptions contain larger sheets of fabric and are more suited to those who regularly make things or run a small business. 

It has been a good experience trying this box as it certainly differs from the rest. 

Degustabox June reveal 

Published June 22, 2017 by Bizzimummy

A few days ago my monthly Degustabox arrived with a Summer bbq theme. 

This time I thought it would be a nice change to do something different with the box, so I decided to make an unboxing video showing all the contents. 

All the products are shown in the video. I am including a few pictures too for those who can’t be bothered watching the whole video.


Brands are – Haribo, Walkers shortbread, &a Light Bites


Brands – Eisberg, berrywhite, Westons cider & ENRJ drinks.

Cupboard items

Brands – Spoon Granola, Capsicana, Schwartz & Original O’s

Degustabox normally costs £12.99 per month with box contents adding up to much more than what you pay. If you use my DISCOUNT CODE” 0MES2 then this gives a massive £7.00 off a box.
Find Degustabox at and on social networks:

Instagram: @Degustabox_uk                   Twitter: @DegustaboxUK                 Facebook: @DegustaboxUK

It’s all about the bacon! Cure & Simple subscription 🥓🥓🥓

Published June 16, 2017 by Bizzimummy

All bacon lovers will love this subscription from Cure & Simple because a bacon experience is what’s on offer. With this subscription you even get the choice of weekly or fortnightly deliveries rather than just one monthly one. Their bacon even comes with a choice of nine different varieties which can be changed whenever you fancy something different or just choose a mixture with each order.

I have three varieties of bacon here. The packs are vacuum sealed and so easily fit through letterboxes so I didn’t even need to be in when they arrived. 

“Cure & Simple bacon is handmade using an old fashioned process and has water actively removed which means if the seal remains intact on the packet the bacon doesn’t need to be refrigerated”

Each pack of bacon is 200g with 6-8 pieces per pack. This bacon is really tasty and it’s great that it comes with flavours that just aren’t available in supermarkets. 

I tend to cook bacon on a George Foreman grill or under the cooker grill. I found very minimal shrinkage when cooking the cure & simple bacon.

The Thai flavoured bacon was certainly the most unusual one. I think I was expecting it to be super spicy hot and leave my mouth on fire, but no; it was more of an aromatic flavour and certainly one I would like to try again.

Yes we all love our cooked breakfasts here in this house every now and again and this bacon also makes a very good few bacon butties! 

And if your wanting a bacon subscription  then sign up at Cure & Simple. Plans start from just £5.95. 

Tokyo Trove 

Published June 12, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Tokyo Trove is a brand new subscription box. Being called Tokyo; you would be correct to guess that the contents inside come from Japan. 

The boxes are quite small but will contain between 5-7 items each time. It’s a monthly subscription starting at $23 (dollars) per month. 

The contents are a mixture of products rather than the boxes being based on one theme such as snacks or kawaii. There is a snack item in the box and a few Japan kawaii products plus a t-shirt so it gives a good mixture of Japanese products.

Rather than simply adding photographs to this post, Jordanna really wanted to do her own unboxing video this time to show the contents in our box. 

In our box was –  a curry crisp type snack, a pen, key ring doll product, sticker, t-shirt and a cute pea shaped green case with fluffy emoji balls inside it. Six products in total although if I add the emoji balls as well then it’s more like 9 products. 

I do think that the box we received is probably aimed more towards a girl than a boy but other boxes may be different and it is just my opinion.

Tokyo Trove also help local businesses plus donate to the whale research and conservation. They also have a special whale watch subscription box.

Subscriptions to Tokyo Trove can be started over on their webpage and they can be found on Facebook too. 

Mr Big Tops sweet subscription 

Published June 8, 2017 by Bizzimummy

I don’t go many days on here without a good old subscription box and this one is all about the sweets.

This is Mr Big Tops sweet box. There are a few options of box size but what you get each month is a box full of retro sweets, the type most of us remember from our childhoods.

In this box I got six packets of sweets including black jacks, fruit salads, bananas, strawberries, rain drops, white mice and fizzy bottles. The sweets differ each month giving even more of those nostalgic memory moments with each box. 

The boxes come with lift up flaps too with four open sections to put the sweets in when opened. These look a little like something I’d expect to buy at the cinema and sit munching on whilst watching a movie.

I know sweets are not the healthiest thing for myself or my children but I don’t think a once a month box like this really does any harm. 

This is an inexpensive fun box of sweets, delivered monthly for just a few pound. 

Mr BigTops

Degustabox May 

Published June 7, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Our Degustabox box arrived just before half term began and with it came a picnic theme. 

I did like this box this time round and would put it midway amongst  the top ranking boxes I’ve received (in my opinion)

And onto the goodies! 


Kicking off with this mammoth size chocolate bar from Cadburys. No explanations needed with this one except that it’s chocolate with peanuts and caramel crisp and lots of it. To buy this in the shops it can cost up to £3.49

Next it’s those tiny sweets; Millions. Two new flavours here – chocolate and sour strawberry and just 50/60p each packet. 

And if that was not enough sweets for us then I found these too! 

Now these are new to me and really sweet, tangy and full of flavour. Candy Kittens are gourmet sweets and come in 4 flavours. The sweets are cat face shaped jellies and we all loved our sour blueberry cat heads. These cost about £3.00 per 150g bag.
Yet more treats and munchies courtesy of portlebay popcorn. These are one of my favourite popcorn brand and I reviewed them last year in a separate post. I think this is a new flavour as it’s not one I have previously tried. A small bag of popcorn will cost about 79p. 

Chippeas seem to be one of those more healthier alternatives to crisps. The baked puffs are made using chickpeas. To me they just taste like regular puff type snacks. The £1.50 price tag is a little too high for a small snack I think.

Cupboard items

Now onto the products which I often refer to as “cupboard items” meaning products such as tins and cereals which have long shelf lives and usually get kept in a cupboard.

First is the Deli Kitchen Skinni Wraps

Wraps always go down really well in our house as they seem to be one of those foods that we all eat. I usually make chicken and add a sauce or batter of some sort and add salad. 

There was 6 wraps per packet which were in an unusual envelope shape. They did seem thinner or skinnier than regular wraps but still just as good. These cost £1.25 per pack of 6.
Cereal lovers crunch time nuggets 

Unfortunately these did not go down to well. Jordanna normally enjoys most types of cereal but not this one. It could possibly just be this particular flavour which contains orange, nutmeg and ginger. There are 2 other varieties to try. These are granola nuggets to enjoy with milk or alone straight from the packet. Each pack is £1.59 each. 
A much nicer box of cereal was also in our May box. 

This is MOMA cereal in a tasty raspberry and coconut. £3.20 per large box.
Homepride is a well known name in baking. They have been making flour for over 50 years. And I have one of their products in my box this month.

This strong bread flour will come in useful as my son is taking cooking as one of his school options and flour seems to have a really good shelf life. £1.50 is not a bad price either.


Finally onto the drinks. It’s always good to find a nice refreshing fruity drink in my monthly box and this time it is a can of fruity Zeo.

Zeo is low calorie with fruits and botanicals mixed with spring water and costs £1.19 a can. Again a bit too pricy to drink daily but quite nice anyway.

It’s crabbies ginger beer and the alcoholic version so no passing it onto my kids this time. It’s not my thing. I’m more of a wine, vodka, or baileys girl. I’m sure I’ll find someone who wants it. Only £1.89 a bottle.

And finally – a very surprising item indeed!

Yes it’s coffee bags. Just like tea bags but coffee version and from Raw Bean proper coffee company. I can use them just like I would a tea bag and they make a lovely cup of coffee too. Not too strong and not too weak and less mess as it’s all in a bag. 

What an amazing box this month, just bursting with some lovely stuff. 

These boxes are mixed, some will contain alcohol and others won’t. I get all the items in my box as it’s a review box. However the subscription boxes usually contain 9 items or more and are delivered once a month. 

The cost of a Degustabox subscription is usually just £12.99 but they have a really good offer for new customers and are offering a box for just £5.99 giving a huge £7.00 off. You can see by my contents above that the products are all worth more than what the box costs. The box price also includes UK delivery. Sign up today at Degustabox UK.

The Children’s clubs subcription

Published May 31, 2017 by Bizzimummy

There is another new subscription box out for children aged 3 years and over. The children’s clubs offer 3 individual subscriptions. The main one being The Children’s club and the others are Dinosaurs for children and the brand new one set to launch soon is Conservation for children.  The boxes cost between £10-£15 per month depending on which you choose and are tailored to the specific age of the receiving child. 

The box comes with the first months subscription, subsequent subscriptions are sent in packages and children can store the contents in their boxes. 

The boxes come packed with educational and fun activities which cover the main subjects of maths, English and Science with art and fun thrown in. The subscriptions always come with something to make or create along with age specific work sheets, fun activities and stationery items such as pens, crayons, paint, card etc. 

This is Izebellas box, which was the first to be opened. 

I never know what to expect or what I will find inside subscription boxes and I do recieve a good fair few of them. I was quite surprised in a good way by the contents of these boxes. For just £10 it’s enough to keep her busy for a long time. 

Each activity in the box is designed to take approximately 15 minutes per day and the boxes come with enough activities to do 2 or more per day for a month. Or if your kids are really eager they could do them much faster but it’s better to space them out.

These are the activity sheets. There are many more than four, these are just to show some examples.

As you can hopefully see, activities such as making a clown and joining letters are more than suitable for a 4 year old and help her learn more whilst at home. 

Jordanna also received her own box from Children’s club. Jordanna’s activities were more age advanced and more appropiate for a 9 year old. 

Jordanna’s activities included crosswords, joke pages and activities such as morse code and times table. 

Both girls received a window suncatcher which when coloured look really good hung up on a window. 

To keep a track of all the activities and the ones they complete, they both have a large poster each. Each one has 90 numbered squares to mark off as they complete. 

Ryan received the Conservation for kids box. This box is brand new and I hear it’s launching some time this week or next. 

“Conservation is the protection of things found in nature. It requires the sensible use of all Earth’s natural resources: water, soil, minerals, wildlife, and forests”

The conservation box helps to teach children about the world around them and how to try and protect it. This includes learning  about animals, plants, water, rocks etc with activities to encourage children to get out and explore a bit more. 

Ryan’s box included a bird box to paint and decorate which he actually enjoyed doing. 

Also a bug catcher/viewer which he seems like too. It gives him an excuse to go out and find bugs to view instead of just sitting in playing video games. 

He also got a few things to make and a few work sheets which he seems quite happy to do. 

These boxes seem worth the £10 per month. They include enough activities to keep kids learning in a fun way and also give children something to make and keep. Paints, pencils, crayons are supplied too. As you can see the boxes differ depending on age so there won’t be anything too difficult or far to easy for a child. 

See more at Conservation for children and The children’s clubs.

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