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Indigo Nutrition chocolate making kit

Published July 17, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Indigo Herbs are all about healthier lifestyles, healthy eating, superfoods and food for vegans. We were recently asked to try out one of their raw chocolate making kits. We are not a vegan family but we all love our chocolate treats so of course we agreed and then this box arrived. 

The kits start from £19.99 and contain all the ingredients needed to make our own "pure raw chocolate"

Raw chocolate is more healthier than the milk alternatives. Being a food suitable for vegans does mean no milk or dairy products are used. Therefore the finished chocolate is dark, stronger cocoa percentage and slightly more bitter than regular chocolate but it stlll tastes good. 

Have you ever wondered what gives good chocolate that wonderful chocolate smell? Well it's all down to this stuff! 

This being our melting organic cacao butter, it is known by other names too including cocoa butter and kakaw. From the moment I opened the packet I could instantly smell chocolate. This butter is 100% pure natural cacao derived straight from the cacao plant. It is one of the main ingredients in most chocolate products and is the ingredient which makes chocolate smell so good.

The butter is like small lumps of rock to begin with, it needs melting down to liquid and slowly too or the nutrients will be destroyed if heated too fast. Once melted we added the packet of raw vanilla powder and then all the cacao powder. Then it looked a bit more like chocolate.

With this kit we also got several small cake cases, but we also already had a few unused baking moulds lying around in the drawers, so this was a good excuse to get them out.

The chocolate mixture is poured into the moulds and we added some nuts and goji berries which are also included in the kit. Then put the moulds straight into the freezer to set. As chocolate does not really freeze, there is no risk of it spoiling if left too long. 

Raw chocolate does not taste as good when melted or when cooking with it. It tastes much better when set and ready to eat, so best not to lick the spoons with this stuff. 

And once set!

And that's not all of our raw chocolate creations either. We also found a quick yummy recipe on the Indigo herbs website for salted peanut butter cacao cups. These are really really easy and we happened to have half a jar of peanut butter in the cupboard too that needed using up.

Using the made raw chocolate mixture and the included cake cases, we poured a small amount of chocolate into each case and immediately placed them in the freezer to harden a little. Then took them out and placed a layer of peanut butter onto each one.

Followed by another layer of raw chocolate on top and back in the freezer for more time to set. These are just delicious and now I know how to make them, I will certainly be making some more.

There are several other raw chocolate recipes on the website, most of which just require the chocolate making kit and a few basic ingredients.

I found one main thing that differs with this raw chocolate as opposed to regular chocolate types is that it seems to melt much quicker, almost instantly after removing it from the freezer. It doesn't turn to mush in your hand but I could feel it start to melt very quickly. It's probably best kept in the freezer or a cold part of the fridge until ready for eating or using.

These kits are great and we have all enjoyed making and eating the chocolate. They can also make lovely gifts too. 

Chocolate from Willies Cacao 

Published July 4, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Well it’s a miserable wet Summers morning today isn’t it.? And when your stuck indoors witg nothing but Jeremy Kyle on the telly, there’s not much than cheers me up more than some gourmet chocolate. Now when I say gourmet, I don’t mean the slightly more expensive box of chocolates from the local supermarket, I mean the proper good stuff like this lot from Willies Cacao.

Cacao Willie produces a range of bars, along with a chocolate gift range. Thws can be purchased in the more high end stores such as Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, and online at 

Their chocolate spread is pretty impressive being made with piedmont hazelnuts and Peruvian awajun milk chocolate. I should also mention that their chocolate is sourced worldwide using the finest chocolate beans from the best places. 

We only opened this stuff 3 days ago and the jar is now almost empty. 

They even have their own brand of hot drinking chocolate which is just what’s needed on a miserable morning like this one. 

Combine a lovely milky cup of this stuff with some of Willies Cacao dark salted Prailine truffles as they go together amazingly. 

The truffles are just divine, I absolutely love the whole salted chocolate/caramel concept, it’s sweet with a crunch and a slight tang of bitterness and it just works so well together. 

The black pearls here have nothing to do with any pirates or any ships around the Caribbean. They do however make excellent treats when watching a movie. Or you could give them as a nice gift! I how we couldn’t as they just taste too good to give away. This particular box happens to be a delicious passion fruit caramel flavour inside a milk chocolate ball. Believe me, these are really good! 

Finally for those of us who like cooking/ baking or experimenting with chocolate recipes and creations, there are these. 

Chef’s drops look like chocolate buttons inside these tins, and come as milk, dark, very dark etc. I love how each tin clearly states the cocoa percentage clearly on the front and even the chocolate origin. The chefs drops are used in recipes which require chocolate or for chocolate creations. 

Yes you can eat these button shape things straight from the tin if you really want to, but the main idea is to melt them down and use in some big else. Being small in shape and lots of them seems to reduce the melting times in comparison to a large bar of cooking chocolate. It may be a good idea to hide these high up, from little hands as it is very tempting just to stand and eat them. 

Esthechoc Cambridge beauty chocolate! Yes really! 

Published June 30, 2017 by Bizzimummy

This is Esthechoc, a totally new previously unheard of type of chocolate which I recently came across and managed to get myself a box.

This is what Esthechoc claims to do. 

“One small esthechoc a day helps to regain your skin health and slow down the ageing process”

So I was totally baffled by this, I mean how can chocolate which is usually deemed unhealthy for the body be beneficial? Well of course it’s all down to what is inside the chocolate and how it’s made.

Each square serving is made with 70% cocoa premium dark chocolate and contain a plethora of antioxidants and bioavailable cocoa polyphenols. Yes I have no idea what they are either but there is lots of information on their UK website about what’s inside this special chocolate. The main ingredient to make it a beauty chocolate is something called Astaxanthin which is apparently the most powerful antioxidant known to science.  The process involves something called micellar technology which makes the good stuff “bioavailable”

So lots of large terms and scientific processes, none of which I greatly understand but their website does give a better idea. This page in particular describes the skin benefits achievable by having this chocolate daily. 

It is recommended to take just one of these thin square slabs of this chocolate per day to help boost skin health and anti – aging effects. 

The chocolate is dark and being 70% cocoa it is also quite a strong flavour but luckily not too bitter. I have been having my daily choc square with a hot drink and it tastes similar to most other dark chocolate with similar cocoa percentage. 

I cannot really comment on any noticeable effects to my skin, stomach or any other health aspects as I am only on the first box so it is still early days as far as using it goes. 

There are many customer reviews on the website, the majority being positive with results noticeable by box number 3/4. 

Esthechoc is sold by Cambridge chocolate Technologies Ltd who create produchs to help people live healthily and enjoy the anti-ageing protection of the most indulgent form of food – CHOCOLATE. Esthechoc can be purchased from Harrods and many other high end stores. A google search of Esthechoc will bring all the stockists up. 

Send a box of hugs

Published June 26, 2017 by Bizzimummy

With all the recent tragedies recently, it’s only natural that many people are feeling more down than usual, add to that; personal circumstances such as illness, loss, finances etc it’s always nice to know that somebody somewhere does care.

One way to cheer someone up and especially so somebody who does not live nearby is to send A box of hugs.

Box of hugs are specially curated boxes full of lovely things to make the recipient smile and to let them know someone cares. They have many different boxes to choose from full of nice things such as chocolates, tea, and gifts. The boxes aren’t just for cheering people up either, but also to say happy birthday or congratulations for events such as a new baby, new job or passing exams.

I for my very own Choco treat hug box sent to me. 

I can just imagine receiving one of these boxes out of the blue. Of course I’d be very eager to look inside but even the box of hugs logo would be enough to make me smile (rose not included!)

This particular box would cost £35.99 to send to somebody in the U.K. The box contends include many lovely chocolate treats from some luxury brands. The Cartwright & Butler chocolate crumbles make the best cookies ever and there is also delicious fudge from the Cotswold fudge company along with fudge & biscuit chocolate shards from Guppy’s. 

The teabags come from Teapigs tea and the inedible items are a little book – 100 hugs and a mug with the slogan – “do what makes you happy” 

My box of hugs and treats is enough to make most people smile I think. 

Charbonnel et Walker 

Published June 23, 2017 by Bizzimummy

What a lovely way to round off a week of posts. Charbonnel et Walker remains one of the oldest and finest chocolatiers of the UK. It’s hard to believe that their first shop opened way back in 1875 in London Bond Street. As for the name; it’s the surnames of the ladies behind the brand – Mrs Walker and MMe Charbonnel. 

I did visit the London store many many years ago. It is one of those very upmarket shops, the type where your wary of knocking anything over but a lovely luxury shop and certainly worth a visit if down that way. Charbonnel is a luxury brand and therefore as you can imagine; the chocolates come at a luxury price. These are not your everyday or weekly supermarket munchies but rather luxury gifts for very special occasions.

They sell just about every type of chocolate gift, be it boxes of truffles, hampers, chocolate selection boxes, even a chocolate shoe and a champagne set. I think the least expensive item is one of their 80g chocolate bars which cost £5.00 each one, so you get an idea of just how luxury this chocolate is. 

Like many other chocolatiers they have chocolates for everyone and for every occasion and even have themed chocolates for children. We have a few of their children’s chocolate products here.

Charbonnel’s children’s gifts include themes of Peter Rabbit and Alice through the looking glass. With a company like this; it is not just about the chocolate inside (which of course is exceptionally good) but the packaging too.  No one wants to pay extra for chocolate that comes in plain or not so nice wrappers as it’s just not as appealing. 

These are two of the Peter Rabbit products. The blue packet on the left is an 80g chocolate bar which costs £5.00. I would not normally pay this much for a bar of this size, but again this is a luxury brand. The Peter Rabbit box is part of a gift set costing £29.00. The set includes a Peter Rabbit book and a mixed box of chocolates. 

The box is fully reusable, made of tough board and could be used for small toys, trinkets, bobbles etc. I think if I was to pay £29 then I’d certainly want to keep the box too. The chocolate box can also be purchased alone, without the book for £25.00, but in my opinion you may as well pay the extra £4.00 and then at least there is something to show once the chocolates are gone.

These slim/mini  bars come as both the character theme packs. A seven bar pack is £6.95. If you’re wondering what an Un-birthday is; as it says on the larger pack then here is a short explanation which I spotted on one of the bars.

The chocolate inside is very good quality, a lovely creamy chocolate taste which sort of just melts in the mouth and we have too much of it! Yes I know, it is meant for my children but I’m a big kid at heart and this luxury stuff is just too good.

Here’s their website if you want some too, and you don’t like anywhere near London – Charbonnel et Walker.

And now I’ll get back to eating it all! 

Oh and of course my kids too! (Honest)

Choc nibbles & win some! 

Published June 19, 2017 by Bizzimummy

I’m sure most of us parents who grew up in the 1980s/90s will remember these! 

The memories of coming out of school and straight into the local shop to buy a quarter of choc nibbles  for 30p with left over dinner money or (if we were lucky!) pocket money.

I loved and still love choc nibbles. If you don’t remember them, then maybe you just didn’t get out much. The best way to describe them is like a mixture of soft caramel, mixes with choc lick (another old favourite) and maybe a bit of ground biscuit and something else, then coated with chocolate and made into little sticks which taste delicious. 

It’s a shame how most corner shops have changed over the years, I loved looking at all the plastic sweet jars behind shop counters frantically browsing for the choc nibs.

 Although the shops may have changed and the majority of the cheap sweets in big jar memories are long gone, I am happy to say that Choc Nibbles are still around and here to stay.

You see I have discovered a place on the internet that loves those old fashioned chocolate sweets just as much as I do, it’s even called Choc nibbles. Their tasty treats aren’t available via the website but their are several stockists around the UK, including one just a few minutes away from me. 

The choc nibs can be purchased as jars or in bags or from sweet shops by measure. 

I never understood what exactly a quarter was, which we all would ask for as kids. A quarter of what exactly? Who knows but it was always a pretty big paper bag full. 

The bags contain 250g of sweets, yes even the measurements have changed over the years. 

These taste just like I remember. It is possibly the only thing that hasn’t changed about the nibbles over the years. 

They also make a slightly different variety too. 

These are similar in taste but appear to have been a little jazzed up with an extra shiny chocolate coating giving them a smoother and brighter appearance. Thus less cocoa powder on the hands like the original version. 

They do a few other versions of chocolate nibbles too such as toffee crumble nibbles and a Jammie version too. Also original choc lick, remember the chocolate dust stuff in white paper bags, that we dipped wet fingers in and licked off? Then by the time half had gone the bag got soggy and we ended up with chocolate dust all over our white tops! Oops!!

It’s like being a kid again with all these sweets! 


I have two bags of choc nibbles to give away. If you want to win them then just click the link! 

The giveaway is for two bags of choc nibbles and will close on July 3rd 2017.

Degustabox May 

Published June 7, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Our Degustabox box arrived just before half term began and with it came a picnic theme. 

I did like this box this time round and would put it midway amongst  the top ranking boxes I’ve received (in my opinion)

And onto the goodies! 


Kicking off with this mammoth size chocolate bar from Cadburys. No explanations needed with this one except that it’s chocolate with peanuts and caramel crisp and lots of it. To buy this in the shops it can cost up to £3.49

Next it’s those tiny sweets; Millions. Two new flavours here – chocolate and sour strawberry and just 50/60p each packet. 

And if that was not enough sweets for us then I found these too! 

Now these are new to me and really sweet, tangy and full of flavour. Candy Kittens are gourmet sweets and come in 4 flavours. The sweets are cat face shaped jellies and we all loved our sour blueberry cat heads. These cost about £3.00 per 150g bag.
Yet more treats and munchies courtesy of portlebay popcorn. These are one of my favourite popcorn brand and I reviewed them last year in a separate post. I think this is a new flavour as it’s not one I have previously tried. A small bag of popcorn will cost about 79p. 

Chippeas seem to be one of those more healthier alternatives to crisps. The baked puffs are made using chickpeas. To me they just taste like regular puff type snacks. The £1.50 price tag is a little too high for a small snack I think.

Cupboard items

Now onto the products which I often refer to as “cupboard items” meaning products such as tins and cereals which have long shelf lives and usually get kept in a cupboard.

First is the Deli Kitchen Skinni Wraps

Wraps always go down really well in our house as they seem to be one of those foods that we all eat. I usually make chicken and add a sauce or batter of some sort and add salad. 

There was 6 wraps per packet which were in an unusual envelope shape. They did seem thinner or skinnier than regular wraps but still just as good. These cost £1.25 per pack of 6.
Cereal lovers crunch time nuggets 

Unfortunately these did not go down to well. Jordanna normally enjoys most types of cereal but not this one. It could possibly just be this particular flavour which contains orange, nutmeg and ginger. There are 2 other varieties to try. These are granola nuggets to enjoy with milk or alone straight from the packet. Each pack is £1.59 each. 
A much nicer box of cereal was also in our May box. 

This is MOMA cereal in a tasty raspberry and coconut. £3.20 per large box.
Homepride is a well known name in baking. They have been making flour for over 50 years. And I have one of their products in my box this month.

This strong bread flour will come in useful as my son is taking cooking as one of his school options and flour seems to have a really good shelf life. £1.50 is not a bad price either.


Finally onto the drinks. It’s always good to find a nice refreshing fruity drink in my monthly box and this time it is a can of fruity Zeo.

Zeo is low calorie with fruits and botanicals mixed with spring water and costs £1.19 a can. Again a bit too pricy to drink daily but quite nice anyway.

It’s crabbies ginger beer and the alcoholic version so no passing it onto my kids this time. It’s not my thing. I’m more of a wine, vodka, or baileys girl. I’m sure I’ll find someone who wants it. Only £1.89 a bottle.

And finally – a very surprising item indeed!

Yes it’s coffee bags. Just like tea bags but coffee version and from Raw Bean proper coffee company. I can use them just like I would a tea bag and they make a lovely cup of coffee too. Not too strong and not too weak and less mess as it’s all in a bag. 

What an amazing box this month, just bursting with some lovely stuff. 

These boxes are mixed, some will contain alcohol and others won’t. I get all the items in my box as it’s a review box. However the subscription boxes usually contain 9 items or more and are delivered once a month. 

The cost of a Degustabox subscription is usually just £12.99 but they have a really good offer for new customers and are offering a box for just £5.99 giving a huge £7.00 off. You can see by my contents above that the products are all worth more than what the box costs. The box price also includes UK delivery. Sign up today at Degustabox UK.


Published June 6, 2017 by Bizzimummy

It’s half term (yes my girls get 2 weeks off!) which means kids are off school and wanting things to do, plus snacks and sweets of which we have many thanks to millions sweets from Golden Casket UK.

I think most people in the UK will be familiar with millions sweets as they have been around for a long time. I remember them when I was a teenager and according to my kids, I’m prehistoric. 

Millions are packets, jars, tubes and shakers full of tiny flavoured sweets and imagine they are called millions because of their size and because there are loads (millions) per pack! 

Millions have recently bought out two new flavours to add to their already very long list. The flavours are sour strawberry and chocolate covered strawberry and it’s the latter which we have. 

Yes we have a big box full of chocolate strawberry millions and I’m not making it up when I say that these have to be my overall favourite variety of millions sweets so far. 

Our big box came filled with 24 35g packets.  Each packet containing hundreds of these tiny chocolate covered balls.

More than enough to last us throughout the half term. 

I don’t eat a huge amount of sweets myself, I tend to just lightly pick at my kids and have the odd one or two when they have them, but these little chocolate balls are just so nice. It’s chocolate and then a slight crunch and I’m into the strawberry burst of flavour infused with the chocolate in each bite. They even taste good with a hot drink too. 

These can be found in many sweet shops, stores, supermarkets across the UK and various online stores too. 

Ohso Chocolate (+discount code) 

Published June 2, 2017 by Bizzimummy

These are Ohso bars. It’s chocolate with a difference and the difference being that Ohso chocolate is actually good chocolate that’s good for the body and good to eat. Now all the reasons why it’s good for you can of course be read about over on the Ohso website. To give a short explanation; the chocolate contains priobotics or live cultures as they are also known. If the word priobotic sounds familiar then it’s probably because they are also found in some types of yoghurt. They are also known as friendly bacteria but that term does not sound so appealing does it? 

The live cultures help to keep the gut healthy and functioning as it should,

Now combine the priobotics with delicious Belgian chocolate, Dont add any dairy products or nuts and make it gluten free and you get Ohso. 

Ohso comes in very small bars. Each of these small bars comes as tiny squares. Each pack of Ohso contains seven of these bars and Ohso currently comes in five flavours. These include sugar free varieties too. I have tried all five flavours and if it wasn’t for the packaging I would not be beable to tell which ones are sugar free as they all taste just like chocolate should taste. They are all dark chocolate too, being dairy free of course. 

The bar packs cost £3.99 from the online Ohso shop with the lemon variety currently on sale for just £1.99 and it’s lovely by the way.

I also have a special “DISCOUNT CODE” giving 20% off Ohso packs and the code is ohsobizzi so everyone can now enjoy Ohso chocolate for even less.

Easter eggs from Stas Chocolatier

Published April 13, 2017 by Bizzimummy

I get fed up seeing the same old Easter eggs in the same old boxes in shops and supermarkets year after year. I’m not sure why it bothers me as I rarely get Easter eggs for myself but obviously my kids get loads. It’s always good to find chocolate products that stand out from the rest and are more unique as I know more thought and work has gone into them and this usually reflects the slightly higher sale price. 

Of course I would not be writing this post unless I had found those rather special Easter Eggs, and those eggs come from Stas Chocolatiers

Take a look at these very pretty eggs.

Each egg comes individually wrapped with tags and ribbon and unlike those boxed eggs, you can actually see what your getting with these. They look so much better and more luxurious. The eggs are all made with fine chocolate at their Kent factory and designed with flowers and smartie type sweets. They look like pretty little gift bags and the lack of big box also means less waste to dispose of.

The eggs come in various sizes and start from £8.00 each. I am of course saving the eggs for Easter Sunday for my children as I believe that’s how it should be. I think giving eggs early spoils the whole Easter surprise and especially so for the very young ones. I know my children are going to be delighted with their eggs from Stas chocolatiers as they are just so different from the usual ones they receive. 

As well as Easter eggs and Easter treats, Stas chocolatiers have many other chocolate products for sale all year round including boxed chocolates, buttons and many chocolate novelty products. 

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