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Hatchimals colleGGtibles

Published May 1, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Today is the launch of the new ColleGGtibles by Spinmaster toys. Hatchimals were the most recent Xmas craze with stores selling out leaving many children disappointed. 

Hatchimals Colleggtibles take the toy-line in a more collectible (and affordable) direction. These miniature eggs look like their larger counterparts but are about a tenth of the size. 

They come in blind bags and multi packs. Each pack is a surprise as the toy can’t be seen until it gets hatched. 

Hatching the eggs differs from the larger Hatchimals. This time Izebella had to hatch them herself. This is done by rubbing the Purple heart spot on the egg until the top of the egg begins to soften and crap. It’s really easy to do this and does not take too long. 

And then! Surprise! Look what she found inside, just waiting to get out! 

Each colleGGtible egg will contain one of these cute animal friend creatures and there are over 70 of them to collect at the moment. I’m sure many more will be introduced soon too. 

With the eggs, also comes a collector map which shows the colleGGtibles world and all the landmarks. 

Each ColleGGtible belongs to a different set of families such as garden, fairy, ocean, river and children can place theirs on the correct area of the map. 

Izebella has two characters to start her collection off. ColleGGtible packs start from just £2.99 and come with a 5+ years age recommendation. 

Easter eggs from Stas Chocolatier

Published April 13, 2017 by Bizzimummy

I get fed up seeing the same old Easter eggs in the same old boxes in shops and supermarkets year after year. I’m not sure why it bothers me as I rarely get Easter eggs for myself but obviously my kids get loads. It’s always good to find chocolate products that stand out from the rest and are more unique as I know more thought and work has gone into them and this usually reflects the slightly higher sale price. 

Of course I would not be writing this post unless I had found those rather special Easter Eggs, and those eggs come from Stas Chocolatiers

Take a look at these very pretty eggs.

Each egg comes individually wrapped with tags and ribbon and unlike those boxed eggs, you can actually see what your getting with these. They look so much better and more luxurious. The eggs are all made with fine chocolate at their Kent factory and designed with flowers and smartie type sweets. They look like pretty little gift bags and the lack of big box also means less waste to dispose of.

The eggs come in various sizes and start from £8.00 each. I am of course saving the eggs for Easter Sunday for my children as I believe that’s how it should be. I think giving eggs early spoils the whole Easter surprise and especially so for the very young ones. I know my children are going to be delighted with their eggs from Stas chocolatiers as they are just so different from the usual ones they receive. 

As well as Easter eggs and Easter treats, Stas chocolatiers have many other chocolate products for sale all year round including boxed chocolates, buttons and many chocolate novelty products. 

Easter at Hotel Chocolat

Published March 18, 2016 by Bizzimummy

It’s just over a week to go until the chocolate eggs and bunnys all come out. Easter certainly comes early this year and even earlier for me. 

My favourite chocolatiers have once again made me my quite happy with the arrival of their Easter goody bag.  

As always with Hotel Chocolat products the packaging is top notch luxury. This goody bag resembles one of those high class shopping bags and is of course packed full of chocolate goodies.  


As its Easter there are lots of bunnys in this, 9 in total split amongst 2 packs. The 6 pack are the city caramel bunnies and then a 3 pack of milk chocolate bunnies

There is of course some small eggs too, known as egglets. These are in a delicious raspberry flavour and in a little gift bag type thing. Some of these eggs come wrapped and some unwrapped. 

The Chocolate slab in salted caramel was the first thing I ate and loved it, tho I would of liked it to be a big bigger. My overall favourite from this goody bag are the trio of pralines. Unfortunately only 3 but I loved each one. Very creamy and indulgent. 

I have really enjoyed this goody bag, I did not save it for Easter as it was just too good. It costs £18.00 and Hotel Chocolat also have a lovely selection of Easter eggs and other yummy  Easter treats. The goody bag contents can also be purchased separately too in larger quantities for next time.

An alternative Easter Egg from Playmobil

Published March 19, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Just over 2 weeks to go and Easter weekend will be here. Yes it comes early this year and hasn’t this year gone so fast already I hear you all cry! 

Well my kitchen is already starting to pile up with chocolate eggs. They already have way too many between them and many more to come. So if like me you know you’re going to be fed up of the sight of chocolate eggs, or just want something different for the kids, then maybe consider one of these. 

These big bright eggs come from Playmobil. They are not chocolate nor edible but make a nice alternative or addition to Easter. There are 4 of them to choose from or even collect.  

Each one comes with its own theme. The theme being the contents inside. They remind me a bit of kinder eggs but on a much larger scale. Inside the plastic egg is a small playmobil kit. This will either be a Princess with Vanity station, Pirate with row boat, Fun at the beach or Boy with childrens tractor.

Ryan and Jordanna have one of these eggs each. Ryan has the red pirate one and Jordanna (of course) has the pink princess egg. 

The figures come with instructions but are really easy to put together. They do contain some small parts so aren’t suitable for younger children, toddlers or babies. 

The Pirate egg also comes with a mini chest full of treasure too. Once the figures are made they can be put on display or even dismantled and rebuilt. The plastic egg shell then doubles up as a money box with the coin slot on the bottom.

Unlike chocolate eggs. These can be kept and used over and over again. They cost £6.99 each and can be purchased from playmobil UK.

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