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Lily O’Briens petit indulgence Collection

Published November 2, 2017 by Bizzimummy

If chocolates are on your to buy present list this Christmas then consider making it a special box of chocolates rather than the usual same old yearly box.

Lily O’Briens are one brand that I would consider more suited for special occasions such as Christmas and birthdays. A nice luxury box with assortments of fine truffles and melt in the mouth pralines. Surprising they don’t cost the Earth either despite being much nicer than many other chocolate brands found in supermarkets. 

Yes that’s correct, many of Lily O’Briens chocolate boxes can be found in various supermarkets.


This Petit Indulgence Collection is very deceptive. The box is small so it made me think that there was not going to be all that many chocolates inside. However what I did not realise is that this small box actually contains 3 layers of six chocolates per layer, thus giving 18 chocolates in total.

There are six varieties of chocolate in this one box, 3 of each one, so plenty to share if feeling generous. Each one is extremely satisfying in its own way. It’s also a mixed combination of milk, dark and whites chocolate varieties and a mixture of fillings.

And all for just £5.50 in Waitrose too. 

The presentation box and quality of chocolates would easily fool a recipient into thinking it had cost a whole lot more. So this Christmas it’s time to ditch those horrible cheap bog standard boring chocolates and buy a box of these instead. And if anyone is feeling generous then feel free to send me some more too as mine are now all gone!

Indigo Nutrition chocolate making kit

Published July 17, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Indigo Herbs are all about healthier lifestyles, healthy eating, superfoods and food for vegans. We were recently asked to try out one of their raw chocolate making kits. We are not a vegan family but we all love our chocolate treats so of course we agreed and then this box arrived. 

The kits start from £19.99 and contain all the ingredients needed to make our own "pure raw chocolate"

Raw chocolate is more healthier than the milk alternatives. Being a food suitable for vegans does mean no milk or dairy products are used. Therefore the finished chocolate is dark, stronger cocoa percentage and slightly more bitter than regular chocolate but it stlll tastes good. 

Have you ever wondered what gives good chocolate that wonderful chocolate smell? Well it's all down to this stuff! 

This being our melting organic cacao butter, it is known by other names too including cocoa butter and kakaw. From the moment I opened the packet I could instantly smell chocolate. This butter is 100% pure natural cacao derived straight from the cacao plant. It is one of the main ingredients in most chocolate products and is the ingredient which makes chocolate smell so good.

The butter is like small lumps of rock to begin with, it needs melting down to liquid and slowly too or the nutrients will be destroyed if heated too fast. Once melted we added the packet of raw vanilla powder and then all the cacao powder. Then it looked a bit more like chocolate.

With this kit we also got several small cake cases, but we also already had a few unused baking moulds lying around in the drawers, so this was a good excuse to get them out.

The chocolate mixture is poured into the moulds and we added some nuts and goji berries which are also included in the kit. Then put the moulds straight into the freezer to set. As chocolate does not really freeze, there is no risk of it spoiling if left too long. 

Raw chocolate does not taste as good when melted or when cooking with it. It tastes much better when set and ready to eat, so best not to lick the spoons with this stuff. 

And once set!

And that's not all of our raw chocolate creations either. We also found a quick yummy recipe on the Indigo herbs website for salted peanut butter cacao cups. These are really really easy and we happened to have half a jar of peanut butter in the cupboard too that needed using up.

Using the made raw chocolate mixture and the included cake cases, we poured a small amount of chocolate into each case and immediately placed them in the freezer to harden a little. Then took them out and placed a layer of peanut butter onto each one.

Followed by another layer of raw chocolate on top and back in the freezer for more time to set. These are just delicious and now I know how to make them, I will certainly be making some more.

There are several other raw chocolate recipes on the website, most of which just require the chocolate making kit and a few basic ingredients.

I found one main thing that differs with this raw chocolate as opposed to regular chocolate types is that it seems to melt much quicker, almost instantly after removing it from the freezer. It doesn't turn to mush in your hand but I could feel it start to melt very quickly. It's probably best kept in the freezer or a cold part of the fridge until ready for eating or using.

These kits are great and we have all enjoyed making and eating the chocolate. They can also make lovely gifts too. 

Chocolate from Willies Cacao 

Published July 4, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Well it’s a miserable wet Summers morning today isn’t it.? And when your stuck indoors witg nothing but Jeremy Kyle on the telly, there’s not much than cheers me up more than some gourmet chocolate. Now when I say gourmet, I don’t mean the slightly more expensive box of chocolates from the local supermarket, I mean the proper good stuff like this lot from Willies Cacao.

Cacao Willie produces a range of bars, along with a chocolate gift range. Thws can be purchased in the more high end stores such as Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, and online at 

Their chocolate spread is pretty impressive being made with piedmont hazelnuts and Peruvian awajun milk chocolate. I should also mention that their chocolate is sourced worldwide using the finest chocolate beans from the best places. 

We only opened this stuff 3 days ago and the jar is now almost empty. 

They even have their own brand of hot drinking chocolate which is just what’s needed on a miserable morning like this one. 

Combine a lovely milky cup of this stuff with some of Willies Cacao dark salted Prailine truffles as they go together amazingly. 

The truffles are just divine, I absolutely love the whole salted chocolate/caramel concept, it’s sweet with a crunch and a slight tang of bitterness and it just works so well together. 

The black pearls here have nothing to do with any pirates or any ships around the Caribbean. They do however make excellent treats when watching a movie. Or you could give them as a nice gift! I how we couldn’t as they just taste too good to give away. This particular box happens to be a delicious passion fruit caramel flavour inside a milk chocolate ball. Believe me, these are really good! 

Finally for those of us who like cooking/ baking or experimenting with chocolate recipes and creations, there are these. 

Chef’s drops look like chocolate buttons inside these tins, and come as milk, dark, very dark etc. I love how each tin clearly states the cocoa percentage clearly on the front and even the chocolate origin. The chefs drops are used in recipes which require chocolate or for chocolate creations. 

Yes you can eat these button shape things straight from the tin if you really want to, but the main idea is to melt them down and use in some big else. Being small in shape and lots of them seems to reduce the melting times in comparison to a large bar of cooking chocolate. It may be a good idea to hide these high up, from little hands as it is very tempting just to stand and eat them. 

Charbonnel et Walker 

Published June 23, 2017 by Bizzimummy

What a lovely way to round off a week of posts. Charbonnel et Walker remains one of the oldest and finest chocolatiers of the UK. It’s hard to believe that their first shop opened way back in 1875 in London Bond Street. As for the name; it’s the surnames of the ladies behind the brand – Mrs Walker and MMe Charbonnel. 

I did visit the London store many many years ago. It is one of those very upmarket shops, the type where your wary of knocking anything over but a lovely luxury shop and certainly worth a visit if down that way. Charbonnel is a luxury brand and therefore as you can imagine; the chocolates come at a luxury price. These are not your everyday or weekly supermarket munchies but rather luxury gifts for very special occasions.

They sell just about every type of chocolate gift, be it boxes of truffles, hampers, chocolate selection boxes, even a chocolate shoe and a champagne set. I think the least expensive item is one of their 80g chocolate bars which cost £5.00 each one, so you get an idea of just how luxury this chocolate is. 

Like many other chocolatiers they have chocolates for everyone and for every occasion and even have themed chocolates for children. We have a few of their children’s chocolate products here.

Charbonnel’s children’s gifts include themes of Peter Rabbit and Alice through the looking glass. With a company like this; it is not just about the chocolate inside (which of course is exceptionally good) but the packaging too.  No one wants to pay extra for chocolate that comes in plain or not so nice wrappers as it’s just not as appealing. 

These are two of the Peter Rabbit products. The blue packet on the left is an 80g chocolate bar which costs £5.00. I would not normally pay this much for a bar of this size, but again this is a luxury brand. The Peter Rabbit box is part of a gift set costing £29.00. The set includes a Peter Rabbit book and a mixed box of chocolates. 

The box is fully reusable, made of tough board and could be used for small toys, trinkets, bobbles etc. I think if I was to pay £29 then I’d certainly want to keep the box too. The chocolate box can also be purchased alone, without the book for £25.00, but in my opinion you may as well pay the extra £4.00 and then at least there is something to show once the chocolates are gone.

These slim/mini  bars come as both the character theme packs. A seven bar pack is £6.95. If you’re wondering what an Un-birthday is; as it says on the larger pack then here is a short explanation which I spotted on one of the bars.

The chocolate inside is very good quality, a lovely creamy chocolate taste which sort of just melts in the mouth and we have too much of it! Yes I know, it is meant for my children but I’m a big kid at heart and this luxury stuff is just too good.

Here’s their website if you want some too, and you don’t like anywhere near London – Charbonnel et Walker.

And now I’ll get back to eating it all! 

Oh and of course my kids too! (Honest)

My Mother’s Day treats from Lily Obriens

Published March 28, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Well there I was on Saturday just gone, worrying I would not get a thing for Mother’s Day. Then as if by magic, knock went the door and there stood a knight in shining at our bearing chocolate gifts from Lily Obriens

Well the chocolate gift party at least is true, the knight was the courier who bought it and his only armour was his vehicle but I can dream eh! 

Lily Obriens can be purchased in supermarket and they seem to be one of those brands that really jump out from the rest when spotted on the shelves. They are a luxury brand compared to the rest of the standard chocolates.

They have many selections available from small to large gifts boxes in all shapes and sizes with mixtures of milk, white and dark chocolates. Many of their gifts come pre wrapped as in the photograph above. They are purchased with the wrapping paper already on meaning no need to buy extra. Each one also comes with a label showing exactly what chocolates are in each box. 

I received two lovely boxes of Lily Obriens chocolates just in time for Mother’s Day and no I haven’t eaten them all just yet, I’ve been a good girl this time. 

This is the petit indulgence collection. Now on first glance it looks a small box and you only see six chocolates upon opening. However it’s deceptive as there are extra layers underneath. Not just one extra layer either but two, giving 18 delicious chocolates in total and all for just £5.50. 

The flavours are Lily O’Brien’s most decadent recipes and include Sticky Toffee, Simply Chocolate, Raspberry Crème, Chocolate Orange, Le Crunch Chocolate and Praline Perfectio.
And then this box too! 

This box contains an extra layer underneath giving a total of 24 chocolates. The Petit Desserts Collection has a wide range of indulgent flavours including Crème Brûlée, Key Limey Pie, Raspberry Infusion, Passion posset, hazelnut torte and banofee pie. This box costs £6.00.

I have really enjoyed these chocolates, they look and taste amazing, very chunky thick chocolate with multitudes of fillings and very low cost compared to other luxury chocolate brands. 

Elizabeth Shaw: Thoughtfulness campaign & competition

Published October 21, 2016 by Bizzimummy

I am taking part in a campaign by Elizabeth Shaw (yes the chocolate company!) which is focused on thoughtfulness and consideration.

The campaign coincides with the twice yearly clock change next week (October 30th) when the clocks go back an hour and we gain an extra hour. Unfortunately the clock change and changing seasons means dark nights and less sunlight. Many people feel down and a little depressed when the cold dark nights creep in. I for one know all about this as o suffer from S.A.D which brings with it depression and low mood at this time of year.

The dark nights also indicate that Christmas is not far off. Whilst many families look forward to this, there are many that don’t and find this time of year very sad and lonely.

I therefore want to encourage all my readers to spend the extra hour we get next weekend thinking of others and perhaps think of thoughtful gestures to help that person. For example – , calling an old friend you haven’t spoken to in a while, taking your neighbour’s dog for a walk, giving a stranger spare change if they are short of a few pence at the shop. Sometimes just a small act of kindness goes a long way and especially at this stressful time of year.

Next week I will post my thoughtful gestures. 


Elizabeth Shaw have an extremely kind gesture of their own, and that is this huge hamper full of chocolate goodies. 

Yes all this can be yours, and before Christmas too. Inside the hamper is all this.

· Dark Chocolate Cappuccino flutes

· Dark Chocolate Lemon flutes

· Dark Chocolate Mint Flutes

· Dark Chocolate Orange Flutes

· Milk Chocolate Amaretto Flutes

· Dark Chocolate Mint Crisps

· Milk Chocolate Mint Crisps

· Milk Chocolate Orange Crisps

· Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel Crisps

· Milk Chocolate Almond Bites

· Milk Chocolate Cappuccino Bites

· Dark Chocolate Raspberry Bites

· Dark and Milk Chocolate Mint Collection

· Orange Merry Christmas Mini Gift – includes orange flutes and bites

· Mint Merry Christmas Mini Gift – includes mint flutes and bites

I would advise the winner not to eat all of this at once as I cannot be held responsible if you do! 

To be in with a chance of winning this amazing prize, simply click the link below to be taken to the entry page.

This giveaway will close on November 11th 2016. One winner chosen at random. 

For more information on the luxury chocolates visit Elizabeth Shaw,

Beeches Fine Chocolates: Chocolate Thins

Published March 26, 2015 by Bizzimummy

I can’t believe it’s almost Easter already. It’s next weekend, so I thought there’s no better post than a chocolate one. Don’t worry it’s not eggs (I am already sick of seeing them all over my house) but rather some delicious chocolate thins infused with flavour from Beeches Fine Chocolates.  

These are Chocolate Thins although there is nothing thin or skinny about these chocolates. As you can see I have 8 packets. Don’t worry I haven’t ate them all myself this time, I have been quite generous, sharing the odd chocolate with family members 😃.

These Chocolate Thins come in 4 varieties – Lime & Chilli, Mint, Anglesey sea salt and Natural ginger. They are lovely disc shape chocolates, great for sharing and having with my good old favourite nice cup of tea.  

There’s is about 20 chocolates to each box (I think, I am too busy eating them to count!). The chocolates are the perfect size for brew dunking too. Each one makes me want another one, they are quite hard to put down.

There are no bits on the chocolates but rather the unique flavours are infused with the chocolate to form the whole flavour. Ther are all created using natural ingredients. The Anglesey sea salt are milk chocolate and the other varieties are dark chocolate. The flavours are lovely and strong but not too overwhelming that it spoils any chocolate taste. It’s just enough flavour to taste. Each box of thins come wrapped in plastic packaging and when I removed this I could instantly smell the lovely flavours before I opened the boxes. 

These tempting chocolate thins cost £4.99 per 150g pack. Beeches have an offer on too, which is if you buy 3 or more packs then the packs cost just £4.00 each and delivery is also free on orders of £12 or more. This offer makes them a great buy for occasions such as Easter, birthday gifts, Weddings, Christmas (oops probably shouldn’t mention that word just yet 😄) or for the many chocolate lovers out there.  

They are very nice, and great for sharing in the evening.

Buy from  Beeches fine chocolates.


Jolly Goods

Published January 23, 2015 by Bizzimummy


As all my readers know I do love my chocolate. I’m surprised I’m not 20 stone the amount of it I eat sometimes. I love trying all new brands and types but sometimes nothing quite beats a good old British chocolate bar to go with a good old British cup of tea. I love my chocolate bars too be it Cadburys, Mars or something else.
It would seem people who live or work away elsewhere in the world also have a thing for British chocolate which may not be as easy to get where they are. This is where the service provided by Jolly Goods comes in useful as its all about delivering British chocolate all over the world.
Jolly Goods offers custom made boxes containing a mixture of favourite chocolate bars. The boxes are then packed up and can be sent to almost any address in the world along with a little gift card note.
I was sent over my own box just to see what they are like. The photograph above shows the box unopened with the clear Jolly Goods logo. Then inside as you can see it’s very well packaged and insulated to keep the chocolates fresh and free of damage and squashing.


There is a layer of foil insulation along with bubble wrap and extra packaging.
Inside my box – all of these Jolly goodies. Yum Yum!


The purchased boxes come in both standard and large size options and contain 10-20 chocolate bars depending on which is chosen. They start from £10.99 and there is even an option to create your own box starting at £8.99.

All the chocolate bars come with at least a 3 month shelf life and are all well known British favourites.

These boxes would be perfect for those working away from home for long periods so especially military. I think they would also make great gifts for penpals. I take part in foodie pals each month and some of the swaps live in Europe and often tell me how much they like British chocolates.

So if you have a loved one overseas then cheer them up with a Jolly Box.

Get some “Chocally” this Christmas

Published September 24, 2014 by Bizzimummy

“IIt’s chocolate time again!

This time my lovely chocolate treats come from Chocally. Chocally chocolates come handcrafted with love and only the finest chocolate and ingredients. The chocolates come free of fats and rubbish and in numerous creations.

Chocally sell lots of chocolate box selections along with fine chocolate sculptures, shapes and shards.

I was of course very happy when a box full of chocs arrived at my door.

The box they arrived in was almost like a little work of art itself and wrapped up in string like an old fashioned package.
Inside my treats await!

I was sent a very nice selection of seasonal treats.

This the Autumnal box £6.95 contains 8 individual chocolates in 4 varieties.

2x Bonfire Toffee Truffle – A rich dark treacle truffle with chewy toffee chunks that stick in your teeth like real bonfire toffee should

2x Rhubarb & Custard – White smooth and creamy ganache with a comforting custardy taste with the contrast of tangy rhubarb

2x Berry Crumble Truffle – Tangy autumn berries encased in a milk truffle centre, coated in a dark chocolate crumble coating

2x Toffee Apple – A runny apple caramel centre in a milk chocolate case with added toffee crunch flakes.

Here I have the Christmas double trio box containing 6 truffles in 3 varieties. This would make a lovely little stocking filler and perfect for sharing with the one you love.
“A creamy Mince Pie followed by a helping of Figgy Pudding, all washed down with a Merry Mulled Wine.”


Also for Christmas, although I doubt mine will still be here for Christmas.
Chocolate gingerbread men & Cranberry & Cinnamon Christmas tree truffles.. Each one of these comes in a pack of 2 and they cost just £2.50 each packet. Both of these are lovely to look at and even better to taste. Lovely decoration and very thick pieces. Again lovely stocking fillers or gifts but I imagine just by looking at them that they will be very tempting to just eat them rather than give them away as a gift.
They born come in plastic pouches and tied with string so I suppose they could even be hung on the tree (unopened) tempting everyone who spots them.
The gingerbread men have just the right amount of ginger to give them just a subtle hint which is not overpowering, very Christmassy. Whereas the trees have a lovely light cinnamon infusion with cranberry pieces.


There are lots of other great Christmas and seasonal chocolate gifts to be found over at Chocally

Competition & review: Chocolate kits from Choc Chick

Published August 18, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Choc Chick are sellers of raw chocolate making kits and ingredients. They sent us their Choc Chicos kids kit which is very easy to do and is also dairy free.

Inside the box are 6 products to create delicious chocolate with. These are the instructions, chocolate cases, organic cacao butter, organic cacao powder, sweet freedom and cocoa beans. Both the cacao butter and cacao powder are natural products straight from cacao beans. The sweet freedom is a sweetener with a thick consistency a little similar to syrup. It’s made from 100% fruit too.

Instructions are really easy peasy to follow. Simply start off by melting the Cacao butter over a pan of hot water. Then add a few tablespoons of both Cacao powder and the sweet freedom and whisk/stir in.

Food flavouring such as vanilla or orange can then be added. These are not included with the kit but I always seem to have vanilla essence in my cupboard so threw a few drops in. It’s then best to taste the mixture. At first it wasn’t sweet enough and tasted a little bitter so I added more sweetener which then made it too sweet so I had to then add more cacao powder to even out the flavour. Once the right flavour is achieved it’s then time to pour the mixture into the little cases.

You can add what you like to them, such as fruit, nuts or in our case, cake sprinkles.

Once completed they go in the freezer for about 20/30 minutes and then they can be eaten.

The result is delicious gourmet raw chocolates. They remind me a little of those chocolate foil cups which I used to love when I was little. I think our cake sprinkles made them taste a lot sweeter but they are really nice and especially good for dipping in a hot drink. The kit makes about 20 chocolates in total and they are best stored and eaten straight from the fridge or freezer. Chocolate does not freeze and they are so nice and fresh when very cold.
Making one batch of these does use up all the Cacao butter but there is still a fair bit of both the cacao powder and the sweet freedom left. These 2 products can be stored in the cupboard amongst other baking ingredients (I have my own baking shelf). Cacao butter can probably be easily purchased so they can easily be made again. There is a useful recipe with the pack to use peanut butter with the chocolates which sounds delicious so I may have to try that. Also the Cacao powder can be used to make a hot chocolate type drink.
This particular kit costs £9.99 and is designed in mind for kids. Choc Chick offers a selection of other kits too for adults. The kits can be purchased directly from their website where more information about the company can also be found.

If you would like the chance to win a ChocChick kit for yourself then enter my competition here via:


And if your feeling friendly please leave me a comment to say you have entered. (Not mandatory) thank you!

Ends 15th September 7pm. UK ONLY
T&CS Apply

Win competitions at – See more at:

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"Eye Fly High"

Six degrees of harmony

Tales about a family of 6 with teens, a tween & a toddler


Subscription Box Reviews, Active Directory, Spoilers, New Box Releases, Coupons and Lots of Nonsense.

The Spirited Puddle Jumper

Modern, Family Lifestyle

Carmen Fox, Author

Welcome to the Fox's den. Musings by Carmen Fox.

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A childhood Experience.

Aussie Criminals and Crooks

Australian criminals and their Crimes. Con artists, scum bags, murderers, corrupt cops, pollies, rapists and paedophiles will find themselves in this blog. It was expanded to also cover those that ought to be charged for their idiotic disgusting behaviour. Usually high-profile people who think they are above the law

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Seasoning while rocking out since 1983

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A lifestyle blog by Julia Bryson


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