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Outdoor toys that don’t cost the Earth

Published July 13, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Everyone wants to be outside playing in this unusual British Summer weather. The Entertainer store has some great outdoor toys to suit all budgets. From sandpits and pools to simple accessories such as bucket and spades. I find the Entertainer the best value store when it comes to buying good quality toys for my children. 

They have been testing out two outdoor toys from The Entertainer which is also known The toy shop at their online store.

Now Summer just would not be as fun without one of these bad boys.

It’s the Storm hurricane warrior blaster and the good news is that it only costs £10.00. It holds a massive 2L of water so if your child has one and you don’t want a soaking then it’s best you stay well clear because this can fire all that water up to 10 meters.

It’s easy to use via a pump action trigger and easy to fill and empty via a lift up cap. Simply fill and fire and that’s it. Having a long range and holding lots of water also means my windows can get a good cleaning whilst I’m safety indoors dry and watching. This thing will get anyone within its range soaked. 

We did have a slight problem with the fill cap being loose and coming off, therefore water leaks. I’m not too sure if this is just a fault on our product or how the are all made. I found putting a small plastic bag over the water fill hole and putting the cap on top sorted the leak/loose problem. 

Our other product can still get us slightly wet if not careful but is much less gentle.

It’s a double bubble machine. With this  comes 125ml bubble solution. The machine requires batteries and the bubble solution gets tipped into the machine, a small amount at a time. Once set up it’s just a simple button press and the bubbles come out.

No tireless bubble blowing required as this machine does it for us. The bubble creator inside rotates and hundreds of lovely bubbles fly out. Izebella loves her bubbles. Here is a video clip of the machine in action.

Little children in particular will have lots of fun with this. Once the bubble solution runs out, any bought bubble solution is fine to use. The bubble machine seems very reasonably priced at just £7.50.

Both of these products and more are available to purchase from The Entertainer stores across the U.K. and also online. 

One “cheeky” little gnome 

Published April 13, 2017 by Bizzimummy

As many of you probably already know by now, I absolutely love unusual and novelty items. I love quirky things for both my house and my garden. As it’s now starting to get slightly warmer I have been getting a few ornaments and plants for my garden and here is one of the latest things.

This is one cheeky gnome and comes from Nuku which is home to a big assortment of unusual gifts

The cheeky mooning gnome also doubles up as a solar light when it’s dark, meaning that the light literally does shine right out of his backside. 

All I had to do when I got him was switch him on and position the little fella in a sun spot in the garden and let him absorb a few rays via his special panel. 

My kids thought he was a very funny gnome indeed with Izebella shouting that he’s sticking his bum out. 

Well we waited a few hours once receiving him and look what happened when it got dark!

His little backside lights up for all to see. It’s quite a bright light too considering the size of the gnome. It’s enough to light up a small flower bed and give a bit of a glow to a garden. 

This picture was taken at night but with the flash on so it does not show the solar light lit up but more the glow it gives off around it. 

Mooning gnome costs £18.99 and he’s perfect for any garden in need of a bit of mooning and fun. He’s bound to get many people interested and asking where they can get one.

I think gnome will be fine throughout the Spring and Summer months outside, but as with most solar lights and features; the colder weather can cause damage so he may just have to go into hibernation in the colder months. 

Bringing birds to my garden with Ivel Valley

Published July 8, 2016 by Bizzimummy

I do think birds in a garden on a Summers day is a beautiful thing, as is a Robin on a winters mornng when the garden is full of snow. 

Birds are attracted to gardens where they can find food.  Therefore if you want birds in your garden then it’s important to provide the right type of bird food thus encouraging them to return again. 

Fancy expensive bird tables and feeders are not necessary, bird food can be placed on the ground and if you want a bird feeder then these can be purchased without breaking the bank.

 Ivel Valley have set out to make products that really work and thar have proper nutritious ingredients. The Ready Peck products have  5 key ingredients – nuts, suet, oats, seed and fruit or insects. This ensures a mixture of the essential nutritious ingredients for a bird’s well being and survival. As well these ingredients are those most readily enjoyed by the many species of birds that may visit. 

This is the Ready Peck container which contains 12.55kg of the ground and table mix bird food. The container is reusable and has an easy flap opening. It’s a big box but it’s fine to store outside.

This costs £17.50 and it can be scattered on the ground or placed in low feeders. I bought this small plant feeder for just £3.00 recently.

Suet pellets also seem popular with many bird species such as blue tits, coal tits, thrushes, starlings and robins. Each one contains a mixture of suet, oats, seeds and fruit. These again can be placed on the floor on in feeders. 

Finally the suet balls can go in ball feeders. These are large balls with 5 ingredients, including insects. You get 6 in a pack.

Since using the bird feeds, I have noticed a slight increase in the flying visitors. They are very quick and as soon as I try to go out and get a photograph; off they fly. The birds I havd spotted are quite small, like sparrows or a small tit breed. It doesn’t help much when the cat is out either and scares them away. The food however is certainly working to bring them in. 

Visit Ivel valley for more information.

Picnic with Wilkos

Published May 16, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Summer is just around the corner and we have had the odd few glimpses of it, with the odd sunny day here and there.
Today is an absolute gorgeous day. Me and Izzy are actually in the garden as I write this.
Summer is great for sitting out in the garden and for picnics. Wilkos have everything you need for a great garden this Summer. Everything from patio sets, planters, ornaments and more. The very low cost means gardens can look magnificent without costing the Earth.
I have been sent over some of Wilkos garden Carnaby range. The Carmaby range takes inspiration from the 1960s era, with striking colours and bold patterns. Which can be clearly seen on my Pitcher

For just a mere £5, this is a total bargain. It is made from very tough plastic and is designed to be strong and sturdy with it being used for outdoor use. The pitcher is heat resistant, though not suitable for pouring hot liquids in. It is of course designed for cold refreshing drinks on a hot day.

The black hippyish flower design certainly has the 1960s Summer of love feel. This stands out on any patio table.
The liquid pours out with ease at a steady rate. When not in use the lid keeps the juice inside fresh and free from flying insects. The pitcher is very useful for entertaining guests or even kids. I find it best filled with fresh juice and ice cubes.

Several other items compliment the pitcher. Such as the matching wine glasses.

The great thing about these glasses is that they are also made of very tough plastic (known as melamine). Meaning they are very safe for outdoor use and children can use them too.



There is nothing like going for a good old fashioned picnic with children. Waiting for a nice day is the tricky bit. You don’t have to go far to have one, nor spend a lot of money. A few sandwiches, drinks and crisps will do and either a local park, field or… Even your garden will do.
I was really happy to find a lovely “real” Picnic rug in my parcel from Wilkos. The reason I say real is because I have never had one before. I have always used a blanket or big beach towel.

This Picnic rug also has the Carnaby design. It arrives ready rolled up and folded. It looks like a little handbag and has a carry handle too. It stays in the folded position via Velcro straps.
I was very surprised at it’s size. When unfolded it is really big and will easily fit 5 or 6 people (maybe more) on.

The dimensions are 133x148cms. The material is soft fleece so if say we wear shorts or Summer dresses, it will feel soft next to bare skin. Underneath the rug is a waterproof backing.

A very big, soft and lovely designed picnic rug. I am sure we will get lots of use out of this once the Summer arrives.


Ryan and Jordanna could not wait to test it out in out garden, picnic food included.
I was slightly worried that I may not beable to re fold it back to how it was, but it’s really easy to roll and fold away and it folds up quite small for storage.
I think the rug could have other uses too. When the Summer months are done the rug could perhaps be kept in the car, just incase of a break down and used as a blanket too. That’s just my idea tho.
I can’t believe this beautiful picnic rug only costs £10 too.

Planting gets easier with EasyGrow

Published April 3, 2014 by Bizzimummy

This month B&Q stores across the country will be revamping their plants. The polystyrene packaging which usually comes with bedding plants will be thrown away as will the peat.
The plants will get a new make over by being replaced with something known as EasyGrow and the rather funny named invention called Teabag technology. This new technology will be incorporated into 20 different types of bedding plants across stores.

Easygrow with Teabag Technology™, consists of a self-contained biodegradable ‘teabag’ made from corn starch, a renewable resource that is fully compostable. Each bag is filled with coir, a natural fibre extracted from coconut husks.
The coir they use is produced in Sri Lanka to high ethical standards which have been independently audited. 750 new jobs there as part of the production, and have been helping to support the area with funding for a local school.


The move by B&Q is supported by the RSPB, long time campaigners for peat-free gardening. With easyGrow with Teabag Technology, each bedding plant is rooted in between 95 to 99% peat-free compost. Peat-free gardening takes the pressure away from exploiting lowland peat bogs. These special landscapes are home to birds like merlins and golden plovers, as well as dragonflies, raft spiders and carnivorous wild plants such as sundews and butterworts. It takes a thousand years for raised bogs to build up a metre depth of peat. Peat extraction is also a significant source of carbon emissions, releasing around 1.25million tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.

I was sent over an Easygrow kit which consisted of some beautiful little bedding plants which I think are Marigolds. Sorry I’m not an expert with plant names. We also got some handy tough plastic garden tools to help us with the planting.


The plants had a tiring journey getting to me and looked a little dry so we immediately planted and watered them.
I have only been in my house a few months and therefore the garden is still new to me. The grass in my garden is not growing too well so I’m thinking the soil underneath must have something wrong with it. I am also considering flagging off the grassy bit in the Summer Therefore I decided to put the bedding plants in pots for now at least.
Jordanna was more than happy to help out with planting out new plants. Ryan would rather go off on his bike with friends and Izebella wanted to help too, but would rather take the plants out of the pot than put them in.

The plants were very easy to pot. There was no packaging to dispose of or pull off. All we had to do was make sure they were planted deep enough in the soil and obviously water them when needed (on the odd days it does not rain). They are kept outside so should get enough sunshine. We got them a week ago and they seem to be fine. Still very bright and colourful so I guess we must be doing what we are supposed to with them.

Here are some interesting facts in regard to the new EasyGrow plant technology.
B&Q sell 80 million bedding plants between March and May – which would result in 22,500 cubic metres of polystyrene being sent to landfill, enough to fill 87,200 wheelie bins or 9 Olympic sized swimming pools
• The new packaging is 95% peat free, helping to ease pressure on the excavation of peat bogs, using coir instead which is made from coconut husks. Each plant can be put straight into the ground, encased in a ‘teabag’ and is fully compostable
• 94% of this peat bogs in England have been excavated largely for use in compost
• Peat use in gardening in the UK releases around 1.25 million tonnes of CO2 each year. Around 400,000 tonnes of this comes directly from commercial peat extraction on UK bogs.

To find out more about EasyGrow and the Tea bag technology you can visit the B&Q website where you will find lots more information as well as what plants come with this new technology. There is also an option to find your nearest B&Q store.


B&Q also have a great short video to watch. It features Emilia Fox talking about Greener Gardening and can be watched over on YOU TUBE

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