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Airhogs hyper stunt drone 

Published June 27, 2017 by Bizzimummy

It’s taken us a while to get this one going. At first it just would not work and I have no idea why. But after a call to customer service and a slight jiggling around with buttons, it now works, or I should say, when it chooses to. 

This picture is a little deceptive because the actual drone is tiny. It fits in my hand. 

But size does not mean slow, and especially not with this thing. 

The remote control works off 2 batteries AAA. It won’t work with cheap batteries from the pound store, or it may for a minute and then fail. I use energiser but I hear rechargeables are best. The drone itself charges via USB connected to a laptop. It will charge if connected to a USB plug but  this seems much slower. 

When charged the drone connects to the remote and the way to know its connected is when the drone lights stop blinking. 

Now if I was to give just one piece of advice with this product, that would be to not try to fly out inside, unless of course you don’t mind your eye, face, ears, hands being damaged or worse and you don’t mind your expensive television screen being smashed. Trust me this thing is lethal. 

I’ve only had a short go of it myself as I am hopeless at flying these things so I leave it to my son. This drone (I’m told) is easy to fly. It is a beginners drone product with both a beginner and more advanced mode on the remote. If you have a teenager/older child who is interested in drones then this would perhaps make a good starter.

It is extremely fast and if like me you can’t control it then it could do some damage, hence why it needs to be flown outside. Me being silly tried it in the kitchen and nearly had my skin on my hand ripped off. It can go on any surface, floors, doors, etc. It will spin and roll rapidly as well as flying. 

The stunts are performed via a special stunt button on the remote. This takes practice but once learnt the drone can do back flips and rolls.

It flies pretty high, and is much easier to control outside where less damage can be done. 

Here is Ryan to demonstrate how it flies! 

The description states that if this crashes, it still keeps going. This is not necessarily correct. It does keep going but not always flying, it more rolls and bounces uncontrollably around the floor, hitting anything and anyone in its path.

One charge gives us about 15/20 minutes fly time which is not a huge amount but charging does not take too long either. 

It is very temperamental  when trying to get it to take off from the ground and fly . It tends to go a bit wild and hyper crazily rolling around but a reset on/off usually works. Connecting to the remote can also be hit and miss and the guide that comes with it is not great for trouble shooting. 

The age recommendation for the drone is 8 years and over. Personally I would not let a younger child play with it as it does hurt if the drone blades hit you. 

This is a stunt drone only and is not the type of drone which comes with a camera for recording. 

It’s fair to say we have had a few problems with this drone, but once it decides to work properly it is good for flying outdoors for a few minutes. 

It does cost £39.99. I would be disappointed if I had paid that, given the problems we seem to have, it is really temperamental. 

Kids lighting from Ginger Snap & giveaway

Published June 26, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Ginger snap are a design led company specialising in unique gifts and light products. There range includes lights for kids or teenagers too, many of which come with an emoji theme like this happy little lamp. 

This happy smiley lamp runs off batteries so no need for trailing cables and has a simple on/off switch. Izebella uses this at night time in her bed to help keep the monsters and robots away. It does not get hot and gives a nice bright glow so she can see but still sleep as it’s not overly  bright. 

The same batteries have been in this lamp for a good few weeks now and it is used most nights for several hours. Therefore it does not use up much juice. One of these costs £25.00 and with most children and teens having a thing for emojis at the moment, it does make a good bedroom accessory. 

They also have emoji lightboxes too. These are plastic display boxes which come with letters, images, numbers and light up to display messages.

They come with 65 letters, numbers, symbols and 51 emoji symbols and images all on plastic see through cards. These don’t require a mains plug or wires either but it does need 6 AA batteries. 

The letters simply slot in on 3 rows and you can get up to 8 of the cards on one row. It does of course look much more effective when switched on in total darkness.

You can write whatever you wish using the included letters, such as birthday messages or even notes or just mess about with the emojis.

This light box costs £24.00. If I was to make a suggestion to improve this product then I would recommend adding some sort of a slot or pull out tray on the back so there is a space to put the many letters and cards, otherwise it means either keeping the box, or finding somewhere to store them all or them becoming lost. 

And if you like the light box then maybe you could win yourself one. 

Ginger snap are giving away one of their light boxes. To be in with a chance of wining one, just click below.


The giveaway will end on July 24th 2017 and is open to residents of the UK only. 

Charbonnel et Walker 

Published June 23, 2017 by Bizzimummy

What a lovely way to round off a week of posts. Charbonnel et Walker remains one of the oldest and finest chocolatiers of the UK. It’s hard to believe that their first shop opened way back in 1875 in London Bond Street. As for the name; it’s the surnames of the ladies behind the brand – Mrs Walker and MMe Charbonnel. 

I did visit the London store many many years ago. It is one of those very upmarket shops, the type where your wary of knocking anything over but a lovely luxury shop and certainly worth a visit if down that way. Charbonnel is a luxury brand and therefore as you can imagine; the chocolates come at a luxury price. These are not your everyday or weekly supermarket munchies but rather luxury gifts for very special occasions.

They sell just about every type of chocolate gift, be it boxes of truffles, hampers, chocolate selection boxes, even a chocolate shoe and a champagne set. I think the least expensive item is one of their 80g chocolate bars which cost £5.00 each one, so you get an idea of just how luxury this chocolate is. 

Like many other chocolatiers they have chocolates for everyone and for every occasion and even have themed chocolates for children. We have a few of their children’s chocolate products here.

Charbonnel’s children’s gifts include themes of Peter Rabbit and Alice through the looking glass. With a company like this; it is not just about the chocolate inside (which of course is exceptionally good) but the packaging too.  No one wants to pay extra for chocolate that comes in plain or not so nice wrappers as it’s just not as appealing. 

These are two of the Peter Rabbit products. The blue packet on the left is an 80g chocolate bar which costs £5.00. I would not normally pay this much for a bar of this size, but again this is a luxury brand. The Peter Rabbit box is part of a gift set costing £29.00. The set includes a Peter Rabbit book and a mixed box of chocolates. 

The box is fully reusable, made of tough board and could be used for small toys, trinkets, bobbles etc. I think if I was to pay £29 then I’d certainly want to keep the box too. The chocolate box can also be purchased alone, without the book for £25.00, but in my opinion you may as well pay the extra £4.00 and then at least there is something to show once the chocolates are gone.

These slim/mini  bars come as both the character theme packs. A seven bar pack is £6.95. If you’re wondering what an Un-birthday is; as it says on the larger pack then here is a short explanation which I spotted on one of the bars.

The chocolate inside is very good quality, a lovely creamy chocolate taste which sort of just melts in the mouth and we have too much of it! Yes I know, it is meant for my children but I’m a big kid at heart and this luxury stuff is just too good.

Here’s their website if you want some too, and you don’t like anywhere near London – Charbonnel et Walker.

And now I’ll get back to eating it all! 

Oh and of course my kids too! (Honest)

The snack organisation presents…….

Published June 20, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Their freeze dried fruit snacks & flavoured rice crackers! 

The snack organisation are a new brand in the UK and have a healthy selection of snacks including crackers and freeze dried fruit packets. 

I have been very lucky, sampling both the fruit and the crackers recently. 

The fruit packets contain 18g of real fruit. The fruit goes through a special process of freeze drying I’ve no idea what exactly happens during this process but they taste amazingly good. 

I’ve tried a few dry fruit snacks in my time. I found some of them damn right disgusting , some taste just like they say – “dried fruit” as in fruit that’s been left to dry out in the sun. Yuk! Needless to say these previous snacks were not worthy of a blog mention, but the Snack organisation  variety are. 

There are a few fruit varieties. I have the pineapple packer on display here with a few strawberry pieces at the side. It’s hard to pick a firm favourite but the mixture of banana with strawberry gives a nice mixed treat.

As far as this type of product goes (dried fruit snacks) these rank amongst my top picks. They seem to not just retain, but increase in sweetness compared to the original fruit itself.

These snacks, whilst full of nothing but 100% fruit; do give a whole different taste experience to eating actual fruit. So for fussy children these may come in very useful. Whilst they don’t taste like sweets, they do taste like a sweet fruity snack (if that makes sense. And young children especially may not even realise that actual fruit and nothing else is in the packs. 

And then, there was all these! 

These crackers come baked instead of fried which instantly makes them more healthier than any fried product. The packs are 100g and they come with many flavours to choose from, my personal favourite being sweet chilli. 

You will probably notice that some packets of crackers have different packaging. This is because there are 2 versions of the rice crackers. The oriental type in the black packets and the Ancient grains in the other packets. The main difference between these two is that the Ancient grain varieties are made with brown rice & quinoa and a few other different ingredients to the other packets. 

These rice crackers make a good tasty light snack and can be included in a packed lunch. They are fine to eat alone or use with some sort of sauce or healthy topping.

Again good for both adults and kids alike. My children really like these crackers. The shape and size of each one is perfect for small hands and the variety of flavours, including lightly salted means there is one to suit most tastebuds.

Both the crackers and dried fruit products can be purchased via The Snack organisation website but only as multiple packs, not individual. Individual packs can be purchased from Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and other good shops and supermarkets.

Choc nibbles & win some! 

Published June 19, 2017 by Bizzimummy

I’m sure most of us parents who grew up in the 1980s/90s will remember these! 

The memories of coming out of school and straight into the local shop to buy a quarter of choc nibbles  for 30p with left over dinner money or (if we were lucky!) pocket money.

I loved and still love choc nibbles. If you don’t remember them, then maybe you just didn’t get out much. The best way to describe them is like a mixture of soft caramel, mixes with choc lick (another old favourite) and maybe a bit of ground biscuit and something else, then coated with chocolate and made into little sticks which taste delicious. 

It’s a shame how most corner shops have changed over the years, I loved looking at all the plastic sweet jars behind shop counters frantically browsing for the choc nibs.

 Although the shops may have changed and the majority of the cheap sweets in big jar memories are long gone, I am happy to say that Choc Nibbles are still around and here to stay.

You see I have discovered a place on the internet that loves those old fashioned chocolate sweets just as much as I do, it’s even called Choc nibbles. Their tasty treats aren’t available via the website but their are several stockists around the UK, including one just a few minutes away from me. 

The choc nibs can be purchased as jars or in bags or from sweet shops by measure. 

I never understood what exactly a quarter was, which we all would ask for as kids. A quarter of what exactly? Who knows but it was always a pretty big paper bag full. 

The bags contain 250g of sweets, yes even the measurements have changed over the years. 

These taste just like I remember. It is possibly the only thing that hasn’t changed about the nibbles over the years. 

They also make a slightly different variety too. 

These are similar in taste but appear to have been a little jazzed up with an extra shiny chocolate coating giving them a smoother and brighter appearance. Thus less cocoa powder on the hands like the original version. 

They do a few other versions of chocolate nibbles too such as toffee crumble nibbles and a Jammie version too. Also original choc lick, remember the chocolate dust stuff in white paper bags, that we dipped wet fingers in and licked off? Then by the time half had gone the bag got soggy and we ended up with chocolate dust all over our white tops! Oops!!

It’s like being a kid again with all these sweets! 


I have two bags of choc nibbles to give away. If you want to win them then just click the link! 

The giveaway is for two bags of choc nibbles and will close on July 3rd 2017.

Toddler fragrance by Martine Micallef

Published June 13, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Does your mini me long to borrow your perfumes to smell and be just like mummy? Or do they perhaps ask for their own small “grown up” perfume to use. Well now they can have their very own perfume sets. 

Martine Micallef has created  new Parfums designed exquisitely for toddlers, young children and even baby’s. M.Micallef’s collection is named Baby’s collection but is perfect for younger children too. 

Martine imagined a child’s imaginary world with a nice rabbit companion who travels with toddlers. This pretty range comes with delicate and subtle scents. It is perfect for the sensitive nose of little ones and also gentle enough for delicate skin. 

These sets are brand new and only launched recently this year. The box will be launched with single set of scented water. The alcohol free fragrances include Tendre Douceur, Petit Coeur, Petite Fleur. The  fragrance bottles also come with a cuddly bunny named Harry. Products can also be personalized.

Izebella has one of the gift sets in the Petit Couer fragrance plus two sample fragrance bottles of the other two fragrances so that she gets to sample them all. Izebella is 4 and one of those little girls who wants to be just like mummy and have all the things that mummy has including beauty products and perfumes. And now she has her own so does not need to use mine.

It is a lovely set. Lovely packaging ans like very nice sweet contents. The perfumes all smell different with hints of essential oils, flowers, vanilla, white musk etc. They seem to have much more subtle notes than the perfumes us mums use; so no where near as strong but still enough to give them all an individual scent.

The bunny teddy is one of the flat type soft toys or one without stuffing. It is lined with gold design and makes a sweet addition to the sets. 

This is a French company and therefore prices are in Euros. For a toddler parfum collection set it costs 54€. They will make lovely gifts for children and can be purchased on line at the M.Micallef boutique.

Tokyo Trove 

Published June 12, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Tokyo Trove is a brand new subscription box. Being called Tokyo; you would be correct to guess that the contents inside come from Japan. 

The boxes are quite small but will contain between 5-7 items each time. It’s a monthly subscription starting at $23 (dollars) per month. 

The contents are a mixture of products rather than the boxes being based on one theme such as snacks or kawaii. There is a snack item in the box and a few Japan kawaii products plus a t-shirt so it gives a good mixture of Japanese products.

Rather than simply adding photographs to this post, Jordanna really wanted to do her own unboxing video this time to show the contents in our box. 

In our box was –  a curry crisp type snack, a pen, key ring doll product, sticker, t-shirt and a cute pea shaped green case with fluffy emoji balls inside it. Six products in total although if I add the emoji balls as well then it’s more like 9 products. 

I do think that the box we received is probably aimed more towards a girl than a boy but other boxes may be different and it is just my opinion.

Tokyo Trove also help local businesses plus donate to the whale research and conservation. They also have a special whale watch subscription box.

Subscriptions to Tokyo Trove can be started over on their webpage and they can be found on Facebook too. 


Published June 6, 2017 by Bizzimummy

It’s half term (yes my girls get 2 weeks off!) which means kids are off school and wanting things to do, plus snacks and sweets of which we have many thanks to millions sweets from Golden Casket UK.

I think most people in the UK will be familiar with millions sweets as they have been around for a long time. I remember them when I was a teenager and according to my kids, I’m prehistoric. 

Millions are packets, jars, tubes and shakers full of tiny flavoured sweets and imagine they are called millions because of their size and because there are loads (millions) per pack! 

Millions have recently bought out two new flavours to add to their already very long list. The flavours are sour strawberry and chocolate covered strawberry and it’s the latter which we have. 

Yes we have a big box full of chocolate strawberry millions and I’m not making it up when I say that these have to be my overall favourite variety of millions sweets so far. 

Our big box came filled with 24 35g packets.  Each packet containing hundreds of these tiny chocolate covered balls.

More than enough to last us throughout the half term. 

I don’t eat a huge amount of sweets myself, I tend to just lightly pick at my kids and have the odd one or two when they have them, but these little chocolate balls are just so nice. It’s chocolate and then a slight crunch and I’m into the strawberry burst of flavour infused with the chocolate in each bite. They even taste good with a hot drink too. 

These can be found in many sweet shops, stores, supermarkets across the UK and various online stores too. 

Saltrock fashion

Published June 5, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Saltrock started off in 1988 when two brothers, Angus and Ross, started printing t-shirts in order to fund their surf lifestyle. They are still producing cool t-shirts with great graphics almost 30 years later.

Saltrock is now a North Devon based beach lifestyle clothing brand which has 39 stores across the South West of the UK. If like me, you live no where near Devon or the South west of the country then don’t worry because they also have their online Saltrock store. Which currently has a big 75% sale on many items. 

We were invited to review Saltrock and I managed to purchase a fair few items of clothing for both myself and my children. This included a fair few of their T-shirts which start from just a few pound and many of which are included in a 3 for 2 offer. 

Saltrock have t-shirts amongst other items of clothing for both adults and children, women, men, boys and girls for the young and old. 

They also have vest tops for the really hot days. I was able to get this smoky grape vest top for Jordanna for an amazing sale price of £0.50, yes just 50p.

Izebellas t-shirt here was £5.00 but part of the 3 for 2 offer.

Ryan’s t-shirt was also included in our 3 for 2 offer. This one would normally be £7.50. 

And one for me too! 

Saltrock also have a great inexpensive selection of hoodies and jumpers for when it gets a bit cooler. 

I knew Jordanna would love this Halloween hoodie at just £10. Yes I know it’s months until Halloween but she did take a trip to the dungeon with it on, and also a ride on a ghost train. 

It’s pink and girly but pull the hood up and zip it all the way and my girl turns into a skeleton monster and she even glows in the dark with it on. She sure glowed up inside Blackpool dungeon. 

Izebella also got a cute hoody. Again just £10.00 and so very cute on her. 

And look we got more T-shirts plus a dress for me and pants for Ryan too! 

We just haven’t got around to wearing these yet but we will do soon.

Saltrock clothes are really great quality at really good prices. You can even earn £10 by inviting friends by generating your own unique share code on the website. 

The sizes are really generous, true to size but room to grow if that makes sense. I have size 10 t-shirts which fit me really well  with room to cover any of those baggy body bits. The kids sizes all for perfectly.

Also get 25% off your first shop by going to Saltrock UK via the clickable link.

I think we will certainly be shopping at Saltrock again very soon. 

Saltrock is amazing value for t-shirts and clothing for all the family.

The Children’s clubs subcription

Published May 31, 2017 by Bizzimummy

There is another new subscription box out for children aged 3 years and over. The children’s clubs offer 3 individual subscriptions. The main one being The Children’s club and the others are Dinosaurs for children and the brand new one set to launch soon is Conservation for children.  The boxes cost between £10-£15 per month depending on which you choose and are tailored to the specific age of the receiving child. 

The box comes with the first months subscription, subsequent subscriptions are sent in packages and children can store the contents in their boxes. 

The boxes come packed with educational and fun activities which cover the main subjects of maths, English and Science with art and fun thrown in. The subscriptions always come with something to make or create along with age specific work sheets, fun activities and stationery items such as pens, crayons, paint, card etc. 

This is Izebellas box, which was the first to be opened. 

I never know what to expect or what I will find inside subscription boxes and I do recieve a good fair few of them. I was quite surprised in a good way by the contents of these boxes. For just £10 it’s enough to keep her busy for a long time. 

Each activity in the box is designed to take approximately 15 minutes per day and the boxes come with enough activities to do 2 or more per day for a month. Or if your kids are really eager they could do them much faster but it’s better to space them out.

These are the activity sheets. There are many more than four, these are just to show some examples.

As you can hopefully see, activities such as making a clown and joining letters are more than suitable for a 4 year old and help her learn more whilst at home. 

Jordanna also received her own box from Children’s club. Jordanna’s activities were more age advanced and more appropiate for a 9 year old. 

Jordanna’s activities included crosswords, joke pages and activities such as morse code and times table. 

Both girls received a window suncatcher which when coloured look really good hung up on a window. 

To keep a track of all the activities and the ones they complete, they both have a large poster each. Each one has 90 numbered squares to mark off as they complete. 

Ryan received the Conservation for kids box. This box is brand new and I hear it’s launching some time this week or next. 

“Conservation is the protection of things found in nature. It requires the sensible use of all Earth’s natural resources: water, soil, minerals, wildlife, and forests”

The conservation box helps to teach children about the world around them and how to try and protect it. This includes learning  about animals, plants, water, rocks etc with activities to encourage children to get out and explore a bit more. 

Ryan’s box included a bird box to paint and decorate which he actually enjoyed doing. 

Also a bug catcher/viewer which he seems like too. It gives him an excuse to go out and find bugs to view instead of just sitting in playing video games. 

He also got a few things to make and a few work sheets which he seems quite happy to do. 

These boxes seem worth the £10 per month. They include enough activities to keep kids learning in a fun way and also give children something to make and keep. Paints, pencils, crayons are supplied too. As you can see the boxes differ depending on age so there won’t be anything too difficult or far to easy for a child. 

See more at Conservation for children and The children’s clubs.

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