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Craftbox fairy charm jewellery 

Published April 14, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Both my girls love anything to do with fairies. Even my 9 year old who considers herself past playing with dolls still loves fairy things. They also both love jewellery and making things and this small craft set from Interplay UK enables my girls to make bracelets or necklaces with beads and fairy charms. 

Inside the box we get many colourful beads in bright princess style colours with coloured elastic string, fasteners and 12 metal charms. The charms are all fairy inspired with wands, crowns, rainbows, stars and more. 

No instructions came with our box but I do believe that these are meant to be included so I have no idea what happened to them. However it is really just a case of threading beads onto the string and adding charms. 

The bead holes are big enough for the elastic string to be easily threaded through, I even found this easy and my fingers are slightly larger than a childs. All sorts of designs can be made and as the string is very stretchy, even the smallest made bracelets will fit. 

This is just one little bracelet that my girls made for me.

If getting this craft kit then it’s a good idea to have a small tin or tub to keep the beads and charms in because once the box is opened there is nothing to keep them in place and they just fall out of the box.

It costs approximately £9.99 and will make 10 pieces of jewellery, possibly more. 

Monster selfie studio 

Published November 3, 2016 by Bizzimummy

This monster selfie studio kit, proved to be a big hit in our house in the run up to Halloween. 

When you first look inside the box, it just looks like any other craft kit with various monster cut out designs and frames.However the kit works alongside a free app which can be downloaded on iPhones and android devices. 

For just £9.99 this kit helps transform our photo selfies into monsters and here’s how it works. 

First take a selfie with your phone, choose which monster you want to be via the app, then print it or email it. This is Ryan’s monster selfie and yes he’s a werewolf. 

Once printed the face can be cut out and put into one of the frames or add more monster accessories, or you can just keeps the printed images as posters. This is Jordanna as Frankenstien monster 

And this is Ryan’s completed design once cut out. 

Obviously you will need a printer if you wish to make something such as this as you have to print the images out. The one problem we came across was that the instructions state to print at 100% and not “fit to page”. We have a cannon air printer and print from iPhones and I have not come across any setting via a phone which allows us to change the setting so we just had to hope for the best and luckily the images printed at the correct size.

This kit and another similar one with animals can be purchased directly from Interplay, Amazon and most good toy stores.

Interplay: My fairy garden

Published June 2, 2016 by Bizzimummy

This lovely “My fairy garden” kit contains everything we needed for my little princesses to create their own realistic mini garden. The only thing not included is soil, which luckily we have plenty of. 

The fairy garden is created in a round bowl. First thing is to add soil then slowely add things such as the house, path, shell etc. The house is made from foam and connects via cut out slots, it’s not the easiest thing to put together as it tends to all fall apart or be wobbly. I found the door is tricky too attach but once it’s all up it stays up. 

There is a shell included which acts like a little pond when filled with water. Also a fairy toadstool ornament. There is a washing line too which has to be put together with sticks and string. Ours would just not work and I ended up with a splinter trying to sort it, hence why it’s not in our garden. 

The colourful stones to make the gravel path also come included, as does the one fairy and grass seed which was added once all set up. We added our own shells too and any small toys or gems can be added to make it look fuller. As you can probably see by the picture above. We did our garden outside. This was really to avoid soil and mess in the house. I am unsure if the garden is meant for outside use but I think the house may fall apart in bad weather and the bowl would need holes making at the bottom. It may be best to keep it inside. 

It requires watering like most plants and putting in a place where there is sun light. After just 5 days we could see grass.

And once the grass starts to grow, it grows very quickly. This next photo was just a day after the one above.

I think I may have to trim it a little soon as we don’t want a fairy jungle.  

This fairy garden is one of Interplays best selling products and is a great idea for kids to get creative in Summer. The set costs approximately £14.99 and can be purchased directly from Interplay, Amazon and most good toy stores. 

Check out the range of fairy products from interplay on this short video 

Nick Bakers Triop world!

Published April 20, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Interplay’s My Living world range gives children the opportunity to grow real live insects and creatures in their own home or garden and helps children gain a better understanding of nature and the world around them.

I am a bit squeamish when it comes to worms, ants, caterpillars etc so I decided to steer clear of those paticular sets, but Triop world was the kit that stood out for us. No wiggly worms or slime to handle with this one!  

My children (2 eldest) have had previous experience hatching sea monkeys and the Triops, although a different creature are grow and cared for in a similar way. 

Triops come from the Triassic period so we are talking thousands of years ago. They are a species of shrimp which somehow stay alive but dormant and com back to life when added to water.

In the kit is the triop tank which is small enough to fit on our window sill. They work best with plenty of light and therefore in a sunny spot works best. Also in the box is the packet of Triop eggs, food and sand all of which can be bought as replacements if needed from Interplay. 

You also get a spoon and water pumper along with instructions which give a bit of info on the Triops. 

It is recommended not to use tap water, they mention both bottled and rain water but I worked out that boiled water left to cool also works a treat. So first thing is to fill the tank and get the water to the correct temperature, then add the Triops.  

As you can see the Triop egg pack leaves the tank looking quite dirty, (I believe the Triops prefer dirty water). After a few days the dirt can be skimmed off the top with a spoon. This is not the easiest of tasks as it’s quite slimy. 

             Then we wait! 

After just 3 days I could see lots of white tiny creatures darting and swimming around, almost like tiny white tadpoles. 


Unfortunaly with Triops it seems to be survival of the fittest as many simply do not survive or get eaten by the others so the numbers reduce each day until only 2 or 3 remain. 

Triops are not the only creatures grown with the included eggs. 3 other creatures can also hatch. 

The Triops and other creatures are still tiny in our tank, they also seem to have a habit of camouflaging and hiding. We har to look very closely or even use a magnifier to see them. They are usually around the top of the tank and as of today I can see 4 different creatures if I look hard enough. We have had our tank up for about 2 weeks now.

We have also added the sand which should somehow help to keep the water a little cleaner. The Triops are tiny and therefore only require feeding a small amount of food 2 or 3 times a week at the most.

The tank does get a bit smelly which is the main drawback, it helps to change some of the water when possible but the risk is losing some of the tiny Triops in the process.

My kids are loving this kit so much that I have ordered another one just so they can both have one each. They cost £9.99 from Interplay UK. It makes a great hobby. I think the Triops last about 2/3 months each maximum and then replacement eggs can be purchased. 

I’m not sure who is most fascinated by them, me or my kids! 

For recommended ages 7 and over, younger ones will also want to look, but probably best keeping the eggs and food well out of reach, would not want Triops in their tummies. 


Secret Fairy door 

Published March 10, 2016 by Bizzimummy

This beautiful enchanting little fairy door kit comes to us from the guys over at Interplay. Children and especially girls in particular will love having their own little fairy in their room.

Discover the wonderful world of The Secret Fairy Door!

It’s a really simple kit and does not need batteries or any sort of building or setting up. 

Inside the box is the fairy door itself which is made from the tough toy plastic (I have no idea what they call this stuff!), also a fairy, hedgehog and mushroom figures along with several sheets of fairyland stickers. 


The fairy door is ready assembled so it can all be played with straight from the box. The door itself is super cute and colourful and certainly reminds me of something found in a childhood fairytale. One of those isolated mystery houses that children come across deep in the woods perhaps!  

The door opens up and the fairy figure can be placed inside. The door can then be locked with a small key which also comes with the kit. 

The key is really small and imagine it will probably be lost within a week. However it’s more a toy lock which is easily opened with say a screwdriver or anything small enoygh to fit inside the hole. 


The door can be stuck to skirting boards via clips and sticky pads on the back, or be free standing and moved around the house so the fairy gets a new place to live. 

 The stickers can be applied anywhere and probably best on a blank painted wall. They come off easy enough too and don’t always stay on the walls for long. There is a enchanted tree sticker along with butterflies and more fairies. 

Finally the fairy book which tells a lovely fairy story and the life of a tree throughout changing seasons. 

It’s a very nice gift and although it’s not something ther children can really play with for hours on end it does make a very pretty addition to a child’s room. The stickers certainly add a bit of life to boring walls too.

The fairy door costs £17.99 and Interplay also have lots of other fairy type products to keep little ones intrigued. 

Tag Jewellery 

Published February 11, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Jordanna has recently received a Tag Jewellery making kit from Interplay. This set is part of the My Style kits which includes similar sets and all aimed at girls between 8-12 years.  

The thought of making jewellery does sound quite daunting and maybe quite difficult. However this kit is really easy with good instructions throughout. The box contains enough parts to make necklaces, earrings and bracelets. 

Each jewellery piece begins with a lump of clay from the included big block. This clay is really hard at first and needs softening by squashing ans rolling in hands. We started off with an easy necklace. 

The clay is shaped into a rectangle with a hole for the necklace string. Inside the box are tiny letter stamps which include a few symbols such as love hearts and music notes among others. These are imprinted on the clay. Gold or silver dust can be applied and then it goes in the oven to harden. 

 Once baked, and cooled; black paint can be applied to the letters and a varnish can be added. It’s actually a PVA glue stick rather than actual varnish but it does give a slight shine once dried. Just be careful because I squoze the tube too hard and quite a bit came out. The PVA can be mixed with water so not as thick. 

Adding the black string to make a necklace was also pretty easy. It helps to make sure the initial hole in the clay is large enough as it will shrink in the oven. 

There’s a few clasps and joining rings to add to the string but again pretty straightforward and not to fiddly. 

And then in just 40 minutes we have a very fashionable working necklace to wear. 

There are lots of other necklaces and bracelets to be made. Earrings too tho none of my girls have their ears pierced yet. The book gives a few good ideas but it’s always good to come up with your own ideas too.

This kit costs about £12.99 and should be available in many good toy stores. It is surprisingly easy to do.

Best Friends Style Lab

Published November 4, 2015 by Bizzimummy

This is the “Best friends style lab” from Interplay UK, Its a fabulous little set designed with girls and friends in mind and seems perfect for sleepovers.

I was quite impressed with it and the amount of contents inside. The Style lab is for ages 8 and over although Izebella could not resist but want to try something too.

It’s all about colour and looking glam, hair colours, nail colour, files and glitter tattoos, all of which come included in the box. Just look at how much is inside.

Jordanna  loves this sort of thing. She is always asking for things like make up and nail polish and she loves this set.

Inside the box are 50 stencils, cosmetic glitters, glue, brushes, hairlights, clips, gloves, nail varnishes, sprinkles and emery boards. 

For the glitter tattoos there are 50 stencils to choose from. The tattoos are very easy to do as I found from having the first practice on Jordanna and her friend. Apply the stencil, apply glue, apply glitter and remove the stencil.  

Jordanna and friends did go a little crazy with these tattoos and put them everywhere including one on her cheek which she had to instantly wash off due to school the next day. The glitter and glue wash or wipe off with a baby wipe very easily.

The nail varnishes are all solvent free and seem to be more water based as it washes off with water but still quite thick like a varnish would be. The instructions give a useful guide on kids nail art and there are nail sprinkles to add too.

Then finally the hairlights which come as circular coloured chalk which again wash out easily.

 With these Jordanna can just choose a colour and rub it into her hair to add a bit of funkiness.  

And no she has not brushed her hair on this. Nothing new there.

Full instructions come with this set and it costs just £19.99 which I would definitely pay if I was to purchase this as a present. Interplay also sell individual “hairlights” and “Glitter tattoo” sets which contain the same products (but more) which are in the Style Lab.

Interplay giveaway 

Published August 16, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Head on over to my Facebook page and be in with a chance to grab yourself one of ten prizes from interplay. All of them great fun for the Summer hols.

Starting on my page where you can win the Perfume (invent – a – scent) lab and then a round robin give away through 8 other bloggers and interplay themselves. All you have to do is like and comment (sharing optional but appreciated) then move on to the next bloggers comp.

Full details on my Facebook page  


My secret diary and activity book

Published April 13, 2015 by Bizzimummy

 Jordanna has been sent this cute little book from the guys at Interplay. The book doubles up as both a diary and a book filled with fun activities. 

From the outset you can see it’s really girly with pink covers and lots of pink and girly icons. It’s one of those books that every girl sees and wants.

Being a secret diary means it does of course come with a lock and also 2 keys. The lock is really small and a bit fiddly for big mummy hands but fine for Jordanna.  

At the front of the diary are lots of stickers to place wherever Jordanna wishes. There are many pages in this book including a full yearly calendar with a page for each month (Jan-Dec). As well as the calendar there are also many activities to complete including pages to write personal information, quizzes, colouring, fashion and lots of space for doodles.  


The pages are really beautiful too, all pink and covered in pretty images of little girls and cute animals and flowers. 

Jordanna is very happy with her new “Secret diary” tho she tends to keep it unlocked most of the time, so therefore probably not so secret after all.  

She fills out most of it at night and takes it to bed with her. She loves the colour pink too so her and this book are like a perfect match.

This diary costs £7.99 from Interplay. There is not really anything negative to say about it and I think the price is reasonable for a product such as this. It is the sort of thing which I would happily but as a small birthday gift or a Christmas stocking filler.

The contents of this diary/activity book are:

1 x Printed 2 ring binder 
1 x Padlock 
1 x Zip closure wallet 
2 x Sticker Sheets 
Set of Page Dividers 
80 x Printed Pages 
Printed Sleeve



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