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Pairfum diffuser bell

Published May 2, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Continuing with my home accessories today, I have a lovely item that most ladies would love in their home. 

It is a large reed diffuser in the shape of a bell. It comes from Pairfum London

PAIRFUM London is for Lovers of Perfume! They offer naturally luxurious couture perfume that won’t be found in high street stores plus Organic skin care products and natural home fragrance. 

Pairfum is ideal for health conscious consumers, as it is created for the health & wellness of the senses.

This large reed diffusers has a long list of fragrance oils to choose from to make the home smell deliciously fragrant 24 hours a day. It is certainly much larger than any diffusers I have had before and can last up to 9 months complete with 250ml of oil and 10 large reed sticks. I turn the sticks twice a day, once in the morning and then before I go to bed, meaning I can smell the fresh fragrance when I get up. 

My fragrance is one of my favourite and is called innocent vanilla. It’s a lovely sweet scent. The PAIRFUM Reed Diffuser uses a highly fragrant and natural non-VOC oil serum. This is both non flammable and non toxic and contains more pure couture perfume than typical diffuser oils. 

A large diffuser bell costs £37.50 and saves the need for buying regular cans of freshener. It also looks really ornate on top of shelves and makes a lovely gift too. 

Making a house more of a home with The Windsor Browne/Melody Mason collection 

Published May 2, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Windsor Browne is a brand created by Melody Maison to showcase items with a more quirky, industrial, earthy or gentleman’s club style. 
There are all sorts of more vintage style items including furniture and accessories for the home. I have three items from this collection! 

The first is a Floral French metal jug.

This may just look like an everyday type plant watering jug from the outset, and yes it can be used for plant watering but it also makes a rather pretty centre piece decoration. Either stand alone or as a flower vase like I’ve done here.

As it’s made of metal, there is little chance of it breaking or cracking and I think it looks so much prettier than the usual glass vases. It costs just under £10 and makes a perfect accessory in my newly decorated hallway. 

Next is one product that I always need, but can never find. It’s a bottle opener, but one that is very unlikely to become lost. 

This bottle opener is wall mounted and has a retro pub theme to it. I don’t drink beer at all but I do enjoy the odd treat of Coca Cola in glass bottles so this will come in handy. It also looks quite quirky next to my fridge too. 

I did have a few problems getting this on the wall. There are two screw slots at the back but it does not come with any screws or bolts and everything I tried was either too big or too small or just did not work. In the end I had to drill a small hole through the top of it and hang it that way, but it’s up now and it’s not a huge problem.

Yes it does work, just attach a bottle lid to the metal hole and open as you would any other bottle. The metal tray thing at the bottom even catches the drips. I best make sure I remember to give it a wipe! 

I’ll never be searching for a bottle opener again now this is on my kitchen wall. This one is just £10.95 but it does not come with appropriate wall fixings. 

Finally a small heart wall mirror.

I have put this in my bedroom as I was lacking a wall mirror. It is fairly small at 25cms but still has quite an effect on the room. It’s frame is plastic but to look at it from a distance it looks more metallic. 

I did struggle a bit to get this mirror hung too. There are 2 small hooks on the back but these seem quite flimsy and move around a lot when trying to get them onto a wall hook. I was worried about applying pressure whilst hanging it as it is quite a dainty thing which could easily be cracked if I pressed too hard. But… I now have a nice wall mirror at least.

At just £5.95 it’s not a bad price at all. 

Melody mason have some many unique and very pretty items. It’s the sort of place that makes me want to buy everything. The prices are very reasonable and their items really help to turn a house into a home. 

Spring cleaning with humble stuff

Published April 18, 2017 by Bizzimummy

This is humble stuff, cleaning products from a small Scottish based company without the harsh chemicals. They sell a small selection of products but are multi surface meaning they can be used in any room and most surfaces and general uses around the home. I am always confused as to why supermarkets stock multiple cleaners for bathroom, kitchen, glass, wood etc but then next to all those are also bottles of multisurface products containing exactly the same stuff. 

Humble stuff products differ slightly from the usual supermarket shelf brands because they don’t contain the usual chemicals or bleaches. They contain, instead blends of bicarbonate of soda, and natural oils and fragrances yet still clean just as good. 

The multi-surface spray is great for worktop sides after food preparation and also the side where the kettle is which often ends up with tea bag drips on it. I also used it in my living room to give the units a quick clean and dining room table. 

The soft cleaning paste is a white paste which resembles a soft putty. This can be used where a more intensive clean is required. Think cookers, white furniture stains etc. It’s pretty good too considering it’s made mainly with bicarbonate of soda and no bleaching agents. I’ve found it works wonders on getting cups and mugs clean of those nasty tea and coffee stains. I just add a little all around the cup, leave for 20 minutes, scrub and thoroughly wash and have managed to get the majority of my cups looking white inside again. It can be used to clean cooker tops and I’ve read inside the oven too. I haven’t tried this as my oven was not long cleaned with oven cleaner (very harsh nasty stuff) but I will give it a go soon. It’s pretty useful in bathrooms as well and even in the toilet bowl. Again wipe on, leave and flush away. 

The biggest surprise I had using this paste tho is possibly one that this paste may not really be meant got at all. Therefore I would advise you to do this at your own risk. My daughter Jordanna had a new pink top. She managed to get several stains all down it. I think it was a mixture of chocolate, ice cream and possibly sauce (she’s very messy!) I washed it and the stains were still very much there, even after wash number 2.  It was looking like the pink favourite top was destined for the bin, and then I had a bright idea. I scooped a small handful of cleaning paste and applied it to the stains on the top, scrubbed a little and then put it in the machine on a 60 degree wash cycle. (I wish I had taken before and after pictures but just didn’t think) And low and behold it came out stain free and looking very clean indeed. This was a last resort before binning the top so again use this way with caution. 

Humble stuff also sell a toilet freshener too and all their products cost just £5.00 each or buy all 3 for just £12.00. 

House clean for 2017 with help from Vileda

Published December 29, 2016 by Bizzimummy

It’s almost time to leave 2016 behind and welcome in another new year. It’s out with the old and in with the new. I have been spending the past two days re-cleaning my home and trying my best to clear the bags of rubbish from Xmas day. I’m getting there slowely but by far the hardest thing to clean for me is the windows. Yes I have a window cleaner but what’s the point in clean windows outside but dirty or streaky inside? No matter what solution I use on windows, they always end up streaky and usually look even worse.  So……. when Vileda offered to send me one of their new Windowmatic cleaners, I was a little dubious as to whether it would do the job, or yet again leave a streaky mess. 

This is the device and there really isn’t much to it. It measures the length of my forearm and is easily stored away. The instructions state to give it 6 hours charge but I did find mine had a bit of charge in straight from the box. It’s already set up to use I just had to attach the nozzle part.

You don’t get any sort of glass cleaner with this, you clean the window with your usually cleaner and wipe with a clean sponge then the device hoovers up and swipes away the dirty water and remaining dirt which cause the streaks. When on it even feels like a small Hoover with a gust of air blowing. I find it best to start from the top and glide down as this way it all goes to the bottom and gets sucked up rather than clinging to the top or middle of the windows.

The nozzle part has a flexible neck meaning it can be bent for small windows and awkward edges. 

The dirty water collects in a see through tank which is easily removed for emptying. This can get a little smelly so it’s a good idea to wash it out after every use. 

The unit will clean a whole house of windows and more on just one charge and the results are much better than using a sponge or even newspaper as some recommend. I wouldn’t say it’s 100% streak free but then again neither is a window cleaner man. The streaking is minimal and the windows look much cleaner inside after use. 

Prices for the Vileda windowmatic start at about £40 and as it’s sale season if may be on offer for less. Vileda have a few videos of this in action on their website.

2Kewt cat ceramics 

Published August 9, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Recently I was contacted by the owner of a brand new product line names 2Kewt, as in “Too Cute” and when you see some of the product range it’s quite easy to sw why it is named so. These are cute ceramics for both the kitchen and bathroom. 

There is quite a selection of ceramics for both rooms all in a cute black and white cat design, I’m unsure if this cat character is in anyway based on a real cat at all but these items are certainly unusual. 

I guess you need be a cat lover to want these items or maybe just like cute and different looking things. The four items in the picture above are what I now have in my home and of course many of you may know that I do own a cat myself. 

This is the cookie jar and it’s unusual both in its design and the fact it’s ceramic.

The cats head comes off to reveal the biscuits hidden inside. It is possibly the quirkiest biscuit jar I have come across. It looks pretty good in my kitchen too and my walls are currently white and all the appliances are black.

I will say: it may be a good idea to reserve this for special “adult” cookies and biscuits. You know the expensive ones us mothers buy and hide until kiddies are in bed! It’s a lovely item and not a good idea for kids to handle and fight over.

If you looked at the photograph above of my four items and spotted the large spoon, you may be thinking its for ice cream or just me being greedy. Well it’s actually an unusual item – a spoon for spoons. I am hoping I’m using this correctly: but it’s for placing tea spoons on after making hot drinks and saves hot liquids dripping onto worktops.

The spoon simply rests on the spoon and all the drips end up on the cat spoon instead which can then be washed. I’m sure it could be used for other things too and it is quite decorative, there is even a hole to hang it up.

And for the bathroom – A soap dish!

If the soap is big enough and positioned correctly, it almost looks as though the cat is holding it. A soap dish is one thing I have been meaning to buy for a while. Soap is essential to keep clean but I hate the mess from soap stains on the sink. The problem is now solved with this pretty cat soap dish.

And finally – yes a ceramic cat toilet brush holder. It even comes with a toilet brush too. The brush fits in the back of the cat, or its butt even! . The brush itself is nothing great, but it does the intended job, obviously a new one will be needed after a few weeks of cleaning.

Again the cat seems to match the decor, I am beginning to think I need a little more colour in my home.

Cat does kind of look up at you whilst your using the bathroom. Almost like a lonely, stroke me face I think. I’m not too sure what the real cat thinks of this cat being all over my house tho.

2 Kewt is a brand new company and I have spotted their products at Gift ideas online, eBay and a few on Amazon. Prices differ per item.

Zoflora disinfectant

Published July 25, 2016 by Bizzimummy

I have been using Zoflora around my home for a while now. Many people will be familiar with Zoflora products. It is concentrated disinfectant. 

They come in several bottle sizes, the larger being 500ml. I do vaguely recall it being in glass bottles a while ago but I think they have now all been swapped to plastic.

The versatile, 3 in 1 action formula of Zoflora kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses that can cause illness and create bad odours. The fragrant solution offers all day freshness and fills your home with a beautiful long lasting scent.

Unlike regular disinfectants that come with the familiar strong cleaning solution scents, Zoflora instead smells of flowers and seasons and the scent lasts a long time too. 

It’s pretty strong stuff and can be dangerous if not used right. It needs diluting for most jobs as it could be flammable otherwise. It needs 40 parts of water per part of Zoflora so if you used 10mls of Zoflora then it would need 400mls of water tho it can be used neat in bathrooms and tough surfaces. It’s great for mopping floors, I tend to use it in a spray bottle diluted to clean kitchen sides. I do love the scents it leaves.

The one thing I don’t understand about Zoflora is that the bottles don’t seem to have safety catches on them, at least the bottles I have used don’t. This could be an issue around young children if it’s not stored away corectly. I store mine high up.

Zoflora is very cheap, often less than a pound per bottle and I see it everywhere from the big supermarkets to home bargains and even corner shops.

Our kitchen gadgets from Oxo

Published June 29, 2016 by Bizzimummy

When Izebella was younger, I had the pleasure of working with Oxo UK on their baby and toddler products. They have a lot of colourful products for babies and toddlers. Izebella is now a little old for the Oxo tot range but Oxo UK also have a good selection of items and gadgets for the kitchen and bathroom. 

“And here are just 3 of those products” 

Starting with the Trigger ice cream scoop. I have many kitchen accessories and utensils but up until now, I have never owned a real ice cream scoop and usually resort to using a spoon; which always ends up bent! 

It is a slightly strange looking gadget, with the peculiar looking lever but it certainly saves a few bent spoons (well unless you are practicing to be the next Uri Geller that is?).

Ryan was very keen to give this a go for me and demonstrate how it works. There is a tab on the scoop to save sliding hands and a press of the lever gives nice round scoops of ice cream, perfect for a cone.

Unfortunately Ryan did not get to have the first scoops, Jordanna did instead.

It’s a nice fancy gadget to own, not exactly a necessity unless you eat ice cream on a daily basis but always good to have one. It’s much easier than bending the spoon! These cost £10.00 each. 

Next up is a box grater. A grater is another thing I did not previously own and I am very happy to now have one.

This grater has 4 useable sides, all of which give a different slice to the used foods. You can pretty much slice any food on a grater and it saves the need for using a knife. However the sides are all sharp so care needs to be taken and especially so for very small or pieces of food as it will also grate skin if not careful. 

Unlike the regular stand alone grater, this one comes with a handy plastic tub which fits and attaches under the grater. The tub catches the grated foods meaning slightly less mess.

I have so far grated onions, cheese and a few other salad items using this. I love the little tub attachment as it makes things much easier than using a plate or chopping board underneath it. The tub even has a lid for storing and measurement markings.  This costs £16.00

Finally and one just for Izebella to use is a Good grips twist top water bottle.

This is a really big water bottle and holds a lot of water or juice. Unlike other water bottles that we have used, this one opens and closes by twisting the top lid around, thus hiding the straw and protecting it. When the straw is hidden it becomes a leak proof bottle that can be taken on journeys. When the straw is up, the leakage is still minimal when tipped, tho some does come out at first. 

It’s a tough a study bottle which seems to beable to withstand many drops so far. The plastic handle at the top makes it easy and conveinient to carry around. 

Measurements in both mls and ounces appear on each side of the cup making it perfect for adults to make gym shakes inside it too. 

This water bottle costs £10.00.


Published May 20, 2016 by Bizzimummy

A few months ago I reviewed a cleaning product for Ecoegg. You can see the cleaner review here. I still have lots of the cleaning product left. 

I have recently discovered that Ecoegg have recently won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation 2016. The Queen’s Awards are made annually by Her Majesty The Queen on the advice of the Prime Minister, who is assisted by an Advisory Committee that includes representatives of Government, industry and commerce. They are thrilled to have been recognised by Her Majesty The Queen as one of the most innovative businesses in the United Kingdom.

Ecoeggs most popular and well known product are the laundry eggs. These are made both for washing and drying clothes and for the passed week I have been using the laundry egg for washing. 

These laundry eggs come in a selection of fragrances and are designed to totally replace washing detergent. It’s hard to believe but this one egg is enough for 210 washes. 

The egg comes with small bags of pellets. They don’t all go in at first, only enough for approximately 72 washes and then refill. 

The best way to keep track of when to refill is to work out how many washes you do per week. So say if it’s 3 then divide 72 by 3 which is 24 weeks. That works out almost half the year before a refill based on 3 lots of washing per week. 

The egg does get the washing as clean as any other detergent I usually use. The strength of the scent on washing seems to depend on how big a load I do. I can smell the fragrance better once the washing has dried rather than wet straight from the machine. The egg filled with pellets simply goes in the drum on top of washing and can be used on any wash cycle. The instructions do state that fabric conditioner/softener can also be used if desired.

The eco laundry egg is a sure way to save money. It costs just £9.99 for 210 washes and the one pack will last over a year. There is a larger egg too giving a massive 720 washes for £19.99. And when the egg does run out of pellets then replacements can also be bought.

New bedding from Sleepy people 

Published May 10, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Now the weather is finally warming up a bit, it’s always nice to change the duvets and invest in a more lighter/summer option. 

I am unfortunate to suffer from what appears to be seasonal allergies, I get the awful tickly throat which leads to watery eyes and coughing. It tends to occur in the evenings and through the night a lot too. Both pollen, dust and other unknown causes are triggers. 

Sleepy people is a British online bedding retailer with a full range of products that includes a selection of anti-allergy items. They have sent me over one of their Silent night anti allergy bed sets. This consists of a 7.5 tog anti allergy duvet, and 2 anti allergy pillows. My set is king size and other bed sizes are available.

If the tog rating confuses you as it did me then Sleepy people do have a tog forecaster widget creator which gives you an idea of the best tog number per season. I also found this helpful image.
Therefore for the British spring weather a 7.5 tog is ideal.

I love the feel of fresh bedding and especially a brand new duvet and pillows. My new duvet felt so much lighter and more airy than the previous one which I think had been on my bed for a whole year. 

Once in bed, the duvet seemed to provide just the right amount of warmth needed. I didn’t feel like I needed any more layers and didn’t feel overly hot so that I had to kick it off, it was just right. My old duvet would feel heavy on me and heavy when making the bed in the morning but my new one is so much lighter whilst still being warm.

As for the pillows, wow! Such a good nights comfy sleep. Lovely, soft, deep and big. My head just sunk into them. 

Izebella usually sleeps in my bed once a week and also found them very comfy compared to the previous ones.

I did find that I was sneezing less through the night since changing the bedding, the tickly throat is coming much less at night time so I can only think that maybe something in my old duvet and pillows was adding to the problem. 

Now I can get a very comfy long nights sleep thanks to Sleepy People. 

The 7.5 tog bedding sets start from £21.99. Both the duvet and pillows can also be purchased separately.

Eco Egg multiple purpose cleaner

Published January 28, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Eco egg produce household products that are driven by customers needs, are money saving, environmentally friendly and free from harsh chemicals. 
One of their products is a multi purpose cleaner. When the cleaner arrives there is 2 bottles, one of which is empty and the other is the concentrated mixture. 

It’s a big litre bottle which needs mixing and diluting, hence the other spray bottle. This concentrated mixture gives enough to make up to 80 spray bottles so it will certainly last me a long time. The back of the concentrate bottle shows how to dilute and it’s easily done with one or two capfuls of concentrate and filled with water. 

The concentrate has a very strong lemon scent, once diluted the scent is still there but no where near as strong, more a mild zesty smell which you would expect from most cleaners. 

This antibacterial cleaner is made using plant extracts. It contains no harsh chemicals and states that it kills 99.9% bacteria.

Clean the dirt you can see and the dirt you can’t see: it’s independently proven to kill 99.99% of E. coli, staphylococcus, MRSA and the flu bug, instantly.

The spray bottle is really easy to use and the nozzle can be locked when not in use. The spray comes out moderately with an ever so slight bit of foam. It can be used on any surface in any room, even glass. I found it especially good on kitchen sides, bathroom and white painted doors which get full of grubby hand marks. Here is a quick before and after picture of my previously messy kitchen worktop. 

The finished result is almost shiny and reflective. 

The cleaner costs £19.99 and gives 80 bottles of cleaning spray thus saving money paying out for supermarket brands 80 times.

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