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Blackpool pleasure beach 

Published June 14, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Over the two long half term weeks, we did an overnight trip to Blackpool. One of the days there, we got to visit the pleasure beach. We have been before but this was really Izebellas first proper visit where she was able to go on the rides and enjoy it. 

It’s hard to believe but the Pleasure beach has been open for over a hundred years. The first rides were there back in 1896 meaning it has also survived both World Wars.

Blackpool pleasure beach is conveniently located on Blackpool’s South Shore and accessible via the promenade. The biggest ride; known as the Big One is a massive 213ft high and can be seen from miles away. 


There are 41 rides in total at the Pleasure Beach spanning a 42 acre area, 10 of which are roller coasters. The rides seem to change often with old rides closing and new rides being built. I still remember going on Noah’s Ark when I was a child. I loved that ride! There are a few rides that are still going strong after many many years including the Grand national, River caves, Alice in Wonderland and the Ghost train. These are rides which I went on as a child and now my children enjoy them too. 

Nickelodeon land is a fairly new addition. It opened in 2011 and consists of many rides for younger children, or those not brave enough for the bigger rides. There is a watershoot type ride along with the Spongebob splash bash which I got absolutely soaked on. It’s a moving ride with water guns. Good job it was a hot day. 

We all enjoyed the Wallace and Gromit thrillomatic ride. It’s like something in between Alice in Wonderland and Valhalla. It’s a rollercoaster in the dark with Wallace and Gromit scenes but without the speed and big drops (or water), so younger children can ride with parents. 

Valhalla of course is one of the newer white knuckle type rides which has height and age restrictions so younger children cannot go on this one. It’s a huge boat type veichle which takes you for a ride in the dark, sometimes pitch black. There are biggish drops, speed, fire, wind, chills and water; lots of water. They even sell ponchos because most people end up soaked. It is one of my favourite rides.

For the thrill seekers there are many other fast rides and rollercoaster including the Revolution, Big One, Infusion, Ice blast, and avalanche. Ryan won’t go on any of these and of course Izebella is far too young. Jordanna and myself love them. Obviously I was unable to go on many fast rides with being on my own with Izebella but; Jordanna seemed very eager to go on the Grand National ride. This happens to be one of Blackpool oldest rides and has been there since 1935, with a few facelifts over the years. It is an old style wooden rickety bumpy rollercoaster and is one of the first rides to come across as you enter the attraction. 

We were in luck, as the queues were not huge despite it being half term and a hot day. Ryan took Izebella for me and we only waited about 10/15 minutes. Taking Jordanna on was probably a big mistake as she was crying and feeling sick from the first dip. Poor girl! 

Their wild mouse rollercoaster, also another old traditional ride is one of only two in existence today. Many have been replaced with the more modern metal type coasters and the only other one is in Australia. I have been on this, it is very scary and especially so at the top. The cars are small and they shake and bump and jerk all over. The track is thin and when the cars turn corners it feels like the agile thing is going to come tumbling off. Certainly not for the faint hearted. 

The Big one is also extremely scary. For me it’s more the height than the speed. The first  dip does a very strange angled twist as it drops you and from then on it’s not as bad, just fast. 

For a modern day funhouse type experience there is Impossible. 

Impossible is a walk through attraction with an optional ride at the end. It has many optical illusion and magic type things to view and children of all ages will like it. 

As well as all the rides, The pleasure beach also has many places for food & drink, arcades, gift shops, prize stalls and lots of features for photo opportunities. 

If visiting for a long day or stopping over in a hotel there, then it’s a good idea to take advantage of the lockers which are located inside and just outside the venue. These cost just a few pound and available in big and large and saved us carrying bags with us on a hot day. Also with all the recent terrible attacks, Pleasure beach is very strict with security. They have metal detectors and bag search everyone. 

A family ticket to the Pleasure beach can work out expensive. For me to buy wristbands online for myself and 3 children; the cost is about £90. That’s just for one day visit. Booking online is slightly cheaper but it is best to look out for offers and discounts which they do regularly and it is usually advertised on tv when they do. A lot of places often offer discounts on wristbands throughout the year including newspapers and websites. People visiting the park, who do not wish to go on any rides still need to pay a small fee to gain entrance. 

Own food is not permitted in the park. Visitors can go to the area outside to consume own food and re-enter the park when finished. There are many restaurants and places for food. We found Burger King and got 2 adult & 2 child meals for just over £18. 

Blackpool Pleasure beach has its own designated train station behind the park. Trains run hourly towards Preston. 

We had a lovely visit. All of us enjoyed it and came home very tired. 

See more and book tickets at the Blackpool Pleasure beach website. 

A day at Blackpool zoo

Published April 21, 2017 by Bizzimummy

On Wednesday we took a family day out to Blackpool zoo. We have been before but Izebella was very little then so probably doesn’t remember much from her first trip.

Blackpool zoo is located close to Stanley park and costs about £6.00 by taxi from the centre of Blackpool. I believe there are also a few buses that take you straight there. There are signposts throughout Blackpool directing drivers towards the zoo too.

The first thing we saw when we got into the zoo was a big dinosaur area. Of course these creatures died millions of years ago but they are really big and lifelike. Once past the dinosaurs it’s time to meet some very much alive creatures like this gorgeous guy. 

Many of you may know that I absolutely love tortoises and even have one myself, tho he is much much smaller than this giant species. I would absolutely love one of these in my garden. 

Blackpool zoo has so many animal species including big and little mammals, reptiles, birds, fish and even a few bugs. Here’s just a few I managed to snap.

I found the big cats fascinating, being so close to them and only separated by a wall of glass. 

There are lots of monkey type species including gorillas, these are kept far away for obvious reasons but can still be easily viewed. There is an orang-u-tan enclosure where we could watch them  high up and Amazonia where small monkeys are in the trees all around us and often jump down right in front of us along with tropical birds flying around. 

There are lots of really interesting and unusual animals too such as Tapirs and other animals rarely seen. 

The small farm area is great for kids. It’s located in a barn and contains pigs, sheep, goats, llamas, donkeys, rabbits and a few other more well known farm friends. They even let you hold and touch smaller animals at certain times of the day and feed them.

We spent a good 4 hours at the zoo, walking around, seeing the animals, farm visit, sea lion show and dinner at the restaurant. A family meal deal consists of 2 adult meals and 2 kids with drinks for £18.00. It is similar to McDonalds with choices of burgers and nuggets so not too bad a price. 

There are toilets located all around the zoo, gift shops, and a park area too. 

Adult tickets start from £13.99 depending on date and child tickets are slightly discounted. It is cheaper to book online prior to arriving and discounts are given on family tickets too. 

Find out more at Blackpool zoo.

Easter Day trip ideas: RAF Museum London

Published April 4, 2017 by Bizzimummy

The RAF museum is in a central location in London. Close to main train stations and tubes its very easy to get to. The RAF museum has many actual planes and air veichles to see along with a 4D cinema, and a WW1 exhibition.

We have not been here yet but this museum is just the sort of place my son would love to visit. I am very much hoping to visit there one day soon.

Watch this video to find out a bit more. 

Sylvanian goat family

Published January 27, 2017 by Bizzimummy

This is our latest and rather cute Sylvanian family set and this time it’s a goat family with 4 members.

After doing a little research on the internet I have found out that this particular family is known as “The Brightfield Goat family”;  yes all the character sets  come with family names. There is Father Billy, Mother Nancy, Sister Mandy and Baby Jenny. 

Father Billy is a postman, hence the blue bag, Mother Nancy loves to sew and make cushions for the nursery, Mandy likes reading and writing and baby Jenny enjoys trips to the park and going to nursery. Each Sylvanian character comes with its own role and personality too. 

As always Izebella was happy to add more Sylvanian characters to her ever expanding collection of these adorable, sweet, furry animal figures and she had only had them minute before their clothes came off and got swapped around (something she loves to do).

A Sylvanian family set such as this goat family will cost between £10-£16 depending on store. 

Sylvanian families are collectible figures which have been around for decades. It’s one of those toys that will probably be around for ever and it’s easy to see why, they are very cute and appealing. Many toy stores and supermarkets will stock various Sylvanian family products.

University Games – Chicken Charades

Published August 31, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Yes I’m back again with another fun family game from University Games

This is Chicken Charades and again I can imagine this also being perfect for Christmas Day family fun, just after Christmas dinner. We however have been enjoying playing on those long rainy Summer holiday days.

There is no board with this one so it can’t really be classed as a board game but more a fun game.

What you get in the box, is an egg timer, cards, dice and a strange rubbery squeaking chicken.

It is similar play to the regular charades game and if your intending on buying this then I’m sure you will not need a charades explanation. Rather than acting out words with hands or regular props; in chicken charades, players use the chicken to act out the words on the cards.

The words all vary in difficulty and a throw of the dice determines which number on the card the player needs to act out with the chicken. Players can’t speak and must use the chicken in their act. Other players/team members only get 10 seconds on the timer to guess.

I do think the 10 seconds should be longer, maybe 15/20 as the time is usually over before players have really begun to act out and especially so for younger players. We sort of made our own little rule up by turning the timer back over just to give that extra bit of time. 

Acting out with the silly chicken can be hard as others see just the chicken and assume it’s something to do with chicken and also it can get in the way. 

Play can be in teams or individual and players keep a card on a correct guess which equals one point. The first to ten points wins.

The game does not consist of much so it’s good for taking on holidays or breaks and possibly a good one for camping trips too.

And the price – £19.99 from Amazon, Argos, Tesco and other good toy stores. This is probably slightly more than what I would expect to pay for a game of this type but if you search around it will possibly be a bit less. The age guide is 8 years and over which I consider appropriate. 

University Games – Googly Eyes!

Published August 30, 2016 by Bizzimummy

My children go back to school next week, as do many across the country. It’s also almost September and almost Autumn. This means pretty soon there is going to be one thing on the minds of many people and yes I mean Christmas. Like it or lump it, Christmas is less than 4 months away and yet again it will soon be here. 

Whether you are a parent yourself it buy for kids in your family or friends, or perhaps your just a big kid yourself – board games always go down a treat a Christmas as they bring people together for lots of fun. 

Do you remember that classic game from your childhood called Pictionary? I think there were other similar games and also a child version of it. The game where you had to draw what was on a card? Well if you liked that then you and your kids may love this. 

Googly eyes from University games is lots of fun. It’s all about drawing what’s on the cards and other teams or players trying to guess. Sounds easy right??  WRONG!!’! Because unlike other drawing and guessing games; for this one the player who is drawing needs to put on a rather silly pair of glasses – As modelled here by Ryan, rather fetching aren’t they?

To add to the games difficulty the silly glasses also come with 3 sets of colour lenses – yellow, green and blue. Blue are the most difficult. 

So; players throw a dice and move round the board like a regular board game and when they land on the coloured squares the matching lenses go in the glasses and on they go.

Those cards all have 3 words on and again colours. You get the jist – land on green it’s green lens and green questions. Each colour also has an assigned number of guessing seconds – 15, 30 and 45. There is a timer included too.

A notepad and pencil come in the box but I can’t see either lasting that long so it’s lucky they are easy to replace. I read it’s best played in teams with team members guessing each other’s doodles but if you don’t have a large number of players then individual play should be fine and you can probably add own rules,

When it’s your turn to draw, the glasses go on and the timer starts. The cards come in a few categories. Some words are easy such as teddy bear and book but can you draw the North Pole?? I know I couldn’t. 

The glasses make everything blurry and distorted and you may think your drawing looks OK until you take the damn things off and see the state of it which of course adds to the whole fun factor when everyone laughs their head off. 

If the card is guessed right the player or team throw dice and move more, hence advancing on those who don’t guess right. 

Being a board game – the winner of course is the one who gets to the finish square first.

There are a few special squares on the board too. These include no glasses and miss turns. 

A fun game for all the family and bound to be a hit for Xmas day, just picture Uncle drunkard sipping his whisky with the Googly eye glasses on.

The age guide is 7 and over. Younger players do really need to beable to read words on the cards and understand them unless playing in a team with older players. The player number is 4 – 16, 16 being for 4 teams.

Prices vary for this game but expect to pay between £14 – £25. From Amazon and most good toy stores.

 Approved Food

Published June 7, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Do you understand the difference between “best before” and “use by” when it comes to food labels??

“The average household in the UK wastes £470 a year, rising to £700 for a family with children (or £60 a month) l

Less than half the EU understands the meaning of ‘best before’ and 60% are unclear on what ‘use by’ means”

Approved food sell many discounted food items, which cost much less than if found in a supermarket. Some of the items sold are close to or past the “Best before” date. This does not mean the items are off or no good to eat and it is totally different to the “use by” date.

“The best before date is the manufacturers estimate of when the premium quality of its product may start to deteriorate and isn’t when food should be discarded.”Best before dates appear on a wide range of dried, tinned and other foods.”

“Use by dates refer to safety and you will see on food that goes off quickly, such as fish, meat products and ready-prepared salads. Approved Food doesn’t sell any food that has a use by date.” 

Food past the use by date is no good to eat and can be dangerous.

I was given a voucher to spend online at Approved foods and I was pleasantly surprised at just how much I could get. There are many deals on and the more you buy of certain items, the cheaper it gets. 

Approved food sell lots of cupboard type items such as tin foods, pasta, noodles etc but also lots of sweet stuff such as chocolate and sweets, also drinks including cans of pop and even alcohol and many of the items are well know brands too. They also have other items such as cleaning products and health and beauty, these items don’t really go off as such so do not seem as discounted as the food products, but if your wanting to do a big shop then it’s handy that they sell them. 

Here is what I managed to buy!

Every single item in the pictures above was purchased from Approved food. The total of all the items came to just £20.45. It would of been much more had I gone out and purchased it all from shops. 

By far the best deal was the box of Monty Bojangles Orange truffles which cost just 1p, yes just one penny, I had to look a few times myself to make sure I was not seeing things. The best before date on these chocolates was February 2016 but they still tasted just as good as they normally do (I buy them a lot). 

I ordered a few Christmas type chocolates which were probably left over stock from last Christmas but again they tastes just as good. 

Each item purchased at Approved food shows online the best before dates so you can make your own choice on whether to buy them. Some of their products are still within the best before date by months.

The cans of lemonade were on a good deal for 10 for £1. The best before is last August but again no difference in taste and I happily gave them my kids too in the warm weather. 

I think Approved food is a great idea especially when so many people are struggling to make ends meet. I am already in the process of placing another order and just to prove how cheap this place is, I will leave you my receipt to browse over. Postage is £5.99.

Just one more thing, the deals on Approved food go very quickly so if you see a few things you want then do not hang around or someone else will buy them. 

Hand on heart jewellery + Competition

Published April 25, 2016 by Bizzimummy

When it comes to special gifts I don’t think there is anything as nice as something personalised. It shows time and effort have gone into finding something just for the recipient. I think personalised jewellery is lovely and I’m lucky enough to already own a few pieces. The problem with most personalised jewellery is that jewellery is small, so it can be difficult to find somethng that will fit all the names of people that mean something to me. 

“Until I came across Hand on heart jewellery that is!”

If you take a look at their website you may just be amazed as I was. The personalisation options on their beautiful pieces are so much better than what I have seen elsewhere, add to this; there is so much to choose from. Hand on heart jewellery sell necklaces, bracelets, cuffs, earrings, charms, keyrings and much more. Personalisation is available with many of their pieces and many come with options of child hand and footprints too, and even pet paw prints.

The jewellery is all in sterling silver and prices vary from under £50 into the hundreds.

I spent quite sometime browsing for the perfect piece, and it sort of jumped out at me. It is a Family tree necklace.


This beautiful silver necklace bears 2 pendants on an 18″ chain. One pendant is a family tree image and the other can be engraved with up to 8 names on each side (72 characters) that’s 16 names in total. As you can see one side of mine is so far blank, but that’s because my family is not overly large just yet. I have 7 names so far on the other side. Including mine, my children (including Keira) and other people in my family. 

I am really impressed with it, it’s beautiful and everyone else seems to love it too. 

I am by no means wanting more children but if it ever happened then their names could be added too as can any grandchildren tho I think that will be a long way off.  

This necklace arrived within just 2 days. It was made for me very quickly and will make a wonderful gift for any mum or grandmother (expect tears of joy!) 

I would  also like to add that the jewellery arrived in a cute little gift box wrapped in ribbon, to give that extra special touch. 


And the best bit, and quite a surprise is that it only costs £45.00. 


Hand on heart jewellery are giving away £50 to spend on any piece of jewellery on their website. Therefore you could get yourself a family tree necklace or something else. 

To be in with a chance of winning this amazing prize, please click the button below.

(This competition is open to residents of the U.K only and will end on May 23rd 2016. Winner will be contacted by email)

Competitions at ThePrizeFinder – See more at:

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