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Aquabeads: Disney Princess playset 

Published July 17, 2017 by Bizzimummy

We have a new Aquabeads set just in time for the Summer holidays. This is a full mini set rather than just an additional add on or refill set. It contains a mini work station along with hundreds of coloured beads, water spray bottle, templates and an easy bead remover.

This set is themed around the popular Disney Princess’s. Unlike other sets which come with many varying design templates, this one comes with just 4 templates on 2 cards. With these templates we can make rapunzel, aurora, aerial or Belle.

I thought I would give this a go myself first as Izebella was very eager to have her own princess design and although I’m fine with her having a go herself, I know that she would become easily frustrated when the small beads don’t go her way, so I made one for her.

For some strange reason I actually found this large face design much easier and quicker to complete than some of the smaller designs from previous boxes. I completed this is just 15 minutes or so and allowed 20 minutes to dry.

The new pink easy lift tool is essentially just a piece of tough plastic with grips. It doesn’t look much but it seems to help to remove the bead designs in one piece and they don’t have to be completely dry to use this. As long as the beads are firmly stuck the tool can usually be used after 20 minutes of waiting. 

And our princess lifted off the design station perfectly without the loss of any beads. 

Once dry and stuck together, aquabead designs seem to stay that way and can be used as mini displays on windows and bedrooms. 

I found making this princess with the beads quite therapeutic this time round and not at all boring. Now my girls are busy making theirs too tho not quite as fast as mine.

This Disney Princess aquabeads set seems to vary in price across different stores that I have looked at. The price is usually between £15-£20.

Aquabeads minnie mouse playse

Published November 17, 2016 by Bizzimummy

This is our latest Aquabeads kit featuring images of the loveable Minnie mouse. This kit, like others comes with hundreds of small coloured and jewelled beads to create beaded figures. 

It comes with its own tough plastic case to store the beads in, Jordanna now has 2 bead cases but they really do come in handy as she has so many different coloured beads and it can be annoying if they become muddled up. 

There are 3 stencil cards, water spray, mouse gave bead stencil and some bows to add to the designs. 

Just like other Aquabead kits, the stencil card goes under the plastic lid and you follow the coloured design with matching beads.

If your reading this and have never tried Aquabeads before then I’ll be totally honest and tell you it’s far from easy, it can also be quite frustrating at times but kids will be proud of their completed designs. The beads are tiny and therefore awkward to pick up, you get a bead pen grabber with this kit but I find this useless. I will say, if you have long nails, or in my case – acrylic nails then you may find this much easier like I do. 

Although Aquabeads are aimed more towards older girls such as Jordanna (age 9), this did not stop little sister (age 4) wanting a go. This is the first time I let her try and she did a pretty good job too. She attempted the bow image and did this without any help at all.

And then it was my turn. This took me a while as the beads kept moving out of place. I left it overnight to dry out too. It is probably the largest one I have managed to successfully complete so far. 

You do need a steady hand and a fair bit of patience for aquabeads but it does get easier the more you practice.

The Minnie Mouse playset costs between £14-£20.


Aquabeaders – Beginners studio

Published August 18, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Jordanna enjoys craft and creative sets. She previously tried Aquabeads over a year ago but found it slightly difficult. She has recently had the chance to have another go at Aquabeads with the new beginners studio and lots of new Aquabeads sets have also recently launched. 

This beginners studio seems to be a really good introductory starter set to Aquabeads. 

If your new to Aquabeads; then what it involves is matching coloured beads to design templates on a plastic board and then wetting and leaving to dry, with the end result being a pretty animal, flower or object made with the beads.

Putting the beads onto the template board can be fiddly because the beads are tiny. A bead pen is included which helps grab the beads but it only helps a little. Fingers can be used but problems arise with large designs if your fingers sweat and the beads get wet and sticky. It does take time and practice and a little frustration to do. 

The templates with the beginners set are a good size for a beginner or younger child. The girl image in the photograph above is probably the biggest design that comes with this set. There are a fair few template cards included and each one with 3-5 images on. Other Aquabead sets may come with more complex and time consuming images but I think this is just fine for Jordanna and even Izebella had a go.

The designs in this studio do not take that long to make, but Jordanna does get annoyed waiting for them to dry which can take a while. If they are lifted too soon and still wet then they will fall apart. The beads contain some sort of strange glue type stuff which activates when wet and sticks them together. 

The best thing about this set (according to Jordanna) is that it all fits into an including case. The beads all have their own spaces on top and the other accessories and templates fit underneath so no need to hunt around for tins to keep it all in, nor keep the box. 

800 coloured beads come included along with a bead pen, water sprayer and templates. The age guide is 4 and over (which Izebella nearly is). I would not recommend buying this if you have younger children or babies about as the balls are tiny but otherwise it is a perfect starter set for Aquabeads.

This product costs between £14-£20 depending on where you purchase it.

Aquabeads mini playset

Published November 25, 2015 by Bizzimummy

When the weather is freezing and it’s too cold and dark to play outside. It is always good to have something creative to be getting on with. For  Jordanna this week, that’s been Aquabeads. 

 This mini set does not look much. It’s a very small box but inside it contains over 300 coloured beads and several designs to make Aquabeads designs. A bottle is also included for puttng water in. 

 To make them. The pictures fit under the plastic bead tray and you follow the image with the correct coloured bead. 

 It can be really tricky using fingers and it was a little disappointing that no tweezers came with the pack. The beads get quite sticky and start popping out if uing fingers so it’s a good job they are only small in size. 

Once the image is completed with beads, The whole thing needs spraying well with water and leaving to set for at least an hour. It’s probably best leaving them over night for best results.  

 Once dry the design pulls off and the beads are all stuck together and firm.  

 There is only one plastic bead frame so only one design can be made at any one time so it’s really for solo use rather than playing together. There is no container to keep the beads either and the box isn’t really great so it’s best to have a spare tin to put them in. The beads absorb moisture and start to stick together if not kept dry. 

It’s a good creative kit for rainy days, tho the beads are tiny so not ideal when young toddlers or older baby’s are around. 

Aquabeads kits come in various sizes and are available in most toy stores and Amazon.

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