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A whole lotta “Really Good” stuff here

Published May 17, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Really good stuff, yes it certainly is good stuff from Really Good UK. It’s just my kind of website with a very large spoilt for choice funky selection of bits and bobs, kids stuff, home stuff, fun stuff and gifting type stuff. All good. 

There’s all sorts of things in this one picture; but before I start on what they are, you all really really need to see this first, and especially so if you have young children. 

Yes I was pleasantly surprised/shocked when I first spotted this actual  naughty seat. No longer will I have to designate the bottom step or one of my own chairs as the naughty spot for Izebella. She now has her very own designated naughty stool for when she decides to throw her tantrums and scream and whatever else she feels like doing. 

Oh yes, this has been used a fair few times already for my little madam. This is no quirky fancy feature in our living room it is a working product and yes it works a treat. 

I think she saw it as a novelty thing at first until she realised that’s where she sits for x amount of minutes if she does something wrong. 
Well worth the £25.00 cost in my opinion. Small enough to store in a corner or under the table when she’s being good too.

This item also works well with the naughty chair. 

A behaviour book. Forget charts that get pulled down. This book is much better. Each page is a full week with plenty of space for notes and lots of sticker sheets too. 

Izebella isn’t that naughty to be honest. She is generally well behaved, she just has her tantrum moments. 

When Izebella stays with her dad, she likes to take a few toys and teddies, so a bag just like this comes in really useful. 

It has lots of space inside for toys and sweets and other bits of really good stuff and a friendly bear on the front. Perfect for a 4 year old sleeping out. 

And a smaller overnight type bag is this one. 

It’s a tired bunny pyjama bag. It looks like a swim/p.e bag with draw string fastening and is big enough for pyjamas, toothbrush and maybe a small teddy too. Or just put pyjamas inside so you know where they are. 

Also on the above photograph is a pencil case, a wooden door sign, which Ryan has on his door right now and a toy searchlight which is really unusual.

It looks like a small plastic wallet with a teddy bear picture on, but a press of a hidden button turns on a very bright torch light. Good for finding toys at night, maybe reading and seeing in the dark. It is really really bright, it’s probably not a good idea to shine it in the eyes. It only costs a fiver too, pocket money toys. 

And here’s something else that lights up! Four of them! 

These are showtime light up cards. Each one has our initials on and they even come in ages too. I’m glad we got the initial ones, I don’t want to show my age. Each one costs £5.00. They light up with a button press and turn off after about a few seconds  For a card they are very bright. The insides are blank to write own greeting and envelopes come included. They can also be put on a bedroom wall or by the side of the bed as a little light as well as given as cards.

Yes it’s a height chart. I don’t think it’s big enough to measure my height but it does go up to 4ft 9 so not too far off. These always look good on plain walls.

Finally a selection of funky tins.

A money tin and not the sort you have to destroy to get the coins out. A girly tin with a unicorn to keep girly type treasures away from nosey brothers and then the one that I would have loved when younger – The secret stuff tin, to hide from parents which comes complete with lock and key. I dread to think what sort of junk Ryan may keep in his over the next few years. 

Yes all these things and much more  can be purchased at the same Really good website place. Some very funny funky things to be found and I don’t think anything can beat the naughty seat. This face says it all! 

Smiggle stationery

Published June 6, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Smiggle, the world’s hottest stationery brand, was born in 2003. The ultimate creators of colourful, fun, fashion-forward stationery. The first Smiggle store opened in Melbourne, Australia and word spread fast about the bright pens, notebooks andgadgets.

In 2014 the first Smiggle store opened here in the UK, and this month will see a brand new store opening close to me in Bolton market place which is going through a great overhaul recently with the addition of many new restaurants and shops. I am looking forward to taking a browse around the new Smiggle shop.

Anyway my children all went back to school today after a rather lovely 2 weeks off with amazing weather throughout for a change. If I’m being honest I was actually quite sad to see them off this morning, but it’s back to normality once more, for another 6 weeks or so anyway.

It’s always nice to start the new school term (or half term) with something new, be it shoes or a shirt or even a piece of stationery. And of course this all came from Smiggle

As you can see, lots of bright colours and fun patterns here. It’s worth a look at their website which is bursting with colour. Even if you don’t have a child in school, you may be tempted buy a few colourful bits for yourself or even as gifts. 

Jordanna absolutely loves the fluffy backpack. It has a cute bear face and even ears. The very bright stripes will certainly make her stand out from the crowd, if the bear doesn’t. It’s more than just a pretty face too. This bag has tons of storage for kids, including 2 large storage zipped pockets, and a smaller pocket at the front which seems handy for pens.

Inside the bag, Jordanna can store her new fluffy fun pencil case which matches the bag with its fluffy bright stripes. This will store a fair few pens and other bits for her as it has not one but two pockets. I do love the furry fluffiness of these.

If your wanting coloured pens then this 30 pack pen set may just come in useful. The pens are a mixture of gel, glitter, neon and pastel in many bright colours and come in a tough plastic locking case for storage. Really fun for the creative minds and for jazzing up the doodles.

But what is the point in all those pretty pens if Jordanna has nothing to write on??? Well as luck would have it; she does.  She has a box of juicy memos. 

It looks more like a carton of flavoured milk but inside are 200 coloured square adhesive notes. They pull out from an opening at the back of the box and are quite fun for kids, plus especially useful for mums like me too. 

They stick on the fridge so I can write reminders and also on the door for the parcel couriers (yes I get a lot). The box means they only come out when we need them too so we don’t need to find bits of paper everywhere. 

Jordanna was more than happy to go back to school today and show off her new Smiggle stationery.

Funky mail bags

Published December 19, 2015 by Bizzimummy

If like me you send a fair amour of packages via sites such as eBay or Amazon or just gifts to family or friends then you will be all too familiar with the boring brown paper and padded envelopes. The original funky mail bag hope to change that with the introduction of their new funky mail bags. These come in many designs including the Union Jack and several Christmas designs. Each design comes in 3 sizes – 

Small (24cmx32cm)

Medium (28cmx37.5cm)
Large (30.5cmx41cm)
The bags start at just 94p each and here are a few which I was sent over. 

These are one of the Christmas designs and I have used 2 of them so far for present sending. They seem pretty strong and tough and come with an address label on the front.  

They make a nice alternative to the brown or white stuff.  


World of Camping 

Published April 8, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Many weeks ago World of Camping kindly offered to send us over one of their kids Animal play tents and a useful “Packaway rucksack”. When the products arrived it was far too cold outside to be puttng up tents or even playing out. So..: I waited and waited and finally the sun came out, bang in the middle of the Easter holidays too.  

These fun tents are designed for the younger child or toddler as they are fairly small in size but offer enough space for 2 toddlers to sit inside. They come with 3 animal choices and colours and fold down really small for very easy storage. 

I have actually never had to put a tent up in my life so it’s a good job it’s easy but I still needed a little help inserting poles. Ryan on the other hand regularly goes camping with scouts and therefore seemed to know what to do better than me. 

There are two large poles, each of which contains 3 interconnecting poles which just need clicking together. Then these poles just fit into the holes on the tent cover. It takes all of five minutes to put it up. 


Once up it is quite sturdy in a gentle breeze and it gives little ones somewhere to sit out of the sun.  


The tent has two entrances to get in and out or even just peep out of.  

It is designed as a playtent rather than a tent to sleep in. It’s good for gardens and the beach or even to take away on a camping trip so kids have their own place to play. Its dimensions when assembled are 115 x 115 x 84 cm. I love how it folds away really quickly into a small bag, I think I will be a professional at putting this up and down once Summer is over.

Now for the price – it’s just £9.99 per tent and they can be purchased here.

These Packaway rucksacks really come in handy for trips and holidays. 


They are very lightweight and fold down really small. They seem a good option for mums like myself to just put a few personal bits inside when going on short walks or trips. I alrwady have enough kids bags to cart around without the addition of a huge bag for myself too. They come in a choice of 3 colours and cost just £5.99 each. See this Page for more details.

World of camping sell lots of essential camping equipment to suit all budgets see more at the World of Camping website.

Hug-Mi huggable backpack & Competition

Published December 12, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Jordanna is a typical little girl who loves her bags and also loves dressing up. Hug-Mi takes care if both of her loves by being the worlds first fully functioning huggable backpack. It combines 3 elements of being a useable bag, a hat and a fun costume. The bags come in lots of fun furry characters which include a panda, bear, ladybird, Dalmatian and pony as well as a few others. Each character bag had its own unique name which all end in “mi” such as pony-mi.

For Jordanna I chose the Leopard character which is called Leo-mi. Jordanna likes her animal prints and spots so I knew she would be happy with this particular one.

Leo-Mi has a very cute face I think with big droopy eyes. He is very soft and furry and so huggable.

The card you see in this photograph is not just a tag but rather his own passport to keep. It has Leo-Mi's details on along with his picture and space for Jordannas picture and info too.

The bag itself opens and closes with the zipper which can be clearly seen on the picture above.
The bag measures 34x18x48cm and on first inspection it didn't look like it would hold that much but it's quite deceptive. Jordanna decided she liked it so much and really wanted to take it school. She managed to fit 3 books inside plus her glasses and a water bottle. She goes to get fathers house at weekends too and easily fits her clothes and bits inside it. The bag even has a hidden plush pocket inside too which is perfect for small toys and secret sweets.

The Leopards face forms the hat/hood and the costume arms are carefully tucked away inside the bag. These are very easily pulled out and pushed back in for costume time. The sleeves have soft plush paws on the end and a strap to slip hands in. Both the arms and the bag strap have Velcro straps for the arms to hug the bag.

Jordanna seemed over the moon with the new backpack, wanting to carry and take it everywhere with her. It's very comfy on she tells me and even keeps her warmer. As well as being a role play costume the animal hood also doubles up as a hat to keep the head warm outside and it seems animal hats are the latest fashion at Jordannas school.

Role play is of course very important to a child’s development. It helps their imaginations to develop and whilst engaging in role play activities a child can become whoever they want to be. In Jordanna’s case this time it’s a Leopard which is more cute and cuddly than fierce..


A lot of Jordannas friends love her Hug-mi too and have asked where she got it from. Of course baby sister also loves it and I think she too wants one herself. She puts it on and makes funny Roar noises.


Charity Work

Hug-Mi is more than just a bag and more than just a fun role play costume. The characters have a little story to them in that they are all endangered species. Ani-Me continues to support these species by adopting the animals to match their character bags. By purchasing a character bag the buyer is supporting the charities and species.

More details on the Hug-Mi bags can be found at Ani-Me and also The Kickstarter project along with a video to watch here.




Ani-Mi are giving away one of their Hug-Mi bags. I am unable to specify which character the winner will receive, it will be a surprise.
The competition is open to UK residents. As it's mid December there is no guarantee that the winners prize will arrive before Christmas.

Enter by ………………………….. RAFFLECOPTER …………………………………….

The competition will end on December 18th. Good Luck.

Win competitions at – See more at:

High heels on: Or maybe eaten

Published July 11, 2014 by Bizzimummy


Look at all these fabulous high heels and glam handbags. Just perfect for a night on the tiles; Right!
Actually that could not be more wrong as all of the above are in fact luxury chocolate creations from ChocoRico. Fabulous aren’t they? Those pictures are just a small few of the many they make.

ChocoRico is the company of Frances Cooley. Frances is a boutique cake maker and trained chocolatier. Frances has a passion for chocolate as well as shoes and gorgeous handbags. Her creative skills shine through her fabulous creations.
All the shoes and bags are handmade using fine quality Belgian chocolate. The gifts are made with a choice of dark, milk, white and orange chocolate so there is enough choice to suit everyone.
The gifts can be made with customised labels inside the shoe and your own personal shoe can even be made. Making them extra personal gifts.
The shoes and bags come in small and large sizes and the small shoes even come as a pair. Starting at £5.50 these make perfect gifts for ladies everywhere.

I was really surprised to receive a box containing some special shoe gifts. I was certainly not expecting them.

I have a small pair of pretty pink high heels. The shoes are decorated with little white bows and from a front angle look a little like cute ballet slippers.

They look far too good to break apart and eat.

I also have a big high heel too. It’s in it’s own carry gift bag too. It is gold with a pink innersole and decorated with a lovely jewel.


This shoe even glistens in the light and it reminds me of a Cinderella slipper. Kind of makes me want to slip my foot inside as it looks so much like a shoe. When I showed it Jordanna she actually thought it was.


You just cannot fault these amazing creations of shoes and pretty bags. The woman is an absolute genius.

The chocolate products can be purchased online directly from Chocco Rico and Choco Rico now sell in Liberty’s, Harvey Nichols, Bentalls, and The Archway Deli in Clifton. They’ve made an appearance at Grazia and TK Maxx parties, and are part of afternoon tea at the Hyatt Regency in London.


Rosebud London: Stylish bags for modern mummies

Published March 21, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Izebella is growing so fast. She is now 17 months old and although no longer a small baby, I still need to take a fair few things with me when going out somewhere. She still needs nappies, wipes, creams plus her cup. Then there's my purse, phone, keys and things I need.

I needed something that was both practical with enough storage space and a big carry handle and also something that was stylish and looked good. A bag such as this can be hard to find. It's impossible to put baby stuff into a small handbag and a lot if changing bags don't offer enough space or pockets for mummy things. When the opportunity arose to review a bag from Rosebud London, I of course jumped at the chance.


Rosebud London is the sister company of Pink Lining. The brand is developed by Charlotte Pearl and created in response to the need for a stylish yet competitively priced bag for mothers that ticks all the boxes.

I was sent the rosebud messenger love bloom bag which retails at £40. The bag arrived beautifully presented and wrapped in pink lining. A pink ribbon was wrapped around the package giving it that extra special touch.


The bags design is both eye catching and beautiful. The Love Bloom design features retro flowers in burgundy and soft pink. Each flower contains a little mini heart and feature soft green leaves. The style suits the modern day mother and goes very well with my red pushchair.

The bag has so much space inside it. It comes with 2 x external elasticated pockets, 2 x internal elasticised nappy pockets, 2 x insulated bottle pockets, 1 x internal zip pocket for valuables. It has an adjustable shoulder/buggy strap (22 inches shortest & 41 inches longest), The bag also comes with a key/pen fob and pen loop. There is a lightweight changing mat in the bag too.


I love the addition of the zipped pocket. This is so handy for keeping my valuable mobile phone in. The key fobs are especially useful for clipping keys too rather than rooting through a bag in the rain trying to find my keys. A changing mat always comes in handy no matter how small. After all not all of my friends or family have babies and I can't expect them to be happy changing poop on their clean carpets. This bag has so much space including the main body and the addition of the outside pocket which I find useful for nappies.

The bags fabric easily wipes clean with a damp cloth. The bags dimensions are 12.5 x 26.5 x 36 (D x H x W). It's made from100% nylon. Lining: 100% nylon.

I really love this bag. I have had a few changing bags in the past with having 3 children but this is by far the best one. It is very practical in terms of how much space it has and how much fits inside. Plus the addition of all the extra pockets and parts such as key and pen fobs. It's very fashionable and I love taking it out with us.
I would of loved a bag like this when Izebella was born. A bag such as this would make a great baby shower gift for the mum to be and also a lovely Mother’s Day gift for a new yummy mummy.

For more information about the bags. Visit Rosebud London


Kangol 3 Piece Holdall Set

Published August 12, 2013 by Bizzimummy

I’m not able to go abroad this year with Izebella being so young, but I am going on a long weekend break in a few weeks time with my children and my old luggage and holdall bags were looking a little worse for ware. I was fortunate to be contacted by Sports Direct and was asked if I would like to review some of their luggage range. I thought the Kangol 3 Piece set would be just great for us to use.
This set is excellent value. There are 3 different size bags in the set and each one is very generous in size. They all have padded carry handles and removable shoulder straps which are also adjustable. They are made from durable suede and having standing studs at the bottom meaning they don’t topple over when you put things in. Each bag has a Kangol and Union Jack badge at front and the bags look very classy, modern and stylish whilst being lightweight and easy to carry.


Weekend Bag:I was really surprised at how much you can fit inside this bag-it’s huge inside with so much space. It has zip pockets both own the inside and out and will easily fit all my weekend things in and probably a lot more. It really is spacious whilst not looking too big (if that makes any sense) dimensions are 45x65x24cms



Carry On Bag: the medium bag looks like a very smart small holdall from the outside and yet again inside is very surprising as there is lots of space. This would be great as a weekend bag for children or even hand luggage on a plane. It ha handy zip pockets again both inside and out and is very light. Dimensions are 28x39x22cm



Vanity Bag: the smallest of the three bags can be used as a bag for toiletries and make up, a large handbag or as a baby bag for storing nappies and baby essentials. It has an external zip pocket and rounded top. Again its size is quite deceptive as its much bigger than it looks.



This luggage set is very good value. It can be bought at an amazingly low price of £36 from Sports Direct which is a great saving of £56.97 from its original price of £92.97. All the bags are generously spacious and will fit a lot of things in. They are also comfortable and easy to carry with adjustable straps and look great too. I would highly recommend this luggage set if you are planning any breaks away.

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