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Drumond Park: Bang On review & giveaway

Published October 21, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Today we have a brand new game from the lovely people at Drumond Park.

This is Bang On. One of those very fast quick thinking type games which keeps everyone interested.

There’s a board, a machine that resembles one of those arcade weight banging machines, lots of cards and a hammer. 

The object of the game – get around the board to the finish space. 

 Playing the game – Bang On is intended as a team playing game. There are only two playing pieces, so two single players could play if they so wished but it’s better in small teams. The non playing team draws a card and dependant on what colour space of the board the other team are on, one of the three questions are asked.   
The Bang On unit gets banged with a hammer on the first answer from the playing team. The team members then shout out all their answers with a Bang of the hammer for each one, thus causing the banger to rise and give extra seconds. Once the banger drops to the bottom, or ten answers are given in time, the team then move the playing piece the number of answers given and then play passes to the other team. 

 Along the board are various spaces with words. Landing on one of these can either help or hinder play. These include “Extra Bang”, gag a player and bust spaces. The bust spaces will have numbers and this means the playing team must give at least that many answers to be-able to move along the board.

Challenge cards are available to be used by the non playing teams if they dispute any of the answers given.

It uses a lot of brain power and really got us thinking about some of the questions. 

When it’s just me a my children playing, Jordanna tends to team up with me and Ryan will help Izebella out; who by the way has no problems joining in with some of the questions even tho she is only 5 years old. The game being designed for 8 year old and upwards, so still a few years above her age ability level. 

 The banger unit needs batteries but that’s really the only setting up that is required. This game costs approximately £27.99 from Drumond park.

Drumond Park are giving away one copy of their Bang On game. To take part you must be a UK resident with a valid UK address. You also need an email address and both Facebook and Twitter accounts.


The Game of Things

Published October 20, 2017 by Bizzimummy

We have been testing out and reviewing a lot of games recently. We actually have 2 big cupboards full to the brim of board games and family games which we never get tired of playing, we usually get at least one out most nights.

Our new game is a really unusual one. It’s obviously a really really amazing game too because it even has its very own website all to itself.

There aren’t that many games that come presented in a special wooden box either, the majority come in flimsy cardboard which end up caving in after a few weeks, but not this game. It’s a bit like a large version of a dominos box.

The contents inside don’t really look like much. Hundreds of cards. Score sheets, a few pencils and some answer tear off sheets.

The cards read like this

Hundreds of different questions with no correct answer. Players take turns to each read out one of these cards and then everyone puts an answer on th tear off strips.

The answer can be anything, even something totally random. These answers all get folded up small and into a cup, or something else to be muddled together. The “reader” who is the one who read the card will then undo all the answer sheets and read them aloud. It’s then down to the player next to the reader to guess  who wrote each answer. And that is more or less how it’s played throughout with each player taking turns to be the reader.

Points are given for correct guesses. A wrong guess means play passes into the next player for them to guess,if it’s a correct guess then the person who wrote the answer is then out of the round and play continues until only one player remains.

The winner has the most points and wins the game.

It works much better with more players. The box recommends a minimum of four. I was a little shocked that the age guide is 14 and over but I think this may be down to the fact that some questions could be considered  a little risqué and geared more towards adults than children.

The game of things is a fairly new addition  to the UK gaming market and therefore not that widely available just yet. It can be purcha directly from the Game of Things website for £32.99 and over on Amazon, although it seems to cost more.

I do think it is more an adults game than one for children so I’ll probably be saving this one for when I have friends and family round, and of course for when my children are a little older.

Staccups – cup stacking can be fun

Published October 19, 2017 by Bizzimummy

If I told you I had a game which was all about stacking cups then most of you would think it was boring. I did too when I first heard about it, I mean what’s fun about piling cups together right!

Well it just so happens that this game can actually be lots of fun and bring lots of laughs.

It’s possibly one of the most basic games I have come across. No board, no dice, no batteries etc. The box contains 32 small cups and a plastic device which changes colours. It doesn’t even come with an instruction sheet as the instructions fit on the back of the box.

Gameplay – It’s easy just stack your cups before other players. Well maybe not quite as easy as it sounds. See these cups cause confusion. The cup has two colours, one main colour and a top colour. When stacking, the top colour of the last placed cup determines the next. The 32 cups get divided between up to four players. Each player arranges their cups in stacks and tries to match the main colour of one of their cups with the last top colour.

Confused? Well watch this and you’ll hopefully get the idea.

And that’s just with two of us playing. More players equals more frustration along with laughs as other players block you by placing their cup first and thus changing the playing colour.

There are a few other ways to play. It can even be played solo using a timer. It’s different every time and the winning player is the one who stacks all their cups correctly first.

This game has really surprised me as I really did not think it would be any good when I first heard the description. I can imagine it being a great hit on Christmas Day for all the family, especially so when the spirits start to flow.

It costs around £19.99, cheaper in some stores and released by University Games.

Funny Bunny game 

Published October 14, 2017 by Bizzimummy

The bunnies are in a race to get to the big carrot at the top of the hill, but on the way are holes and traps which send the poor little bunnies to the beginning to start their tiring climb all over again! 

This is Funny Bunny from Ravensburger games. No batteries are required for this one and it seems to be a game aimed at the much younger generation of 4 and over. 

The main game board is set out like a big hill with a huge carrot right at the top. A path winds it’s way up and around the Bunny hill. Up to four players can play, each player staring with 4 Bunny pieces. No dice, no spinner, just a pile of cards.

The cards will either show a carrot or a rabbit. A rabbit card means move the shown amount of places. So for the card above this would be one place, this can be u  to three. Any of the four pieces can be moved or played.

The carrot card means the big carrot needs to be turned. There are not as many carrot cards as rabbit cards but the carrots can really alter the game play. Turning the carrot changes the location of the rabbit holes and should any piece fall down a hole then this sends that piece to the beginning. The carrot can also activate the mole which can knock a Bunny piece off and then there is the drawbridge which if up means players cannot cross. There is also a gate close to the end which can knock players onto a spot much lower down.

A carrot turn has caused a few frustrations in our house with Izebella even throwing a piece in anger, she’s a bad loser. We found it an easy game to get the hang of, minimal rules, zero set up and lots of fun sending others back to the beginning.

Buy for £14.99 from many good toy stores. 

Tomy Screwball Scramble

Published October 9, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Oh just WOW! I could hardly believe my eyes when I spotted this game. It is one of my childhood favourites, before the era of video games and a time when mobile phones were totally unheard of.

This is Screwball scramble from Tomy toys . I had it as a child and it hasn’t really changed much at all.

In fact, apart from the odd colour change here and there, they are pretty much identical. However I am sure I recall having to manually assemble the old one where as the new one comes ready assembled, only needing the timer slotting in.

The game is played with silver metal balls. Only two come in the box, and I have a feeling these will be lost within a few weeks in this house but they seem easy enough to buy elsewhere.

The game is easy, it’s a solo play game, meaning one player at a time. Each player needs to complete the scramble maze before the timer runs out. It’s not easy, I have not mastered it myself yet, despite being masterclass when younger. It takes a lot of practice and a bit of frustration to master it in time.

The way to play is by pressing or turning the various buttons which each one correspond to one of the many obstacles. The player flip, roll and bounce the ball along each obstacle before finally getting to the end and hitting the finish bell, and all before the timer runs out.

If you also played this game way back in the 1980s then you will probably also want to rush out and buy it for your own children too. Prices start from £15.00 from The Entertainer, Smyths, Toys r Us, Amazon and other toy stores. Ages 5 and over.

The Happy Puzzle Company: Hit the Hat!

Published October 5, 2017 by Bizzimummy

The happy puzzle company is a happy cheerful place for children and adults alike. Full of fun puzzles and games for all ages. I will; in the coming weeks, be featuring a few of their products. 

The first one is a really entertaining game which most ages will be able to join in with. It’s called Hit the Hat”

It’s (up to) a four player game which of course suits are little household perfectly. No board or batteries needed. Basic set up involves affixing stickers on the dice and small suction cups in the grabbers. In the box – 36 hat shaped pieces, 3 different dice, 4 coloured grabbers and 20 tokens.

Once everything is ready to go, all 36 hats go on the floor of table (wherever you choose to play)


Each of us takes turns to roll the three special dice. One dice determines the hat style, the next the hat pattern and the third the hat colour border which is either pink or green. 


This unique combination matches up to just one of the 36 hats and it’s then down to the players to spot and grab the correct hat before the others. A correct matching hat gets the player a token, but an incorrect hat makes them lose a token. The matching hat for the above combination is this one.


Yes it sounds easy when described, but with 36 similar size hats and confusing patterns, it does cause some confusion, especially so with older brains and eyes! I’m sort of embarrassed to admit but my five year old daughter actually beat me twice in a row, and no I did not deliberately let her win. It would seem children are more able to spot correct patterns than us old folk. 

 The grabbers have little suckers on them to grab the hats, If you was a child of the 1980s , then you may just recall an old fishing game where we had to catch the correct fish? Well this game is very similar only we have to grab hats. Sometimes the suckers don’t always stick to the hats, it’s all about getting the correct spot I think. 

Well Izebella only had the rules explained just once, then she knew how to play and beat me. She is really good at spotting the correct hat, looking for patterns, colours, shapes etc, yes it has its learning benefits too (unlike the retro fishing game!). We all enjoy playing it, it’s not a game that takes forever to finish.


The winner is the one with six tokens first but these rules can be adjusted to suit, such as the one with the most tokens after using up all 20 etc. 

The rule sheet also gives an easier version designed for younger children but we don’t really need this easier game, not with my mini genius anyway.

   Hit the Hat costs £14.99. 2-4 players and for ages 4 and over (there is no harm in younger children joining in!)

Blogger board game club: Colt Express

Published September 4, 2017 by Bizzimummy

 Last month was my first participation in the Blogger board game club. I was sent Timeline which is a fun plain sailing family game. I did ask for something a little different this time round and possibly more of a challenge. I had no idea what game would arrive but I really did not expect anything like this! 


This is so different to any game I have ever played before. Now I’m not going to put this game down in any way; as it is really well designed, it’s great to look at, once set up and it seems to have good reviews elsewhere. My problem with this game is the amount of rules and things involved. 

The game intro begins like this! 

It’s 1899 and the Union Pacific Express is headed north to deliver its payroll and forty-seven passengers. Suddenly the train is attacked by a host of thieving bandits aiming to become the richest outlaws of the old west!

Seeing the box contents for the first time made me gasp, this game looked so complicated. A box full of cardboard with pop out train carriages and other pop out parts.

The instruction booklet luckily makes an inviting read, it’s in colour which makes a change and all in English, no flipping pages to skip the foreign parts. It makes understanding this game a little less difficult.

After popping out all the  pieces we had to build a train, or train carriages anyway. No there is no board with this game it’s all played on the train. We did not need to build all the carriages. It is one carriage per player, unless there’s only two playing and then it’s 3 carriages. Yes there are different rules for less players – another complication. 


Anyway after building the train. We pick characters or bandits crooks from these rather shady looking lot.

There are six to choose from. (Two players pick two each) The characters come with playing pieces for the train plus character cards each as above. 

As well as the characters being placed on the train, many pieces of loot and jewellery also get scattered around the train along with the Marshall, he’s the good guy protecting the train. 

So that’s the basic set up but how do we play this unusual game?

I had to read, re read and constantly go back to the instruction leaflet to make sure we were playing it right. There is just so much to take in that’s it’s so easy to forget what we are doing. 

There are many different types of cards too. The round cards, action cards, bullet cards and a few more I think 💭 

 The round card is what starts the game off.

This card by itself contains lots of game information. See those numbers and symbols on the top? Well the numbers determine how many rounds, but those strange symbols determine how the other cards gets played! Yes I said it was complicated.  

 Next the Action cards. After choosing the preferred bandit. Each player gets 10 action cards. All of them showing the chosen character doing different things. Each person then chooses six cards from their deck to play with. 

Playing the action cards is a little difficult to explain. The action cards include actions such as moving about the train, robbing passengers, shooting etc and they can be played in any order per turn. 

Each player playing one card at a time. 

This first round of playing is called “Schemin”  Once the Schemin round is done and all cards per rounds are down, the  “Stealin”round commences 

The cards get turned over and revealed one by one beginning with the first card played. 

The actions then commence on the train going round each player one card at a time.  Run, climb, punch, Rob, shoot or alert the Marshall are the available actions. All actions then have various consequences both good and bad and getting the loot very much depends on the actions of other players as well as our own planning.

This is a bullet card. The one thing that no one wants in their hand. These get added to your collecton of action cards if shot. Each player starts with six, shoot another player and it turns to five, then four and so on as the shot players get them. These stay with you until the end and are pretty much useless. If they end up in the playing hand they minimise the number of actions played.  

 And the winner – The one who collects the most loot of course, along with an extra bonus for the bandit firing the most bullets.

And if all that wasn’t enough to take in, there is advanced mode game play once the basics are mastered! Err I think we will stick to the “easy play!” for now!  

It is actually a great game once we got our heads around the many rules and many different card types. It is a lot to take in and it does take a few goes to grasp the whole gameplay concept. 

The age guide is ten and over. Younger children will need more guidance on the rules and play. 

No one can really die or be knocked out of the game in this, but they can be shot at and end up with lots of bullet cards along the way or even robbed by other players. Two people can play at a minimum but as I said earlier, the rules then change slightly. 

 Both Ryan and Jordanna have played this with myself and also found it a bit mind blowing to begin with and a lot to take in.  

 One of my early worries was also about storing the game. The trains could be taken apart and rebuilt everytime but this would possibly cause them to split or break. Well no need for that anyway because the clever game makers designed the box in such a way that the assembled carriages fit inside.


What a great idea! 

If this game sounds your thing then the cost is approximately £27.99 from Esdevium games. It is at the time of writing reduced slightly on Amazon to £25.49.

Find out more about the blogger game club here!

Shark bite game review + Giveaway

Published September 1, 2017 by Bizzimummy
“Just when you thought it safe to go back in the water!”

Drumond Park brings us Shark Bite! A ferocious man eating shark who eats just about anything, hungrily waits for an unsuspecting hand; and then!!!


This shark is one hungry guy. Eagerly closing his jaws at random, making unsuspecting game players jump with fright. 

Our latest game from the lovely Drumond Park people has certainly had us all on edge throughout the Summer holidays, almost making us never want to take a dip again! 

And on a slightly more serious note, such as game play and rules! Well it’s simple. 2-4 players each take turns to roll a dice. The dice only has ones and two on it in the shape of fish. The player then has to use a small plastic fishing rod device to pull various plastic objects from the open sharks mouth.

It sounds far too easy to be scary doesn’t it? Well it is to an extent, especially considering the game needs no batteries! Well if a player pulls the wrong piece and old sharky realises what’s going on then he will quickly snap his jaws tightly shut, chomping away on anything remaining in his mouth, yes that includes fingers, hands, even noses if your too close. It’s best to hold the rod at arms length at all times and you just never know when the sharks mouth will go. 

Unfortunately for the player who gets caught out, they have to put back all their previously caught objects and start from zero. This is what keeps the game going for longer as there are only 12 pieces to be hooked out. 

The winner is the player with the most pieces once all the pieces have been fished out.

This is a combination of one of those old retro magnetic fish catching games combined with the old 80s spooky game of “I Vant to bite your finger” bought into the 21st century. 

It makes us feel on edge when our turn is near, almost wishing the player before us gets caught by old sharky so that we have a better chance of not being. Then slowly hooking our piece hoping not to get those jaws near our fingers🦈

Who would of thought a fishing game could be this fun. 

Shark bite is a game by Drumond Park  designed for families and children ages 4 years and over. rrp £24.99.


Drumond Park are giving away a copy of this amazingly fun game. If you want it then enter via the link below. 

Closing date is September 28th 2017
Open to UK residents only. 

Dynamite Dare! 

Published August 7, 2017 by Bizzimummy

             DIFFUSE OR LOSE!!

This is Dynamite Dare from Brainstorm games. It’s aimed at children ages 4 and over. It requires no batteries, there is no dice, no counters, no cards and no board. It’s a very easy simple game with easy set up. 

This is the game, there isn’t much to it. Two parts that connect together and 3 pieces of dynamite (red foam tubes). 

There’s a few stickers to put on too, just make sure not to do what I did and put the clock sticker on the wrong way, oops! Luckily it came off easy enough and is now the correct way.

The box says that it’s for 2-4 players but more can easily play if there’s more people. 

Although this game is meant for children, I have to say it’s possibly one of the most nerve wracking games I’ve played. You see those red, black and yellow switches on the image above, just above the clock? Well they start upright and players take turns to flick them down or off. 

The game can go two ways. A switch can either diffuse the dynamite or it can blow it up. Either way gives a pretty big shock and made us all jump. Just watch this! 

Yes you never know which switch will set it off. 

A good game to play if there’s a few of you is elimination rounds. Everyone takes turns and the one who sets off the dynamite is out, the remaining players keep playing until just one player is left. 

It may be for little ones but it’s lots of fun especially so the anticipation of whether it will explode or not.

This game costs approximately £19.99 from many good toy retailers. 

Memorable Toys Boutique 

Published August 4, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Memorable toys are a family-run online toy boutique based in Ireland. They sell quality wooden toys along with educational and traditional toys.Toys that children can create lasting memories with.
All of my children were each sent a lovely toy over suitable for their ages.

Izebella was absolutely thrilled with her new toy – A wooden lunch set! She loves this type of thing, ie pretend play, cooking, tea parties etc. This is one of Memorable toys wooden toy sets too. It contains 36 pieces and all but two are made with wood.

This set includes play food, a big plate, cutlery, napkin and a menu. The menu gives images and Izebella can find the correct pieces to go on the plates or she can just invent her own dishes. She has her own play cooker, fridge and sink sets but was lacking in play food so this set has really come in useful for her little kitchen arrangement.
Ryan, being the scientist in the house, has his very own Putty peeps lab kit. It comes with putty, colour dyes, glitters and containers.

This is for kids ages 8 and over. It’s a weird type of puttt that doesn’t dry out and can be stretched, shaped and pulled. When it’s left for a while it goes all slimy but not wet if that makes sense and then when it’s played with again it’s back to normal. Its strange stuff. 

The idea is to put it in the containers and add various colours and shiny effects to it. It’s not something I’d have a go at myself but Ryan of course loves it. 
Finally Jordanna has the Rory’s story cubes fantasy edition.

This is one of the newer editions to the Rory cube franchise. I have myself never played  the cubes before and was surprised at just how interesting the games can be.

There are nine cubes with 6 different images. In this set, the images are based on fantasy characters, homes and accessories so there are princesses and castles and also frogs and the odd ogre. 

There is no set rule on how to play this game and no limit on players. It’s for most ages too, even the younger ones can join in.

Each player throws all nine dice and then creates a story beginning with “once upon a time” using all nine images. It’s not as easy as it sounds but it’s fun and encourages kids to use their imagination, especially so with it being a fantasy edition. It can also get very silly at times. Just as there are no set rules, there are also no real winners or losers, unless you create a game where someone can win. 

The cubes all come in a cute little magnetic locking case too making it a great game for traveling or bedtime stories.

You can buy these toys and many more at Memorable toys. Prices are in Euros.

“GET 20% OFF ORDERS USING CODE bizzimummy20.”

Shipping is free over €50. 

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Eye Will Not Cry

"Eye Fly High"

Six degrees of harmony

Tales about a family of 6 with teens, a tween & a toddler


Subscription Box Reviews, Active Directory, Spoilers, New Box Releases, Coupons and Lots of Nonsense.

The Spirited Puddle Jumper

Modern, Family Lifestyle

Carmen Fox, Author

Welcome to the Fox's den. Musings by Carmen Fox.

Lil' Nibblet's Nook

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Aussie Criminals and Crooks

Australian criminals and their Crimes. Con artists, scum bags, murderers, corrupt cops, pollies, rapists and paedophiles will find themselves in this blog. It was expanded to also cover those that ought to be charged for their idiotic disgusting behaviour. Usually high-profile people who think they are above the law

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A Gale of two cities . . .

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Seasoning while rocking out since 1983

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A lifestyle blog by Julia Bryson


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