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Blogger board game club: Timeline British history

Published July 14, 2017 by Bizzimummy

I am very happy to be part of the Blogger board game club. Each month we will be sent a different game to play from the Esdevium games collection. 

Our first game is Timeline. Timeline games come in tins and without the usual board or dice. There are many versions of Timeline. The version we have is British History. Other versions include inventions, music & cinema and even a Star Wars version (I would be hopeless at that one)

Timeline is essentially a card game as that is all that the game consists of, along with a decorative tin to keep the cards in. 

There are 110 cards in total, each one being double sided with very clear artistic images on both sides. 

One side has a description of an event in British history (left card) and the other side will have the same event but with a date added.

The idea of the game is to make a timeline. To do this, 4 cards get dealt to each player with the date side face down so only the event side is visible. One card from the remaining deck is turned onto the side with the date and this starts off the timeline. The first player reads out the event on the card and needs to guess whether the event occurred before or after the initial playing card and then places the card. 

If correct play passes to the next player and so on, if wrong they have to choose another card from the deck and everyone keeps playing with the timeline getting bigger and bigger. 

The winner is the person to place all of their cards correctly first so they have no cards remaining.

The timelines get long quickly, so can be made into other shapes rather than long lines as above. 

Timeline British history is a good fun family game which doesn’t take too long to play, but it’s a whole lot more than just fun. Many children (and even adults) find history a bit boring but this game makes it fun without them even realising. The timeline makes a good history lesson, learning about events and when they happened. My children were especially happy when a card came up that they knew the date of – The great fire of London being just one. The dates may even come in useful for school history lessons, when a teacher asks “if anyone knows when x event happened etc and also helpful with homework. Discovering British events on the timeline also gives a chance for family discussions. My children have asked about a few of the events on the cards including the Newtons Law one. I do my best to a serf and it’s easy to google it if I don’t know. A game like this has many learning benefits. 

Another good thing about Timeline is that it’s one of those games where the rules can be slightly altered to suit. For instance – The four cards dealt can be changed to a bigger number, we like to play 6/7 each at a time. A timer can be introduced for quicker thinking and cards placed wrongly can be put in their correct place rather back in the pile, again increasing the size of the timeline.

The size of the game and practicality of the small tin makes it a good game to take away on holidays, trips and time at relatives. 

One timeline tin is suitable for 2-8 players. The recommended playing age is 8 and over: but…. I do think this could be lowered a little. Izebella is only 4 and obviously can’t read the cards herself, yet she still plays along with us. She joins in just the same and the only difference being that I read the card to her. She then looks at the pictures on the cards and places where she thinks it will go. She knows what modern day people and places look like and knows if a picture looks much older etc. She is actually quite good at guessing and again it’s educational fun for her.

This version of Timeline is currently available over on Amazon starting from £12.99.

(I received this game as part of the blogger board game club, free of charge)

My photo Christmas cards (but only for the special people) 

Published December 8, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Well we are quickly approaching the middle of December and this is the time when the majority of us start writing Xmas cards.

I buy quite a lot, I usually have 20 to post, then neighbours, local friends and of course the school friends of 3 children so it’s usually a case of a few cheap packs  of 50 and the cute mini ones for the kids. But!!!… what about the special people in our lives? Close family, close friends and people who have helped us out in someway this year. I do think they deserve a bit more than a cheap bog standard card. 

They get one of these! 

These are what I created over at Snapfish. There are lots of other designs and templates to make the cards with but I really liked this one as it allowed for five photographs. 
These cards are 7×5 and are the folded card type meaning I was able to include personalised txt inside. I was able to choose fonts, size and colour for the txt. 

Another card option at Snapfish is the flat card which also come in the larger 8×4 size.

The cards start at 75p each but Snapfish currently have a 40% off offer on the cards until December 11th. The cards take about 2/3 days to come so make sure you order early if you like the look of these. 

My cards are already on their way to those few special people in my life. 

Thank the teachers with Postsnap

Published July 19, 2016 by Bizzimummy

It’s hard to believe but the end of the school year is now upon us and the long Summer holidays are about to begin. For my children this is the end of this week, many schools are next week. 

To say thank you to your children’s teacher for all the hard work they have put in, then a nice card always works. If it’s personalised then this gives it that extra special personal touch.

For Father’s Day I reviewed the Postsnap app. This app allows for personalised card creations which are then made and sent to either yours or the recipients address. The cards can vary in price but are generally about £3.49 each. Postsnap also have photo postcards and annoncement cards options.

Here is the card which Jordanna helped to make.

There are many other card options to choose from. This style allowed for a photograph as well as personalisation both on the front of the card and inside. Font and colour options are also available.

Jordanna has done really well in her year 4 class and been helped a lot along the way by her teacher so I thought it was only right to make the card for her. 

The card was sent to me with a plain envelope within two days. Jordanna has now give it to her teacher.

Visit Postsnap to download the app and create cards.

Father’s Day cards

Published June 18, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Tomorrow is Father’s Day and although I rarely speak to or see my own father, my kids do see their dads regularly. I do believe it’s only right that they get to give cards on Father’s Day. I always think the best cards are the ones that kids make and write themselves, but personalised cards are also a nice touch. 

By using the Postsnap app I was able to create two cards in time for Father’s Day, both which arrived today, so just in time. 

The postsnap app allows for photo upload from a mobile device and personalisation with names and txt. The cards take 2-3 days to come or can be faster with extra postage. 

Obviously with Father’s Day being tomorrow, it is a little late for Father’s Day cards, but they do have options for birthday and other occasion cards as well as postcards. The two cards I made cost £3.00 each. The postal options can be a card to your address with a blank envelope or the card sent directly to the recipient. 

The cards I ordered for £3.00 are fairly small but the pictures are clear and the txt exactly as I wanted it. I am sure my children’s fathers will be happy tomorrow.

Postsnap card app

Published December 1, 2015 by Bizzimummy

These days many people choose to send digital cards via email or social media. Personally I still prefer receiving the real thing and sending them. Sending them at Christmas can prove a daunting task and especially if the card list is rather long, plus I then have to go out and buy them, write them and then trek out to buy stamps and post them. 

Postsnap is a new card app, which combines the modern day digital world with the traditional way of sending cards. The app is not just for Christmas cards but for birthdays and other occasions all year round. The app allows the user to make the cards really personal with options such as photo uploading and own messages. 
The creation process is really easy and it only takes a few minutes to make the card. This is the one I made. 

I used a photo of each of us as that’s who the card is from. This is just one of the card templates available on the app. There are many others to choose from with other photograph options. 

This is the greeting inside! 

On my card, I left the “To name” bit out. You can of course address the card to someone. There are two postage options the first being to have cards sent to your own address with blank envelopes to send out yourself as I did. The other option is to fully personalise the card and have postsnap send it directly to your recipient meaning you don’t need do anything except create the card.

The card arrived in two days and the order progress is traceable via the app, you do need to create an account. Prices vary for different cards. It’s a very easy to way to send lovely personalised cards this Christmas. 

Visit Postsnap for more details and to download the app.


Published November 13, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Timeline are a collection of fun, educational card games. They come in 5 choices of subject – Inventions, Science & discoveries, Music & Cinema, general interest and Historical events.


I was able to choose one of the games to try out with my children and chose the Music & Cinema one which I was then sent from Esdevium Games

The games come in cute little tin and consist of 110 small picture cards, no board, no dice, no batteries.


Me and Ryan decided to have a couple of goes, just the 2 of us before explaining the rules to Jordanna who sometimes finds new game rules difficult and is also a little young with the game being aimed at 8 and over.

A quick glance through the instructions is all we needed as it's pretty straight forward. Ryan did question why there was no board if you have to make a timeline but the timeline is just created with the cards and can be placed anywhere.

The cards are all double sided with pictures either side but one side has a year printed on it. The other is a title of the movie or song on the card.

2-8 players can play. To begin with it was just me and Ryan. The instructions say to start with just 4 cards each but I think with 2 players you need more cards or it can be over quickly. The rest of the cards remain in a pile and all cards remain date side down.
A card from the pile is turned to reveal a year and the first player then taked one of their playing cards and either place it to the left or right of the dealt card (before or after that year). The card is then turned over to reveal the year. If guessed correctly it remains part of the time line and if wrong it goes to the bottom of the pile and the player gets a new card. The game continues with players placing cards where they think they belong in the timeline, which then gets bigger and bigger. It continues until players have used all their cards.

I was quite surprised to see some very up to date movies and songs in there. Many movie favourites too such as Titanic, Matrix and ET. There is music and film from many eras and even as far back as the 1400s right up until modern day. A few of them have caught me out, such as the Texas Chainsaw Massacre which I would of sworn was the 80s but apparently much older and Bohemian Rhapsoday which I really thought was the 1990s but again much older, just shows that parents don't know everything ha.


The cards are well designed with lovely images. You don't need to have a knowledge of film and music to play this either as the majority of it is guess work and the images on the cards also help a little too. The longer the line gets, the tougher it gets to place the cards correctly. It's fun, educational and we all enjoy playing it.

There is not any negatives or anything bad that I can say about the game. It’s really simple to play and the tin makes a great place for all the cards to be stored away. I think if it was player too often then players would probably begin to memorise the dates and then it would get pointless but it’s good for rainy days and for taking on the hols too. It also brings back a few memories with classic movies and songs.
This game is available to buy on Amazon for £11.12 and comes with free delivery too.

I would also like to try out one of the other titles in the series of these games. Ryan would no douby love the science one and the invention one sounds like a challenge too.


Clever Cards app

Published July 15, 2014 by Bizzimummy

I don’t do a lot of app reviews. I do download a fair few apps. I like trying out different ones, be it games, utilities or just apps for fun. Many get deleted after a few days but I do keep quite a lot which I like.
The reason I don’t do many app reviews is because they are difficult to do. I do a lot of my blog posts from my phone or tablet and therefore getting photographs of an app in progress can be difficult.
However I recently came across an app named Clever Cards. It’s a free app available for apple devices. It’s an app that allows the user to create and make cards which can then be sent either as an ecard by email or a real card via post.


After installing the app. You create your account. This can be done via an email sign up or via your Facebook account. If you choose to sign up via Facebook you then have the option to import all the birthdays of your contacts. This way you never forget a birthday I suppose.
The app interface is very easy to use. There is a drop down menu with various options. Using this menu you can create a card and also view orders, set reminders and invite friends.


Clicking on “make a card” brings up another menu list with all the different card options and categories. There are quite a few with literally every type of card you can think of.

It’s then simply a case of choosing what type of card you want from the huge lists until you find one you like.


The card can then be made and personalised with names and photo uploads. It then allows you to fully preview the card before purchasing.
The cards cost £2.99 each and are 5×7 inches in size.

Making a card
I was given some free credits to use on the app.
It was Jordannas birthday on Saturday gone. I had already bought her a birthday card prior to installing the app so I decided to make her one from her brother and sister.
I was able to upload a photograph of each of my children onto her card and choose the text. There are options to change the fonts and pick different styles too.
I also created one for my mother who has her birthday next month.
Here they both are prior to dispatch.


When the card is complete. There are several options for delivery. You can choose an ecard which is emailed. You can have the card posted to
Your address with a blank envelope or the card can be sent directly to the recipients.
I chose to have Jordannas card delivered with a blank card. It only took 2 days to arrive.

I am really pleased with the card. It’s a good standard size on good sturdy quality card. A nice shiny glossy finish and the photographs clear. The wording is exactly what I wrote and clear to read.

The cards are reasonably priced and all cost the same regardless of the style. There is also an option to make a smaller keepsake photo print card. This is similar to sending a postcard and costs just 67p.
If you have a lot of family and close friends on Facebook then the app is really useful as all your contacts are displayed in order of birthdays. Even if you choose not to send them all a card you can always just be reminded to leave them a quick birthday message.
I do prefer this card app to buying a card in the shops. It is so much easier and I don’t have to worry about writing it out or finding a stamp as it’s all taken care of for me with the click of a button.
The cards can be paid for by paypal or debit card.



The app is also available for android devices.


Fathers Day gifts at Hallmark

Published June 5, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Father’s Day falls on June 15th. It’s certainly a day I will not forget as it’s also my birthday on the same day. A double celebration all round!

If you are stuck wondering what to buy Dad this year or If you are looking for a very simple and fuss free gift! Or maybe an extra fun top up gift for that special man. Then head to Hallmark Gifts.

Hallmark take the hassle out of trawling around shops for separate gifts and cards. They have it all in one place.
In my opinion, men are a fairly easy species when it comes to gifts. They may seem hard to buy for but are usually appreciative of any gift that says you care. This includes both partners and Fathers.


Mugs make very simple yet lovely gifts for everyone. Dads being no exception. Hallmark have a great choice of mugs with all different designs. Many of them can even be personalised with names, wording or even photographs to give Dads cup a very personal touch.


Most men love chocolate whether they admit to it or not. These bars differ from others with the ability to have the wrappers personalised with names and pictures. £5.99 each.


I would never of thought of these for Father’s Day gifts but they actually seem quite popular. I’m not too sure if that’s because many children are buying them for Dad hoping that Dad will share!. They seem a novelty idea and maybe a little naughty being packed full of sweets and sugar but lots of fun at the same time. £7.99 each and again they can be personalised.


For a dad who enjoys simple styles. Hallmark have a collection of Heritage Press items. Products such as mugs, notebooks and a few other gifts. The design is very contempary and just screams out Britain, focusing on London in particular. Scenes of a busy London road with patterns of moustaches and bold basic patterns complete the collection.


All sorts of Dad gifts can be found at Hallmark. Don’t forget Dads card too and the wrapping paper for that special gift.

Ridleys 15 Magic Trick Set: review & competition

Published September 3, 2013 by Bizzimummy

Ryan absolutely loves anything to do with both science and magic. I can almost without a doubt guarantee that every year on his Christmas wish list will be some sort of magic set or book about magic etc. He was so excited when I told him he would be getting Ridleys magic set to try out kindly sent from Crafts 4 Kids.

The first thing I noticed about this set was the packaging of the box. It's almost in the style of what I can only describe of an old poster or newspaper and looks really unique and effective as well as unusual. Inside the box is everything Ryan required to turn into a mini magician and all with clear instructions on how to do the 15 tricks.

The tricks include some old favourites, cup and ball tricks and sword through coin trick (which I managed to master) magic wand bending trick and a few others plus the one that baffled little Jordanna – the magic age/number cards: where you ask your unsuspecting volunteer either to think of their age or a random number, show them a few cards and a very simple question and magically guess the number. It works all the time without fail and no one can quite work out how it's done.

Magician in training

Ryan is loving practicing his tricks and amazing his little audience and who knows maybe he could be the next Paul Daniels or Dynamo! This magic set costs £13.99 from Crafts for Kids and gives Ryan and his sister hours of fun playing with it.

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