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Mother’s Day gift guide

Published March 8, 2018 by Bizzimummy

If you haven’t bought your Mother’s Day gifts yet then don’t worry as there is still some time left. I am listing a few ideas below that may just help for those last minute buys.

1) Amazon echo dotThis little gadget is so much more than an everyday speaker and if someone was to give me one of these, I’d be over the moon.

“Echo Dot can hear you from across the room—even in noisy environments or while playing music. When you want to use Echo Dot, just say the wake word “Alexa” and Echo Dot responds. If you have more than one Echo or Echo Dot, Alexa responds intelligently from the device you’re closest to with ESP (Echo Spatial Perception).”

Available direct from Amazon and Argos for £39.99.

2) Prestat – Jewel box.

Every lady loves chocolates but this Mother’s Day why not make it an extra special box from Prestat. This box of luxury comes in at £14.00+ which is a lot to pay for chocs but mum will know that this isn’t your standard supermarket buy. Purchase on line or from Selfridges stores.

3) English dinner apron by Victoria Eggs.

Aprons may not be for every mum or wife but if you have a lady who doesn’t mind wearing them then this one can be purchased over on Handmade at Amazon for £22.

4) Indoor herb garden kit – £11.72 Amazon

Fresh herbs are very chefs’ vital ingredient. Herbs at Home makes it easy to add herbs to your salads, pastas, curries and dips

  • You’re sure to impress your loved ones with this fantastic gift idea, especially for those who are “hard-to-buy-for”

  • A great way to bring some greenery inside to brighten up your kitchen, buy several to grow multiple varieties of herbs

5) Rituals – The ritual of Sakura £16.92 Amazon

Well us mother’s do enjoy our pamper treats and this one is just lovely. Everything we need to relax and unwind after stressful tiring days.

Make sure the turkey is cooked this Christmas

Published December 24, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Do you know how hot a turkey should be when it’s cooked? No me neither tho a bit of research tells me it’s 75-80C internal. If not cooked correctly or properly then Christmas dinner can soon turn into the stuff of nightmares.

The most accurate way to check the temperature of a turkey, any other meats or even cakes is by using a special food thermometer such as this handy gadget called thermapen.

Thermapens look simple but they don’t come cheap, retailing at around £65 each. They are however a one off purchase and it gives a slight peace of mind knowing that this can accurately read internal temperatures of food. Thus minimising the risk of food poisoning.

The device, which resembles a parked red Ferrari is ready to use straight out of the packet. The battery which is a AAA is already pre installed. There is a hidden settings menu but to be honest I doubt I’ll need to access this as it’s already set up to use.

When the metal thermometer prong is pulled out, this instantly starts the digital thermometer reading and when folded back up it turns it off.

The device will calculate the room temperature before even touching food. Touching the prong also calculates your body temperature so yes it’s a really clever device. To test the temperature of food, and turkey in particular the prong gets inserted into the the thickest part. The digital sensor will start to calculate the temperature inside the bird. Sometimes the display keeps changing but thats because the meat is still cooking inside.

It works inside fridges and freezers too to determine if it’s cool enough. There is a handy backlight on the device which automatically comes on if the device senses that there is not enough light.

It’s a small gadget with lots of uses and worth the investment for many years ahead.

Vremi kitchen gadgets + giveaway 

Published October 18, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Vremi is a kitchen supply store based in New York. They sell their products via Amazon uk. Vremi’s selection of kitchen supplies includes those little gadgets which help with every day things as well as looking quite funky or even a bit stylish. Products such as bakeware, knives, mats, bowls and glassware can all be found by searching Vremi on Amazon.

 I have two Vremi gadgets. One for wine and one for coffee! 

This strange looking set is the Vremi wine preserved which costs just £9.99. 

My first thoughts were to wonder why anyone would need one of these, but as luck happens it’s actually come in quite useful. 

See I’m not a huge drinker, but when I go for a night out; I do like the odd glass of wine or prosecco before I leave the house. Now these drinks come in big bottles and once the popper is popped, it rarely goes back in, meaning flat wine next time. 
This handy set of stoppers and a pump preserves the freshness for up to 10 days meaning the drink stays fresh and fizzy longer. 

 It’s an easy gadget to use. An Airtight Stopper goes into the  neck of a wine bottle until firmly in placeThe Preserver Pump fits over the Stopper, pump the pump up and down by hand  to vacuum seal until resistance is felt and then attach the silver ring for the data marker. 

Then pop the wine back in fridge to enjoy the week after. 

Not bad for £9.99 and certainly cheaper than a new bottle of Prosecco. The parts being small can easily be stored in a kitchen drawer too. 

 And for coffee is the Vremi stovetop espresso maker.

This could be classsed as a more decorative kitchen accessory as many people have the electric coffee machines.  However it does give a more richer flavour to the coffee than my machine would. Six small cups of espresso can be poured at anyone time and it only takes five minutes too. I think this would be a lovely Christmas gift for coffee lovers. It does not cost the Earth either like a few other coffee machines do. It’s just £14.99.


 If you would like to win both of the above Vremi gadgets then please enter my giveaway (hosted by Gleam). Entries will close November 13th 2017.


Experimake from the Entertainer 

Published September 5, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Nickelodeon Experimake science kits by Addo brand are on sale at the Entertainer toy stores and online. They are part of the Entertainers #backtoschool toys and there is lots of choice. Kids can make their own perfumes, soaps  or lipsticks. For something a little more gross there is sludge and slime. Or they can learn the wonders of water and even make sweets. For the braver parents there is a kitchen experiments kit and explosions and eruptions. So much choice for young scientists.  

 We have a colourful crystal growing kit. This kit and all the others in the range are currently on sale for just £10 each.

Okay so the box is slightly misleading I think. We won’t get crystals looking like those pretty big ones pictured all over it, but we can get smaller crystals if the instructions are followed. – Think about it; your not going to get big shiny expensive crystals from a £10 set are you?  

 The main thing I do like about this particular set compared to the many science sets we have had previously; is that we don’t need to go out and purchase anything extra.  Many other kits ask for other items which I don’t think is right when your paying out for a kit to do the experiments anyway.

All my son (the main scientist) found he needed was water and the odd beaker or extra bowl etc. 

Now this set contains a fair few different chemicals and crystal making ingredients so obviously it needs to be kept out of the way of my curious 4 year old. I don’t think anything in this is particularly dangerous or lethal as they are suitable for 8 years plus: but it can get messy.


Yes that is green dye all over the wall and door. It’s a good job I had that old tray to put it all on or it would be everywhere. I guess the mess is half the fun of science experiments. 

The crystals do take a while to form, a few days for small ones and longer for something a bit more spectacular. We have to let them grow and set and just wait.


They are quite delicate things too once set and can easily be broken. 

These kits certainly pass a good few hours when kids are bored, no matter what the end result turns out to look like. 

Making a house more of a home with The Windsor Browne/Melody Mason collection 

Published May 2, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Windsor Browne is a brand created by Melody Maison to showcase items with a more quirky, industrial, earthy or gentleman’s club style. 
There are all sorts of more vintage style items including furniture and accessories for the home. I have three items from this collection! 

The first is a Floral French metal jug.

This may just look like an everyday type plant watering jug from the outset, and yes it can be used for plant watering but it also makes a rather pretty centre piece decoration. Either stand alone or as a flower vase like I’ve done here.

As it’s made of metal, there is little chance of it breaking or cracking and I think it looks so much prettier than the usual glass vases. It costs just under £10 and makes a perfect accessory in my newly decorated hallway. 

Next is one product that I always need, but can never find. It’s a bottle opener, but one that is very unlikely to become lost. 

This bottle opener is wall mounted and has a retro pub theme to it. I don’t drink beer at all but I do enjoy the odd treat of Coca Cola in glass bottles so this will come in handy. It also looks quite quirky next to my fridge too. 

I did have a few problems getting this on the wall. There are two screw slots at the back but it does not come with any screws or bolts and everything I tried was either too big or too small or just did not work. In the end I had to drill a small hole through the top of it and hang it that way, but it’s up now and it’s not a huge problem.

Yes it does work, just attach a bottle lid to the metal hole and open as you would any other bottle. The metal tray thing at the bottom even catches the drips. I best make sure I remember to give it a wipe! 

I’ll never be searching for a bottle opener again now this is on my kitchen wall. This one is just £10.95 but it does not come with appropriate wall fixings. 

Finally a small heart wall mirror.

I have put this in my bedroom as I was lacking a wall mirror. It is fairly small at 25cms but still has quite an effect on the room. It’s frame is plastic but to look at it from a distance it looks more metallic. 

I did struggle a bit to get this mirror hung too. There are 2 small hooks on the back but these seem quite flimsy and move around a lot when trying to get them onto a wall hook. I was worried about applying pressure whilst hanging it as it is quite a dainty thing which could easily be cracked if I pressed too hard. But… I now have a nice wall mirror at least.

At just £5.95 it’s not a bad price at all. 

Melody mason have some many unique and very pretty items. It’s the sort of place that makes me want to buy everything. The prices are very reasonable and their items really help to turn a house into a home. 

2Kewt cat ceramics 

Published August 9, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Recently I was contacted by the owner of a brand new product line names 2Kewt, as in “Too Cute” and when you see some of the product range it’s quite easy to sw why it is named so. These are cute ceramics for both the kitchen and bathroom. 

There is quite a selection of ceramics for both rooms all in a cute black and white cat design, I’m unsure if this cat character is in anyway based on a real cat at all but these items are certainly unusual. 

I guess you need be a cat lover to want these items or maybe just like cute and different looking things. The four items in the picture above are what I now have in my home and of course many of you may know that I do own a cat myself. 

This is the cookie jar and it’s unusual both in its design and the fact it’s ceramic.

The cats head comes off to reveal the biscuits hidden inside. It is possibly the quirkiest biscuit jar I have come across. It looks pretty good in my kitchen too and my walls are currently white and all the appliances are black.

I will say: it may be a good idea to reserve this for special “adult” cookies and biscuits. You know the expensive ones us mothers buy and hide until kiddies are in bed! It’s a lovely item and not a good idea for kids to handle and fight over.

If you looked at the photograph above of my four items and spotted the large spoon, you may be thinking its for ice cream or just me being greedy. Well it’s actually an unusual item – a spoon for spoons. I am hoping I’m using this correctly: but it’s for placing tea spoons on after making hot drinks and saves hot liquids dripping onto worktops.

The spoon simply rests on the spoon and all the drips end up on the cat spoon instead which can then be washed. I’m sure it could be used for other things too and it is quite decorative, there is even a hole to hang it up.

And for the bathroom – A soap dish!

If the soap is big enough and positioned correctly, it almost looks as though the cat is holding it. A soap dish is one thing I have been meaning to buy for a while. Soap is essential to keep clean but I hate the mess from soap stains on the sink. The problem is now solved with this pretty cat soap dish.

And finally – yes a ceramic cat toilet brush holder. It even comes with a toilet brush too. The brush fits in the back of the cat, or its butt even! . The brush itself is nothing great, but it does the intended job, obviously a new one will be needed after a few weeks of cleaning.

Again the cat seems to match the decor, I am beginning to think I need a little more colour in my home.

Cat does kind of look up at you whilst your using the bathroom. Almost like a lonely, stroke me face I think. I’m not too sure what the real cat thinks of this cat being all over my house tho.

2 Kewt is a brand new company and I have spotted their products at Gift ideas online, eBay and a few on Amazon. Prices differ per item.

Our kitchen gadgets from Oxo

Published June 29, 2016 by Bizzimummy

When Izebella was younger, I had the pleasure of working with Oxo UK on their baby and toddler products. They have a lot of colourful products for babies and toddlers. Izebella is now a little old for the Oxo tot range but Oxo UK also have a good selection of items and gadgets for the kitchen and bathroom. 

“And here are just 3 of those products” 

Starting with the Trigger ice cream scoop. I have many kitchen accessories and utensils but up until now, I have never owned a real ice cream scoop and usually resort to using a spoon; which always ends up bent! 

It is a slightly strange looking gadget, with the peculiar looking lever but it certainly saves a few bent spoons (well unless you are practicing to be the next Uri Geller that is?).

Ryan was very keen to give this a go for me and demonstrate how it works. There is a tab on the scoop to save sliding hands and a press of the lever gives nice round scoops of ice cream, perfect for a cone.

Unfortunately Ryan did not get to have the first scoops, Jordanna did instead.

It’s a nice fancy gadget to own, not exactly a necessity unless you eat ice cream on a daily basis but always good to have one. It’s much easier than bending the spoon! These cost £10.00 each. 

Next up is a box grater. A grater is another thing I did not previously own and I am very happy to now have one.

This grater has 4 useable sides, all of which give a different slice to the used foods. You can pretty much slice any food on a grater and it saves the need for using a knife. However the sides are all sharp so care needs to be taken and especially so for very small or pieces of food as it will also grate skin if not careful. 

Unlike the regular stand alone grater, this one comes with a handy plastic tub which fits and attaches under the grater. The tub catches the grated foods meaning slightly less mess.

I have so far grated onions, cheese and a few other salad items using this. I love the little tub attachment as it makes things much easier than using a plate or chopping board underneath it. The tub even has a lid for storing and measurement markings.  This costs £16.00

Finally and one just for Izebella to use is a Good grips twist top water bottle.

This is a really big water bottle and holds a lot of water or juice. Unlike other water bottles that we have used, this one opens and closes by twisting the top lid around, thus hiding the straw and protecting it. When the straw is hidden it becomes a leak proof bottle that can be taken on journeys. When the straw is up, the leakage is still minimal when tipped, tho some does come out at first. 

It’s a tough a study bottle which seems to beable to withstand many drops so far. The plastic handle at the top makes it easy and conveinient to carry around. 

Measurements in both mls and ounces appear on each side of the cup making it perfect for adults to make gym shakes inside it too. 

This water bottle costs £10.00.

Putting some “ColourWorks” in my Kitchen

Published March 17, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Colourworks is a striking and comprehensive range of essential kitchen accessories, tools and gadgets. They come in many bright, bold colours which create a big impact on boring kitchens. There are many colours and accessories to choose from, thus giving the option to mix, match and co-ordinate in the kitchen.

My kitchen is quite large and doubles up as a dining room and even part playroom. I have been in my house just over a year now and it’s the only room I haven’t really touched decorating wise. It was already decorated and painted, albeit white so didn’t really need touching. All my appliances and accessories are black, so my kitchen was starting to lack a much needed input of some sort of colour. This is where the new accessories from Colourworks help. 

As well as being very colourful, these kitchen accessories are also silicone. Colourworks silicone products are designed  to bend and flex to the contours of bowls and pans, making scraping contents easier, silicone is also heat, odour and stain resistant and therefore ideal for use with non-stick surfaces. The Colourworks selection of silicone tools has something for every kitchen task and looks great too. 

I now have a great selection of very useful and very colourful accessories for cooking, these include a masher(not silicone), cooking spoons, spatula, palette knife, pastry brush and a pasta server. Each one in a different colour meaning they really stand out. I find the silicone easier to use too than my previous plastic or wooden utensils. 

As well as the silicone handy utensils, Colourworks has lots more kitchen gadgets to offer. This pizza cutter for instance, which we also have make pizza cutting so much easier than trying to slice with a knife. 

When you live in a home with an extremely fussy 10 year old, and his favourite food happens to be pizza then one of these really comes in handy. 

This pizza cutter has a soft touch panel and a fully rotating stainless steel blade, and ergonomically designed handle, it makes the process of cutting pizza simple.

The blade is of course very sharp and therefore this needs keeping away from small fingers.

I have been in need of a new set of knives as my old ones are feeling slightly blunt.

I was happy to see a brand new knife set amongst my other colourful products. This set contains 3 knives. 9cm, 12cm and the large chefs 20cm. The appearance of the knife set is somewhat deceptive, I think this may be down to them being coloured rather than steel or metal. However these are extremely sharp and cut with ease and very quickly. I have always been puzzled as to why my chopped onions and veg never appear nicely chopped. I now realise it’s because my old knife was not sharp enough. These are sharp enough which is why they also come with tough protective sleeves. These will also be kept out of reach and high up. 

Next – a measuring cup set, tho in the form of spoons. 

Each one a lovely bright different colour. Each spoon is a measurement being either eighth, quarter, half or one fuk cup. They com in handy for those annoying recipes which ask for 1 cup or half etc, and leave you wondering “how big a cup”. No need to worry with a set of these in the kitchen.

This Collapsable Colander is useful for small kitchens or those with lack of cupboard space. 

When needed it simply pops up into a full colander and collapses back down flat for storage. 

And finally a lovely Melamine two tone mixing bowl. Every kitchen needs a mixing bowl of some sort, be it for cakes or just mixing foods together. 

Melamine is virtually unbreakable. This bowl has a big 4 litre capacity and a non slip underside too. 

And now my kitchen is starting to look a little brighter than it did before and I also have some lovely new accessories to use.

There are over 400 products and utensils in the Colourworks range. These can all be found over at Kitchen Craft. There are many colourworks stockists throughout the UK and a vast product selection is also available on Amazon. 

It doesn’t have to cost the Earth to colour your kitchen. Colourworks utensils and accessories are inexpensive. Prices vary.



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Russel Hobbs Aura hand blender

Published January 19, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Kitchen space is a big issue for many families. My previous house had very little surface space to prepare food. My new home is much better but I often wish I had more room or more compact gadgets.

Russel Hobbs have bought out a new range of kitchen gadgets called Aura. These gadgets are cleverly designed for families where space may be an issue. Here is what Russel Hobbs say about the new range.

Thanks to Aura, the new multifunctional range from Russell Hobbs, you can successfully complete every culinary process with the help of just a few kitchen appliances. This collection of sleek, white, versatile kitchen appliances covers all bases in the kitchen and allows you to whip up everything from quick and easy snacks to a cordon bleu masterpiece.

Powerful and stylish, the multifunctional nature of the products mean that you don’t need them all and they can be kept on the worktop, but are compact enough to be neatly tucked away, so that much needed space is never an issue.

Russel Hobbs sent us over a new hand blender from the Aura range. It’s probably one of the easiest gadgets I have ever used both to assemble and use.

The blender itself comes out of the box in 2 pieces, the motor and the blade. These easily click together then just plug in and ready to use.

The blender has a stainless steel blade which is not particularly sharp to touch but is extremely fast once on. It has a speed/power dial and is powered by pressing a simple on switch.

The appliance is easy to hold and does not slip. It can do the same jobs as a bigger blender does and is ideal for soups, smoothies, desserts, baby food amongst many other things. It’s best to use it in 10-30 second pulses to avoid wearing out the motor and mushing up food too much.
With the blender comes a 0.5 litre jug which is very handy and minimises spills which usually occur in a larger bowl. The hand blender can of course be used with any other bowls or pans.


This is so simple to use and put together that I didn’t really need to read the instructions, but with the instruction booklet comes a useful recipe guide with all sorts of soup, smoothie, egg ideas to make using the hand blender. One of these recipes is called Strawberry Mess. I’m sure it’s exactly the same recipe as Eton Mess and involves whipped cream, meringues and strawberries.

The recipe portion sounded quite small so I doubled up on the ingredients and also added a full punnet of raspberries, along with 200ml whipping cream, 10 small meringue shells, 7 large strawberries. All of this recipe involved using the hand blender.

First I had to whip the cream. I was shocked at how quickly the hand blender turned it from liquid to whipped cream with peaks. It took about 15/20 seconds and the majority stayed in the beaker.

The cream was transferred to a bowl and then it was time to crush up the meringues. Again this was very fast and very easy to do considering they are quite hard.

The final part is the fruit, full strawberries and raspberries go in and a fruit purée comes out.


And yes I know it looks like something from Halloween doesn’t it!


Well it is called “Strawberry Mess”. It looks a bit of a mess but it tastes delicious. A bit like a creamy fruity yoghurt with crunchy bits.


I think it’s fair to say that this little girl enjoyed it.


There are many things that can be done with one of these handy gadgets. They really are very multifunctional. We can now enjoy healthy morning smoothies too just like this one.

The hand blender blends so well that there are virtually no lumps left at all, it’s very impressive.

The only small problem I found with it is that when blending thicker foods or creams, some of the food will become stuck in the blade part meaning I have to unplug and manually remove which can be a little annoying, but apart from that it’s a great little gadget.

After use, the blade part detaches and can be washed along with the beaker then simply stored in a cupboard, drawer or on the kitchen side.

The Aura hand blender costs £29.99 from Russel Hobbs and other products in the Aura Collection include a juicer, food processor and mixers.

Sweetbee dolls house furniture (+Win a dolls house)

Published December 9, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Last week you may remember my post about the beautiful big dolls house which Jordanna and Izebella now have from Big Game Hunters. Well of course no dolls house would be complete without a bit of furniture inside it and Big Game Hunters also sells some lovely furniture packs which compliment the Butterbee cottage house beautifully.

The packs of furniture come either as individual room sets priced at £14.99 each, in packs of 3 rooms for £40.00 or go the whole hog and buy all 6 packs together for a price of £80.00. With our dolls house we were kindly also set a 3 room pack of furniture which contained the parts for Kitchen, Bathroom and Children's bedroom.

Just like the dolls house my furniture arrived in plain boxes with no stickers or writing nor pictures showing what was inside. This comes in very useful if buying gifts early on and wanting to store them in wardrobes incase little hands go exploring. All the furniture was also well packaged with lots of bubble wrap and many smaller items wrapped in tissue paper.

All the furniture is made from wood, carefully handcrafted and lots of attention to detail. Some parts are quite small so it's important not to allow babies to get them. Luckily Izebella is long past the stage of putting everything in her mouth. Along with the wooden pieces comes many pieces of fabric used as mats and bedding to name a few and provide beautiful decoration.

First the Kitchen set which contains 4 big units and several smaller pieces. There is a cooker with a hob and oven which opens and a pot which site sits on the hob. A sink with an under cupboard which opens up and good for storing the smaller bits. Also a 2 drawer unit with 2 pull out drawer blocks and a cupboard with doors. Also 2 little chairs, a toaster and other smaller parts. The toaster even comes with a slice if bread too.


The Kitchen set comes in pretty pink and yellow themed colours and looks just like an old fashioned cottage kitchen. The parts all seem very solid too and pretty much unbreakable.



Next the child's bedroom. Many of these pieces came very carefully wrapped with tissue paper and there was also a bag containing fabrics.

There is a bunk bed with ladders to match, a set of drawers and a dressing table all in a turquoise colour. The fabrics include 2 bed duvets and pillows and a room rug. The dressing table has its own stool and there is also a lamp and a guitar and a few other pieces which I was unsure what some of them were but I guess my girls will use their imagination when playing with it all.

Unlike the house which only requires minimal assembly, the furniture requires no assembly at all. We just took it out of the box and put it where ever we wish in the house.




Finally the bathroom which comes with a shower, bath, toilet and a sink. The toilet lid lifts up and the shower comes with the curtain ready attached. The sink has a storage cupboard underneath and another floor rug is also included.

It's a very pretty set. Very life like but obviously on a much smaller scale.

All the furniture looks great once placed in the house. We only have 3 rooms file so in the new year I will hopefully be purchasing the other 3 pack of furniture which contains the living room, dining room and master bedroom. Big Game Hunters sell many other different branded furniture sets too as well as these so it may be a good idea to buy a few different sets as time goes on so my girls can mix and match as they please. They do of course also sell dolls for a dolls house so again this is something to consider for future gifts. Lucky enough Jordanna was bought some very small dolls last year and never used them and these look the perfect size for our dolls house.

A dolls house is a work in progress. Building it is just the start. The real fun is buying and even swapping furniture and accessories as the years go by and creating a home for the dolls however we wish.




p style=”text-align:center;”> WIN BUTTERBEE DOLLS HOUSE

Big game hunters have a fabulous competition to win a dolls house (in picture above) Head over to their page and find out how.



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Eye Will Not Cry

"Eye Fly High"

Six degrees of harmony

Tales about a family of 6 with teens, a tween & a toddler


Subscription Box Reviews, Active Directory, Spoilers, New Box Releases, Coupons and Lots of Nonsense.

The Spirited Puddle Jumper

Modern, Family Lifestyle

Carmen Fox, Author

Welcome to the Fox's den. Musings by Carmen Fox.

Lil' Nibblet's Nook

A childhood Experience.

Aussie Criminals and Crooks

Australian criminals and their Crimes. Con artists, scum bags, murderers, corrupt cops, pollies, rapists and paedophiles will find themselves in this blog. It was expanded to also cover those that ought to be charged for their idiotic disgusting behaviour. Usually high-profile people who think they are above the law

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A Gale of two cities . . .

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Seasoning while rocking out since 1983

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For real parents everywhere


A lifestyle blog by Julia Bryson


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