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Summer dresses at “Their Nibs” plus pyjama giveaway 

Published June 21, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Every little girl loves a pretty summer dress and Izebella has a brand new one from Their Nibs.

This dress is part of the French vintage collection. The French vintage print which runs all the way around this dress is inspired by vintage handkerchiefs and painted using soft pink hues. The dress itself seems to take inspirations from the 1950s/60s eras. It has one of those lovely twirly skirts, the type that flare up as the wearer spins around. 

It is a lovely light weight material and just perfect for the hot Summer days that we have been having recently. It’s also very pretty and could make a good party dress too. 

Izebella is wearing a pair of white sandals which match the dress perfectly, add a small kids clutch type bag or purse and she would be ready for the ball. 

I guess the park will have to just do for now! 

This dress costs about £30 and there are a few similar ones over at Their Nibs. The size I requested for Izebella was 5-6 years. She’s only 4 but quite tall and as you can see on the pictures, it fits her perfectly. I think it’s always best going one size up.

Their Nibs also sell kids pyjamas amongst many other things and are. They have styles for both girls and boys ages 2-8 years. These cost £20 per pair.

Their Nibs are giving away 2 pairs of their pyjamas. One from the girls section and one for the boys. It is therefore important to state on the entry option which is your preference.

The giveaway will close on July 12th 2017 and open to UK citizens only. 


Saltrock fashion

Published June 5, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Saltrock started off in 1988 when two brothers, Angus and Ross, started printing t-shirts in order to fund their surf lifestyle. They are still producing cool t-shirts with great graphics almost 30 years later.

Saltrock is now a North Devon based beach lifestyle clothing brand which has 39 stores across the South West of the UK. If like me, you live no where near Devon or the South west of the country then don’t worry because they also have their online Saltrock store. Which currently has a big 75% sale on many items. 

We were invited to review Saltrock and I managed to purchase a fair few items of clothing for both myself and my children. This included a fair few of their T-shirts which start from just a few pound and many of which are included in a 3 for 2 offer. 

Saltrock have t-shirts amongst other items of clothing for both adults and children, women, men, boys and girls for the young and old. 

They also have vest tops for the really hot days. I was able to get this smoky grape vest top for Jordanna for an amazing sale price of £0.50, yes just 50p.

Izebellas t-shirt here was £5.00 but part of the 3 for 2 offer.

Ryan’s t-shirt was also included in our 3 for 2 offer. This one would normally be £7.50. 

And one for me too! 

Saltrock also have a great inexpensive selection of hoodies and jumpers for when it gets a bit cooler. 

I knew Jordanna would love this Halloween hoodie at just £10. Yes I know it’s months until Halloween but she did take a trip to the dungeon with it on, and also a ride on a ghost train. 

It’s pink and girly but pull the hood up and zip it all the way and my girl turns into a skeleton monster and she even glows in the dark with it on. She sure glowed up inside Blackpool dungeon. 

Izebella also got a cute hoody. Again just £10.00 and so very cute on her. 

And look we got more T-shirts plus a dress for me and pants for Ryan too! 

We just haven’t got around to wearing these yet but we will do soon.

Saltrock clothes are really great quality at really good prices. You can even earn £10 by inviting friends by generating your own unique share code on the website. 

The sizes are really generous, true to size but room to grow if that makes sense. I have size 10 t-shirts which fit me really well  with room to cover any of those baggy body bits. The kids sizes all for perfectly.

Also get 25% off your first shop by going to Saltrock UK via the clickable link.

I think we will certainly be shopping at Saltrock again very soon. 

Saltrock is amazing value for t-shirts and clothing for all the family.

Me&I kids clothing 

Published April 19, 2017 by Bizzimummy

With a lot going on over the Easter holidays including – Ryan’s birthday, trips out, Easter, a christening and a few other birthdays, it was time to show off some new outfits with a little help from Me&I. They are a Swedish clothing company who make comfortable clothing items with unique designs. 

My girls both wanted a new dress each and Me&I have many lovely dress designs. These are the two we chose. 

Jordanna has the Doggie dress which costs £30. The dress is black with a lovely flary skirt, the type that lifts up when spinning. The pattern is multiple pink and green dog images which seem to glow slightly in the dark. 

It is very much a party dress and good with a simple black pair of shoes or sandals. It could also be worn as a summer dress. 
Izebella has the pink dandelion dress which costs £29. This one is really girly and possibly more suited to a younger girl than older. It falls just below the knee and the white circles all over it represent those white dandelion dead flowers that we all used to love blowing away as youngsters. 

Both dresses are lovely, good quality materials and stitching and they both wash well too with minimal ironing needed. 

Ryan was not left out either. I do struggle to find clothes for him as he’s now 13 and constantly growing. He’s too small for most men’s clothes and teenage sizes can be hit and miss. I spotted these jeans for him on the website which luckily were available in the larger size of 158/164 which converts to a 12/14 years. 

They seem good quality jeans and are actually slightly too long in the leg at the moment but should fit him better soon as he seems to be constantly growing. These jeans cost £35.

Now all three of my kids have something new to wear this Easter thanks to Me&I clothing.

Summer sandals from Start rite 

Published April 17, 2017 by Bizzimummy

I would love to say that the weather is improving, but sadly it isn’t and Easter weekend has been a bit of a wash out. We did have the odd few days of sunshine last month and I am very much hoping that the sunshine comes back again. Izebella is also hoping for nice weather as she has a brand new pair of very pretty sandals to show off in the sun. 

These are the Clara leather rip tape sandals from Start-rite. Being from Start–rite I had a pretty good inkling that they would be a good strong, but comfortable pair of shoes for my daughter and I was not wrong. 

These sandals are made from leather which helps keep sandals dry, or less sweaty. The soles are really soft, almost spongy making them really good to wear in the sun all day long. I wish I could get sandals this comfy for my feet. 

They have riptape type fastenings which even young children are able to easily fasten. The straps simply stick down and can be pulled up. The straps, being soft leather are also really comfortable and don’t dig in or leave marks like some sandals do. 

The colour is white/silver and they do look rather pretty with a nice dress on. All Izebella needs now is some better weather to wear them in. 

As for the price – they cost £38.00. This is probably a lot more than I would usually spend on a pair of summer sandals but I do think they are much better quality, both I design and comfort than cheaper versions. 

Izebella’s happy feet with Happy little soles! 

Published March 23, 2017 by Bizzimummy

A good comfortable well fitting pair of shoes is essential for small growing feet. So many children suffer foot problems both when young and  later on in life due to incorrect fitting shoes. Problems from mild blisters to foot  deformities can arise due to badly fitting shoes. Children are born with relatively soft and flexible cartilage, which gradually converts to bone with age. As they are growing, their feet are vulnerable to injury and deformity due to ill-fitting footwear. 

I myself have stiff bones in a few toes. The digits can’t bend properly. This does not cause me pain or anything but looks unsightly and I can only think that it could be caused by the wrong shoes when younger. I am also very prone to ankle blisters with most new shoes.

Most good shoe stores offering foot measuring services for free and those online should also hand information on how to correctly measure little feet. 

Happy Soles sell children’s shoes online and have some good information on how to measure children’s feet. They also have a downloadable size chart. This is what I used to measure Izebella for her new shoes. It is best used on a flat surface rather than thick carpet. 

I was offered a pair of new shoes for Izebella from Happy Soles. As Izebella is now in nursery every morning I decided to go for a pair she would beable to wear for nursery plus more formal occasions as she has a fair few pairs for playing out. I chose these –Bobux Rhyme T-bar midnight. 

Izebella measures a 9.5 UK size and this pair fit her perfectly. I do sometimes have problems buying size 10 or the smaller size 9 from stores who don’t cater for half sizes. I also find that a size 9 can either be too small or too big and the same with a bigger size depending on where I buy shoes from. However these fit fine. 

The Bobux brand are well known for comfortable good kids shoes and this pair certainly live up to it. When they first arrived I was really surprised at just how soft the inner shoe sole was, it had an almost spongy feel to it and the shoes have no hard or uncomfortable bits inside them. 

These are a simple yet eye catching design and seem perfectly designed for young children as they are very easy for Izebella to put on and fasten. 

The velcro faster is very adjustable to the foot width and holds the shoe in place comfortably. Izebella told me that her shoes were so comfy and she could not wait to show her teachers and friends at school. 

The pretty shiny dark  design also means they go very well with party dresses too. I actually thought the colour was black when infact it is a very dark navy tone but it’s very hard to tell. 

Izebella has now been wearing her new shoes daily for the past two weeks to nursery and has had no problems with them at all.

Izebellas new I-walk sole Bobux shoes cost £41.99 which may seem a fairly high price for one pair of kids shoes. I would happily pay this as they are extremely comfortable and a great fit and being Bobux they will hopefully last a while. I could buy a few pairs of cheap shoes for the same price but these would just not last long or be as comfortable.

All the information about this shoe style can be found here and these shoes are available in UK sizes 7 to 10.5.

Bamboo Pete review & giveaway 

Published February 16, 2017 by Bizzimummy

When I hear the word “Bamboo” I instantly think of Pandas andBamboo Pete is all about cute pandas and panda clothing. They sell t-shirts, vests, hoodies and jumpers and all panda style for panda lovers. 

I have a very cute hoodie from Bamboo Pete – the Arctic white college hoodie

Boasting a lovely panda image, company name, drawstring hood and one of those large pocket things on the front to keep hands warm. There are other colours and styles available but I really like white when it comes to clothes. 

It’s lovely a fleecy inside so keeps me warm, but it does not make me sweat like some jumpers do. I doubt I’ll have the hood up much but here’s a pic anyway.

It’s a lovely style warm top, just perfect for the U.K. weather. The sizes start at XS all the way to XXL. I have size S (adult) which is the second smallest size. The top gives quite a lot of room as sizes seem generous. I would of easily fitted in the XS one too and I’m normally a size 8/10. 

One of these hoodies costs £35.00.


Find Bamboo Pete on the Website and on both Twitter and Facebook

And on to my giveaway!!!


Bamboo Pete are giving one winner a choice of prize. The winner can choose from one adult t-shirt or two Kids t-shirts in any design.

If you want to take part to win then please click the link below. Entries close March 4th and one winner will be chosen at random. U.K. residents only.


Rockin Baby: charity work and new pyjamas for Izebella! 

Published November 16, 2016 by Bizzimummy

In our country many of us take for granted things like clothes and clothes for our children. If an adult was to spot a child walking the streets alone and  without clothing then there is no doubt they would take that child in or at least report to the relevant authorities.

Sadly for many children in poor African countries this won’t happen. Many African children face poverty and with the fairly recent Ebola outbreak it left many children orphaned without parents and no where to go. These children are usually left to fend for themselves alone. There are so many orphaned children who are alone and without suitable clothing, usually forced to wear the same rags over and over again. For the children who are lucky enough to be with family; it’s usually a case of food being put first and no money left for clothes.

Not having adequate clothing can be humiliating for these children just as it would be for a child in this country. The children also become very dirty wearing the same things over and over (as you can imagine, washing machine are extremely rare over there). Children also get cold easily, yes Africa is hot but at night the temperature drops. 

I met Rockin baby at the Blog On conference back in September who explained to me about the charity work they do in partnership with ChildFund International. 

They gifted  21,377 practical, brightly coloured and comfortable t-shirts, shorts, pants, dresses and baby vests were  to children in Sierra Leona, orphaned due to Ebola. These greatly appreciated donations are all part of Rockin’ Baby’s commitment to helping thousands of families facing enormous challenges daily. Its child to child charity mission means that parents, buying an item from it’s stunning childrenswear collection are funding a donation item from its ‘Hero’ range, which will then be gifted to a child in need from 30 countries around the world. Its ‘You buy, we give’, message means that the clothes are like for like, with no compromise. 

At the Blog On conference I also got to view a selection of their kids clothing range which can all be found on their website.

The styles change to match the seasons and their current selection includes lots of lovely warm winter must haves. Included is a cute range of nightwear and Izebella has a pair of Rockin baby pyjamas. 

This is the Fox appliqué matching set. They cost £20 which is a bit more than what I would normally pay for pyjamas but I’d be very happy if my kids got these as gifts. The quality is certainly better than her cheaper pyjama sets. They are made of cotton, feel comfortable, look good and keep Izebella fairly warm. They also fit her really well and sizes are available from 18 months to 10 years.

She looks so cute in them. 

Visit the Rockin baby site and spare a thought for the children without clothes as your purchase will help one of them. 

Keeping warm this winter with Hatley kids clothing 

Published October 3, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Hatley started over 20 years ago in the Canadian village its named after – North Hatley. It began as a gift shop which also sold artwork and aprons and then expanded into an extensive children’s clothing line and the women’s sleepwear. Hatley designs are now sold worldwide and are well known for the quality and design of their kids clothing.

I was sent a rather large package full of beautiful winter items for my girls. I have a lot of items from Hatley which we are all really impressed with.

Starting with some beautiful coats and outdoor wear which are just perfect for the colder weather.

The theme that many little girls are loving this year is horses and unicorns and Hatley have got it spot on with their new selection. 

A perfect school winter coat is the Fairytale horses jacket. This is fully reversible with the horses on one side and a deep blue and pink on the other side giving 2 different styles to wear.

Not only does this coat look fab on, it also keeps Izebella very warm and dry. She has so far only been able to wear it once as the weather just is not cold enough which makes a change for this time of the year. It would be perfect for snow and ice weather.

If you want one of these fairytale horses coats then it will cost you £52.00 which is what I would expect for a decent long lasting winter coat. Izebella is wearing a size 5 and she is not quite 4 just yet. It is ever so slightly long on the sleeves but fits quite well otherwise and will certainly do for winter 2017 too.

In the same patten as the winter coat is also a reversible gilet. It is very similar to the coat but without the sleeves and hood so maybe a good thing to put over a hooded jumper in winter for that extra bit of warmth. 

Izebella seems to really like this one, I think the horses are really her thing. Now in these photographs she had insisted on wearing fancy dress clothes so she sort of looks like she’s off to one of those medieval conventions where people dress at knights and fairies. 

And this gillet is £32.00.
Keeping with the fairytale horses and unicorn theme and something else for the colder weather are some gorgeous raincoats and matching umbrellas. Just look how pretty these are. 

The raincoats in either style cost £35.00 each and matching umbrellas are £14.00 each. The raincoats keep Izebella dry from the rain but it’s always nice to carry an umbrealla too. 

Moving on from outdoor wear, Hatley has a lovely range of kids pyjamas and sleepwear. The long sleeved winter pyjamas come in many patters including the horses and unicorns and cost £22.00 each. Here are just a few of their designs. 

Izebella and Jordanna have a few pairs of Hatley pyjamas and compared to other brand pyjamas I find these very good quality. They are made from 100% breathable cotton. I could tell just by the thickness of the material that it was good quality. Unlike others they also wash quite well with minimal creasing and no shrinkage or noticeable wear. 

Finally as part of girls daywear selection is this pretty Nordic flowers tee.

A very pretty long sleeve top with stripy sleeves and a beautiful flower design. Again good quality material and this costs £19.00.

Well I think I can say that girls wear from Hatley is absolutely lovely, excellent quality and superb cute designs. Izebella says a big thank you for all her new Autumn/Winter clothes.

Girls sizes start from 2 years up to 8/9 years with a selection for babies and younger girls also available. Hatley also sells boys clothes and a selection of women’s wear and gifts. Visit Hatley for more information and styles.

Luxury slippers

Published September 29, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Have you ever bought a pair of inexpensive slippers only to find they don’t last long? Or they don’t quite fit or feel flimsy? I have purchased a fair few pairs and find if you want quality on your feet when at home then it’s worth paying for a better fair.

I am very pleased with my new sheepskin slippers from a company called Moorlands of Glastonbury. Moorlands have been around since 1870 and specialise in sheepskin slippers and boots for both men and women.

Being made from sheepskin, you will obviously pay a bit more for footwear here than you perhaps would on the high street or supermarket but that’s because the footwear is much better quality and will last longer.

I was able to choose my own pair of slippers and went for a pair of sheepskin seaforth slippers.

These are available in a choice of four colours, I have rose and sizes 3-8. The slippers look much better when they arrive than in the picture. They arrive boxed and individually wrapped in moorlands shoe bags. 

It’s the first time I have had shoes or slippers arrive like this and it just adds a special touch to it all. 

These fluffy slippers look so warm and inviting almost like they are shouting out for my feet to go in them. The fluffiness does not stop at the rim either as they are soft and fluffy all the way through giving tired feet some pure relaxing comfort.

They are very comfy to wear and true to size. I’m a size 5 and these fit snuggly. I don’t really like slippers with the open backs as they tend to slip off. I prefer this style so my whole foot is kept nice and warm.

A pair of seaforth slippers will cost you £64.00 which to many will seem like a high price for a pair of slippers. The higher prices reflect the products quality. Sheepskin is a natural insulator and believe me these keep my feet warm, the sheepskin process means that feet are cushioned and cradled to provide ultimate comfort and these have to be the comfiest pair I have ever owned.

Roco clothing – Ryan’s suit 

Published September 7, 2016 by Bizzimummy

I hoped you enjoyed reading my post last week on Jordannas new dress from Roco Clothing. Well today it’s Ryan’s turn to show off his new outfit. Obviously being a boy, he does not have a dress but instead he’s looking rather smart in his brand new suit.

Ryan is wearing the Boys grey Archie suit. He is 12 years old and I thought to be on the safe side to order the 13/14 years as he is quite tall. However the pants are slightly too big on him but not to worry as he is growing fast so I know it will all fit him eventually and he could always wear a belt if he needed.

The suit consists of five separate pieces – the shirt, tie, waistcoat, jacket and trousers. 

It’s a very smart suit which would be perfect for the formal occasions such as weddings and even school proms. 

I have again left shoes off but a smart pair of plain black shoes would be fine to wear with this.

The tie is a simple clip on type tie and already pre tied so no need to worry about doing those perfect knots.

The same suit can be purchased in two other colours as well as the grey.

For a suit such as this in a large boys size I would probably expect to pay upwards of £50 but this suit is incredibly low cost. The sizes start for boys at one year old and right up to the 13/14 years which Ryan has. The price varies per age but is between £19.99 and £25.99 for the larger sizes. An absolute bargain and excellent quality. 

If buying for an upcoming event I would recommend buying the actual size per age of child as the suits seem very roomy and true to size.

My final Roco clothing post will follow soon and will of course be Izebellas outfit.

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