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Time for those Easter treats: Hotel Chocolat 

Published April 13, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Yes it’s here already, a third of the way through the year and Easter is upon us once again. Not only is it Easter Sunday in our house but my son turns into a teenager on the same date, a big 13 years old this time so double celebrations all round. 

When I think of Easter, only one thing pops to mind, and that’s chocolate. Yes I know Easter has more deeper and religious meanings that chocolate. I am quite fussy when it comes to chocolate. I never used to be but since blogging and trying a lot of different brands, my taste for it has altered. However there is one brand that I have not gone off and still continue to love……………….. Yes it’s Hotel Chocolat. 

Here I have an assortment of Hotel Chocolat Easter treats which are, I believe designed with children in mind. Well I’m a big kid at heart so I guess that counts me in too. 

These designs look fabulous and in first glance they may not even look like chocolate but more like toys or figures. 

These are the penpals, containing three farmyard friends, all with names and in white, caramel and dark chocolate. A pack of these cute tasty friends costs £10.00 and they look so much better than a pack of small eggs don’t they?

Of course no Easter would be right without seeing a bunny of some sort. 

This big city bunny comes in a choice of three types of chocolate. Again it’s really well designed with eyes, nose, clothes, buttons all sculptured in chocolate. The lovely bunnies cost £7.50 each. 

And then there’s this!

This one is an Easter hunt Bunnies basket which contains 15 yummy solid milk chocolate bunnies and chicks, each one individually wrapped. 

This is just perfect for my 3 children and I intend to hide them around the house on Easter morning. 

This one costs just £8.00.
Hotel chocolat treats can be found in Hotel chocolat stores across the country and online at Hotel chocolat U.K..

My favourite Christmas chocs

Published December 16, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Christmas is certainly no time for dieting, that can come later. It’s about good food and chocolate and lots of it. I don’t eat lots of chocolate but when I do, there is one sure favourite that stands out above the rest. Yes it’s Hotel chocolat, consider expensive by sons and an absolute luxury for me.

So what has Santa bought me this year?? Yeh may wonder! Well take a look at this!

Yes it’s a Yule log, it is Christmas after all. Of course this isn’t any old chocolate Yule log that can be bought almost anywhere, this is a very very special one for those of us on Santa’s nice list. 

The shape is created via a 3D scanner and finished with white chocolate for a finish of fresh snow. 50% milk chocolate praline with hazelnuts and crisped rice. It is very easy to slice for that carving-the-log moment, and can serve 14 tho this depends how generous one is being with sharing it. 

It is very very sweet and just pure chocolate throughout. This is no lightweight Yule log either I could immediately feel the weight of it, all 420g of pure indulgent chocolate. 

This is one that needs to be hidden from the kiddies because at £20.00 a go your not going to want to share with everyone.
Am I also have one of these too! It’s a chocolate wreath and it costs £8.00. This is a smaller version of the large wreath that Hotel Chocolat have costing £20.00. I actually had the large wreath at Xmas about 2 years ago. It’s huge and certainly not one for individuals plus you need an industrial type blade as the chocolate in them is very thick. This small wreath weighs 100gms and this particular one is the rare and vintage which is made with dark chocolate and infused with nuts, almonds and cranberries. There are 2 other small wreath varieties in milk and white chocolate choices and similar choices for the big wreaths.The small one would make a lovely gift or stocking filler and I think it’s just the right size for an individual.

As always, absolutely amazing, luxurious chocs from Hotel chocolat and certainly worth paying thaf extra bit of money for on special occasions.

Easter at Hotel Chocolat

Published March 18, 2016 by Bizzimummy

It’s just over a week to go until the chocolate eggs and bunnys all come out. Easter certainly comes early this year and even earlier for me. 

My favourite chocolatiers have once again made me my quite happy with the arrival of their Easter goody bag.  

As always with Hotel Chocolat products the packaging is top notch luxury. This goody bag resembles one of those high class shopping bags and is of course packed full of chocolate goodies.  


As its Easter there are lots of bunnys in this, 9 in total split amongst 2 packs. The 6 pack are the city caramel bunnies and then a 3 pack of milk chocolate bunnies

There is of course some small eggs too, known as egglets. These are in a delicious raspberry flavour and in a little gift bag type thing. Some of these eggs come wrapped and some unwrapped. 

The Chocolate slab in salted caramel was the first thing I ate and loved it, tho I would of liked it to be a big bigger. My overall favourite from this goody bag are the trio of pralines. Unfortunately only 3 but I loved each one. Very creamy and indulgent. 

I have really enjoyed this goody bag, I did not save it for Easter as it was just too good. It costs £18.00 and Hotel Chocolat also have a lovely selection of Easter eggs and other yummy  Easter treats. The goody bag contents can also be purchased separately too in larger quantities for next time.

Christmas from Hotel Chocolat

Published November 11, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Christmas would not be the same without a good old treat from one of my favourite places – Hotel Chocolat

This year I have a very yummy large size Festive wreath. This wreath certainly is not for hanging up. 

 It comes infused with a delicious blend of cookies and caramel and every scrumptious bite gives a delicious crunch each time. 
It’s got a fabulous sculptured design to the chocolate which sort of makes it a bit of a shame to chop it up and eat it, but as its Christmas it needs to be done. 

 The chocolate on this is so thick. The box states it cuts into 10 pieces but I can easily get more than 10 and being so thick means that it fills you up quite quickly so it’s probably best not too eat too much of it at once as its also very sweet.

The whole thing comes presented in a lovely gift box, fastened with red ribbon for a lovely finishing touch. Hotel Chocolat also provide lovely gift bags with their purchases and no they are not the 5p plastic ones either. 

 Buy the 450g festive wreath for £20.00. Just be careful not to eat it all as you don’t want a belly like Santa, and don’t forget to leave the big guy a slice on Christmas Eve. 

Smaller chocolate wreaths are also available.

Hotel Chocolat for Christmas

Published December 9, 2014 by Bizzimummy


Just days to go until the big day and a house full of many things. Decorations, food, presents and …… Chocolate! Lots of yummy chocolate. Last week Father Christmas called early, cleverly disguised as a parcel delivery man so as not to blow his cover. He handed me a lovely package and inside the box was this rather pretty bag.


This bag of course comes from my favourite all time chocolate store and that is Hotel Chocolat. Inside the bag, several festive chocolate treats greeted me.


Once again Hotel Chocolat have put a very big smile on my face. The quality of their chocolate products, taste and detail never ceases to amaze. Although the products may cost a little more than standard supermarket chocolate, the quality certainly stands out and it’s worth the extra few quid to treat one self.

First the Enchanted Forest (£7.00) a delightful selection of 10 chocolate Christmas trees. Five of them in smooth caramel and the other five in mellow milk chocolate. Best tasting Christmas trees ever!


Caramel Supanova selector Is a selection of delicious chocolate stars filled with caramel. Each one displaying the Hotel Chocolat logo and all for just £3.75.


Finally and saving the best til last this time, it’s Dasher the reindeer. A big mound of delicious chocolate carefully carved into Santas reindeer Dasher. Lots of detail has gone into one of these including his facial features and scarf. This looks way to good to break up and eat.

This happy looking reindeer is just £7.00.

Hotel Chocolat currently have several tempting offers on their stocking filler products including all the ones I mentioned above. If 3 or more products are bought then a discount is applied so they are well worth buying either as little gifts or stocking fillers or even for yourself if you love their chocolate as much as I do.

Hotel Chocolat: Summer Fusions

Published July 7, 2014 by Bizzimummy

I’m back with a post featuring my all time favourite chocolatiers. Yes it’s Hotel Chocolat.
These guys need no explanation, almost everyone knows who they are. Shops in most busy town centres and a great online shop selling the finest mouth watering chocolate selections I have ever tasted.
When it comes to Hotel Chocolat. I for one would not mind paying the little extra as I know the chocolate I get is just pure quality.
I would find their products very very hard to buy as a gift tho. Not because of the price but because I know I would not beable to resist but open it and take a bite.

Anyway Hotel Chocolat have bought out a selection of new Summer chocolates. Some of which I have been lucky enough to be sampling at this very moment.
This, The Summer Fusions Sleekster Collection is just one of the new chocolate boxes to compliment the Summer.


Now unfortunately hot weather, like we have been having recently, does not mix well with fine chocolates and so my box went straight in the fridge to avoid melting chocolate everywhere. This has not effected the flavour or quality at all. In fact I find the coolness of the chocolates just lovely in the warm weather.


This box comes at a cost of £24.00. As I stated above, with Hotel Chocolat you certainly do get what you pay for with the supreme taste and individual quality design of the chocolates in the box. They look like mini works or art, each with it’s own design.
In the box are 28 chocolates with 14 individual flavours. Therefore 2 of each chocolate which kind of makes it a sharing box. Perhaps between couples or friends or if your feeling rather greedy you could just scoff the lot yourself and later when feeling guilty just pretend your imaginary friend ate the other one!😅

The flavours are far from the usual plain boring variety which you often find in your regular supermarket shelf boxes.
There’s a Summer pudding, Strawberry Cheesecake, Lavender Caramel, Peach&Hazelnut Gratin and a Choc Fudge Sunday to name just a few.
Fruity flavours, indulgent caramels and nutty pralines altogether in one box.
Information about each of the chocolates is found on the paper wrap around, the thing you remove from the box when opening it.
The hard part then of course is deciding which one to try first. I start at one end and work my way across.


It’s a lovely box of chocolates, lots of Summery fruity delights. I have not found a chocolate I dislike in this box so far, tho I have not tried every one just yet. I’m getting there slowly. They are very filling!
The price certainly reflects the sheer quality. It’s not something most people could afford to buy all the time but this box certainly makes a lovely treat. They would be good for sharing if you can bare to let anyone have one. They are also suitable for vegetarians too and contain no alcohol.


Easter at Hotel Chocolat

Published March 28, 2014 by Bizzimummy

As you know I love chocolate and even more so when it comes from Hotel Chocolat
This time of course it’s all about Easter and of course- luxury chocolate eggs.


Now take a look at this beauty.

This is a work of art by itself. It’s truly an Easter extravaganza masterpiece that every chocolate lover out there will want. Even the box itself stands out. It looks like a mini vanity case, a far cry from the tiny flimsy cardboard coverings you find on standard supermarket eggs. Then again this is certainly like no other egg out there.
Once you open the box, you are greeted by a very thick chocolate egg. I mean very thick lashings of both milk and award winning cocoa white chocolate. Chocolate from Hotel Chocolat which always tastes amazing and like no other. Luxury, dreamy, heavenly chocolate and lots of it.


Once you are done with the egg, There is of course the 12 luxury indulgent smooth pralines to get through too. The pralines consist of smiley faces, happy chicks and bars.

I found the pralines quite addictive. Once I had one, I just wanted another and then another.
Six different flavour pralines are included and you get two of each one. Probably intended for sharing with a loved one, but oh no not in my case. This is all mine.
The pralines are Chocolate Brownie
Milk praline fried egg, Crunchy Praline, Milk chocolate chick, White soldiers and a Smooth Caramel bow tie bunny. Just like the egg, these pralines are also very thick and taste amazing too.
The egg comes at a price of £28.00.
Obviously this Easter delight is not designed with young children in mind but more for that special love of your life, or maybe mother, dad, Grandma or any very special person in your life.>


Give some “Hotel Chocolat” this Valentines day

Published February 6, 2014 by Bizzimummy

February is the month of valentines and one gift always tops the lot for me on Valentines day. Yes chocolates. For a gal like myself only the finest chocs will do and I absolutely love Hotel Chocolat they certainly come at the top of my chocolate list.
They have a perfect selection of mouth watering Valentines chocolate love gifts which don’t cost the earth and guaranteed to melt your loved ones heart.
Of course I managed to sample one of these luxury treats before Valentines day. The one I chose is the Valentines Pick me up costing just £13.

This little bag of chocolate love contains 3 delicious treats. Including a tasty Strawberry Heart lick Lolly.

Plus six very decorative passion fruit truffles which look and taste amazing.

Finally a Chocolate love letter which is a thick delicious chocolate slab and a love heart in middle.

The individual products can also be purchased separately from Hotel Chocolat valentines range.
I would be over the moon to be given a chocolate gift from Hotel Chocolat so time to put a smile on your loved ones face this Valentines.

Festive Wreath with a difference

Published December 18, 2013 by Bizzimummy

Look what a lovely postal courier bought me today. Yes a huge festive wreath just in time for Christmas. Only this isn’t your usual wreath that you may hang over a door! Oh no this is something much much better.
This fabulous large wreath is made from chocolate and a few other delights and is part of Hotel Chocolat festive range.

Hotel Chocolat is without doubt my favourite chocolatier. If ever I was asked to choose a favourite box of chocolates then they would be from here. The chocolates are very fresh, beautifully presented and the taste is heavenly. I have been lucky enough in the past to be kindly bought or given the odd box of delicious chocolates from Hotel Chocolat and they really do seem to be the best around. I have however never seen anything like this Festive Wreath before.
It’s quite large at least for a chocolate gift anyway and certainly has some weight to it. I was amazed at the work that had gone into this beautiful gift and the very unique fine details in the chocolate to create the wreath. Everything you would expect on a Christmas wreath was there such as leaves, bells and bows. I took some pictures but you really have to see it close up to appreciate the beautiful fine features. It’s almost like a work of art.


The wreath is created from 50% cocoa milk chocolate and decorated with bubbly cookies and hand cut Florentines. It’s designed in mind for sharing and to cut into several pieces. Enough for up to nine people. I think I would struggle to eat this by myself after all.

It weighs 450g so that’s almost half a kilo of pure indulgence and sweetness and definitely worth every penny of the £21.
It comes in it’s own gift box.

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