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Sanctuary spa wet skin moisturiser miracle: Talk to Mums campaign

Published July 18, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Over the past month or so , I have been lucky enough to take part in an ambassador campaign with Talk to Mums. Talk to Mums is a platform which connects mums and brands. This was my first campaign with them and it just happened to be a beauty product.

I was already familiar with the Sanctuary spa brand as I had used a few of their products previously, but this time it was all about the brand new miracle moisturiser product.

This product is quite unique because unlike other moisturisers, this one gets applied to wet skin, like when your just getting out of the bath or shower and then it dries with your skin. It seems to be the first product of its type, or at least the first one I've come across anyway.

Applying to wet skin did sound a little strange at first but the product dries fast and smells good too. It also seemed to have some sort of exfoliating properties as I did find bits of dead skin coming away.

This campaign was far more about me reviewing or saying what I thought about the product. I had to also give out the product to other mums and ladies too – 250 bags in total.

These are the bags. Each bag had 4 smaller sample products inside and yes I had to also make the bags up myself, with a little bit of help from my kids.

I don't drive so the bags got given to friends, family, neighbours first followed by school gates, dance lesson mums and other groups. I did not get any negative feedback what so ever from any of the ladies who got my samples.

The campaign is now finished and all 250 bags handed out to the lovely ladies around Bolton.

If you know lots of other mums and would like to be considered for upcoming campaigns then visit the Talk to mums website to sign up.

Sun protection without the high price tag

Published July 18, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Yes it’s Summer and a pretty good one at that so far, considering the many wet Summers the UK has had over the years. When the sun is out, everyone likes being outside whether it’s at a park, beach, on holiday or in your own garden. Of course this unusual hot weather comes with risks. The main risk being sunburn which can be severe if skin is exposed to the sun all day. 

Sun protection is vital, especially so for children, babies, the elderly and those with very fair skin. Every family should have at least one bottle of sun cream in their home because living in the UK means we never can tell when the sun will be shining. 

Some sun screen brands can be ridiculously expensive and so over priced when in reality the cheaper priced products are usually just as effective, if not better. 

Aldi stocks a great selection of “Lacura” sun products and I was really shocked at just how inexpensive they are. The price did make me wonder whether they would be as effective as others that cost more.

The sun creams and sprays are available with many protection levels. My girls are both really fair so factor 50 is best. Factor 30 also works great too in British weather. If I was to go abroad then it would be only factor 50 that I would use on my children. Factor 50 seems to be the highest factor available to buy without prescription. The higher factor products seem to be mainly for people with extremely sensitive skin conditions.

The Lacura range includes both lotions and sprays. The Refreshng sun spray (factor 50+) also doubles up as a cooling agent and gives a cool refreshing feel when applied. 

This also dries extremely fast too. 

These two factor 50 sun lotions are very similar and both designed with youngsters in mind. 

The difference between them both being that the white tube on the right is for extra sensitive skin types. My 10 year old suffers from minor dry and irritated skin problems and seems to have flare ups with certain products so this makes a good one for her. 

The Lacura products all have a nice similar scent which is just like most skin cream type smells. They apply easily and dry quickly and we have not come across any problems when using them.

We have had many hot days recently and I have found applying 2/3 top ups of Lacura sun screen per day gives the same protection as any other good sunscreen that I have previously used. They are all water resistant too so fine to use prior to going in a pool.

The big difference between Lacura sun protection and many other well known brands is the price. The Lacura SPF50 Clear Spray is just £3.29 with the  Kids water resistant SPF50 Lotion even less at just £2.79. All the bottles being 200ml which is standard for most sun products.

Once the sun goes down, Lacura range also offers a moisturising after sun spray at just £1.99.

It is a pump action spray bottle. The product sprays out white and needs a little rubbing in but a little goes a long way. It gave my skin a lovely cooling sensation all over which actually lasted a while too. My skin did not just feel cool to me, but was actually cool to touch too. It’s almost like a cool bath on the skin but without the wetness of water if that makes sense. Aftersun products are not just for the silly people who don’t use sun protection and end up burnt, but for anyone who has been out in the sun even if fully protected. Sun screens stop burning but skin is still exposed to dryness. Aftersun help put some moisturiser back into tired dry skin as well as helping cool us down. Some Aftersun products are rubbish but this one from Aldi ranks as one of the best I’ve tried.

So this Summer, head to Aldi and grab your amazingly low cost sun protection before supplies run out. 


Odaban antiperspirant 

Published July 6, 2017 by Bizzimummy

It’s no wonder one of the biggest spoke about topics in the U.K is the weather! One minute the sun is shining bright and the next it’s pouring down, be it Summer or winter, the weather can change in an instant. During Summer months the weather can become very clammy, even when it’s raining or blowing a Gale and this often makes me feel very sweaty and muggy. 

Everyone sweats, usually with heat or over exhursion. Sweating is the body’s way of controlling temperature so that we don’t overheat. 

Do you know the differences between anti persperant and deodorants? Up until recently I assumed they did the same thing under different names, but no I was totally wrong.  –

Antiperspirants protect against sweating whilst deodorants help correct body odours. Most antiperspirants work by partially blocking the sweat ducts. Most antiperspirants also possess some deodorising properties; in the case of ODABAN® this is useful in keeping the skin in good condition. Deodorants are applied frequently whilst antiperspirants vary in the way they are applied

And this is the Odaban antiperspirant.

This is a 30ml travel size pump action spray that can be purchased is boots and many other stores. 

Odaban needs to be applied to dry skin only as it works to keep the skin dry and sweat free. The way it actually works differs from other anti persperant products out there. I don’t really understand the science behind it myself so I managed to copy a paragraph or two from the Odaban website. 

“Radio-isotope tests have shown that the active ingredients of ODABAN® do not stop the sweat glands from working. The drying effect of ODABAN® is produced by poral “plugs,” formed from a combination of aluminium and skin proteins. 

The insolubility of the aluminium / protein complex formed is such that there is absolutely no absorption of aluminium through the skin into the blood stream. ODABAN® is therefore completely safe to use on a long-term basis and even during pregnancy.”

Lots more information about Odaban can be found over on their website. There is even a reason as to why it comes as a pump spray instead of the usual aerosols or roll on’s. 
Odaban is a head to toe versatile product meaning it can be used for many areas on the body, including the face, feet, hands and the usual sweaty areas. It has a light scent which is ever so slightly minty but seems to be unperfumed as the perfumed versions can cause irritations. It is not a product that needs constantly spraying. The back of the bottle recommends using once or twice a week but personally I don’t really see anything wrong with using it once daily. 

Odaban prices vary but usually between £7-£10 per bottle.

Olverum bath oil 

Published July 5, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Olverum is a unique, luxurious aromatic blend of ten essential oils. A small amount of this stuff In my bath transforms my normal wash bathinto an aromatic relaxing long soak.

To show all my readers exactly why this bath oil is so good, I thought I’d copy the ingredients here to show all the essential oils.

Ingredients: Isopropyl Myristate (a naturally derived emollient), Abies Sibirica (Siberian Fir) Needle Oil, Arachis Hypogaea (Ground Nut) Oil, Lavandula Hybrida (Lavandin) Oil, Eucalyptus Globulus (Eucalyptus) Leaf Oil, Citrus Limon (Lemon) Peel Oil, Limonene*, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Oil, Litsea Cubeba (Exotic Verbena) Fruit Oil, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Linalool*, Citral*, Citrus Aurantifolia (Lime) Oil, Juniperus Communis (Juniper) Fruit Oil, Geraniol*, Benzyl Alcohol*, Coumarin*, Pelargonium Graveolens (Geranium Flower) Oil, Citronellol*, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Tocopherol, CI 75810 (Chlorophyllin-Copper Complex)* Components of Natural Essential Oil

As you can see, there’s lots of good stuff in this product. The lavender oils are probably the ones that stood out the strongest. I could certainly smell the lavender aromas which is what aids the relaxation before bedtime. I can also sense the lemon aromas too. Essential oils all have different properties and difference beneficial effects on both the mind and body. There are many essential oils together in this product and when getting out of the bath I feel relaxed but still have energy to do anything I need and also a nice warm feeling too. It’s a strange feeling after using Olverum.

I have the travel set which contains 3 small 15ml glass bottles of Olverum. Each bottle is enough for 3 baths (possibly more) therefore at least 9 baths worth for £16.00. Larger bottles cost £26 and £48 which gives at least 50 baths.

The oil gets poured in when running the hot tap (or it does with me at least). With the travel set bottles it recommends to use a third of the bottle per full bath. I have found I don’t need to use a third. I’m not sure if it’s because my bathroom is fairly small or it’s just my preference but a slightly smaller amount works good for me. The aromas are very strong and it makes me want to stay in the bath for much longer. 

Buy Olverum direct from their website and from main stockists –  Liberty, Conran, Harvey Nichols and Fenwick.

Esthechoc Cambridge beauty chocolate! Yes really! 

Published June 30, 2017 by Bizzimummy

This is Esthechoc, a totally new previously unheard of type of chocolate which I recently came across and managed to get myself a box.

This is what Esthechoc claims to do. 

“One small esthechoc a day helps to regain your skin health and slow down the ageing process”

So I was totally baffled by this, I mean how can chocolate which is usually deemed unhealthy for the body be beneficial? Well of course it’s all down to what is inside the chocolate and how it’s made.

Each square serving is made with 70% cocoa premium dark chocolate and contain a plethora of antioxidants and bioavailable cocoa polyphenols. Yes I have no idea what they are either but there is lots of information on their UK website about what’s inside this special chocolate. The main ingredient to make it a beauty chocolate is something called Astaxanthin which is apparently the most powerful antioxidant known to science.  The process involves something called micellar technology which makes the good stuff “bioavailable”

So lots of large terms and scientific processes, none of which I greatly understand but their website does give a better idea. This page in particular describes the skin benefits achievable by having this chocolate daily. 

It is recommended to take just one of these thin square slabs of this chocolate per day to help boost skin health and anti – aging effects. 

The chocolate is dark and being 70% cocoa it is also quite a strong flavour but luckily not too bitter. I have been having my daily choc square with a hot drink and it tastes similar to most other dark chocolate with similar cocoa percentage. 

I cannot really comment on any noticeable effects to my skin, stomach or any other health aspects as I am only on the first box so it is still early days as far as using it goes. 

There are many customer reviews on the website, the majority being positive with results noticeable by box number 3/4. 

Esthechoc is sold by Cambridge chocolate Technologies Ltd who create produchs to help people live healthily and enjoy the anti-ageing protection of the most indulgent form of food – CHOCOLATE. Esthechoc can be purchased from Harrods and many other high end stores. A google search of Esthechoc will bring all the stockists up. 

Skinny tan: body glow moisturiser 

Published June 28, 2017 by Bizzimummy

It’s Summer time and this year it’s a real Summer for once in a long long time in the U.K. 

When you have light skin like myself, you long for a natural tan but unfortunately it rarely happens. That’s where self tanning products come in very useful, they are in fact a god send. Although some of them can make me look a streaky mess; but Skinny tan seems to be one of the better ones out there. I have previously reviewed their tanning mousse and oil products and now it’s the turn of their body glow moisturiser. 

You get a choice of light or medium shade with this product. Unlike Skinny tan instant tanning products, this is more of a build up glow. It doesn’t give an instant deep tan or even a tan that develops after a few hours. It’s a product that can be applied daily and gradually builds up a natural looking colour on the skin. This looks more like a tan that many instant tanning products out there. The tan builds up, getting slightly deeper but also gives a nice all over body and facial glow too. The tan turns out totally streak free and even because it works differently to instant tanners. 

I could see results from the first application, although mild there was definitely a tan to my skin and no streaks. 

The product is a white lotion and has a slight fragrance. It does not dry instantly but does dry quickly within 1/2 minutes. Being a moisturiser also means it’s beneficial for the skin as well as adding a glowing natural looking colour. 

Perfect for a hot Summers day or a night out as it looks natural and does not rub off onto clothes when sweating either. 

I have the light body glow moisturiser and here I had used for 5 days once a day. 

This product is sold exclusively at Superdrug stores costing £7.99. Superdrug currently have a buy one, get second half price offer on Body glow too. 

Lee Stafford hair growth

Published June 28, 2017 by Bizzimummy

I first spotted these products whilst shopping in Boots and whilst I was very eager to try them, I was also optimistic at what they claim they can do for the hair.

My hair, probably through colouring, heat styling and extensions goes through awkward stages where it simply will not grow past a certain length. Yes I have regular trims but then it’s shorter and still won’t get past a certain length. Well that was until I used these products.

This is me at the beginning of May! Not my best photo but it shows the length and condition of my hair.

Not great at all! 

Then I got sent over a selection of Lee Stafford growth products to use.

Scalp scrub – A pre-wash treatment which is applied before shampoo. The scrub works to gently stimulate the scalp, increasing root productivity and accelerating natural hair growth.

It is a unique treatment that  unblocks the hair follicles and removes product build up and pollution.

It feels very grainy, just like a bath or salt scrub and it’s best to apply as close to the scalp as possible, rinse and then crack on with the shampoo.

Shampoo & conditioner – Hair Growth shampoo works by stimulating the metabolic activity of the hair bulb cells, and encouraging blood flow to the root, thus helping to stimulate growth. 

The conditioner is thick and creamy and k, works by nourishing the scalp to provide the perfect base from which healthy hair can grow.

Both the shampoo and conditioner contain apple and lemon extracts with green tea.

Hair growth treatment – This a lovely thick creamy product in a round tub, it has a look and feel of creamy yoghurt. 

This treatment  fertilises the hair follicles whilst going deep down into the cortex to condition and strengthen from within. It provides moisturise to the the scalp and soothes irritations. 

This product is best used in between shampoo and conditioning or even with conditioner. 

A good trick I have found to increase hair thickness as well as length is to apply a small amount after conditioning, when hair is still wet but not dripping and leave to dry  in the hair. I find this makes my hair feel much thicker than normal and also more manageable.

And the results, after about six weeks of use! Judge for yourselves. 

Something in the products is definitely without a doubt doing some sort of magic on my hair. I have not used any other hair wash products other than the Lee Stafford. 

These products probably cost more than regular everyday hair wash products but they are not overly expensive and they certainly work. Boots currently have a 3 for 2 offer for the Lee Stafford hair growth range which I will be taking advantage of because I need some more. 

Oyster skincare brightening eye serum

Published June 14, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Oyster Skincare is a new premium skincare brand. Their products are a blend potent skin enhancing actives with precious mood enhancing essential oils. 

One of their products is this Brightening eye serum which can be purchased for £14.99 on Amazon.

I turn a big 40 years old tomorrow and although I don’t really look my age and certainly don’t feel it; there are a few tell tale signs on my face that show some ageing. Head lines are one and darkness under my eyes is another. Others don’t really notice these things but I do when I look in a mirror.

This beauty product contains a blend of good stuff including –  Hyaluronic Acid, Co-Enzyme Q10, Pentapeptides, Green tea, cucumber, flower extracts and lots of other good stuff. Many of these ingredients have been scientifically proven to help with lines, wrinkles and other anti ageing features. Hyaluronic Acid it contains helps to smooth the skin whilst being very hydrating. Pentapeptides and Co-Enzyme Q10 are both great for anti-aging too. 

The serum is a fairly thick clear liquid which looks a bit like clear gel. I apply under and around my eyes, taking care not to put any inside my actual eye. The first thing I noticed when applying the product is just how cool it felt on my eyes. It’s an instant nice cooling sensation followed by a slight tightness. It absorbs into the boxes skin within about 30 seconds with a slight stickiness which dissolves soon after.

I think it’s working a little. The dark rings are certainly fading and slightly less sagging/more tighter around the eyes. 

If you want to try this yourself you can purchase via Amazon, or have a go at winning yourself one in my giveaway below.

Oyster skin care are giving away one 30ml bottle of their brightening eye serum worth £14.99. 

To take part simply click THIS LINK! to be taken to the “Gleam” entry page.

To enter you must live in the UK and have a valid email and Facebook account. 

Toddler fragrance by Martine Micallef

Published June 13, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Does your mini me long to borrow your perfumes to smell and be just like mummy? Or do they perhaps ask for their own small “grown up” perfume to use. Well now they can have their very own perfume sets. 

Martine Micallef has created  new Parfums designed exquisitely for toddlers, young children and even baby’s. M.Micallef’s collection is named Baby’s collection but is perfect for younger children too. 

Martine imagined a child’s imaginary world with a nice rabbit companion who travels with toddlers. This pretty range comes with delicate and subtle scents. It is perfect for the sensitive nose of little ones and also gentle enough for delicate skin. 

These sets are brand new and only launched recently this year. The box will be launched with single set of scented water. The alcohol free fragrances include Tendre Douceur, Petit Coeur, Petite Fleur. The  fragrance bottles also come with a cuddly bunny named Harry. Products can also be personalized.

Izebella has one of the gift sets in the Petit Couer fragrance plus two sample fragrance bottles of the other two fragrances so that she gets to sample them all. Izebella is 4 and one of those little girls who wants to be just like mummy and have all the things that mummy has including beauty products and perfumes. And now she has her own so does not need to use mine.

It is a lovely set. Lovely packaging ans like very nice sweet contents. The perfumes all smell different with hints of essential oils, flowers, vanilla, white musk etc. They seem to have much more subtle notes than the perfumes us mums use; so no where near as strong but still enough to give them all an individual scent.

The bunny teddy is one of the flat type soft toys or one without stuffing. It is lined with gold design and makes a sweet addition to the sets. 

This is a French company and therefore prices are in Euros. For a toddler parfum collection set it costs 54€. They will make lovely gifts for children and can be purchased on line at the M.Micallef boutique.

The towel shop review & giveaway 

Published May 30, 2017 by Bizzimummy

I love the feel of brand new towels on my face and skin and I have a brand new towel bundle from The towel shop uk

I have the luxurious 6 piece bamboo towel bundle. They are (I think) called the bamboo bundle because they are made from 50% bamboo and 50% cotton. 

Six colour choices in total to match most bathroom decor. I chose cream which go well with pretty much anything. Other colours include white, charcoal grey and kingfisher which is a green/blue colour.

The six piece bundles include 2x face cloths, 2x hand towels, 1 bath towel and 1 bath sheet. Other bundles are available with more or less towels such as 4, 5, 10 and 12 piece and the towels can be purchased individually.

The 6 piece bundle costs £33.54 inc VAT (£27.95 without) 

These towels are lovely, very soft and fluffy and large in size. I have seen similar sized hand towels to the face cloths in this bundle. The towels also have some weight to them, tho not heavy but I can certainly feel the quality.

The towel shop also sell luxury bath robes available in one size and a choice of four colours. Again these are really good. I instantly felt warm when I put mine on for the first time after a bath. It is very comfy with lots of room, nice big sleeves and a deep pocket for a phone or bath accessories.

I have made a video with the gown on and showing the towel bundle (ignore my wet hair and the legs ha) 


Yes this is your chance to win a prize from the towel shop. 

There is a choice of prize for one winner and the choices are…

4 piece bamboo towel bale (1 face cloth, 1 hand towel, 1 bath towel, 1 bath sheet)

• 1 Luxury dressing gown

The winner can choose either prize in a choice of colour (dependent on stock availability)

To take part please click the entry link below. 


(This giveaway will close on June 13th 2017. It will run for a total of 14 days and one winner will be chosen at random by rafflecopter. The winner will be contacted by email both by myself and The towel shop U.K. The winner  must have a valid email address and reside in the U.K. A Facebook and twitter account are needed to complete entry)

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