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Indigo Nutrition chocolate making kit

Published July 17, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Indigo Herbs are all about healthier lifestyles, healthy eating, superfoods and food for vegans. We were recently asked to try out one of their raw chocolate making kits. We are not a vegan family but we all love our chocolate treats so of course we agreed and then this box arrived. 

The kits start from £19.99 and contain all the ingredients needed to make our own "pure raw chocolate"

Raw chocolate is more healthier than the milk alternatives. Being a food suitable for vegans does mean no milk or dairy products are used. Therefore the finished chocolate is dark, stronger cocoa percentage and slightly more bitter than regular chocolate but it stlll tastes good. 

Have you ever wondered what gives good chocolate that wonderful chocolate smell? Well it's all down to this stuff! 

This being our melting organic cacao butter, it is known by other names too including cocoa butter and kakaw. From the moment I opened the packet I could instantly smell chocolate. This butter is 100% pure natural cacao derived straight from the cacao plant. It is one of the main ingredients in most chocolate products and is the ingredient which makes chocolate smell so good.

The butter is like small lumps of rock to begin with, it needs melting down to liquid and slowly too or the nutrients will be destroyed if heated too fast. Once melted we added the packet of raw vanilla powder and then all the cacao powder. Then it looked a bit more like chocolate.

With this kit we also got several small cake cases, but we also already had a few unused baking moulds lying around in the drawers, so this was a good excuse to get them out.

The chocolate mixture is poured into the moulds and we added some nuts and goji berries which are also included in the kit. Then put the moulds straight into the freezer to set. As chocolate does not really freeze, there is no risk of it spoiling if left too long. 

Raw chocolate does not taste as good when melted or when cooking with it. It tastes much better when set and ready to eat, so best not to lick the spoons with this stuff. 

And once set!

And that's not all of our raw chocolate creations either. We also found a quick yummy recipe on the Indigo herbs website for salted peanut butter cacao cups. These are really really easy and we happened to have half a jar of peanut butter in the cupboard too that needed using up.

Using the made raw chocolate mixture and the included cake cases, we poured a small amount of chocolate into each case and immediately placed them in the freezer to harden a little. Then took them out and placed a layer of peanut butter onto each one.

Followed by another layer of raw chocolate on top and back in the freezer for more time to set. These are just delicious and now I know how to make them, I will certainly be making some more.

There are several other raw chocolate recipes on the website, most of which just require the chocolate making kit and a few basic ingredients.

I found one main thing that differs with this raw chocolate as opposed to regular chocolate types is that it seems to melt much quicker, almost instantly after removing it from the freezer. It doesn't turn to mush in your hand but I could feel it start to melt very quickly. It's probably best kept in the freezer or a cold part of the fridge until ready for eating or using.

These kits are great and we have all enjoyed making and eating the chocolate. They can also make lovely gifts too. 

Clean Hands, Clean Home with Aquaint

Published September 25, 2013 by Bizzimummy

Aquaint is a new natural antibacterial cleansing spray. It is extremely mild and sensitive and has a multitude of useful uses. It is so mild that it can be used to clean tiny baby hands from birth onwards. It can also be used as a hand wash for older children after playing out or painting etc and as a fast sanitiser for adult hands too. Aswel as cleaning hands the Aquaint spray can be used as a surface cleaner, it kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria in seconds and it is even totally safe to use on food such as fruit if dropped by a child: it can be sprayed onto food to clean it.

The spray is totally chemical free and free from alcohol. It is safe for use on sensitive skin and does not cause skin dryness. It's completely safe if swallowed too or sprayed into the mouth and safe enough to use to clean breastpumps. Another use is for cleaning cuts and grazes which my kids seem to constantly have.

I have found this spray extremely handy for wiping down Izebella's high chair, she is such a messy eater and this spray does not leave any nasty tastes on the tray nor on the food. I have never come across any sort of cleaning spray like this and especially not one that is very safe for babies with lots of uses around the home and out and about.



The spray comes in two sizes- a small 50ml size which is great for putting in a handbag, taking on trips, parks etc. after all I can't count the times when I have been out and kids have had chocolate or ice creams and I have had nothing to wipe/wash sticky hands with. The 50ml size costs approximately £2.50

The larger size is 500ml with an easy spray nozzle and this size is much better to keep around the home for family uses as mentioned above. This size is £4.99 and both can be purchased from NCT Shop



Published August 26, 2013 by Bizzimummy

I remember several years ago whilst out shopping with friends this incredible beautiful fragrant smell overwhelmed me. I turned around to see where it came from and there was a small shop selling all sorts of brightly coloured bath bombs and soaps. That shop of course was Lush and now every time I see a Lush shop I just have to go in and buy something. It's fairly obvious to me why Lush is called its name- because the products are simply luscious. They have got to be the best bathing products around. They are all handmade and look great with their funky colours. They smell amazing and feel so nice whilst using them. I also find when I buy Lush products that the customer service is great – always nice and friendly and my items always carefully and individually wrapped and not just thrown into a carrier bag like some shops do.

I was delighted to be able to review some of Lush's best selling products.

Dragons Egg

From the outside this looks like a regular bath bomb; whitish with a few odd coloured speckles. However inside is layers of surprise. A yellow yolk part and what looks like mini blue eggs scattered inside and right in the centre is a golden nugget part (at least that's what it looked like to me).


When placed in the bath this egg erupts like a volcano, The bath turns into molten gold and yellow foamy lava which I could actually pick up and wash myself with as its like foamy soap whilst dissolving. I could hear this magical egg fizzing, popping and cracking away like a firework whilst relaxing and taking in the beautiful aromas of this product. It is most certainly now one of my favourite Lush products which I will buy again soon.


Fun comes in five funky colours: red,green, yellow, blue and pink. I received the pink one which is my favourite colour anyway. First impressions were that it looked like a large piece of play dough and felt like it too.

Fun is very much like play dough in the form of a bathing product if that makes any sense. You can pull it apart. Squash it, shape it, make things with it and just generally have lots of fun playing around with it whilst also washing yourself with it. It has a fruity candy smell of childhood too. I have a feeling my little girl Jordanna will like this too.

Honey I washed the Kids

The best selling soap at Lush and can be bought in different weight quantities. It looks like a bar of fudge with a toffee glaze and smells like one too. It feels very soft on skin too and was like having a bath with a toffee bar. Just amazing. I hope my children don't mistake this for toffee.

Pop in the Bath Bubble Bar

These cute little bubble bars come in four different colours and combinations and contain a blend of mandarin and bergamot oils with orange flower absolut giving a great citrus candy aroma to any bathroom.

It's very generous in size too so I just break off chunks at a time for each bath so it lasts longer. Lots and lots of swirly foam and bubbles to relax in.

I am having lots of fun with my lovely Lush goodies. It's like being a child again at bathtime. All the products can be purchased from any Lush store or online at Lush.

The ingredients in Lush products are not tested on animals and products are handmade using little or no preservatives.


Plamil Organic Chocolate

Published August 20, 2013 by Bizzimummy


Plamil have been making organic chocolate fir over ten years. They source their cocoa from a farm in the Dominican Republic which is certified by the Fairtrade Association and all the chocolate is made at their own factory.
They supply a differing range of chocolate bars which are suitable for almost everyone including Dairy free, no added sugar, organic, luxury and seasonal. They also sell chocolate spreads, egg free mayonnaise and other products.
The chocolate ranges from milky to 80% cocoa so you are sure to find something you enjoy.
Plamil products are approved by both the vegan and vegetarian societies and were the first chocolate manufacturers in the UK to be registered by the Soil Association.
I was sent some lovely chocolate bars to try.


Organic Orange with Cranberries – a lovely zingy taste infused with chocolate and delicious cranberries.
Chocolate Dairy Free – to me this tasted like chocolate I could not tell the difference that it was dairy free at all.
Banana no added sugar – I found this had quite an unusual but nice taste to it an was still quite sweet even without the sugar
60 % Organic chocolate with raisins – quite a strong dark chocolate

A full range and prices of Plamil chocolate can be seen on this page they have a free gift offer on at the moment if you order before August 31st.

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