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Easter eggs from Stas Chocolatier

Published April 13, 2017 by Bizzimummy

I get fed up seeing the same old Easter eggs in the same old boxes in shops and supermarkets year after year. I’m not sure why it bothers me as I rarely get Easter eggs for myself but obviously my kids get loads. It’s always good to find chocolate products that stand out from the rest and are more unique as I know more thought and work has gone into them and this usually reflects the slightly higher sale price. 

Of course I would not be writing this post unless I had found those rather special Easter Eggs, and those eggs come from Stas Chocolatiers

Take a look at these very pretty eggs.

Each egg comes individually wrapped with tags and ribbon and unlike those boxed eggs, you can actually see what your getting with these. They look so much better and more luxurious. The eggs are all made with fine chocolate at their Kent factory and designed with flowers and smartie type sweets. They look like pretty little gift bags and the lack of big box also means less waste to dispose of.

The eggs come in various sizes and start from £8.00 each. I am of course saving the eggs for Easter Sunday for my children as I believe that’s how it should be. I think giving eggs early spoils the whole Easter surprise and especially so for the very young ones. I know my children are going to be delighted with their eggs from Stas chocolatiers as they are just so different from the usual ones they receive. 

As well as Easter eggs and Easter treats, Stas chocolatiers have many other chocolate products for sale all year round including boxed chocolates, buttons and many chocolate novelty products. 

Time for those Easter treats: Hotel Chocolat 

Published April 13, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Yes it’s here already, a third of the way through the year and Easter is upon us once again. Not only is it Easter Sunday in our house but my son turns into a teenager on the same date, a big 13 years old this time so double celebrations all round. 

When I think of Easter, only one thing pops to mind, and that’s chocolate. Yes I know Easter has more deeper and religious meanings that chocolate. I am quite fussy when it comes to chocolate. I never used to be but since blogging and trying a lot of different brands, my taste for it has altered. However there is one brand that I have not gone off and still continue to love……………….. Yes it’s Hotel Chocolat. 

Here I have an assortment of Hotel Chocolat Easter treats which are, I believe designed with children in mind. Well I’m a big kid at heart so I guess that counts me in too. 

These designs look fabulous and in first glance they may not even look like chocolate but more like toys or figures. 

These are the penpals, containing three farmyard friends, all with names and in white, caramel and dark chocolate. A pack of these cute tasty friends costs £10.00 and they look so much better than a pack of small eggs don’t they?

Of course no Easter would be right without seeing a bunny of some sort. 

This big city bunny comes in a choice of three types of chocolate. Again it’s really well designed with eyes, nose, clothes, buttons all sculptured in chocolate. The lovely bunnies cost £7.50 each. 

And then there’s this!

This one is an Easter hunt Bunnies basket which contains 15 yummy solid milk chocolate bunnies and chicks, each one individually wrapped. 

This is just perfect for my 3 children and I intend to hide them around the house on Easter morning. 

This one costs just £8.00.
Hotel chocolat treats can be found in Hotel chocolat stores across the country and online at Hotel chocolat U.K..

L.O.L doll Easter hunt 

Published April 12, 2017 by Bizzimummy

With so many chocolate eggs sent from everyone it’s always good to look for alternative gifts other than chocolate. I was sent a little package of girly type things and I hid them around the house for Izebella to find, just like a traditional Easter egg hunt. 

Included in the Easter hunt was a colouring sheet, jokes, a postcard, sweets, a diva bow and the L.O.L doll. 

Izebella has lots of fun going round the house trying to find things and follow a mini trail. She did get a bit of chocolate too as the sweets were chocolate buttons which went rather quickly. She loves drawing and colouring and seemed happy with her doll colouring sheet. 

And the best find of course was the big prize at the end – the L.O.L surprise doll which she now has two of.

The dolls get hidden inside the L.O.L globes. Layers of wrapping get peeled off to reveal accessories and in the middle is the doll.

Juratoys: Traditional playthings, just how toys are meant to be. 

Published March 13, 2017 by Bizzimummy

If I cast my mind back to my early childhood, I remember a fair few things. Such as things I did and things I had or didn’t have. When I was little a tablet was something you took when you was unwell. A phone was walking to a phone box or if you was slightly privelaged you may have a home phone attached to the wall. We had a video player eventually but not when I was really young. Listening to music meant placing a needle onto a vinyl disc or putting a cassette tape into a player. There were no mobiles, no games consoles (not until I was slightly older) and toys back then were real toys. Toys without plugs and without the internet and I don’t remember ever being bored playing with the toys I had. 

It’s a shame that things change so much and even children as young as Izebella seem more reliant on technology and devices. So when an opportunity comes along to try out more traditional type toys with my children, it’s always a good thing.

Izebella has been playing with two different toys from Jura toys. The first being a very traditional “old fashioned” style toy for little ones. The Janod story box circus. 

It contains 19 pieces in total, all of which are made from solid wood. It includes many familiar circus characters and props, including – elephant, tiger, clown, trapeze artists, ring master and even a monkey on a unicycle. 

There are no rules to play by, it is purely up to the child to use their imagination to create their own circus. 

All the pieces stand up and the sturdy strong box is also used as part of play as well as being used to store all the parts. The pieces are all really colourful and well designed. The horse even fits a rider and characters balance on the high beam. 

Izebella really likes her new circus set. She has been to a real circus show and remembers it well. She puts on voices for the characters and moves them all around.

This really does remind me of the type of toys I had when I was her age. 

This set costs about £21 and is currently selling over on Amazon.
As it’s almost Easter (next month), Izebella has also had an early Easter gift in the form of a very cuddly rabbit.

Our new cuddly bunny friend is the Kaloo rouge sandy beige rabbit. It comes in a few sizes and rabbit is very cuddly and fluffy and makes a good bedtime companion for Izebella. 

Cuddly toys always seem to make my little girl happy. It’s a good job she is soon upgrading her toddler bed to bunk beds so she has more room to put her new cuddly bunny, she does like him to have his own cover and little pillow at night time and she has named him “Mr Bunny”. 

Kaloo rabbit toys are also being sold on Amazon as well as a few other places and start from £20.00.

Unusual but delicious – Choc on choc 

Published February 6, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Once again, it’s the time of year where many people start thinking chocolate and chocolate gifts. After all it is nearly Valentine’s Day and then Mother’s Day and then Easter – chocolate all the way for the next few months! 

Many supermarkets are already full of chocolate hearts and chocolate eggs of many varieties. It does seem to be the same old chocolate products year after year; so if your wanting something chocolate but different it seems you have to look a little further and head to the good old internet to find a place such as Choc on choc.

The guys at choc on choc seem to beable to turn chocolate into pretty much anything. Many of their products don’t even look like chocolate and look fat too good to eat. Of course, we have had the great pleasure of sampling some of choc on choc creations.

From the outside this looks just like your regular box of eggs, but when we opened up, look what we discovered inside!

Yes not one, but six chocolate eggs. The eggs are the same size are regular eggs but I would say they weigh more. These are not hollow chocolate eggs, but instead a mass of solid milk and white chocolate and yummy gooey chocolate sauce. 

Now it is rather tempting to dunk a spoon or even a finger inside the eggs, but really there is no need to because the eggs don’t come alone! 

Is that toast? You may wonder! Well in a way, yes it is. It is shaped like toast and sliced like toast soldiers that get dipped into – boiled egg.


So; a double treat! Chocolate toast soldiers and big chunky chocolate eggs to dip in. Just delicious.

This chocolate treat would be excellent as an alternative to the usual Easter eggs this Easter. The chocolate is much better quality than regular Easter eggs, it is chunkier and lasts longer. I enjoyed my egg and toast with a hot drink just to melt and soften it a little. Of course my kids also loved their eggs too. 

The egg kit costs £15.00.

Continuing with alternative Easter treats is a Chocolate nest.

This one costs just £8.99. It may look smallish but once we took the nest out of the box, it’s easy to see why it has the price tag that it does. Apart from the lovely nest design, the chocolate is again really thick and chunky. One person would struggle to eat this on one sitting as the chocolate is really filling. This would also make a lovely Easter gift.

Bratz sweet style 

Published March 25, 2016 by Bizzimummy

The Bratz dolls are back with a brand new style all about sweets and chocolate. As its Easter these make a much better alternative to buying several chocolate eggs for our sweet princesses. 

The new range is called “sweet style” the collection comes with the choice of all 4 girls – Sasha, Yasmin, Jade and Cloe. Each one comes with accessories in the shape and style of sweets and chocolate. 


Cloe’s all about the sprinkles & icing – the best part of any cake! Her pet froyo pup feels the same. Jade’s got a major sweet tooth for mint chocolate chip and cotton candy and Yasmin’s fashion inspiration is her all-time favorite froyo topping: crushed peppermint candy.

This is Jade and Jade comes with a chocolate bag , ice cream cone boots, a cotton candy type top and other sweet accessories.  


Each of the dolls also comes with a little pet koala. Each one being in a different fruity colour. 

The dolls have moveable arms and legs. The boots and the clothes can be removed and swapped. Jordanna has a nice collection of bratz dolls and loves to swap the clothes as well as style the hair.

This is the “Sasha” doll, she too comes with lots of sweet inspired accessories. 

Sasha loves cherry flavours, hence her pink and red skirt and shoes, plus candy bow bag and necklace. 

These dolls are available in most toy stores and some larger supermarkets who sell toys, they are also on Amazon and each one costing between £15-£20 each depending on the shop.

So save the teeth and tummy ache this Easter with a bratz doll instead of an egg.

Easter crafting at Asda

Published March 23, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Now that (some) children have started their Easter holidays; it won’t be long until the boredom sets in. 

Asda have some very inexpensive craft sets and materials, all with a fun Easter theme. 

There are baskets, egg decorating kits, finger puppets, Easter egg hunt kits, stickers, craft supplies and even a little bit of Easter fancy dress such as the very cute bunny headbands. 

Everything is pretty easy to do and some obly requir minimal household items such as tape or glue. The finger puppets came with a plastic needle and string and are very simple and safe. 

Ryan took charge of setting up the Easter egg hunt which includes making Easter bags and putting signs around the house on the big day. 

I do find its little things such as these which keeps my kids busy for hours. Everything is very inexpensive, many things costing less than a pound. I have been quite impressed with what they have been able to male with their Easter crafts and also just for once, no arguments.

A selection of Easter crafts are available at Asda stores across the UK.

Easter at Hotel Chocolat

Published March 18, 2016 by Bizzimummy

It’s just over a week to go until the chocolate eggs and bunnys all come out. Easter certainly comes early this year and even earlier for me. 

My favourite chocolatiers have once again made me my quite happy with the arrival of their Easter goody bag.  

As always with Hotel Chocolat products the packaging is top notch luxury. This goody bag resembles one of those high class shopping bags and is of course packed full of chocolate goodies.  


As its Easter there are lots of bunnys in this, 9 in total split amongst 2 packs. The 6 pack are the city caramel bunnies and then a 3 pack of milk chocolate bunnies

There is of course some small eggs too, known as egglets. These are in a delicious raspberry flavour and in a little gift bag type thing. Some of these eggs come wrapped and some unwrapped. 

The Chocolate slab in salted caramel was the first thing I ate and loved it, tho I would of liked it to be a big bigger. My overall favourite from this goody bag are the trio of pralines. Unfortunately only 3 but I loved each one. Very creamy and indulgent. 

I have really enjoyed this goody bag, I did not save it for Easter as it was just too good. It costs £18.00 and Hotel Chocolat also have a lovely selection of Easter eggs and other yummy  Easter treats. The goody bag contents can also be purchased separately too in larger quantities for next time.

Fun for kids at Tesco

Published April 13, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Over the past few weeks we have received a few different kids items and products from Tesco. All of them for children of course which makes 3 little people very happy.

Last week we got some Easter craft packs through the post, although they did not arrive until the Tuesday after Easter weekend, we still had fun doing them throughout the school holidays.  

Tesco does of course sell many themed craft packs such as these for all sorts of occasions throughout the year. The packs start from just £1 each and all we needed for these was some glue (which is something I always seem to have in a drawer)  

My children were able to make Bunny glasses, decorate their own plastic eggs and also an Easter garland. It gives them something to do when the weather is not great. 

As well as crafts they were also sent some kids bathing products from the new character collection.  











‘Do you want to build a snowman?’ Well now you can build your very own Olaf at bath time with the newDisney Frozen Bath and Shower Bubbles, £2.00. The Bath and Shower Bubbles is hypoallergenic and has been designed specifically for children’s delicate skin and, with a hint of glitter, it adds a bit of fun to bath time. 

This of course went down very well with Jordanna and Izebella who are big fans of Frozen. It gives lots of lovely bubbles. 

And then there’s this! 



 Encourage your little minions to wash their hands with the newDespicable Me Hand Wash, £2.00. This cute little hand wash has been designed for children three years and over, features pictures of their favourite minion characters and, the best bit, it giggles every time they press it so kids won’t want to stop washing their hands!


p class=”MsoNormal” style=”margin:0 0 .0001pt;”>Now when we got this I thought it’s just a normal handwash for kids, until Ryan spotted a pull out tab under the dispenser and that’s when the fun began. This thing giggles, sings, talks and has an evil laugh. We have found (mysteriously) that we don’t even have to touch the bottle sometimes. It seems to be motion or sound activated. Thus meaning when we get up in the night to go pee, the evil laugh starts. Just listen to this! 

It’s scared me a few times during the night ha but my kids seem to love it. 

All of these products and a whole lot more for the little ones can be purchased in Tesco stores and online.

Easter crafts and treats at Asda

Published April 3, 2015 by Bizzimummy

If the school holidays are already getting you down and everything seems to be costing the Earth, then perhaps take a trip down to your local Asda store where a whole load of pocket money Easter crafts and treats await you. 

This week started off horrendously with howling gale force winds and hammering rain. At one point I thought my window was going to go through it was so loud. This lasted days and of course meant no playing out for my kids. Well luckily Asda had already sent us over a few Easter bits to keep us from constant boredom.

In our pack – Easter bonnets, Bunny ears, Easter egg bags, mask making kit, Easter bonnet kit and an Egg decorating kit.  

Izebella looks incredibly cute in her little bunny ears. Whilst Jordanna made her own special Easter bonnet using the kit. This is really easy to make. The instructions suggest using glue which didn’t work so well so I used sellotape instead and it went together fine.  


Ryan made the “Decorate your own egg” kit. He had eaten the majority of it before I managed to get a photo of it – greedy get! The kit comes with a chocolate egg, icing and edible decorations.  

The masks are easy to make too. They are already pre made and just need the elastic tieing on. The cute little bags are really good for egg hunts.  

And inbetween crafts – some Easter snacks. Bunny shaped crumpets and the very traditional hot cross buns.  

Lots of Easter holiday fun, even without the sun!  


The crafting kits start from just £2.00. The bunny ears, bonnets and Easter bags are just £1.00 each. The egg decorating kit is just £4.00. 

All available at Asda stores.  


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