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Brownie Heaven

Published February 16, 2016 by Bizzimummy

I do love it when a box of tasty treats lands at my door. The most recent being a box of scrumptious brownies from Brownie heaven.  

I’m a big fan of brownies and therefore it’s important that they are made just right so they almost melt in the mouth. 

Brownies make great gifts too and with Mother’s Day coming up soon a box of brownies is bound to go down very well as a nice treat for mum. 

The brownies at Brownie Heaven come in a few different box selections which of course include gluten free. I think the best selection to get is the mixed box which gives the perfect mixture of the best brownies they have. 

The brownies are all made using quality Belgian chocolate and Italian unsalted white butter along with a few other ingredients. 

 I had 8 mixed brownies in my box which included dark chocolate, white chocolate, gluten free, queen of the blondes and a few other flavours that I picked up. 

Each one was delicious, perfectly baked and full of gooey yummy lovely mouth watering chocolate goodness. I enjoyed them all. They are also very thigh and chunky. It’s hard to eat more than one t a time because they are also really filling.  

The brownies come in boxes and start at about £24.95. Brownie Heaven also sell brownie scotch eggs which also look and sound amazing and a perfect Easter treat.

Personalised valentines gifts at snapfish 

Published February 8, 2016 by Bizzimummy

It probably has not escaped your attention that it’s Valentine’s Day in just a few days. If you are still looking for that special gift for a loved one, then have a look over at Snapfish uk who specialise in personalised photo gifts. They have a fantastic selection to choose from and I have been using snapfish for years now to order both gifts and photographs. I find it really easy to use and they have very recently made their site more mobile friendly too meaning I am now able to upload my photos straight from an iPhone. I have found the snapfish service very reliable with most things I order arriving in 2/3 days so therefore still time to get those Valentin’s gifts in. They always have lots of offers on and especially so on individual prints which remain very low cost. 
Hete are just a few ideas for Valentine day gifts. All of which can include own photos, perhaps of couples together or memories from special places. 

There are canvases, photo books, mugs, mobile phone cases and my favourite being the photo cushions. These come in two sizes and start at £19.99.

Now I don’t have a lover this valentines to make one for, very sad I know! But I was kindly given a code to make anything I wanted over at Snapfish. The loves of my life this Valentine’s Day are of course my children so I chose to make the special gift cushion for them.

The process is easy. You need to sign up for an account. Then upload photographs and choose the one you want. There are a few edit options to crop or apply filters. You get to preview the cushion which is important to make sure it’s right and no heads are chopped off etc. Payment can be done by debit cards and credit cards  and paypal which is very useful. 

My finished cushion only took 2 days to arrive which is really fast. 

I used a photograph I took over Christmas as it’s the most recent one I have of them altogether. Obviously better quality photos give better results and I’m very happy with the quality of both image and cushion in general. 

It’s a big bulky but comfy cushion, kids obviously love having their faces on it. Friends ask where I got it from and now all want one too. The back of the cushion is really velvety and soft too and the cover can be unzipped for washing. So yes very impressed with this and I imagine it will also make a lovely valentines gift if perhaps made for a partner. 


5 Second rule board game

Published December 8, 2015 by Bizzimummy

We have been sent an early Christmas gift in the form of a fun family board game from University games

The 5 second rule game requires quick thinking and fast talking. Up to 6 people can play and with an age guide of 8 years to adult. I think many 8 year olds and younger ones will find some questions difficult.  

 Inside the box is a fairly small playing board, 6 playing pieces, a timer and hundreds of double sided question cards, one side red and the other yellow. I can’t find any explanation for the card colours or which you have to play and when so I don’t think it really matters.  

 The game is called “5 Second rule” for a reason and that’s because players only have 5 seconds to answer. The questions are all “name 3” and some being more difficult than others. 5 seconds gives no time to think or pause. The 5 seconds is counted by the timer which has rotating metal balls. Once the balls hit the bottom the 5 seconds is up. If the player can’t get 3 the next player tries then the next etc. 

 The timer is a little confusing as it comes with a strange sound when tipped up, but this sound has no relevance to the game at all, it’s just a fun noise. 

There is no dice in this game. Players only move if they give the 3 answers in 5 seconds. If stuck there are “switch” and pass on cards to help but players only have 2 of these each. The board is only small and only 12 spaces to finish. Therefore the game is much better with more players and lasts longer.  

 We have played the game together a few times now and although only usually 3 of us it’s still lots of fun. Jordanna being only 8 can struggle with some answers and obviously Izebella is far too young to join in but happy to help with passing cards and turning the timer for us. 

The 5 second rule board game is available to buy on Amazon, in Tesco and most good toy stores and as there are hundreds of question cards I can’t see us getting bored of this one anytime soon. 

Baskets before Christmas! + Competition

Published November 24, 2015 by Bizzimummy

I love nice wooden baskets and especially so for laundry and washing, much better than bags and they look so nice and even old fashioned. Baskets come in all shapes and sizes and have multiple uses other than just washing and laundry. 

The basket Company is of course all abut baskets and very good quality baskets too. Last year I revieced a lovely laundry basket from them which I am pleased to say is still in perfect condition. This time round I have been sent, not one, but three lovely baskets and just before Christmas too.  

 This is the Two tone rattan round wicker log basket. It comes in 5 sizes and price starts at £25.00. It comes with carry handles and seems to be very strong and sturdy. It’s main intended use obviously is for carrying logs, I assume for log fires. However not everyone has a log fire these days so it does double up for many other uses. Shoes, toys, toiletries, and anything else you could think to put inside it.  

   I have the medium basket and its very spacious that even Izebella can sit inside it, tho I don’t recommend carrying children in this! 

My second basket is not for me but for the animal in my house and the future pet I intend to get very soon. It’s a Oval pet basket. These come in four sizes and start from £20.00. The paw print cushion is included too.  

 Again really strong and sturdy. The product information page gives details on what size pet each basket is suitable for. I currently have a small cat and soon to be getting a small breed puppy too. The basket is more than suitable for either and they may even end up sharing. Daisy seems to like it for now. 

My final basket to show is this Soft rush lidded basket. There are 3 size options for this and they start at just £10.00. 

 I have the medium option for this one. They are quite soft and flexible whilst still being strong and it comes with carry handles. I have not decided yet what I am going to use this for, tho it’s a nice size for toiletries and cosmetics. It may also make a nice Christmas Eve box to put a few treats inside. 

These are all lovely baskets to have around the home and all come in very useful for storage and of course pets. 

The Basket company are offering one of their two tone round wicker baskets as above. 

 The prize will be the large size basket which measures 45cm X h38cms. The large basket costs £40.00 to purchase.

It will make a great addition to any home before Christmas. 

The competition closing date is December 8th. You must be a UK resident to enter. 


More competitions at ThePrizeFinder – See more at: http://www.theprizefinder.com/content/wicker-basket-%C2%A340#sthash.eeNZU9IN.dpuf

Our new waterproof shoes from Gore-Tex

Published November 17, 2015 by Bizzimummy

A few months ago we were chosen to be Gore-Tex family ambassadors and just after the big  school holidays we were sent our first lot of shoes to test out. Well now that the cold and rather wet weather is kicking in, we have kindly been sent over yet more shoes featuring the rather comfy Gore-Tex material and here they are.  

 Both Ryan and Jordanna received a pair of Adidas Terrex shoes. Both of the shoes come with the new bunjee type lace, which is something I have not come across before. 

   The laces can be a little puzzling if your not used to them as completely different to normal laces. They need no tieing, it’s an adjustable stretchy cord just like a bunjee rope. You loosen it via the black pull thing, put foot in shoe and pull tight. Much easier than laces and no worrying about double knots or the laces coming loose. 

These shoes come complete with the familiar Gore-Tex brand logos and sole and provide lots of comfort compared to other shoes. In my first shoe post back in September j gave a brief description of what Gore-Tex material is, rather than repeating the same text, it’s much easier to take a look at the useful information on the Gore-Tex website. Which gives a much better explanation on the materials and process used. 

 These Adidas Terrex shoes are all fully waterproof, which is very much needed at the moment with all the rain we have been having. The shoes are also very breathable meaning the feet are kept warm and comfortable but do not sweat, hence less smelly shoes for me to deal with.

My kids have been giving their new shoes a good test out, including playing out, school non uniform days, after school activities and a few trips out in the rain and here’s just a few photographs of them wearing the shoes. 


Gore-Tex has a very different feel to normal shoe material and both Ryan and Jordanna once again reported the shoes felt strange at first, but I’m glad to say they found them very comfortable and easy to wear and the shoes kept their feet nice and dry.

Now last but not least is Izebella and I’m doing her shoes separate as they are a different brand. 

 These pretty little boots are from the Viking kids range and again waterproof and insulated to keep little feet nice and dry.  


I do find buying shoes for Izebella quite difficult as she falls between a 7.5 ans size 8 and whilst one smaller brand shoe may fit, another won’t or be too large etc as her feet seem quite narrow too. These seem to fit quite snuggly with plenty of room left. 


Izebella was unwell for 2 weeks recently so has not been out as much as brother and sister in her new shoes, but she really likes them and more than happy to have them on.


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