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Ravensburger: Disney eye found it game 

Published June 1, 2017 by Bizzimummy

National unplugging day falls on June 25th this year and it’s a day for families to #gogadgetfree and spend time doing things together rather than their gadgets. 

To celebrate the third year of National unplugging day, Ravensburger offered us the choice of one of their popular board games to help us put down our gadgets even if only for a short while.

We chose the new Disney eye found it  family game. It’s  a coincidence that I also spotted the exact game at the blog on conference just over a week ago. 

I had not previously heard of this game but I am glad I chose this particular one as we all love playing it and as it’s aimed at age 4 and over it means all of us can play together. 

The first thing to know about this game is that the playing board is huge. This must be the biggest game board we have ever come across as it measures a massive 1.80M. If your more used to feet and inches then that  converts to a whopping 5ft 9 or there abouts so yes it’s bigger than us all. 

There are six playing pieces all of which are well known Disney characters of course. Plus a spinner with numbers 1-8 and a few other symbols, game cards  and then the red rings which I will explain shortly. 

The huge board comes in 3 big sections which all come folded in the box (yes it’s really big) they all slot together like a jigsaw and then the completed board shows many Disney film scenes and characters such as Winnie the Pooh, Aladdin, Tinkerbell, Monsters inc etc. It’s a very pretty board to look at. 

Oh yes there’s also a sand timer thing too!

And this is the spinner!

The aim of the game is to get all the way to the cinderella at the very top of the board (1.8m up) before the clock turns 12.

To do this players must take turns spinning the spinner. A number 1-8 means move that many spaces. If a player spins on a clock face then this means the clock goes forward either one or two hours. If the spinner lands on the Mouse head then a card is chosen which all have images on and all the players frantically search for the same hidden object amongst the pictures on the board before the sand timer rubs out. There are hundreds of images hidden, finding them can be tricky but they don’t need to look exactly like the one on the card. When images are found the small red rings get placed over them and then counted and every player gets to move that many places. 

To win, all players have to reach the castle before the clock reaches 12. Six people can play. It gets more difficult with more players as there is more chance of a player spinning a clock face and thus advancing the hours but on the other hand – more people to find hidden objects.

If the clock gets to 12 before players reach the castle then it’s game over and start again. 

This really is a lovely fun game to play. As long as there is no cheating if the spinner lands on the clock then it’s down to lucky spins whether we make it to the castle or not. 

This game costs about £20.00 or there abouts from most good toy stores. 

Drumond park: Dig in! Review + giveaway! 

Published March 20, 2017 by Bizzimummy

This is our new game, sent to us by Drumond park. 

The concept is simple, find the items that match the images on the card, the actual playing is a little more difficult. 

Inside the box are 128 coloured pieces which come as all sorts of items, planes, cars, trees, keys, hats, animals to name a few plus several game cards, a game bowl and a timer.

2-4 players can play and each player begins with 15 seconds on the timer to find 6 matching pieces on their cards. The cards can be played to match the item and colour or just the item regardless of colour which is much easier. Of course it’s extremely difficult to dig through 128 pieces and find just 6 in 15 seconds; needles in haystacks springs to mind! Once each player has their 15 seconds, another 15 seconds is pressed and all players then dig in together using one hand to find more pieces. If after this time, no players have all six items then it goes into an “all in” dig round without the timer and with both hands until one player fills the card. 

The main difficulties of the game are the pieces being so small and similar sized. The different colours also cause a visual distraction and even I found it hard at times to get the correct pieces. Add to this the short 15 seconds which is not long at all. 

Overall it is a very simple game, minimal rules, no batteries, no dice and no playing pieces or even a board. It’s also quite fun and it does not take long to play. The winner being the one who fills 3 cards first. Of course it’s one of those games where you can bend the rules or add own twists to it etc. 

There is one thing about this game that I don’t quite understand and that is the age guide recommendation that comes with it, which is 8 and over. Now I understand the dangers of small parts and playing pieces but this is more a danger for those under 3. By the age of 5/6 years the majority of children don’t put stuff in their mouths. Izebella being 4 years has bits of toys much smaller than the dig in playing pieces. She can also play Dig in without help and is more than able to find the pieces she needs to match the ones on her cards and that’s with the correct colour too. So I am slightly baffled as to why the age guide is set at 8 years.

Dig in by Drumond park has an rrp of £19.99 and should be available in most good toy stores. 


Drumond park are giving away one copy of their “Dig in” game worth £19.99. Please click the link below to be in with a chance of winning it. 

The giveaway will close on April 24th 2017.

5 Second rule junior version

Published February 1, 2017 by Bizzimummy

You would not be mistaken to think you may have already seen the 5 second rule game on my blog before. We do have a copy of the original 5 Second rule game, but..University games have bought out a junior version of the game which enables younger children to join in the fun too.

Gameplay is similar to its original version but there are a few slight changes. The game play board is much smaller than before, meaning the games can be shorter. 

The questions are much much easier than before and I could certainly tell that these were designed with young kids in mind. Questions such as name colour, farm animals, things in a living room, fruit etc. The game age guide is six years plus but Izebella is more than able to answer most questions, she just can’t read them yet.

The ball drop timer with the strange sound is the same as before. I personally would of preferred another type of timer as the small balls sometimes get stuck. 

Gameplay is exactly as before. Players take turns to ask questions from the cards to the person next to them and the player has 5 seconds to give either 2 or 3 answers. When Izebella plays we do the 2 answer version. 

There is a finish square and first to land there wins. There are also plus 5 squares which gives the player an extra 5 seconds on next turn. 

This version is really good for children. We all enjoyed the original 5 second rule and still play it every now and again, but it is recommend for 10 years and over. The questions are more tricky and Jordanna finds them hard to answer. Both games are fun and really get your brain ticking sometimes. 

A copy of 5 second rule junior can be picked up for under £15 at many good toy stores.

 Drumond Park – Shopkins spot the difference + giveaway

Published November 21, 2016 by Bizzimummy

This one is certainly different to the many board games I have had the pleasure to test out from   Drumond park previously. I would probably describe it more of an activity between friends or siblings than an actual game.

It is very easy and if you have young girls (or boys) who love shopkins then this would be good as a stocking filler.

There are many wipeable double sided cards with the same two images on each side. The images all being of shopkins.

You get four washable marker pens, each one with an eraser on the end, a dice too. The dice was a bit confusing as it arrives blank with no numbers. After a quick search of the box I found some stickers and had to put them on the dice myself. The numbers are only 4-6.

It is a spot the difference game but the cards don’t come with differences, instead the players have to create the differences themselves using the black marker so it blends with the image outline. The dice determines how many differences the player must create. 

It’s up to the other players to spot the differences created and they don’t have long to do this, only until the sand in the timer runs out which is not long.

The guessers circle the differences and get points per each one found and the player also gets points if they fail to spot any. The boards can then be wiped clean and play passes to the next player. After so many rounds the winner is the one with the most points.

It’s easy and aimed at 5 years and over. Izebella is still quite confused by it and makes her differences fairly big and obvious but she’s getting the hang of it slowly. 

Shopkins spot the difference can be found in many toy stores for £12.99.


Drumond park are giving away one copy of Shopkins spot the difference, priced at £12.99. To be in with a chance of winning this in time for Christmas, simply click the link below. Entries will close on Friday December 9th 2016 with one winner chosen at random.


Fun with Esdevium games 

Published November 7, 2016 by Bizzimummy

A few weeks ago we received some games from Esdevium, I also had the best pleasure of meeting Esdevium at the blogging conference back in September. 

The first game is Dory Dobble. There are many other different versions of the Dobble game but this one is focused around Dory characters.

Dobble is an easy game and there are a few ways you can play it. If your not familiar with Dory then it’s all about matching images on two cards. 

Each card contains several images, including Dory and friends and other things. The way we play is a little like any other cars game. We deal out one card each, turn the remaining card pile face up and then try to match one symbol on our cards with the top playing card. The one who matches first keeps that card and then a new card is revealed and the winner is the one with the most cards at the end.

The rules do sound a bit hard to follow and perhaps confusing but it is really easy to play. 

It comes in a small round metal tin so all the cards are kept together and not lost. It is so easy that even the very young ones can join in and it’s perfect for travelling too.
Our second game is Timeline. Again this comes in many different versions. We have the British history version and trust me, you can learn a lot from this game.

Timeline consists of lots of small highly decorative cards. One side of the card will have a moment in British history and the other side has the date.

A good way to play is by dealing 4 cards to each player, obviously this can be changed to suit with more or less cards. The cards need to be dealt date side down so the year is hidden.

One card from the pile is then turned over, date side up to reveal a moment in time. Players then play one card at a time and have to guess if their moment in history occurred before or after the card in play. If it’s guessed correctly their card stays but if wrong the card goes to the bottom of the pile and player chooses a new card. The winner being the player to correctly guess and place all their cards first.

Timeline may start easy but quickly becomes difficult as more cards and dates are placed down.

As it’s a guessing game it does mean that most ages can join in. Even Izebella who is still in nursery happily joins in. I just tell her what the historic event is and she will guess where it may go. The educational part of course is finding out when historic events actually happened.

Timeline also comes in a beautiful decorative tin so we never need to lose our cards.

Both of these games can be purchased from Amazon and most good toy stores. You can find out more about Esdevium games on their website.

Drumond Park: Stoopido review & giveaway 

Published November 2, 2016 by Bizzimummy

This is Stoopido! 

It’s a game from the well known game company – Drumond Park It’s named Stoopido – possibly because it is very “Stoopido” and quite silly. It’s brand new and released just in time for Christmas.

If you have rather silly children or a very silly family then you will no doubt enjoy the game. It consists of spectacles and lots of silly face parts.

And here is how to play it! 

 Each player puts on  a pair of red plastic Stoopido Spectacles, The stoopitoot is placed in the middle of the play area, with the four Slap Pads  positioned around it.  

Players take it in turns to roll the dice, but everyone reacts and plays at the same time! The youngest player starts and play moves clockwise.

 If you roll the NOSE, EYES, HAT or EARS, players race to ‘slap’ or touch the corresponding Slap Pad – and the person who gets there first picks a Stoopido Face Piece from the corresponding pile – and adds it to the glasses of ANY player that isn’t already wearing a Stoopido Face Piece of that feature.

However should you roll the GLASSES, then it’s bad luck because the player to your left gets to pick a Stoopido Face Piece of ANY feature you don’t already have and adds it to your glasses!

 If you roll the ‘Stoopitoot’, the player who gets there first and squeaks it can choose to either pick a Stoopido Face Piece of ANY feature and place it on ANY player, or choose ANY Stoopido Face Piece from their own glasses and put it back on its pile.

 If a player’s glasses are full they must resign themselves to sitting out looking just a little bit ‘stoopido’ for the remainder of the game. The fun continues round the table until there is only one player left without a full face of Stoopido Face Pieces on their glassand that player wins. 

We did find the game rules a little puzzling at first and wondered if we would ever beable to get our heads around it. Also everyone goes for the buzzer at once so it’s really just a case of quickest first education can cause arguments.

There are so many combinations of silly faces that can be made and it can be lots of fun. The one thing that worries me a little is that many of the face parts are made of card and will therefore easily become ripped and worn over time, apart from that my kids love it and it passes the time on the cold nights.

Stoopido is aimed towards the slightly older child of 8 and over and costs approximately £17.99


Drumond park are offering a copy of the Stoopido game as a prize. To be considered please click the link below.

(T&Cs – The prize offered is one Stoopido family game from Drumond park. One winner will revive the game. Please ensure you all have a working email address)

End date is November 30th 2016

Crazy claw game review & giveaway 

Published October 1, 2016 by Bizzimummy

As you may already know we have been big fans of Drumond park games and have been reviewing them for a few years. Drumond park have a lovely range of games suitable for all ages.

Our latest game from Drumond park is certainly a little different to others we have. It is called Crazy claw, the concept being based around the arcade grab games. 

It is not a battery operated game and it does require some minimal setting up. 

We had to build up the plastic box, this is then filled with coloured balls. As you can see on the picture above; each of the four sides has a red paddle. 

The game also comes with a manual claw and four game cards. Each card has images of toys on it, and to play is a little like bingo.

The balls contain toy tokens, but some of them may be empty. The player inserts the claw onto the top whole and attempts to grab a ball with it; whilst the other players frantically tap away on the pedals to make the balls bounce around. If a player gets a ball and a toy token is inside, they then check their playing cards to see if the token is a match to one of the images. If it’s a match the token goes over that image and if not then it goes back into the ball and back into the box for the next players go. Of course the winner is the first to fill their card with tokens.

If I’m being honest, this is not the sort of game that I particularly like to join in with although I did have a try. My children however love it and get it out most nights. Four people can play so it’s pretty ideal if you have three children like myself or even four.

The age guide is 5 and over. In my opinion I think this could be lowered to 3 or 4 years. Izebella is almost 4 and knows how to play it better than I do. There aren’t really any tiny parts to worry about, the balls obviously open up in half but I don’t see why younger ones can’t join in. Ryan being 12 has had a few goes too but I think it’s more suited to younger children under 10.

Once play is finished the box can easily be taken apart again and stored back in the box with the balls.

RRP for this game is £22.99.


Drumond park are giving away one copy of the crazy claw game. The winner will receive this in plenty of time for Christmas when it’s sure to be very popular.

All you need to do to enter is click the link below.

This giveaway will end on October 28th 2016. One winner will be chosen at random and will have 14 days to reply to a winning email to claim their prize. Prize sent directly from Drumond Park. Please allow up to 28 days for delivery.

University Games – Chicken Charades

Published August 31, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Yes I’m back again with another fun family game from University Games

This is Chicken Charades and again I can imagine this also being perfect for Christmas Day family fun, just after Christmas dinner. We however have been enjoying playing on those long rainy Summer holiday days.

There is no board with this one so it can’t really be classed as a board game but more a fun game.

What you get in the box, is an egg timer, cards, dice and a strange rubbery squeaking chicken.

It is similar play to the regular charades game and if your intending on buying this then I’m sure you will not need a charades explanation. Rather than acting out words with hands or regular props; in chicken charades, players use the chicken to act out the words on the cards.

The words all vary in difficulty and a throw of the dice determines which number on the card the player needs to act out with the chicken. Players can’t speak and must use the chicken in their act. Other players/team members only get 10 seconds on the timer to guess.

I do think the 10 seconds should be longer, maybe 15/20 as the time is usually over before players have really begun to act out and especially so for younger players. We sort of made our own little rule up by turning the timer back over just to give that extra bit of time. 

Acting out with the silly chicken can be hard as others see just the chicken and assume it’s something to do with chicken and also it can get in the way. 

Play can be in teams or individual and players keep a card on a correct guess which equals one point. The first to ten points wins.

The game does not consist of much so it’s good for taking on holidays or breaks and possibly a good one for camping trips too.

And the price – £19.99 from Amazon, Argos, Tesco and other good toy stores. This is probably slightly more than what I would expect to pay for a game of this type but if you search around it will possibly be a bit less. The age guide is 8 years and over which I consider appropriate. 

University Games – Googly Eyes!

Published August 30, 2016 by Bizzimummy

My children go back to school next week, as do many across the country. It’s also almost September and almost Autumn. This means pretty soon there is going to be one thing on the minds of many people and yes I mean Christmas. Like it or lump it, Christmas is less than 4 months away and yet again it will soon be here. 

Whether you are a parent yourself it buy for kids in your family or friends, or perhaps your just a big kid yourself – board games always go down a treat a Christmas as they bring people together for lots of fun. 

Do you remember that classic game from your childhood called Pictionary? I think there were other similar games and also a child version of it. The game where you had to draw what was on a card? Well if you liked that then you and your kids may love this. 

Googly eyes from University games is lots of fun. It’s all about drawing what’s on the cards and other teams or players trying to guess. Sounds easy right??  WRONG!!’! Because unlike other drawing and guessing games; for this one the player who is drawing needs to put on a rather silly pair of glasses – As modelled here by Ryan, rather fetching aren’t they?

To add to the games difficulty the silly glasses also come with 3 sets of colour lenses – yellow, green and blue. Blue are the most difficult. 

So; players throw a dice and move round the board like a regular board game and when they land on the coloured squares the matching lenses go in the glasses and on they go.

Those cards all have 3 words on and again colours. You get the jist – land on green it’s green lens and green questions. Each colour also has an assigned number of guessing seconds – 15, 30 and 45. There is a timer included too.

A notepad and pencil come in the box but I can’t see either lasting that long so it’s lucky they are easy to replace. I read it’s best played in teams with team members guessing each other’s doodles but if you don’t have a large number of players then individual play should be fine and you can probably add own rules,

When it’s your turn to draw, the glasses go on and the timer starts. The cards come in a few categories. Some words are easy such as teddy bear and book but can you draw the North Pole?? I know I couldn’t. 

The glasses make everything blurry and distorted and you may think your drawing looks OK until you take the damn things off and see the state of it which of course adds to the whole fun factor when everyone laughs their head off. 

If the card is guessed right the player or team throw dice and move more, hence advancing on those who don’t guess right. 

Being a board game – the winner of course is the one who gets to the finish square first.

There are a few special squares on the board too. These include no glasses and miss turns. 

A fun game for all the family and bound to be a hit for Xmas day, just picture Uncle drunkard sipping his whisky with the Googly eye glasses on.

The age guide is 7 and over. Younger players do really need to beable to read words on the cards and understand them unless playing in a team with older players. The player number is 4 – 16, 16 being for 4 teams.

Prices vary for this game but expect to pay between £14 – £25. From Amazon and most good toy stores.

Smart Ass family game

Published March 2, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Our games cupboards have yet a new addition with the arrival of what looks like a silly donkey on a box. It’s actually an ass and to be honest I don’t know the difference. 

Smart Ass is for the slightly older child from 12 upwards. Jordanna has joined in serveral times too but being just 8 she does find it harder with some answers but not always.  

It’s a board game so comes with the usual board, hundreds of question cards and strange dice with just 4 numbers on plus a coloured dice with 3 colours. 8 people can play and therefore 8 counters.

There is nothing really difficult about playing it apart from some of the questions. The cards are split into 3 main categories – green for “where am I”, blue is “what am I” and orange is “who am I”. 

These question cards each contain 10 clues. Players take turns to be the reader, they roll the coloured dice and read out the correct card. Reading  out all 10 clues,  the other players can shout out when they think they know the answer. The correct guesse then rolls the number dice and gets to move their piece. The reader role then passes to the next player and so on. If no one gets the answer after all 10 clues then the card reader that turn gets to roll and move. 

Some of the answers are easy, others more difficult and especially so the “Who am I” when it’s older actors or people before my time. 

Along the board are a few spaces to trip you up. Dumb ass space means you are frozen out of the next round and can’t answer. There is a go back 3 spaces square and then “Hard ass”. If you land on this you get a red question card. On these cards is just one clue and they are pretty hard questions but answering gives another roll.

The winner is of course the one to land on the finishing spot first.  

I’m  When it’s just me and my children playing I change the rules slightly. The rule states that players only get one turn to shout out their answer but when it’s just 3 of us it’s much easier and a bit more fun to shout out 2 or 3 answers especially given that my kids are 8 and 11 (almost 12). It’s one of those games where it’s easy to change some rules to suit. It’s also lots of fun and especially good to play with a large group of friends.

Smart Ass comes from University games and can be purchased from many good toy and game stores.

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