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STRIVE! Comfortable seasonal footwear 

Published September 27, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Last season – Summer (or at least what we had of it) I reviewed a lovely comfortable pair of sandals from Strive footwear. Those sandals have been worn many times, unfortunately the poor sandals now have to go away to the land of shoe box for a few months as the awful colder weather and Autumn creeps in. 

Lucky for me,  a new pair of Strive shoes arrived to take their place. This time it’s a pair of Bamford boots. What lady doesn’t love her boots at this time of year? And especially so on a frosty morning when we have to leave for the school run or work. Us ladies and busy mums need a comfortable pair of boots in the colder weather to keep our feet warm and dry.

A real benefit of wearing Strive footwear is the instant comfort in my feet. Usually a new pair of shoes or boots takes a real toll on my sensitive feet and I end up enduring a week or two of aches and blisters whilst I get used to them. But not with Strive shoes. 

Strive footwear is made using special technologies that make the usual flat footbed contour to actual dimensions of the feet. This reduces the stress and improves foot posture meaning less aches and soreness.

The boots each have two zips either side, and are very easy to slip on and off. They are a really simple boot design without heel. They keep my feet dry in the rain and warm enough when it’s cold. 

I can wear them with pants, jeans, or a winter dress and tights. Black is one of two colour options, the other being charcoal grey. I think black goes with pretty much anything but the grey probably would too.

The boots cost £94.95 and are sold directly via the Strive website. This is quite a fair amount to shell out for one pair of boots, but if you do buy them then you certainly won’t regret paying that much as they really do provide maximum comfort. 

Saltrock fashion

Published June 5, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Saltrock started off in 1988 when two brothers, Angus and Ross, started printing t-shirts in order to fund their surf lifestyle. They are still producing cool t-shirts with great graphics almost 30 years later.

Saltrock is now a North Devon based beach lifestyle clothing brand which has 39 stores across the South West of the UK. If like me, you live no where near Devon or the South west of the country then don’t worry because they also have their online Saltrock store. Which currently has a big 75% sale on many items. 

We were invited to review Saltrock and I managed to purchase a fair few items of clothing for both myself and my children. This included a fair few of their T-shirts which start from just a few pound and many of which are included in a 3 for 2 offer. 

Saltrock have t-shirts amongst other items of clothing for both adults and children, women, men, boys and girls for the young and old. 

They also have vest tops for the really hot days. I was able to get this smoky grape vest top for Jordanna for an amazing sale price of £0.50, yes just 50p.

Izebellas t-shirt here was £5.00 but part of the 3 for 2 offer.

Ryan’s t-shirt was also included in our 3 for 2 offer. This one would normally be £7.50. 

And one for me too! 

Saltrock also have a great inexpensive selection of hoodies and jumpers for when it gets a bit cooler. 

I knew Jordanna would love this Halloween hoodie at just £10. Yes I know it’s months until Halloween but she did take a trip to the dungeon with it on, and also a ride on a ghost train. 

It’s pink and girly but pull the hood up and zip it all the way and my girl turns into a skeleton monster and she even glows in the dark with it on. She sure glowed up inside Blackpool dungeon. 

Izebella also got a cute hoody. Again just £10.00 and so very cute on her. 

And look we got more T-shirts plus a dress for me and pants for Ryan too! 

We just haven’t got around to wearing these yet but we will do soon.

Saltrock clothes are really great quality at really good prices. You can even earn £10 by inviting friends by generating your own unique share code on the website. 

The sizes are really generous, true to size but room to grow if that makes sense. I have size 10 t-shirts which fit me really well  with room to cover any of those baggy body bits. The kids sizes all for perfectly.

Also get 25% off your first shop by going to Saltrock UK via the clickable link.

I think we will certainly be shopping at Saltrock again very soon. 

Saltrock is amazing value for t-shirts and clothing for all the family.

Me&I kids clothing 

Published April 19, 2017 by Bizzimummy

With a lot going on over the Easter holidays including – Ryan’s birthday, trips out, Easter, a christening and a few other birthdays, it was time to show off some new outfits with a little help from Me&I. They are a Swedish clothing company who make comfortable clothing items with unique designs. 

My girls both wanted a new dress each and Me&I have many lovely dress designs. These are the two we chose. 

Jordanna has the Doggie dress which costs £30. The dress is black with a lovely flary skirt, the type that lifts up when spinning. The pattern is multiple pink and green dog images which seem to glow slightly in the dark. 

It is very much a party dress and good with a simple black pair of shoes or sandals. It could also be worn as a summer dress. 
Izebella has the pink dandelion dress which costs £29. This one is really girly and possibly more suited to a younger girl than older. It falls just below the knee and the white circles all over it represent those white dandelion dead flowers that we all used to love blowing away as youngsters. 

Both dresses are lovely, good quality materials and stitching and they both wash well too with minimal ironing needed. 

Ryan was not left out either. I do struggle to find clothes for him as he’s now 13 and constantly growing. He’s too small for most men’s clothes and teenage sizes can be hit and miss. I spotted these jeans for him on the website which luckily were available in the larger size of 158/164 which converts to a 12/14 years. 

They seem good quality jeans and are actually slightly too long in the leg at the moment but should fit him better soon as he seems to be constantly growing. These jeans cost £35.

Now all three of my kids have something new to wear this Easter thanks to Me&I clothing.

Clearance XL – groceries for less

Published March 2, 2017 by Bizzimummy

A good way to save money on shopping is to head over to a website such as Clearance XL.  They sell many items including groceries, toiletries, clothing and even toys. Their products are really low cost and include end of line, excess stock, damaged packaging, near date foods and past sell by date products. Best before datdiffers greatly to Use by dates and is simply a date when most stores need to sell the goods by, most foods stay fine way past their by date but cannot be sold at full price in regular shops and supermarkets. Places like Clearance XL are able to sell these type of products on line. 

I was quite impressed with the selection of products available and that they even include clothes, shoes and toys too. I spent approximately £25 on the online store and got a huge box of products for it.  

I found snack items such as crisps, popcorn and chocolates a real bargain. Many of the crisps are sold in multipacks just like the supermarkets but Clearance XL sell 2/3 multipacks for just a pound. 

All this for £4!

And chocs all less than a fiver!

All of these snack products are either near the sell by date or passed the date but all were fine and the same quality as stuff within the sell by dates.

I managed to grab two packets of the Old El Paso stand and stuff taco kits which my kids love. They usually cost upwards of £2.50 each in shops but I got two packets for just a pound. Along with the cereal costing under 50p. 

These cans are known as Dr Fruit and come from Europe. 

It was just £3.00 for a pack of 24 cans. I was a bit hesitant about getting them as it’s not a drink any of us have heard of, but they taste really nice. It’s just fruit juices blended together and they went down well with my kids.
Being almost pancake day, I got one of these too. They usually cost more than a fiver but much less here.

And also many non food items too. 

Sparkly jelly shoes for Jordanna just a pound, white heel shoes for me which cost about £3/£4 and a purple fleece for Izebella which I think cost just £1.99. Absolute bargains and of course clothes and shoes don’t exactly have sell by dates or go off. 

And even the cats didn’t get left out as I was able to get a big tray of cat food tins for just £1.00 along with the lenor fabric conditioner just a pound too.

It’s quite easy to get carried away as all the products are so low cost, I could easily do all my cupboard grocery shopping on this website and for probably less than half of what I usually pay in supermarkets and I will certainly be ordering again. The postage costs are fairly low cost too and especially if ordering multiple items together. This page shows delivery costs which start at just £3.99 per box. 

To place an order, I did need to register for an account which does not take long, however I did find that my order disappeared once the account was created and worried that I’d have to do it all again. However I found that clicking the back button allowed me back on the checkout page and my order was there whilst still logged in, but it may be a good idea to register the account first. 

It is a really good website and I am glad I came across it. I don’t mind buying products and snacks past their sell by date because I know they are still good enough to eat and obviously try everything first before giving it my children. 

Clearance XL is definitely worth a look.

Mini street style clothing 

Published May 31, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Mini Street Style is a social fashion collection for kids (3 – 10) that is inspired by Street Style and key fashion trends. They only launched our first collection in December and it is designed to be seasonless and where possible unisex.

Each season new collections are created under 3 themes – Sports Deluxe, London Eccentric and Vintage 

My 2 girls are at either end of the sizing range and have both been sent some lovely pieces. 

These are Jordannas new pieces and form part of the new Sports deluxe collection. She has geometric triangle leggings and matching skirt and a pop print top in pink. The top matches both the skirt and leggings perfectly. The sizing is just right and seems a perfect fit. The materials are good quality. Jordanna is prone to being clumsy and falling and usually ends up with holes in leggings but so far these remain intact. 

Izebella also has a matching outfit and hers is from the London eccentric collection and combines the digi houndstooth skirt and leggings with a big heart top.

The 3/4 size is again a good fit for her. The top is long sleeved but quite airy and not too warm on. The patterns are strikingly bold and sure to stand out.

These outfits are lovely and can be worn for both day use and for going out or special occasions. The leggings can be worn under the skirts too to create a full street style outfit.

My girls love their new cool funky outfits. The full range can be found on the Mini street style website. Prices start from around £22.99 per item and yes they have many items for boys too, Ryan is just too old for their sizes.

Scruffs workwear 

Published March 16, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Scruffs are the UKs leading brand in work and safety clothing and shoes. They have providing clothing for tradesmen since 2003 and even have a women’s workwear section too. I was offered the chance to review one of their jackets.

This is their pro soft shell jacket. It is more for men than women and although it’s a really nice jacket it’s not the sort of thing I’d normally go for, for myself. However I do of course have a growing young man who is almost 12; so I asked for the small men’s size and it fits him just fine.

It is a technical work jacket with waterproof bonded fleece softshell fabric. It does not come with a hood but keeps him warm and body dry. It has  multiple secure pockets both inside and out to store accessories and also includes reflective detailing.

Ryan seems happy with his new work coat even tho he doesn’t do much work in it. The lack of a hood is not to big a problem but obviously if wearing for every day use its not so great in the torrential storms.

As well as being functional with all its pockets it also looks really smart. The jacket costs a reasonable £49.99 which is the amount I usually pay for a decent kids coat anyway.

See more at Scruffs UK

Muddy Puddles Snow Flurry suit

Published January 5, 2015 by Bizzimummy

The cold weather is here, wind, rain and even snow. It’s freezing but luckily Izebella has something to keep her nice a warm. Her new All in One Snow Flurry suit from Muddy Puddles.

This fab little snowsuit comes with all these features too!

Fully waterproof – 5000
Fully breathable – 5000 – to stop little ones getting hot and sticky
Padded inner for extra warmth
Machine washable – 30 degrees
Elasticated hood and cuffs to stay in a place in a breeze
Inner storm flap to stop the rain getting in
Single zip for easy access
0-12mths – with boots and mittens for cosy fingers and toes.
Adjustable stirrups for1-3yrs

Izebella has the biggest size which is 2-3 years and has been testing it out throughout Christmas in the cold weather.
My first thoughts on receiving the snowsuit was that it looked very large. By looking at it I did think it would be way too long for her.

I guess appearances must be deceptive as it does fit her albeit with lots of room to grow.


The Snowsuit design is quite striking, it’s bold and bright with lots and lots of big spots. The spots seem to blend into each other if I stare at it long enough and in a funny way it even has a harlequin look to it too (or maybe I’m just imagining things!). The spots are in pink and blue and it’s just the type of pattern that looks so cute on tiny tots.


It’s very easy to put on, I start with the legs upwards and finish with the hood. The zip runs all the way up. Mittens are attached too to keep little hands warm as are boots/booties/foot warmers which I found a little useless for Izebellas age as she walks and wears wellies when cold. I just took these off but I imagine they are more suited to younger babies.

The hood is a lovely snug fit and stays up too. The inside of the coat is lined with fleece and also a handy name tag.


Izebella enjoys wearing it. I tend to use it for the longer outings rather than short 5 minute shop trips. It keeps her very warm (she told me that herself) and the pattern certainly makes her stand out from the crowd. It seems a good quality all in one coat, good strong durable material and does exactly what it’s meant to do which is keep little ones warm and dry. I think it’s well worth the £35.00 and as it’s quite roomy I am hoping it may still fit her in the Autumn months of 2015 too.


This gorgeous snowsuit along with another design can be purchased directly from Muddy Puddles

Kids Clothing from The Fableists

Published December 19, 2014 by Bizzimummy

A totally sustainable clothing company for kids.

The Fableists clothing items are utterly sweatshop and chemical free. All their clothes are made of 100% certified organic cotton and the factories they use are certified by Fair Wear or Fair Trade.

The Fableists are kind to the makers, to the planet and the skin of the kids who wear them.

I was contacted by the lovely people at The Fableists and sent some clothes for my children to test out. All 3 of them got something which made them all quite happy and no moans or fights.

Starting with the eldest, Ryan was sent a pair of much needed very smart jeans. These jeans are made from a dark heavy denim with no wear marks. They can be worn straight or rolled up with fat turn ups. The sizing for boys only goes up to 10 years and as Ryan is tall for his age I wasn’t too sure if they would fit as I tend to buy pants in size 11 for him. However these jeans are cut long to allow for growth and therefore fit him perfectly. They come with the adjustable waist band which is a feature I always look for when buying any sort of trousers or bottoms for all my children.

Ryan has been a little unwell recently which explains the grumpy worn out look he has in the photographs. He likes his new jeans tho and has even been wearing them to numerous Christmas parties. These jeans are currently priced at just £15.00.



Jordanna was sent this lovely Breton top. It’s French style and works well with pretty much anything. I believe boys can also wear these as well as girls. It’s made using Indian Organic cotton on farms in Odisha and it’s one of those tops that’s suitable to wear anytime. Very smart and casual at the same time.

It’s currently just £10 to buy and comes in sizes to fit 4-10 year olds. Jordanna has a 7-8 years which is a great fit on her with lots of room, but she is very skinny for her age. Personally I think it works best with a nice pair of skinny jeans or black leggings but Jordanna here had other ideas and wanted to wear her black & white patterned pants so excuse the slight clash!


Finally Izebella. Many of the Fableists items start from 4 years so would be a little too big for her as she has only just turned 2. However they did send her over a T-shirt in a 3/4 year size so that she didn’t feel left out.

This is the “Brain” design and it’s designed by Gregori Saavedra. It’s a limited edition print too so they will not be around forever.

It’s probably not something that I would of instantly gone out and bought but it’s certainly unusual and unique. It has that whole rock and rebel element to it and reminds me of a tattoo design.

Izebella seemed quire fascinated with her new top. She wanted to wear it straight away and so on it went.

Her funny “cheese” faces make me laugh, she does it with every photograph. It’s a little big and long on her but it is the next size up to what she normally wears. She looks like a mini rocker now I think. This T-shirt is £8.00. For all of these items and much more visit The Fableists website.











Didriksons kids Vinson Parka

Published November 27, 2014 by Bizzimummy

The cold weather is here and warmer jackets are needed. Jordanna has a lovely warm new coat thanks to the people at Didriksons


This is the Vinson Parka and Jordannas coat comes in a beautiful amethyst colour. There are several other colour choices available. This coat comes with many features including a fully detachable hood and a detachable fur trim on the hood. Adjustable cuffs, chin guard and reflective strips on the hood, back and sleeves to keep them safer in the dark. It also has extendable sleeves. The extendable bit is a hidden seam inside the sleeve which can be cut away as the child grows.



Jordannas coat arrived in a large box. However on opening I noticed it was a size smaller than what I would usually buy and did worry it may be too small. (Probably my fault for requesting the wrong size). Luckily Didriksons outerwear is made to last and made to grow with the child and therefore it does fit her.

I love the colour of the coat on Jordanna. I think it really suits her and even enhances her sweet little face.

Jordanna tells me the coat keeps her very warm whilst she is out. It keeps her dry too when raining as it's completely waterproof. She has two big pockets, one on each side of the coat to put hands or items inside and these fasten with press stud buttons.

The hood is quite large and again very warm. There is a fur trim attached to it but this can easily be removed by way of buttons if not wanted.

The coat fastens with a zipper which zips right the way up under the chin but the chin guard prevents the zip from irritating or marking. There are also press stud buttons along the side of the zip for a more secure and warmer fastening.

The Vinson Parka seems extremely well designed and thought through with young ones in mind. It appears to have all the features of a good quality winter coat which most parents would expect. It keeps Jordanna very warm and dry and should be enough to keep her snug this winter, whatever the British weather should decide to throw our way.


The Vinson Parka from Didriksons comes with an RRP of £75.00 and UK stockists can be found on the Didriksons website. I did a little googling and found the Parka on a few websites for less than the RRP.

Simply Piste £65

Little Trekkers £57.79

A google search of Vinson Parka will also bring up many UK stockists. As the Parka comes with extendable sleeves, it is guaranteed to last a good few years.
Didriksons is fast becoming the must have brand when it comes to getting the kids into clothes that will keep them warm and dry and they can happily play outside whatever the weather. Parents choose Didriksons because they know the kids wont complain about the cold and wet and kids choose Didriksons because they love wearing the designs which not only look stylish and cool, but are cut to allow maximum freedom of movement.


This final photograph was taken in the dark outside with the camera flash on and you can clearly see where the reflective strips are on her arms. It looks as tho she is holding two lights.


Roco Clothing; Review & Competition

Published November 17, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Trading for over 20 years now, Roco Clothing is a family run business and exclusive online retailer for parents looking to dress their special young boys and girls for formal occasions”.

Roco Clothing sell beautiful occasion wear. Their “Paisley of London” collection combines wedding, prom and party wear which are more or less suitable for any other formal occasion. Everything from bridesmaids dresses, prom dresses and boys suits can be found as well as individual accessories and smart shoes.

Whilst browsing the Roco Clothing website I was really impressed at the vast choice of items on offer but I was further impressed by the incredibly inexpensive price tags especially considering how much other places sell occasion wear for. Bridesmaids dresses for under £30 and boys full suits also starting at under £30. I also find that many of the items are constantly being reduced giving even better value all round,

My children have all been sent a lovely outfit each from Roco clothing. Each one just gorgeous and kind of makes me wish I was actually getting married myself as their new outfits would be perfect for a wedding. Sadly no marriage for me just yet but plenty of upcoming parties for my children.

Starting with Ryan who now had his own very smart, stylish full suit. The suit arrived in a special suit bag which is good for protecting it from dust whilst in a wardrobe. These suits do of course come in other colour choices, Ryan has a black one which really suits him.

His suit consists of 5 pieces – trousers, a white collared shirt, waistcoat, formal jacket and a tie. The tie is fastened via a clip which I was very happy with as I have to admit I cannot remember how to tie a tie.

This suit can of course be worn in multiple ways: with or without the jacket, with or without the waistcoat. I think it looks best when worn altogether.

This is the smartest I have seen my little boy look and Ryan is very happy with his new suit. His face lit up when he saw it and he could not wait to try it on.

Sizes start from the very young boys (12-18 months) and go right up to 13 years. Ryan's suit is an 11 years size. He is 10 years old at the moment and the suit fits him but with lots of room to grow, so unless he has a big growth spurt, it should hopefully last him a while.

The jacket lining is made from fine satin soft fabric with a gorgeous paisley pattern and the trousers contain a cleverly concealed adjuster for an ultra-smart look and practical fit. Finished with an Italian collar white shirt, chic pre-tied black & white adjustable tie and matching pocket square.

Ryan being inquisitive was slightly confused with the addition of the pocket square. I told him back in the olden days, many gentlemen carried handkerchiefs in their suit pocket and that it's for show and to give a smarter authentic look.

This would be a perfect Paige boy suit and of course great for school prom too. These gorgeous 5 piece suits can be purchased from just £27.99.

To complete the suit, Ryan was also sent a pair of very smart black shoes.

These shoes cost just £15 and certainly finish off the suit perfectly.

Ryan said they feel comfortable on and are easy it walk in. He has fairly big feet for his age (size 5) which are the same size as mine. These shoes start from infant size 8 right up to the youth size 6.

Next Jordanna who now has a very beautiful dress. Her dress is actually a bridesmaid dress and as I said above, I'm not getting married but Jordanna has a few princess parties coming up and I know she will certainly be the belle of the ball in her gorgeous gown.

My little princess looks so beautiful in this dress and that's without adding any accessories whatsoever.

This beautiful dress has a satin bodice, straps, a satin sash and a very pretty detachable satin bow to the back. It fastens with a zip and the skirt comes with lots of big volume and layers.




It's the perfect dress off a perfect little princess. A beautiful bridesmaid or flower girl dress. It's just the sort of dress I longed for myself as a little girl. I think this would be amazing combined with some white shoes and a little tiara. Perhaps a velvet shrug to wrap around the shoulders too.


This stunning dress starts at a dicounted amazing low price of just £21.99. I would struggle to find a dress like thus anywhere else for this price or less.

The dress starts at size 1-2 years and thr biggest size is 8-9 years. Jordanna has a size 7-8 years. I am told she is tall for her age and as you can probably see in the photographs, she has a lot of growing room in her dress, both in the dress length and around the bodice.



Now for my tiny princess Izebella. She too also has a beautiful bridesmaid/flower girl dress.

Even tho she is only 2 years old, Izebella already thinks she is a princess and loves nothing more than dressing up and even putting on everyone's clothes. She was therefore delighted to see a beautiful princess dress just for her to wear.

This dress features A plain satin high neck bodice with gorgeous purple pleated sash. A Large detachable bow featured at the back & single zip closure for easy wear. Fashionably layered with organza netting and a satin under layer, the skirt portrays a darling full flared image, making an admirable appearance for my special little lady.

I did try to get Izebella to have a photograph with a normal look, she had a habit of pulling some strange faces on photographs, which is quite funny really and despite many attempts I was left with some very silly faces with this little madam!


The dress Izebella wears starts from £23.99 and comes in sizes 3-6 months to 7-8 years. Izebella had the 3-4 years.

I absolutely love all my children's new outfits and I am sure they will get much use out of them at upcoming parties and any celebrations which we may get an invite to. I am very glad that I stumbled across the Roco Clothing website and I have never come across such high quality beautiful occasion wear for such low cost. It truly is value for money.

Visit the website –





I feel very happy to be hosting this great competition. Roco Clothing are offering a great prize of £50 to spend on anything of the winners choice in the “Paisley of London” range. Be it a suit or dresses or something else the choice will be yours should you win.

All you need to do to take part is enter via ………….


My competition will close on December 15th at approximately 7pm. One winner will be chosen at random by the rafflecopter and contacted by email to confirm their win. Please check spam folders and also my blog posts for winner notifications. Winner has just 72 hours to reply to ensure a Christmas delivery. Competition is open to residents of the UK only.













Win competitions at – See more at:

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Six degrees of harmony

Tales about a family of 6 with teens, a tween & a toddler


Subscription Box Reviews, Active Directory, Spoilers, New Box Releases, Coupons and Lots of Nonsense.

The Spirited Puddle Jumper

Modern, Family Lifestyle

Carmen Fox, Author

Welcome to the Fox's den. Musings by Carmen Fox.

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Aussie Criminals and Crooks

Australian criminals and their Crimes. Con artists, scum bags, murderers, corrupt cops, pollies, rapists and paedophiles will find themselves in this blog. It was expanded to also cover those that ought to be charged for their idiotic disgusting behaviour. Usually high-profile people who think they are above the law

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For real parents everywhere


A lifestyle blog by Julia Bryson


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