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Greggs: Caffeine fueled taste test

Published March 11, 2017 by Bizzimummy

The fair trade fortnight began February 27th and ends this Sunday (March 12th). Fairtrade Fortnight is a fun-filled highlight of the year, when campaigners, businesses, schools and places of worship show their support for the farmers and workers who grow our food in developing countries.

I was asked to take part in a coffee taste challenge by Greggs, who are probably better known for their pies and cakes. The challenge involved being sent vouchers to buy coffee from Greggs and other well known coffee outlets and comparing them all, rating and seeing which I liked best.

I could choose any type of coffee I wanted and chose Latte at Greggs and three other coffee shops – Costa, Starbucks and Cafe Nero. Latte being my favourite coffee as it’s quite mild, and creamy. 

Starting with Greggs: I found a Greggs in my local town centre with a “sit in” option rather than taking it away. Greggs Latte costs £1.80 and contains 111 calories. There is an option of vanilla syrup for a small charge (which I had) 

Greggs Latte looks like a regular latte, creamy on top mixed with steamed coffee. It comes served in a throw away cup which is no doubt down to the fact that Greggs is more of a take away venues rather than eat in. Unfortunately this does let the drink down a little on the whole visual appearance. The aroma was fairly strong for a latte and I do drink a fair few of them. Now for taste – I did find this Latte a little on the strong side for my personal taste. I am sure that if you prefer a stronger coffee then this will be fine but I found I had to add extra sugar just to sweeten it up a little, even with the vanilla syrup. 

I thought the coffee was good value and seems reasonably priced at £1.80.

Each coffee bean from Greggs is 100% fair trade. The information van be found easily on their web page.

Costa – Caramel Latte. A while after Greggs I went to Costa and got myself one of their caramel lattes. 

Costa have both sit in and take away options. If you sit in, you get a latte glass and take away a cup like this! 

Yes I had one for the bus home too. Costa latte costs slightly more than Greggs. They do 3 sizes and for a medium latte which is a similar size to Greggs its £2.85. There are a few other flavour options here including amaretto and hazelnut. 

The latte does vary in appearance depending on whether you stay in or take it out but I did notice that the milk did not look quite as frothy as Greggs. 

The aroma was also fairly weak. The taste was much milder than Greggs and no sugar was needed but I thought it was perhaps a little too weak and flat for a proper latte.

Costa coffee is Rainforest alliance certified. Costa has its own independent charity – Costa foundation which aims to relieve poverty in coffee growing countries. Again this information was easy to find.

Cafe Nero – At cafe Nero I ordered their salted caramel latte. This cost £2.95 for a regular (stay in) cup. 

I really liked the whole appearance of this one. Although not in a tall latte glass, I do think this resembles how a proper Italian style latte should look. Very creamy with swirls of coffee on top and the creamy texture stays until the bottom. 

The aroma was fairly strong but the whole of Cafe Nero does have an overall coffee aroma in the air. 

Taste – I was slightly let down by the taste of this one. It was not awful and quite sweet whilst being a bit stronger than Costa. However it seemed to have an almost burnt type flavour and I’m not sure if this is down to the salted caramel flavour or not. 

I managed to find that Cafe Nero also works with Rainforst alliance but there does not seem to be much other information about their coffee.

Starbucks – Here I ordered one of their medium size burnt caramel lattes. 

Starbucks was the most expensive, costing £3.55. They also gave me the option of whipped cream on top which none of the other venues did. The coffee came served in a take away type cup, even tho I did state staying in so maybe this is just the norm.

The visual appeal of this one is extremely tempting, it looks very upmarket and even a little festive. 

Aroma – I could smell a lot of cream and caramel. The coffee aroma seemed mild.

Taste – I cannot fault this one at all. Perfect latte taste for me, not too strong and not too mild and the cream adds an extra layer of sweetness on top of the already sweet flavour. 

I really enjoyed this one but at £3.55 a go, it’s a dear do for one a day and also loaded with sweetness and sugar. 

Starbucks coffee is ethically sourced and accredited by Conservation International Their coffee is also accredited by Fairtrade and the information is easily found on the internet. 

Overall coffee ratings!

I am marking each coffee out of 5. 5 being the highest score (superb) and 1 being the lowest (poor).

Greggs – 3

Costa – 2

Cafe Nero – 3

Starbucks – 4

Therefore in my coffee taste challenge Starbucks wins it for me and would have been given a 5, had it not been the most expensive one. The coffee from Greggs was just a little too strong for my palate but I’m sure strong coffee lovers will enjoy it and it is the least expensive one. 

Tea flavoured Coffee from Beanies

Published April 1, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Yes I know, it sounds totally bizarre and even slightly mental to imagine both tea and coffee in the same cup.

Well imagine no more because it is here, as of today.

Beanies – the Flavour Co. are -as of today (April 1st) expanding  their range of flavour coffee by adding a new tea flavour coffee to their roster. This brings the number of available flavours in the Beanies range to a total of 10.  

 The company has identified a gap in the market and aims to unite coffee and tea lovers. This will allow Beanies to further expand their command of the flavour coffee market, whilst also capitalising on the popular tea market.

I have not tried this yet and am totally unsure what it will possibly taste like, – Can you? Use your imagination and have a good day! 😀

See more here

Beanies flavoured Coffee

Published March 17, 2015 by Bizzimummy

I am definitely more of a tea drinker than coffee. I don’t own a coffee machine either and have no intention of buying one, so when I do drink coffee it’s instant. 

I was very intrigued with the whole concept of “flavoured coffee” which is what Beanies supply and was more than happy to try them out. I always love trying new things. 

Beanies have a huge selection of flavoured coffees. I counted 13 on their website. I picked the 3 which tempted my tastebuds the most and here they are. 

These are all instant coffees which I make just like I would any other coffee. A spoonful in the cup and add water. I’m not too sure if your meant to add milk to these, but I can’t drink coffee without the milk so I add it anyway along with sugar. 

Vanilla is the one I tried first. From opening the coffee I could instantly smell the sweet vanilla aromas. The coffee still tastes of coffee but with a hint of vanilla. The flavours do not overpower the coffee taste but more a slight extra flavour. 

The Hazelnut is probably the stronger flavour out of the three I have. It’s like a nutty coffee and really nice. With the Double Chocolate, I could not really taste much chocolate flavour but was nice all the same.

Beanies flavoured coffees do not contain any chemicals or syrups and only two calories per serving. The coffee flavours are created using only the finest raw materials.

The coffees are available on the  Beanies website starting at £2.50 per jar.

COMPETITION: Nespresso coffee capsules

Published February 3, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Calling all the coffee lovers out there. This competition is for you. If you own a Nespresso machine and fancy wining some tasty capsules to help make that perfect cup of coffee then read on.


Gourmesso is the premium online retailer of coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso machines. Founded in Berlin in early 2013 by serial entrepreneurs and passionate coffee drinkers, Gourmesso has turned into the number one online retailer in Germany for alternative coffee capsules. Moreover, the company is successfully operating in France, Spain and the UK as well. The foundation for Gourmesso’s quick success across Europe is the unique combinations of high quality coffee, made of the finest Arabica and Robusta beans from around the world, offered at a price a price unmatched by any of the other companies on the market. This way Gourmesso provides its consumers with a high end product at a price up to 30% lower than the original Nespresso capsules.
The company currently offers 16 different blends and is constantly looking to stretch that number by adding no less than 5 new blends each year. The high number of coffee variations that Gourmesso offers is yet another distinctive advantage of the company as opposed to all other Nespresso alternatives.
A full list of machines compatible with the Gourmesso coffee capsules can be found at their website

Gourmesso is offering one of my readers the prize of two boxes of coffee (20 capsules). Winner can choose what ever flavour they like.
Please follow these steps to enter

* please follow my blog via email , twitter or Bloglovin

* like my new page on FACEBOOK also please like Gourmesso on FACEBOOK too

* 3) finally leave a note below saying why you should win this

Good luck. Competition will end February 28th. Open to UK entrants only.
Win competitions at

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