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Fish delivered! Ramus fish box

Published March 24, 2017 by Bizzimummy

I do enjoy eating fish, and I don’t mean the type you get from the chippy. My only problem previously has been cooking and preparing it. But! Being sent a box of lovely fresh fish has changed all that completely. I didn’t even need to go to a store or carry it home and risk smelling fishy as it was delivered to my doorstep. My fish box came from Ramus and they deliver various fish boxes nationwide. 

This photograph shows the full contents of my fish box. In total six different varieties of fish, each packet containing two fillets and also a pot of salmon rub. 

The fish arrives cool with ice but not frozen. It can be kept in the fridge and used within 2/3 days or frozen. I put it all in the freezer to begin with and found that the fillets only take a few hours to defrost when required.

All the fish arrives sealed in individual packets. This box contained sea bass, haddock, salmon, trout, hake and smoked haddock. 

Sea bass is a fish that I have enjoyed in the past but have not had for a while. It can be a very expensive fish to buy and is often found on high end restaurant menus. It is not something I have previously cooked myself and certainly never prepared. I did a bit of research and watched a few videos on how to prepare this full fish fillet. 

Yes this fish came complete with head,eyes, fins and tail on and the last thing I wanted was to do something wrong or eat a part I’m not meant to. A fish with head still on does put me off eating it a bit so the head was the first thing I cut off, followed by the finns and the tail. Then I had to literally slice it open and remove the guts and bones which wasn’t the easiest thing to do, but I got there in the end. 

The silver scales also got scraped to remove any rough bits. I placed some onion inside the fish, with salt and pepper and a bit of oil infused with lemon, wrapped in foil and cooked in the oven for about 25 minutes. Then the fish was cooked to perfection, lovely and flakey and I served with yellow rice, sweet chilli sauce and a bit of mayonnaise. Lovely! 

I will be buying sea bass again as I do like it, tho I may ask them to prepare it for me next time.

The salmon fillets are really easy to cook as it’s already filleted. Salmon can be cooked in so many ways and has a very distinct flavour. I do prefer all my fish grilled or oven cooked. I used the little pot of salmon rub with the fillets. It’s just a seasoning to help enhance the flavour and optional. I enjoy salmon served with pasta, rice or vegetables. Here the salmon is served with sweet potato mash, green beans a little sauce. A very healthy dish. 

Next the smoked haddock fillets. These can be purchased fairly cheap but make a great dinner. Again they can be oven cooked, grilled or fried. This time served with crispy potatoes and green beans. 

I stlll have the rest of the fish in my freezer which I am of course looking forward to using. It’s been really good cooking with fresh fish for a change and something I am hoping to continue to do at least once a week if not more. Fish is of course very healthy and full of good stuff for the body. Served with vegetables and it’s even more healthier and also very tasty. Fish can also be used to make various recipes such as fish pies. 

Jordanna has also enjoyed the fish meals with me as she likes it too. Izebella has tried the fish and Ryan is still as fussy as ever. 

Our Fish box costs £25.00. There are other box selections to choose from on the Ramus website as well as hampers, platters and fish gifts via the online seafood shop.

Cooking with Encona sauce

Published March 17, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Encona is the UKs number one best seller of  hot and spicy sauces. Their sauce bottles are infused with spices from all over the world. From the Caribbean to Asia there is a sauce for everyone as the sauces begin mild and go right up to extra hot. It’s just a matter of how hot one can handle. 

I guess I’m a slight whimp when it comes to hot sauce as I tend to stick to the medium or even mild ones. There is no way I could manage the extra hot products as I find some of the medium ones a little too hot. 

Encona sent me over these three sauces.

Smokey Jalapeño is the mild one, tho it still has a fairly mighty kick to it. It is of course Mexican inspired and great with tortillas, chilli and Mexican type food or even just dipping.

Then two medium sauce bottles – Amarillo chilli which is Peruvian inspired and made with Peruvian Amarillo chillis. It has a really sweet, almost like chutney aroma. The flavour is also sweet but certainly has some spice to it, hot hot hot for me. 

Thai chilli and garlic sauce obviously with Thailand inspirations and so a totally different type of spice compared to American or even Indian spices. This one is like a bright red/orangey colour. I’d say a little milder than the Amarillo chilli sauce with a more distinct flavour. 

Instructions on the back of the sauce bottles tell me how to best use the sauces, although the majority can be used in any way be it cooking with, drizzling, dipping etc. 

I had not made a fish dish in a while and with these new sauces from Encona I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to try something new and totally made up (no reading recipes). 

I made a stuffed spicy sea bass with rice. 

After gutting and preparing the sea bass I placed onions, tomatoes and a good drizzle of the Amarillo chilli sauce inside the fish and wrapped in foil. 

Baked for approximately 25 minutes, unwrapped and drizzled with the Thai chilli and garlic sauce. 

Thus getting spices from both sides of the world as well as a lovely fillet of fish. The sauces strangely worked well together as one was used for cooking which gave the fish an overall infused flavour and even reduced the hotness of the sauce. The other sauce drizzled over bought the kick back.

Encona sauce can be found in all the main supermarkets and they have loads of them to choose from. Visit Encona to see the full range. 

Loving fish with our Princes hamper

Published November 11, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Princes has been one of the nation’s favourite food and drink brands for generations. Their products are used to create delicious meals, snacks and by millions of people every day.
Amongst them many food products us a wide selection of tinned fish. Which is possibly what Princes are most well known for.
I was sent over a large hamper full of Princes tinned fish products as well as a gift card to buy extra ingredients.

As you can see there are lots of fishy treats to keep us going for a while. Princes supply most types of tinned fish including – Tuna, Salmon, Pilchards, Sardines, Mackarel and rarer varieties such as tinned crab.

Tuna is probably the most popular type of tinned fish and we eat a fair bit of it in our house. Ryan won't touch it but Jordanna loves it and I like it every now and again. Princes have lots of tinned tuna varieties which include the regular tins of tuna chunks & flakes in oils and brine and also new Deli Fillers.

The Deli Fillers are like a meal in a tin. Tuna combined with a variety of ingredients and a sauce. I have tried the New York Deli, which is huge chunks of tuna combined with sweet corn, gherkins and mayonnaise. They can be eaten alone and straight from the pot, or put on a sandwich or crackers or with pasta.

Tuna is of course a very versatile food product. A tin of than can usually be found in most family cupboards and so many things can be made with it. I especially enjoy tuna pasta and tuna pasta bake.



Salmon is again another family favourite and something that both me and Jordanna also enjoy (sadly not Ryan nor Izebella). Salmon is still considered by many to be a luxury or expensive product but I think it depends where you buy it and what type you buy. Again Princes have a vast selection of tasty tinned Salmon products, both in the more richer red variety and the more mild pink type.

Jordanna actually eats salmon alone straight out of the tin. She loves the stuff and reminds me of a little cat. Princes salmon is full of tasty flavour. I love salmon with salad tho it's a little cold for salad at the moment.

Combining pink salmon with a selection of cooked vegetables is also something I really enjoy. Vegetables are also healthy like the salmon itself and are fairly inexpensive to buy.




My favourite products from my fishy hamper were the sardines and Mackarel tins. These taste lovely and come in a ride range of fabulous flavours. I would say the tins contain enough for one person and have the ring pulls to open them easily.

I really enjoy all of these on toast and toasted sandwiches, sometimes with onions and with a little bit of pepper, mayonnaise or salad cream. Full of delicious flavours and no bones to dig out either. Of course they can be used for many other recipes too.


Princes tinned fish products can be found in every supermarket and even In many local shops. Prices vary from store to store and per different products. More information about Princes fish and their other food items can be found on their website.


Salmon without the fuss: Harbour Salmon

Published October 26, 2013 by Bizzimummy

I do enjoy eating fish and salmon us one of my favourites. My problem is that I don’t like preparing it. Harbour Salmon provides a range of no stress, no mess salmon products ideal for people who don’t like handling fish or are unsure on how to cook it. Or do not like the smell.
Their salmon products are both convenient and healthy aswel as being very tasty.
I was sent some Salmon to try for myself.


The Infusions are spicy infused fillets and come in two exciting flavours – Ginger, chilli with lime and red Thai. The flavours are fully infused with the fillets giving a great taste to every bite.

The infusions are so easy to cook. The pack is placed in the microwave for a few minutes and will puff up inside. They taste delicious and juicy and is a great idea to cook salmon easily.

Salmon and Sauce
These are similar to the infusions but instead are fillets of natural salmon strips and come with a satchet of sauce in various flavours meaning you can have salmon on its own or choose to spice it up a little. This is cooked similar to the infusions above and there are other cooking options too.

I cooked mine in the microwave for a few minutes.

After microwaving the salmon was very well cooked and succulent. I then added the sauce and it made a delicious lunch time meal.


Posh Cuts & Cocktail Slices

Cocktail slices are 70g packs of smoked salmon. Each slice is pa trimmed, making sure that any brown meat is removed, to create perfectly formed petals of delicately flavoured smoked salmon. Very nice in salads, sandwiches or with pasta.
Posh Cuts are slivers and medallions of smoked salmon and perfect for making those simple dishes a little posher.

These are lovely with scrambled egg and make a rather posh breakfast. The salmon tastes and looks very fresh and just lovely.

I have really enjoyed all the products from Harbour Salmon. The salmon products make eating this delightful food so easy. Harbour Salmon products can be found in both Morrissons and Co-op stores.

The Fish Society – Worlds largest range of fish & seafood

Published October 7, 2013 by Bizzimummy

I love my fish and seafood. I have tried many different types of fish and enjoy most of them. However I find the variety offered in supermarkets and local stores is very disappointing as do the founders of The Fish Society.

The Fish Society are a small company with just five employees. They started over ten years ago and focus on both quality and size as well as sustainability where possible. They have an extremely large selection of fish and seafood which are sold in different sizes, different cuts and amounts. If you are a lover of fish and seafood then you are sure to find something you like. Everything from cod to caviar at The Fish Society.

I was able to choose some tempting ocean delights for me and the crew to sample. It was a difficult choice as there is just so much variety. In the end here is what I chose.

Best North Atlantic Prawns

The prawns come ready peeled and cooked. All the fish arrives frozen and packed with ice blocks for freshness. The prawns come in 750g or 2250g. The 750g bag is roughly an 8 person serving.

The prawns are the finest I have tasted and I have tasted many. They are very generous in size and very juicy and succulent. Excellent with salads or a lovely prawn cocktail



Lobster is probably my favourite overall seafood. It's quite hard to get hold of and when I do it doesn't always taste so fresh. I chose a cooked lobster as I have absolutely no idea how to go about cooking one. I do however luckily know how to crack one open to extract the lovely meat.

The lobster also arrived frozen. It was easy to get into and there was plenty of delicious lobster meat inside. The lobsters come in different sizes depending on how many people need feeding. I mixed some of the lobster meat with the prawns, made some salad and pasta and mixed it all up. It was very tasty.


Sea bass

The sea bass comes in fillets, frozen in packs of two. I have had sea bass before but this tends to be at a restaurant or whilst on holiday and I had never cooked it myself before.

The fillets are scaled and gutted and frozen for freshness. They are rather large and I felt quite full eating two. I oven cooked them with some potatoes and vegetables. It's a very nice tasting fish.


These Swordfish steaks made a lovely meal. They are a little like tuna steaks in texture with a distinct taste and very large in size

Again I have never cooked swordfish before either and I'm not entirely sure if I had ever tried it before now. It has a lovely taste to it- well in my opinion it does anyway and can be oven cooked, grilled, barbecued and cooked in many different ways.



I recall my Father often buying jars of cockles when I was a child. I had not seen them about for several years so thought I'd get a jar. They come in a jar of vinegar and can also be purchased raw. Great for salads again or just dipping into as a snack.

The above products are just a very small selection of what the Fish Society sell. To view other products please visit their website

I have a special code especially for my blog readers. If you enter BIZZI at checkout you will get 10% off your order until November 16th

All the fish arrives frozen usually using dry ice to preserve freshness and is delivered direct to your door. The Fish Society offers numerous special offers on individual fish which change all the time and last for a week. You can sign up by email to be notified when these special offers take place.

Fish is great at any time of year. Christmas is soon approaching. Fish and seafood make nice starters and even alternatives to Christmas or new year dinners.


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