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My early Mother’s Day gift! Jewellery box UK

Published March 22, 2017 by Bizzimummy

I have an early Mother’s Day gift which has been beautifully personalized and sent to me from Jewellery box U.K..

I love new jewellery and especially so charm bracelets, they are just so pretty.

And here is my new one which has arrived just in time for Mother’s Day.

It is a sterling silver bracelet with the 925 stamp near the fastener. Designed for women although quite small at just 7 inch. Luckily I have very small thin wrists so it fits me. 

The heart is the only charm but it’s a fairly large heart for the bracelet size. I was able to get the four names of my children on just one side of the heart. 

Personalisation can be either side and up to 30 letters. This gives it that overall personal touch which shows a lot of effort has been made with this gift. 

As the bracelet is on the small side, fastening it myself is quite tricky so I have to get one of my older two to help me with it. Obviously for people with bigger wrists this will be too tight. 

The bracelet without personalisation is £30.00 and with personalisation is £8.50 per side. Delivery is free on any order over £10.00 in the U.K and orders also get despatched the same day if ordered by 2pm. I can vouch for the fast delivery too. My bracelet arrived the very next morning after ordering it, so still time to order for Mother’s Day. This bracelet and all details can be found on this page.

And it also comes gift boxed too. 

The Pink mouse company:  Mother’s Day gift ideas

Published March 14, 2017 by Bizzimummy

If looking for a special Mother’s Day sweet treat this year, the head over to The pink mouse company website where you will find a whole host of yummy sweet treats.

Now I’ve been treated to a rather early Mother’s Day gift by The pink mouse company. First there was this yummy sweet tree. 

The one which I had; (and I sat had, as it’s all been eaten) is a chocolate m&ms tree but the sweet trees can be made with many other well known chocolates and sweets. They arrive presented in a lovely hamper style basket and wrapped with a big ribbon ready for gifting. 

The majority of these sweet trees even come in 3 size choices – small, medium and large. I think the large one would probably be too big as a solo gift and more suitable to parties or weddings, which The pink mouse company also cater for. 

Our M&ms tree was thoroughly enjoyed by us all. The sweets stay on the tree really well. I think the chocolate binds them together but once we managed to pick the first few off, the rest came off easy enough.

And if our sweet tree wasn’t enough of a chocolate fix, we also got this lovely Chocolate hot shots hamper.

This also arrives with beautiful presentation and contains a cup 6 chocolate hot shots and marshmallows. The hot shots and big blocks of chocolate attached to a wooden spoon. They get dipped and stirred into hot milk to melt into a hot chocolate drink. 

Add marshmallows which also melt in the milk and it’s just delicious and especially good just before bedtime.

Perfect chocolate gifts that any mum would love to receive. 

Perfect pamper gifts

Published February 21, 2017 by Bizzimummy

With Valentine’s Day over for another year, it’s perhaps time to think about Mother’s Day once again which is on its way in just a few weeks. 

Us Mothers need a bit of pampering every now and then and the majority of us ladies just love to receive pamper/bathing type gifts for any occasion. 

Now most ladies get fed up of the same bog standard supermarket gift sets that can be purchased anywhere and we like things a little different and special. This is where Perfect pamper gifts comes in very handy.

Perfect Pamper gifts create unique gift sets and pamper hampers containing luxury fragrant products. 

My own hamper arrived in a lovely little bow tied Jute bag, like this.

And yes you can even choose the bag colour. 

Before opening the bag, I knew it was going to be good inside because I could smell the lovely fragrant aromas inside. And inside – all these lovely pamper Goodies. 

The aromas are delicious and smelt so good, they made me hungry. 

I absolutely love all of the products inside. Just take a look at this Pomegranate & Vitamin E face mask!

It looks and feels like a fruity whipped cream and feels lovely on my face. 

The Whole lot of love bath bomb is huge and I can’t wait to drop into my bath. The centre rose part is made of soap petals which get pulled off and scattered in the bath before fizzing the bath bomb.

Then Sweet cherry body wash – the scent reminds me of my favourite yoghurt flavour and that’s black cherry. It contains cherry kernel oils and smells very sweet. 

Seville orange lip balm really helps my dry lips which I seem to get whenever I have a cold (which I do now!) 

And finally, for an added bit of bathing luxury – Wild rose scented candle. 

There are many pamper hampers to choose from, be it for mum, sister, daughter, friend etc. You can also Build your own hamper by choosing specific products and Perfect Pamper gifts even offer a Monthly subscription pamper box which I am considering signing up to. Monthly pamper treats sound amazing. 

The pamper hampers make wonderful gifts for us ladies and are a great idea for a Mother’s Day gift. The gifts hamper bundles such as the one I have start at £14.99 and include choice of bag, gift tag and personalised message. Each bag contains at least 4 pamper items depending on which one is chosen.

There are many to choose from at Perfect pamper gifts.

My retro gifts from Nuku

Published December 14, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Everyone knows how much I love my retro gadgets and gizmos, anything that brings back memories from the 1980s/1990s. Anyway I came across a rather cool gift website called NUKU. They sell all sorts of funky and unusual gifts and  gadgets. Stuff for the home, gifts for him, her, the kids and lots more. I really enjoyed having a browse through it all. Then I came across two items which are both really retro and things I remember from my younger years, and well; I just had to have them both.
Hands up if you remember this! 🙋

Yes it’s the old favourite – Big mouth Billy Bass or otherwise known as the singing fish. I loved these years ago, sad but true! They can be hard to come across in the modern high street gift stores these days but when I was about 11 they were everywhere, including on the walls of many homes. 
If your a bit younger than myself and have no idea what this fish thing is – well it’s a novelty gadget which either gets hung on the wall or stood on a shelf via its stand. It has two on functions – sensor and not sensor. When the sensor is on it detects movement and when off it works via a press of the button. 

This one plays two songs – “Don’t worry be happy” and “I will survive”. It also dances and wiggles its tail and it’s quite amusing to watch. My kids love it.

The best way to show you what it does is by making this short video of the thing in action. 

And that’s the singing fish which costs £18.99 from Nuku.
Now there is one item that my bathroom has been lacking since I moved to this house and that is a toilet roll holder. Yes I have toilet roll but they usually end up sat on top of the toilet. Well all that has changed now – as I now have one and a very unusual one too.

Yes you are seeing correctly – It’s a Polaroid style toilet roll holder. Very cool and rather funky. It’s tough plastic with a removeable bar to place the toilet roll on which then goes through the Polaroid slot. Nuku even sell toilet roll with images on to make it look even more like a camera.

This comes with the relevant screws and wall plugs to hang it and I’m very impressed with myself because I managed to hang it all by myself problem free, and I am rubbish at DIY. It only took me 20 mins or so and I don’t own a drill either. This Polaroid toilet roll holder comes in two shades and cost £12.99.
Don’t you just love retro type gifts!


Published September 14, 2016 by Bizzimummy

So we have been sent over an Ecosphere. Prior to recieving it, we had n idea what it really was but my children and my visitors are fascinated by it. 

I’ve copied a bit of information from the ecosphere website which you can also read yourself as to what an ecosphere is. 

“Each Ecosphere is a self- contained Ecosystem within hand blown glass. They are all unique to each other due to the natural products contained within.

Inside each Ecosphere are small marine shrimp, filtered sea water, algae and micro-organisms. The system is completely sealed and does not need anything else (apart from the right environment) to survive.”

Therefore if you like, it’s something I between keeping fish and having those Aqua monkeys and it’s quite fascinating. The sphere is tough glass and sealed, meaning it can’t be opened by curious little hands. 

They come in many shapes and sizes and look great placed anywhere. Your visitors will be very curious if they spot one of these.

From recieving our ecosphere we have spotted at least 4 shrimp like creatures. They swim very fast so there may possibly be more. The obvious question is how do they survive without adding any food? Well that’s because the shrimp can survive on the algae and micro organisms already contained in the sphere and they can even live up to 7/10 years if placed in the correct environment. The sphere needs placing in indirect light. Many people would probably think about placing it on a window but this would be dangerous as the sun light would create a build up of too much algae. I keep mine on top of a glass unit, near a window but not directly in front of the sun and so far it’s doing okay.

All of the essential information about owning an ecosphere comes in a handy guide with the product and there is also some info on the website. 

To see an ecosphere in action I created this short video clip. You need to look closely to see the shrimps as they move so quickly. 

And now for the price – Ecospheres are pioneered by NASA. A lot of attention goes into each one and each one is unique. The shrimps last years and therefore these don’t come cheap. They start from £89.00 right up to £499.00 for the larger one. They do however make lovely unique gifts which are one of a kind.

Personalised charm bracelet 

Published July 29, 2016 by Bizzimummy

My favourite item of jewellery to wear is a charm bracelet. I love them. They come in many shapes and sizes and all with beads or dangly charms.

My latest charm bracelet comes from Personalised gift solutions who specialise in unique personalised gifts. Their new gifts include personalised jewellery and the charm bracelets really stood out for me.

There are a few to choose from with different colour beads and choice of charms. It was this one that caught my eye. 

bracelet  image
This being the Galaxy black butterfly and heart charm bracelet. You can choose between small – 18cm and large 21cm size of bracelet. My wrists are tiny so I have the smaller one which will also suit older children and teens. This bracelet comes with the following – 4 x Black Patterned Beads, 2 x Butterfly Clips, 2 x Jewelled Twist Charms and 1 x Engraved Heart Tag. It also comes in a presentation box. 

For the personalisation I chose to have all 4 of my children’s names on including Keiras who died at just 10 hours old

The bracelet fastens with one of the new type metal roll clasps. You open it with a nail and it locks the ends into place.

The black and silver beads on this bracelet work well with any outfit and it’s a piece of jewellery that can be worm for any occasion.

A lovely gift costing £29.99 with free delivery. 3 lines of personalisation and allow up to 7 days for your gift. 

Smile and say “Cheerz”

Published June 15, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Cheerz is a mobile photo printing app which enables users like myself to upload photographs from a mobile device and have them printed and delivered to your address.

Cheerz offers a variety of photo print options which includes prints in boxes, Polaroid styles, strips, posters and magnets. The retro magnet set is what really stood out for me. I love having magnets on my fridge, I do already have a few small photo magnets on there but these are quite different.

They look like they have come straight out of an instant camera, when ther were all taken with an iPhone. You can order as many as you want but in packs of 12 (being the minimum) which costs £15 per pack. Each one comes on a coloured background with the option to write text captions at the bottom. 

The colours can be random or chosen for each photograph as can the txt fonts. 

The magnetic backing allows them to be placed on a fridge or even a radiator meaning favourite pictures and memories will always be in view. 

My new retro style magnet photos turned out really well, each one being clear, and I was able to crop and make slight alterations where needed before placing the order. 

So instead of buying useless aprons or tea towels as gifts,or something that will get shoved in a drawer and forgot about, maybe think about buying a pack of these photo magnets instead. They really do brighten up my boring fridge freezer. 

Visit the Cheerz website for more information on available photo products and gifts and details on the app. Delivery takes 3-4 days.


Published March 22, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Floraqueen began over ten years ago and are international florists delivering bouquets to more than 90 countries.

Flowers can be for any occasion and not just birthdays or valentines or the big occasions and  it always cheers me up to receive a nice bunch of flowers for myself.

I was able to select my own flower assortment and there are plenty to choose from. The category options allow you to narrow it down to which type of flower you particularly want, for instance a bunch containing specifically roses or Lillies.

Roses and Lillies are what I enjoy and I found this very pretty bunch containing both red and pink roses and White Lillies.  

Most flower selections come with further options to select how big a bouquet you want to send – classic, deluxe or premium. My particular flower bunch starts from £27.

My flowers came with a courier and were literally ready to put straight in a vase of water. 

There is no box or big chunky packaging to dispose of, it’s just the flowers. A card and message can be added too.  

The flowers arrive fresh, the Lillies not yet flowered and some of the roses only just opening. I love the smell of fresh flowers and the colours on this bunch very bright and pretty too. 

A perfect start to the day receiving such pretty flowers.

Visit Floraqueen to brighten up someone’s day.

Personalised valentines gifts at snapfish 

Published February 8, 2016 by Bizzimummy

It probably has not escaped your attention that it’s Valentine’s Day in just a few days. If you are still looking for that special gift for a loved one, then have a look over at Snapfish uk who specialise in personalised photo gifts. They have a fantastic selection to choose from and I have been using snapfish for years now to order both gifts and photographs. I find it really easy to use and they have very recently made their site more mobile friendly too meaning I am now able to upload my photos straight from an iPhone. I have found the snapfish service very reliable with most things I order arriving in 2/3 days so therefore still time to get those Valentin’s gifts in. They always have lots of offers on and especially so on individual prints which remain very low cost. 
Hete are just a few ideas for Valentine day gifts. All of which can include own photos, perhaps of couples together or memories from special places. 

There are canvases, photo books, mugs, mobile phone cases and my favourite being the photo cushions. These come in two sizes and start at £19.99.

Now I don’t have a lover this valentines to make one for, very sad I know! But I was kindly given a code to make anything I wanted over at Snapfish. The loves of my life this Valentine’s Day are of course my children so I chose to make the special gift cushion for them.

The process is easy. You need to sign up for an account. Then upload photographs and choose the one you want. There are a few edit options to crop or apply filters. You get to preview the cushion which is important to make sure it’s right and no heads are chopped off etc. Payment can be done by debit cards and credit cards  and paypal which is very useful. 

My finished cushion only took 2 days to arrive which is really fast. 

I used a photograph I took over Christmas as it’s the most recent one I have of them altogether. Obviously better quality photos give better results and I’m very happy with the quality of both image and cushion in general. 

It’s a big bulky but comfy cushion, kids obviously love having their faces on it. Friends ask where I got it from and now all want one too. The back of the cushion is really velvety and soft too and the cover can be unzipped for washing. So yes very impressed with this and I imagine it will also make a lovely valentines gift if perhaps made for a partner. 


Pamper gifts for her & competition

Published December 14, 2015 by Bizzimummy

There is still plenty of time to go and buy those last minute gifts and if there is a special woman in ones life then maybe take a look at these pamper sets. 

Style and Grace slipper set! 

 This beautifully presented set combines luxury white slippers with bathing and pamper products meaning us ladies can have a good old relax in the bath and then step into brand new comfy slippers.

(Style & Grace is the new gift brand from Rainbow Cosmetics; it has been created to bring you beautiful and luxurious collections in on trend designs. Show someone how much you care with a gift from Style & Grace)

Spa Collection set

This is just one of many spa sets from Style & Grace. They all differ with various beauty products and scents. This one contains a very generous 5 products. All of which I will get some use out of. Again it comes with lovely presentation and perfect for any lady or even teenager.

Sunkissed Contour set 

 This bronze & contour set is from the Sunkissed brand which is also part of Rainbow cosmetics. Sunkissed products are more focuses on bronzing and self tanning and I have used a few of their self tanning mousse products throughout the year. I find the self tan products to be one of the best and least expensive. 

Contouring seems to be all the rage this year, with achieving the perfect flawless look. This set comes with the 3 contour pallet for bronzing, blushing and highlighting and a brush. 

All of the above sets can be purchased in most gift and beauty stores plus some large supermarkets and on Amazon. I have not included prices as it seems to vary from one place to another but all are fairly inexpensive.


I have one Style and Grace slipper gift set to give away. The competition will end on Monday 28th December and so therefore not a Christmas competition but may make a nice late gift. Entrants must be UK residents. 


Competitions at ThePrizeFinder

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