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Mother’s Day ideas: Brown and blonde brownies

Published March 20, 2017 by Bizzimummy

As it’s Mother’s Day in just a few days, I thought I would share some ideas of products I have tried recently and which I think would make great Mothers’s Day ideas.

The first one is Brownies and I think brownies would make a great alternative to the usual shop bought chocolates.

Of course brownie are one of those foods that need cooking correctly and to perfection or they just don’t taste good. (Did anyone have so called brownies served at school?). I have made them myself a few times and pleased to say they turned out just right, however nothing beats a baked bought brownie like the brownies from this place. 

So who are they? Well Brown and Blond are based in Leeds and they make delicious brownies like these. 

Brownies in lots of different flavours ans made with lots of nice things such as extra chocolate, nuts and peanut butter. These brownies were amazing and having just one is very filling so I would not advise eating lots of them at once. And just look how chunky they are too.  

Just amazingly delicious the way a brownie should be. 

I would much prefer brownies for Mother’s Day.  Or any day really. 

Festive baking 

Published December 7, 2016 by Bizzimummy

My  children have been busy baking recently and it’s all Christmas themed, just to get us in the festive mood a bit more. 

We used the new Snowman and snowdog kits from Cake angels. They can be purchased in most supermarkets.  These kits are really good for kids as the instructions are easy to follow and the cakes don’t take long at all. 

Ryan pretty much did all the baking by himself. The only parts I really helped him with was rolling out the gingerbread dough and obviously taking cakes out of the oven.
He found the chocolate muffin cakes pretty straight forward. These come with edible snowman paper decorations, but it just so happened that we already had some cake angels festive edible cake toppers in the cupboard so on they went. And here are Ryan’s snowman chocolate muffins. 

The gingerbread kit again was pretty straightforward. It comes with icing tubes, jelly beans and a paper stencil for the shapes which is placed on the dough and cut around. Unfortunately cutting around the dough just was not working, so instead we used some cookie cutters that we already had. These made heart and flower shapes and using some white chocolate along with the included icing, Ryan was able to create snowmen. 

He baked everything just right, not bad for a 12 year old boy. I did of course supervise him around the oven and both the cakes and biscuits taste lovely.

The kits cost about £2-£2.50 each. 

Halloween treats with cake angels 

Published October 10, 2016 by Bizzimummy

I had the pleasure of meeting the cake angels team at the last Blog On conference and they sent us over some Halloween cake making goodies. This is my first Halloween post of the year, and this time I did absolutely nothing but watch.

These are the Halloween products which we got which include a cake making kit, spooky cake toppers and mixed sprinkles. 

The cake mix is pretty basic and very easy to do, all we needed was an egg and a bit of water. Ryan was more than happy to make the cupcakes by his self. 

The cake mix cake with icing and stickers. I did need to help Ryan with the icing as he made it too watery, luckily I have extra icing sugar in. 

Once the cakes were iced, both Ryan and Izebella helped to decoarate the cakes using the stickers, sprinkles and toppers.

And we were left with lots of spooky treats which I’m sure we will be attempting again closer to Halloween.


And not a single scary clown in sight!

Cake angels also have similar cake mixes, toppers and sprinkles for Christmas.

See more and buy at Cake angels

Dr Oetker: Easy choc and Easy ice.

Published July 4, 2016 by Bizzimummy

All baking mums (and dads) will be familiar with the Dr Oetker brand and their range of baking goodies. The most recent products from Dr Oetker make it easier to ice and coat cakes. These products are known as “Easy choc” and “Easy ice”. 

Easy choc comes in both milk and white chocolate. It comes in small plastic tubs and when opened this is what you get. 

Yes it’s a large cup shape slab of milk chocolate which actually looks very tempting to just pick up and nibble on all night, I did find it rather hard to resist. However what one needs to do is heat it up in the microwave until it looks like this. 

And it still looked so damn tempting to just eat there and then. 

So the idea of this easy to choc is; once melted, to pour, cover or drizzle over cakes. Or it can be used for dipping – “think strawberries and marshmallows and who needs an expensive chocolate fountain”

Ryan made some cherry scones at school in his cookery class, and it just so happened that our tubs of easy choc had arrived that same morning. We therefore had the rather smart idea to turn the scones into chocolate covered scone cakes with cream. Ryan was very happy to demonstrate how to do it. 

So! There is no complex science or instructions behind easy choc, you simply, heat, pour, cool and enjoy and that’s it. And it’s just delicious yummy chocolate which makes everything taste much better. (Not that I’m knocking Ryan’s scones one bit)

Now onto the other product – “Easy ice”. Icing cakes can sometimes be difficult and daunting. Rolling ice or finding correct icing bags and even making the stuff correctly to begin with. Dr Oetker seem to take a lot of stress away with their easy ice packets. 

There are 3 packets to choose from at the moment being pink, yellow and chocolate. The icing is already made and sealed inside the packets so no mess with the icing sugar. It can go a little firm inside the packet, especially if kept for a while. To soften it again the packet just needs to be placed in a cup of hot water for a short while and kneaded a little. 

To use, snip the corner of the packet open and simply squirt over the cakes or biscuits.

Again this is Ryan demonstrating how it works, he loves baking and cooking and here we are using plain fairy cakes. If you want the icing to look neater then just use a knife or spoon to spread around evenly. Then cool in fridge.

Ryan also decided to add various sprinkles to his cakes, which I should add are all part of the Dr Oetker brand too.

Easy choc and Easy ice can be purchased in most supermarkets and many smaller shops. Easy choc pots are approximately £1.79 each and Easy ice just 79p each.
I have often wondered why the baking brand is called Dr Oetker and it turns out that Dr Oetker dud actually exist.

“In 1893 pharmacist Dr. August Oetker introduced Bakin a convenient and superior quality form of Baking Powder packed in small sachets containing exactly the right amount needed to make the popular Gugelhupf cake (the German equivalent of our ever popular Victoria sponge cake).         Dr. Oetker (UK) Limited is part of the International Dr. Oetker group, a privately owned business, established in 1891 that has been successfully run by four generations of the Oetker family, with its international head office in Bielefeld Germany.

        Home Baking is at the heart of Dr. Oetker and Bakin was the company’s very first product launch, in 1893.”

Mrs Crimble’s gluten free!

Published February 22, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Mrs Crimble’s is launching the first ever range of gluten free continental cakes. The first two products are Classic Madeleines and Chocolate Madeleine with a rich choc filling. Made in France, Mrs Crimble’s NEW Authentically French range provides a simple way to add some panache to breakfast and get the day off to a great start. Wonderfully light, they are also the perfect way to turn a cup of tea or coffee into a real treat – at any time of day.       

I was sent over some packets of the Madeleine’s for us all to try. There are six cakes to each packet and they are all individually wrapped. 

They look like small buns and taste really good. Soft with a lovely filling inside. My kids loved the chocolate one whereas I preferred the classic variety. They do go really well with a nice cup of tea to wash them down with.  

We all tried a few each and ended up taking the remaining few on our trip and hotel stay last week. 

None of us have any gluten intolerance or allergies, luckily but of course did not mind sampling these. Gluten free products seem to have come a long way these passed few years and there is now a great selection of sweet treats available rather than just bread items.

Mrs Crimbles is of course famous for their baked goods and their whole range can be found on their website.

Brownie Heaven

Published February 16, 2016 by Bizzimummy

I do love it when a box of tasty treats lands at my door. The most recent being a box of scrumptious brownies from Brownie heaven.  

I’m a big fan of brownies and therefore it’s important that they are made just right so they almost melt in the mouth. 

Brownies make great gifts too and with Mother’s Day coming up soon a box of brownies is bound to go down very well as a nice treat for mum. 

The brownies at Brownie Heaven come in a few different box selections which of course include gluten free. I think the best selection to get is the mixed box which gives the perfect mixture of the best brownies they have. 

The brownies are all made using quality Belgian chocolate and Italian unsalted white butter along with a few other ingredients. 

 I had 8 mixed brownies in my box which included dark chocolate, white chocolate, gluten free, queen of the blondes and a few other flavours that I picked up. 

Each one was delicious, perfectly baked and full of gooey yummy lovely mouth watering chocolate goodness. I enjoyed them all. They are also very thigh and chunky. It’s hard to eat more than one t a time because they are also really filling.  

The brownies come in boxes and start at about £24.95. Brownie Heaven also sell brownie scotch eggs which also look and sound amazing and a perfect Easter treat.

Treats from Kiss Cakes

Published June 9, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Imagine a knock at the door and a lovely lady stood there handing you a box of delicious cakes and treats, it would certainly brighten up anyone’s day and that is exactly what happened to me a few weeks back. The lovely Lindsey at Kiss Cakes kindly bought me a selection of her goodies and what was even better is that they all came personalised.

Whether it be for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, corporate event or seasonal event such as valentines day, mothers day, fathers day or christmas, then Kiss Cakes can provide you with a unique gift idea.

Kiss Cakes is based over in Manchester which is not too far away. Their personalised products include cakes for all occasions, cup cakes, cookie cards, cake toppers and place card cookies. All of which can be uniquely personalised with names and photographs.  


The cakes arrive really well packaged, in gift boxes with ribbons and wrapped in tissues paper.  This gives the cakes an extra special touch, just like little packages which I could not wait to unwrap.


This is a small celebration cake which Lindsey personalised with one of my photographs.  

It’s just lovely, and looked far too good to eat. These can be made for any occasion, not just birthdays. It’s wrapped in red ribbon and tasted really yummy too.  


My children absolutely loved the cookiepops which also came personalised with photographs and names.  

Kiss Cakes currently has a special offer on these Cookie pops, you can get two of them from just £5.95 here .

I got my own cookie pop too with my name on, which I thoroughly enjoyed in the evening. I also got my very own place card cookie which are just perfect for wedding guests. Plus a party favour cookie, these again can be personalised to suit and seem good for party bags.  

Finally a box of delicious cupcakes. I really enjoyed these. 

 Very generous in size with lots of delicious icing. They tasted lovely and went down very well with a nice cup of tea.  

The cupcakes start from £11.95 for a box of 6. Various designs are available and again for many occasions and can be personalised.

We really loved our delicious treats from Kiss Cakes. They deliver worldwide too, and a cake is so much better than a card I think. Visit Kiss Cakes to get yours.



Send me Cakes

Published March 25, 2015 by Bizzimummy

i cannot think of anything much nicer to receive in the post than a box filled with yummy cakes. A nice surprise delivered through the letterbox amongst the usual bills and junk.

Well that’s exactly what I got through my door one day last week. This box… 

Full of delicious cakes! 

These cake boxes come from a company called Send Me Cakes. The name speaks for itself as it’s all about cakes being sent. Send Me Cakes is owned by the lovely Lou Milligan and the company grew from her original baking business – Lou’s Ladle.

The cakes are all ethically handmade using local and British ingredients. Then beautifully wrapped and boxed ready to be sent to the recipient of choice. There’s a few choices of cake boxes including a gluten free option. 

Lou kindly sent me the Ultimate bake box currently priced at £22. Inside this box is a massive 9 slices of cake. 

There are both cake slices and the smaller bake slices. The varieties in this box are currently…

  • Cherry Bakewell Sandwich 
  • Ginger Jam Sandwich 
  • Kent Apple Cake
  • Treacle Toffee Drizzle
  • Gran’s Shortbread 
  • Peanut Flapjack 
  • Chocolate Orange Brownie 

We really enjoyed all the cakes. There were far too many for me, so this time I did share a little with my children ha. There is not one variety that I disliked. Lovely sweet cakes. All go down very well with a nice cup of tea too. 

There is information about each of these cakes and the ingredients in them On this page. The cakes are good for about 5 days. They lasted for 3 in our house and then the box was empty.

These cakes both taste and look lovely.  I love the old fashioned “brown paper packaging with string” which they came in and the little gift tag note. The box doesn’t give much away either so if sending as a gift then the recipient is certainly in for a lovely surprise when they open their cake box. The box is letterbox friendly incase no one is home. 

Visit  Send me Cakes to send some special cakes to that special person or even order a box for yourself.

Tesco Free from

Published February 17, 2015 by Bizzimummy

A few years ago, any foods described as “free from” usually meant bland or boring and were very limited in choice. Free from food were quite limited to bread and pasta products and quite hard to find.
Well not anymore and you don’t need to travel far to find some fancy treats that are both tasty and free from wheat and gluten.

I found these lovely treats in my local Tesco store which I have to say is usually rubbish and tends to have very little I want especially review products. They actually have a massive shelf dedicated to all sorts of “Free from” foods.
The Free from selection consists of both savoury and sweet food products and I decided to get myself some delicious biscuits and cakes and put and end to the myth that Free from is boring because these are far from it.

First are these cookies in 4 varieties which also form part of the Tesco Finest foods range too. I have the triple chocolate ones, well I did have, they were just too nice and got ate within an hour (not all by me tho)

Smothered in a delicious thick chocolate later and infused with chocolate chips that just melt in the mouth. They actually taste better than some cookies which aren’t “Free from”

Next are the brand new “Stackers” again Tesco Finest branded.

3 varieties and each pack has 5 squares. These are big chunky squares of what I would describe as inbetween cake and biscuit. We have the All butter millionaire shortbread and Rocky road varieties and the other one is a Belgian chocolate brownie.

Processed with Moldiv
These are so unbelievably sweet and delicious, so chunky and full of amazing sweet flavour. It’s hard to eat more than one at a time as they do make me feel quite bloated, but yes these are good.

So if you do have gluten or wheat intolerance or allergies then fear not, you can still enjoy a great selection of those much loved tasty treats thanks to Tesco.

Brownies over Valentines weekend: Serious Treats

Published February 17, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Well I did not get a single card this Valentine’s Day. I know boo hoo get the tissues out. Oh well who needs a card when you can have a delicious box of tasty brownies delivered instead.


This scrumptious tempting box coincidently arrived Valentines morning. It’s from Serious Treats who seem very serious about their delicious brownies. I received a lovely Lucky dip box containing a mouth watering selection of mixed brownie flavours.


There are 4 individual flavours sold by Serious treats – Rich Choc, Peanut Butter, Salted Caramel and Peppermint. There is also a gluten free brownie variety. The brownies are made with Shipton Mill flour, free range eggs and Montezuma’s 73% cocoa solids.


The brownies can be purchased in boxes of 6, 12, 20 costing £13.50 – £30.00. The smaller box being perfect for individuals and the larger probably better for parties, weddings and offices or if your feeling greedy then buy yourself a big box.

In my box I had 6 brownies in Peanut, Salted Caramel and Rich Choc, 2 of each variety. I’m not a mint lover so probably would not of fancied the peppermint one but everyone’s different. The brownies are big and chunky. Each one individually wrapped with a full description and ingredients. They are just delicious.


Very chocolaty and crumbly and eating one makes me want another and then another. The Peanut butter one is just oozing with crunchy peanut flavour.
The salted caramel contains a thick layer of tempting salted caramel sauce.

And the Rich Choc brownie is their award winning brownie which has won a silver and two gold awards to date.

Processed with Moldiv

These delicious brownies are best served with a nice hot cup of tea, any time of the day, but perhaps best when the kiddies are fast asleep in bed so that mean old mummy does not have to share.

Buy the brownies from Serious Treats and a selection of stockists throughout Avon and Somerset.

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