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Getting better at Aquabeaders!

Published April 28, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Our latest Aquabeader set is Cinderella themed, something which both my girls love. 

As well as lots more beads, this set also comes with a glass slipper to decorate with aquabeader creations. Don’t worry, the shoe is made of plastic, not real glass but I guess that’s what people will refer to it as. 

As always there are a few templates too with Cinderella themes both little and large.
My girls and their friends focused on the small patterns such as the bows and flowers.

I however decided to be a little braver than normal and attempt the big main design, being Cinderellas face. I must be getting better as I did not find it too difficult, more time consuming than anything and annoying when the beads won’t stay in place; but here is my completed and dried finished design.

I messed up ever so slightly on one of the eyes I think and I also seemed to somehow run out of the specific colour beads that I needed (I think Jordanna maybe used them for other things) but hey ho I got their in the end and finished it. 

This set costs about £10.00. You will need an Aquabead tray to use this set which can be purchased as part of a starter set or one of the studio sets which vary in price. 

Craftbox fairy charm jewellery 

Published April 14, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Both my girls love anything to do with fairies. Even my 9 year old who considers herself past playing with dolls still loves fairy things. They also both love jewellery and making things and this small craft set from Interplay UK enables my girls to make bracelets or necklaces with beads and fairy charms. 

Inside the box we get many colourful beads in bright princess style colours with coloured elastic string, fasteners and 12 metal charms. The charms are all fairy inspired with wands, crowns, rainbows, stars and more. 

No instructions came with our box but I do believe that these are meant to be included so I have no idea what happened to them. However it is really just a case of threading beads onto the string and adding charms. 

The bead holes are big enough for the elastic string to be easily threaded through, I even found this easy and my fingers are slightly larger than a childs. All sorts of designs can be made and as the string is very stretchy, even the smallest made bracelets will fit. 

This is just one little bracelet that my girls made for me.

If getting this craft kit then it’s a good idea to have a small tin or tub to keep the beads and charms in because once the box is opened there is nothing to keep them in place and they just fall out of the box.

It costs approximately £9.99 and will make 10 pieces of jewellery, possibly more. 

Mother’s Day with gel-a-peel

Published March 15, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Gel-a-peel is still a fairly new type of craft material. It is a gel which comes in squeezy pens and can be used to make various things. The gel sticks once dry and it comes in lots of colours with many design ideas. We have had quite a few packs and our latest one is this one. 

Our pearly pastel gel-a-peel set contains 3 gel tubes all in shiny pearly type colours. Along with templates and a few other bits. 

This set was sent to my children so that they can create cards for Mother’s Day and that is exactly what Jordanna has been doing. The gel is quite easy to use and patternsare simple once we got used to it. The letters can be a bit more tricky. Sometimes we do need to squeeze the tubes quite hard to get a bit out. Anyway here is an early Mother’s Day card made with gel-a-peel.

I really like the shininess of these pearly colours as they seem to catch the light and look really effective. I think Jordanna has done a fairly good job here as it can be hard to write with gel-a-peel.

Jordanna also made this little bracelet too. 

The bracelets and other types of jewellery can be made using the included templates, left to dry and then worn. Gel-a-peel has endless uses and is not too messy providing it’s done on a mat or in one area. 

Packs vary in price and are sold at most toy shops. 

 Gel-a-Peel is recommended for children aged 8 +

Christmas decorations with Gel-a-peel

Published November 30, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Did you know; Gel-a-peel isn’t just for making squiggly patterns or even jewellery.It can also be used for decorating objects and as it’s almost Chrismas, we have been decorating Xmas bits using the stuff.

This is the kit and accessories that we started out with. 

If you don’t know what Gel-a-peel is, then in short it’s a new type of craft/design product. Tubes of squirty coloured gels that harden as they dry.

And here are my children’s #craftychristmas designs. 

The gel-a-peel pens are easy to use and the stuff dries within a few hours. It is best to do it on an old towel or a non carpeted surface just so it doesn’t end up stuck everywhere.

Ryan now has his made stocking in his bedroom, yes boys will enjoy it too. My girls decorations are of course now proudly hung on our tree. 

Gel-a-peel packs and accessories can be purchased in most good toy stores. 
This post is part of the #CraftyChristmas campaign to celebrate Christmas being less than one month away.

Monster selfie studio 

Published November 3, 2016 by Bizzimummy

This monster selfie studio kit, proved to be a big hit in our house in the run up to Halloween. 

When you first look inside the box, it just looks like any other craft kit with various monster cut out designs and frames.However the kit works alongside a free app which can be downloaded on iPhones and android devices. 

For just £9.99 this kit helps transform our photo selfies into monsters and here’s how it works. 

First take a selfie with your phone, choose which monster you want to be via the app, then print it or email it. This is Ryan’s monster selfie and yes he’s a werewolf. 

Once printed the face can be cut out and put into one of the frames or add more monster accessories, or you can just keeps the printed images as posters. This is Jordanna as Frankenstien monster 

And this is Ryan’s completed design once cut out. 

Obviously you will need a printer if you wish to make something such as this as you have to print the images out. The one problem we came across was that the instructions state to print at 100% and not “fit to page”. We have a cannon air printer and print from iPhones and I have not come across any setting via a phone which allows us to change the setting so we just had to hope for the best and luckily the images printed at the correct size.

This kit and another similar one with animals can be purchased directly from Interplay, Amazon and most good toy stores.

Sand Art

Published October 12, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Sand Art comes to us from Kids bee happy. The sets cost about £7.00 each and contain all we need to create beautiful sand art pictures. There are many different themed packs, many of which are Disney. We have the Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck set. This set contains 2 image boards and 16 tubes of coloured sand.

The images come with yellow stickers on and the idea is to peel off part of it bit by bit to reveal the white sticky board, then add sand to each area.

The stickers can be tricky to peel off but a tool is included to help with lifting them. The more you peel off , the more the picture comes to life. 

All the picture can be peeled, even the background area. It’s best to use lots of different sand colours for the best effects.

It is sand and it can get messy. After areas of the picture are covered, the excess sand gets tipped off. The sand tubes are extremely difficult to fully open so tipping the sand back in is quite impossible. It’s a good idea to do the sand creations on a large tray to avoid lots of sand on the floor.

The images look very easy to do, and they are but it can be time consuming as there are a lot of areas to fill in with sand.

These are great as rainy day projects! 

Gel a Peel

Published September 12, 2016 by Bizzimummy

MGA entertainment have launched a brand new product called Gel-a-peel. It’s aimed towards girls and there are many sets to choose from.

With Gel-A-Peel you can create your own gel jewellery or designs. The packs cone with tubes of squeezy gel and various templates. 

It looks quite simple on the box but it does take lots of practice to create something similar to the images on the box. It’s all about following lines and patterns with tubes of coloured gel and it’s not as easy as it looks. It’s also about how hard the tube gets squeezed as the gel designs need several hours to dry out and if the design is of uneven thickness then part of it may not dry as quickly.

This is an image of possible jewellery  items that could be created with practice.

Jordanna has done a few creations so far and is slowly getting the hang of it.

The plastic sheet is supplied and is easily wiped clean so she can create more designs.

The kits start from £4.99 and there is a design station too for £24.99. Gel a peel has its own webpage which shows the full range of kits available.

Aquabeaders – Beginners studio

Published August 18, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Jordanna enjoys craft and creative sets. She previously tried Aquabeads over a year ago but found it slightly difficult. She has recently had the chance to have another go at Aquabeads with the new beginners studio and lots of new Aquabeads sets have also recently launched. 

This beginners studio seems to be a really good introductory starter set to Aquabeads. 

If your new to Aquabeads; then what it involves is matching coloured beads to design templates on a plastic board and then wetting and leaving to dry, with the end result being a pretty animal, flower or object made with the beads.

Putting the beads onto the template board can be fiddly because the beads are tiny. A bead pen is included which helps grab the beads but it only helps a little. Fingers can be used but problems arise with large designs if your fingers sweat and the beads get wet and sticky. It does take time and practice and a little frustration to do. 

The templates with the beginners set are a good size for a beginner or younger child. The girl image in the photograph above is probably the biggest design that comes with this set. There are a fair few template cards included and each one with 3-5 images on. Other Aquabead sets may come with more complex and time consuming images but I think this is just fine for Jordanna and even Izebella had a go.

The designs in this studio do not take that long to make, but Jordanna does get annoyed waiting for them to dry which can take a while. If they are lifted too soon and still wet then they will fall apart. The beads contain some sort of strange glue type stuff which activates when wet and sticks them together. 

The best thing about this set (according to Jordanna) is that it all fits into an including case. The beads all have their own spaces on top and the other accessories and templates fit underneath so no need to hunt around for tins to keep it all in, nor keep the box. 

800 coloured beads come included along with a bead pen, water sprayer and templates. The age guide is 4 and over (which Izebella nearly is). I would not recommend buying this if you have younger children or babies about as the balls are tiny but otherwise it is a perfect starter set for Aquabeads.

This product costs between £14-£20 depending on where you purchase it.

GMC books: Mini Makers

Published July 5, 2016 by Bizzimummy

This book is certainly one for the long Summer holidays and those endless rainy windy summer days full of boredom. 

Laura Minter and Tia Williams provide page upon page of crafty ideas for parents to create with their children.

The pages all bring with them colour and images meaning the book will appeal to young children. Children will enjoy looking through and even choosing which activities they would prefer to do.

There are many different types of activities and crafts to keep families busy. These include – building, painting, stamping, cooking, sticking and dressing up. 

The best bit about the majority of the activities is that they require minimal inexpensive materials. Most of them just require things that many parents already have in cupboards, such as paints, paper, cardboard, bottles, glue and basic baking ingredients for the cooking activities. I think the only extra things needed would be extra paints, colours or other easy to find craft materials. 

Some of the activities require templates, but don’t worry because if like me you are hopeless at drawing then this book already comes with the templates needed (at the back of the book) 

It’s a fun book for families which kids will love. There are images on every page and easy step by step instructions for each activity.

The GMC group are the book publishers of this title and it has an RRP of £14.99. It should also be available in many good book stores and of course Amazon.

Bigjigs petit collage pop out castle

Published June 9, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Several weeks ago you may recall reading that Izebella was sent over a huge box full of toys from Bigjigs; some of which we have already reviewed. I did not want her having too much at once so I have been gradually introducing the new items to her. Over the May half term one of the toys she played with was the Pop out colour in castle. Izebella loves anything to do with princesses and also enjoys colouring and drawing. 

This is one of those easy craft toys that is perfect when the weather is not so good. The box contains a few sheets containing pop out pieces. This all being made with very strong sturdy card.

Izebella did not give me much chance to take photographs before popping out the pieces and decorating them. Colouring pencils and stickers are included.

Each piece is also double sided so plenty of room to colour and stick. The pieces all slot together and can be matched via numbers. Now this bit did confuse me a bit as Izebella had already removed all the pieces. Me and Ryan had to pop them all back into the inserts to work it out.

Ryan did the building part for her, Izebella has not yet coloured in her castle fully but she tells me she will once the rain comes; she likes playing out a bit too much in the warmer weather but has made a start. 

The castle also comes with 3 figures including a princess which all stand up. Once assembled it can be kept on a window or shelf as a pretty display item. It has an RRP of £8.99 and can be purchased directly from Bigjigs toys.

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