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Craftbox fairy charm jewellery 

Published April 14, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Both my girls love anything to do with fairies. Even my 9 year old who considers herself past playing with dolls still loves fairy things. They also both love jewellery and making things and this small craft set from Interplay UK enables my girls to make bracelets or necklaces with beads and fairy charms. 

Inside the box we get many colourful beads in bright princess style colours with coloured elastic string, fasteners and 12 metal charms. The charms are all fairy inspired with wands, crowns, rainbows, stars and more. 

No instructions came with our box but I do believe that these are meant to be included so I have no idea what happened to them. However it is really just a case of threading beads onto the string and adding charms. 

The bead holes are big enough for the elastic string to be easily threaded through, I even found this easy and my fingers are slightly larger than a childs. All sorts of designs can be made and as the string is very stretchy, even the smallest made bracelets will fit. 

This is just one little bracelet that my girls made for me.

If getting this craft kit then it’s a good idea to have a small tin or tub to keep the beads and charms in because once the box is opened there is nothing to keep them in place and they just fall out of the box.

It costs approximately £9.99 and will make 10 pieces of jewellery, possibly more. 

Ukinkalla gifts 

Published April 11, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Ukinkalla is a small online store selling many unique items from countries around the world. They have many colourful shoes, socks and accessories for both adults and children, items that probably won’t be found anywhere else.

I do love those special finds and Ukinkalla has many of them. Their accessory section boasts many unusual necklaces and earrings. I was able to choose a necklace and a pair of earrings. 

This is the necklace I chose – a Frida Khalo pink. Each necklace is hand made in Venezuela by Moda Maca, making each one very unique.

I have many charm bracelets but this is the first charm necklace I have come across and it is very pretty. 

The charms include a large doll, key, clover, golf leaf and mushroom. There are little jewels all along the front of the necklace too. 

The necklace is made with Peruvian lace, leather and cotton tassels with the charms made from cornstarch clay and gold plate. It measures 42cm and can be worn by adults or children. The clasp is very easy to open and close. 

It certainly caught Izebellas eye who was very eager to model it for me. It’s much easier to take a photo of someone else wearing it rather than attempt myself. 

I think it’s a really lovely unique piece. There are other styles available similar to this one and also some designed especially for children with well known Disney princesses on them. They cost £14.99 each which I think is certainly worth it for a special gift like this. 

The earrings are also quite unique and Ukinkalla can even make them on request in many designs. The earrings are made with copper or bronze and are gold plated. They do have a few pairs online to view and buy and these sort of jumped out at me. 

Yes dragon earrings and you certainly don’t see these in a regular jewellery shop. They are fairly big in size for earrings but will certainly stand out. The backs are the soft plastic type making it easier to remove them. The earrings cost £13.99 per pair. 

Ukinkalla UK

My early Mother’s Day gift! Jewellery box UK

Published March 22, 2017 by Bizzimummy

I have an early Mother’s Day gift which has been beautifully personalized and sent to me from Jewellery box U.K..

I love new jewellery and especially so charm bracelets, they are just so pretty.

And here is my new one which has arrived just in time for Mother’s Day.

It is a sterling silver bracelet with the 925 stamp near the fastener. Designed for women although quite small at just 7 inch. Luckily I have very small thin wrists so it fits me. 

The heart is the only charm but it’s a fairly large heart for the bracelet size. I was able to get the four names of my children on just one side of the heart. 

Personalisation can be either side and up to 30 letters. This gives it that overall personal touch which shows a lot of effort has been made with this gift. 

As the bracelet is on the small side, fastening it myself is quite tricky so I have to get one of my older two to help me with it. Obviously for people with bigger wrists this will be too tight. 

The bracelet without personalisation is £30.00 and with personalisation is £8.50 per side. Delivery is free on any order over £10.00 in the U.K and orders also get despatched the same day if ordered by 2pm. I can vouch for the fast delivery too. My bracelet arrived the very next morning after ordering it, so still time to order for Mother’s Day. This bracelet and all details can be found on this page.

And it also comes gift boxed too. 

Kaya jewellery: Infinity bracelet plus giveaway 

Published November 4, 2016 by Bizzimummy

As it’s now November (yes I can hardly believe it either) it is a good time to be thinking about ordering gifts. For us ladies and even the younger girls, jewellery is always a huge hit and it does not have the be mega expensive either.

Kaya jewellery have recently launched a U.K web store, their focus being on jewellery for mum, baby and child. They have lots of beautiful pieces, bracelets, necklaces etc. Their 3 generation sets are especially nice and contain a piece of jewellery for 3 generations of ladies in one family – Grandma, mother and daughter.

They have many jewellery sets for just mother and daughter too as well as individual pieces. The majority of the jewellery comes in silver and many items offer personalisation too.

I was really happy when Kaya jewellery offered to send me an item of choice. The hard part was choosing something as there are so many pretty items to choose from.

As many of you who follow this blog or know me personally already know; I lost my daughter back in 2011 at just 10 hours old. I do already have a few special jewellery items with her name on but I really wanted another one. I guess in a way it helps keep her memory alive having her name on something I am wearing.

My choice was the Silver infinity forever with me bracelet

These are unbelievably pretty and very eye catching. Made from real 925. Sterling silver it features the well known infinity symbol and comes with a heart charm which can be personalised on both sides. This bracelet comes in all sizes to fit baby, child, teen or mum. The teens/women’s size is 16.5cms. This is perfect for me as my wrist is tiny but it also comes with a 4cm extension chain for slightly bigger wrists. It arrived in a pretty pink gift bag too.

Here is my special bracelet. One side of the heart charm has Keira’s name and the other her date of birth and death.

It fastens via a strong clasp which can be a little tricky to open for those of us wit long nails but I did find that it went over my hand and onto my wrist without even opening it. My wrists are tiny, like a child’s.

I love the sparkle from the infinity symbol and can’t wait to wear it with a nice dress for a night out. 

And it only costs £27.95 too. I would expect to pay more than that for a very unique bracelet such as this.


Kaya Jewelley are offering a very special prize in time for Christmas and that prize is £40 to spend on anything on their website. Therefore you could treat yourself or get that perfect gift for someone special. 

To take part in this amazing giveaway, just click the link to be taken to the entry page.


(T&Cs – This giveaway will run for four weeks from 04:11:16 – 02:12:16. The prize consists of £40 to spend on Kaya jewellery. The Winners name will be selected at random by rafflecopter. The winner will be contacted both by myself and by Kaya jewellery to arrange prize. The winner must respond to emails within 10 days before the prize becomes void.) 

Personalised charm bracelet 

Published July 29, 2016 by Bizzimummy

My favourite item of jewellery to wear is a charm bracelet. I love them. They come in many shapes and sizes and all with beads or dangly charms.

My latest charm bracelet comes from Personalised gift solutions who specialise in unique personalised gifts. Their new gifts include personalised jewellery and the charm bracelets really stood out for me.

There are a few to choose from with different colour beads and choice of charms. It was this one that caught my eye. 

bracelet  image
This being the Galaxy black butterfly and heart charm bracelet. You can choose between small – 18cm and large 21cm size of bracelet. My wrists are tiny so I have the smaller one which will also suit older children and teens. This bracelet comes with the following – 4 x Black Patterned Beads, 2 x Butterfly Clips, 2 x Jewelled Twist Charms and 1 x Engraved Heart Tag. It also comes in a presentation box. 

For the personalisation I chose to have all 4 of my children’s names on including Keiras who died at just 10 hours old

The bracelet fastens with one of the new type metal roll clasps. You open it with a nail and it locks the ends into place.

The black and silver beads on this bracelet work well with any outfit and it’s a piece of jewellery that can be worm for any occasion.

A lovely gift costing £29.99 with free delivery. 3 lines of personalisation and allow up to 7 days for your gift. 

Hand on heart jewellery + Competition

Published April 25, 2016 by Bizzimummy

When it comes to special gifts I don’t think there is anything as nice as something personalised. It shows time and effort have gone into finding something just for the recipient. I think personalised jewellery is lovely and I’m lucky enough to already own a few pieces. The problem with most personalised jewellery is that jewellery is small, so it can be difficult to find somethng that will fit all the names of people that mean something to me. 

“Until I came across Hand on heart jewellery that is!”

If you take a look at their website you may just be amazed as I was. The personalisation options on their beautiful pieces are so much better than what I have seen elsewhere, add to this; there is so much to choose from. Hand on heart jewellery sell necklaces, bracelets, cuffs, earrings, charms, keyrings and much more. Personalisation is available with many of their pieces and many come with options of child hand and footprints too, and even pet paw prints.

The jewellery is all in sterling silver and prices vary from under £50 into the hundreds.

I spent quite sometime browsing for the perfect piece, and it sort of jumped out at me. It is a Family tree necklace.


This beautiful silver necklace bears 2 pendants on an 18″ chain. One pendant is a family tree image and the other can be engraved with up to 8 names on each side (72 characters) that’s 16 names in total. As you can see one side of mine is so far blank, but that’s because my family is not overly large just yet. I have 7 names so far on the other side. Including mine, my children (including Keira) and other people in my family. 

I am really impressed with it, it’s beautiful and everyone else seems to love it too. 

I am by no means wanting more children but if it ever happened then their names could be added too as can any grandchildren tho I think that will be a long way off.  

This necklace arrived within just 2 days. It was made for me very quickly and will make a wonderful gift for any mum or grandmother (expect tears of joy!) 

I would  also like to add that the jewellery arrived in a cute little gift box wrapped in ribbon, to give that extra special touch. 


And the best bit, and quite a surprise is that it only costs £45.00. 


Hand on heart jewellery are giving away £50 to spend on any piece of jewellery on their website. Therefore you could get yourself a family tree necklace or something else. 

To be in with a chance of winning this amazing prize, please click the button below.

(This competition is open to residents of the U.K only and will end on May 23rd 2016. Winner will be contacted by email)

Competitions at ThePrizeFinder – See more at:

Tag Jewellery 

Published February 11, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Jordanna has recently received a Tag Jewellery making kit from Interplay. This set is part of the My Style kits which includes similar sets and all aimed at girls between 8-12 years.  

The thought of making jewellery does sound quite daunting and maybe quite difficult. However this kit is really easy with good instructions throughout. The box contains enough parts to make necklaces, earrings and bracelets. 

Each jewellery piece begins with a lump of clay from the included big block. This clay is really hard at first and needs softening by squashing ans rolling in hands. We started off with an easy necklace. 

The clay is shaped into a rectangle with a hole for the necklace string. Inside the box are tiny letter stamps which include a few symbols such as love hearts and music notes among others. These are imprinted on the clay. Gold or silver dust can be applied and then it goes in the oven to harden. 

 Once baked, and cooled; black paint can be applied to the letters and a varnish can be added. It’s actually a PVA glue stick rather than actual varnish but it does give a slight shine once dried. Just be careful because I squoze the tube too hard and quite a bit came out. The PVA can be mixed with water so not as thick. 

Adding the black string to make a necklace was also pretty easy. It helps to make sure the initial hole in the clay is large enough as it will shrink in the oven. 

There’s a few clasps and joining rings to add to the string but again pretty straightforward and not to fiddly. 

And then in just 40 minutes we have a very fashionable working necklace to wear. 

There are lots of other necklaces and bracelets to be made. Earrings too tho none of my girls have their ears pierced yet. The book gives a few good ideas but it’s always good to come up with your own ideas too.

This kit costs about £12.99 and should be available in many good toy stores. It is surprisingly easy to do.

The most precious piece of jewellery

Published November 30, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Several weeks ago I was contacted by Amy at Amy ring jewellery. Amy creates beautiful previous pendants using children’s hand or footprints and can also create paw prints too from much loved pets. 

To create the pendants, Amy will send out an inkless kit which is mess free and looked pretty straightforward to use. This is then sent back to her and the jewellery is made within a few days providing the prints are useable. 

Now I could of taken hand or footprints from any of my children but my mind was totally set on asking Amy a really special favour. For those of you who follow this blog regularly, you may have seen posts of my other child – a little girl named Keira. She sadly came far too soon and only lived a short ten hours. When she died the hospital took hand and footprints for us to keep and my idea was using the prints I already had to turn into a pendant. 

I scanned Keiras prints and emailed them to Amy. I was so happy when she said she could use them.

The Silver pendants come in various shapes and I really wanted the heart one. Both hand and footprints can be placed together on one or either side of the pendants and names and dates. can also be put on. 

And here it is. My beautiful silver pendant with my tiny princesses hand and footprint plus her name and birth/death date. 

The pendants come with a loop clasp and ready to place on a necklace or bracelet.

It made me quite emotional when I saw it, but in a good way that I now have something of my daughter that I can proudly wear and have close to me. Everyone who has seen it also says it’s beautiful and I’ve even been asked by others how they go about getting one made. 

For a pendant such as this with prints and names, it costs around £50. As each pendant is made to order and uniquely personalised, the prices will vary. 

I would like to say a big thank you to Amy for making and sending me something so beautiful. This pendant really means so much to me and it’s such a nice thing to receive right before Christmas too. 


Beautiful jewellery from Lyliarose & discount code

Published November 18, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Take a look at this beautiful charm bracelet and ask yourself how much would you expect to pay for it?  

 Maybe £20? More! , maybe less. Well this eye catching piece of jewellery is a very surprising £6.49. It comes with natural stones too which make it very colourful and pretty to look at and silver tone charms of a heart, leaf and butterfly. 

There is no fiddly clasp either as the bracelet is part elasticated and so simply slips over the wrist and fits rather snuggly too. 

 It looks lovely on and appears far more expensive than it actually is. It almost looks like 3 bracelets together rather than just one.

This charm bracelet is one of many beautiful Bracelets to choose from at Lylia Rose. They make lovely inexpensive gifts and the recipient will think you have paid much more. 

The bracelet seems very good quality for the price and especially being made with stones and metallics as opposed to the cheap plastic ones out there.

My bracelet arrived very well presented in a little gift bag and beautifully wrapped. 

 Lylia Rose sells many items of inexpensive jewellery and ladies fashion accessories and was started by one mummy named Victoria. You can read the story Here.
Use code BIZZIMUMMY to get 20% off any item.

Rosa Red Jewellery

Published January 12, 2015 by Bizzimummy

I do love my little bits of jewellery but I don’t always get to wear it quite as much as I like. I get worried about losing it but still it’s always nice to receive it.
On Christmas Eve a little package arrived from Rosa red Jewellery. It was almost like Christmas a day early. It also meant I had something lovely and shiny and new to wear for Christmas.
Rosa Red sent me their Lincoln 3 jewellery set, consisting of 3 pieces from the collection. A bracelet, necklace and earrings.

I would of posted much soon but as many of you have read, we have all been unwell for a few weeks and I haven’t really had much energy to do anything at all but better late than never as the saying goes.

The Lincoln set is a design by a young design student Karina Hoey. The geometric shapes that Karina takes as her inspiration are plain to see in this beautiful, enamelled design. Shades of lilac, lavender and purple are broken up by vibrant blue squares. This is a delightful collar necklace with an extender chain.

My favourite item out of the 3 is the bracelet. I love wearing bracelets. I have watches which I use as bracelets. I think I just like the feel of something on my wrist (strange person I am!). The bracelet costs just £9.95 and is 19cm in length and for once is a good fit around my tiny wrists.

This bracelet is very easy to fasten by way of a big toggle fastening.


The necklace measures 44cm but also has an adjustable 7cm extender chain. The fastener is again quite big making it easy enough to fasten myself. It costs £14.95.
The earrings are just £2.95 and in a deep purple. They are for pierced ears and come with standard butterfly fasteners.


All the pieces co-ordinate each other when worn together and they pretty much go with any outfit for any occasion. The jewellery arrives in individual little pouches too.


These jewellery pieces can be purchased directly from Rosa Red

Rosa Red are offering a great discount of 25% off anything by using code BIZZI25

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