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Father’s Day photo gifts from Snapfish 

Published May 19, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Snapfish is the home to personalised photo gifts and I have been a customer of theirs for many years. They sell all sorts of photo gifts including cups, cushions, phone cases, place mats, keyrings and so much more. They also do a photo print service and photographs can be uploaded via a mobile phone. 

As it’s Father’s Day next month. I have been asked to come up with some personalised gift ideas from Snapfish. 

I love my wall art and I’m sure most Dads would also love a nice canvas of their children to hang up, especially so the Father’s who don’t live with their children, so this was the first thing I chose to create. 

This photo was taken at Blackpool beach a few weeks back. I’m unsure where Ryan was but I think it’s a really good picture of the girls together. 

Snapfish have many different types and sizes of wall art such as canvases and posters. 

This one is a slim canvas and measures 12×8″. It was really easy to make, I just uploaded the photograph, did a bit of cropping and the canvas arrived within a few days. It is quite small, there are bigger sizes. It can be hung on a wall (hangers not included) or stood up on a unit. 

I think most Dads would love a gift like this for Father’s Day.

And if Dad likes having a lot of memories in one place, and he’s the sort of person who takes photos of the kids but never prints them off then photobooks also make really good gifts.

The smallest photobook starts at just £6.99 for a 6×4″ size. This one has 20 pages which can hold more than one photograph per page. For 8 more additional pages it’s just an extra £1.99. 

Many of the photobooks allow for text and greetings, making them even more personalised. These photobooks mean all Dads favourites pictures are kept in one special place rather than having multiple photo prints which usually end up in a cupboard somewhere. 

Again the photobook creation process is fairly straightforward. It can take a while for multiple photographs to upload depending on the size of the book chosen. Options include colours, texts and fonts plus deciding on the layout of photographs on each page. If like me you can’t be bothered adjusting page layouts then snapfish will do it for you and arrange the photographs on each page and if it does not look right then you can manually change it. 

Visit the Snapfish website for lots more Father’s Day gift ideas.

Izebella and the Watabus

Published January 5, 2017 by Bizzimummy

When I was a little girl, I longed for some sort of item with my name on it. Unfortunately for me, my name is unusual and also spelt in an unusual way so there was never anything with my name on. These days, thanks to the internet and more modern technology, we can buy almost anything with names on, no matter how unusual or rare the name may be. Izebella may be a popular name but the particular spelling is not. Years ago I would have struggled to find anything personal for either of my girls but it’s so much easier now.

A lovely personalised book came before Christmas for Izebella. The book is from Wat adventure. The books website allows the parent or sender to include any name, sex of child, personal message and create a character. This is Izebellas.

The story is about a trip to India and when creating the book; there is a choice of which animals to include. 

The child’s name appears on most of the books pages as well as the front cover. 

Izebella has not started reading yet but can recognize letters. The size and format of the text makes it easy to read and suitable for beginner readers. All the pages are full of colourful images.

The books cost 19.99 each and do make lovely gifts. Also £1.00 from every book purchase will be donated to the Rainbow trust who provide support to families who have a child with a life threatening illness.

Sing my name

Published June 17, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Sing my name is about your brilliant gifts for children thatare not only fun, but personalized as well! They have got magnificent gift ideas for personalised children’s gifts that are perfect for every occasion! 

The alarm clocks are lots of fun and come in a variety of different colours. They seem good for the older child who understands time or those who find it hard to get up in the mornng. 

They are in the old fashioned style of alarm clocks and are free standing. They need 3 AA batteries and are extremely loud. The alarm is a wake up song featuring the child’s name. Just listen to this. 

There is a way of putting your  own songs or music onto the clock and it does have a cable input at the back but does not come with the cable. 

Jordanna has the “girls stuff” design. This one comes in a lilac colour with images for the loser girl of shoes and lipstick. There is a pink fairy clock for younger girls and two blue designs with football or a car image (which Ryan has) 

And finally an orange clock for those who don’t want pink or blue.  The clocks come in a gift box with full instructions. The back of the box has space to write out the recipients name. 

The wake up song on the clock is quite loud and is sure to wake up even the deepest sleepers.

Each clock costs £24.99 and make perfect extra gift for Christmas. 

Sing my name also provide personalised CDs. The CDs contain 8-12 tracks each and there are currently three different CDs to choose from – music, animals and Christmas. Each song will feature the child’s name in the lyrics as well as on the CD itself.

These personalised CDs cost £14.95 each one.

Finally the Personalised music players. Now these are so groovy and funky, I can’t help but want one myself. 

It’s a bunny shaped device in either pink or blue. When ours arrived it did need charging, the USB cable comes included and works off a standard iPhone plug. This comes with 12 personalised songs including the same wake up song found on the alarm clocks. It includes a sleepy time lullaby for bed time and even a happy birthday song for that special day.

And yes it has a nightlight too which is the perfect soft glow to accompany the bed time song. The light is activated by one of rabbits hands and the music can be changed and paused via the buttons on rabbits belly. On the back is a volume control as just like the clocks, it can get loud.

The music player has been given to Izebella and she was absolutely fascinated by it and also found it quite amusing when it sang her name.

The added bonus to this music player is that it has 4GB memory and so parents can put lots more songs onto it by connecting to a laptop. The story mode button allows parents to record stories for their child too. 

The sound quality is spot on for a child’s device. It actually sounds like a high quality speaker.

The price for one music player is £39.95. And don’t forget it will hold hundreds of your own songs too. 

Personalisation options are given when buying and there are other language options as well as English.

All of the sing my name products can be purchased on the website and also in Hamleys, Harrods and Fenwick stores.

Amazing pages 

Published December 18, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Everyone is well aware that books with names and personalisation can easily be bought these days but! Amazing pages go a step further by actually making the child the main character of the book. And not just by txt personalisation either, tho this is included throughout but by placing the child at centre stage of the book, like this! 

 Yes that’s my little princes on the front cover of her own personalised book and holding hands with a mermaid. 

Now Izebella has not yet seen her book because I am saving it as a special Christmas gift but as a parent I was very impressed with the quality of the book.

The first page allows for parents message and personalised presentation via a few special words. 

 Then from here and every page throughout the book, Izebella will see herself amist all the action.  

The book can be made even more personalised to suit the child by adding the town where they live plus favourite toy and a time when they feel scared (Izebella being scared of robots of all things). These bits of information are then added to the story.  

Izebella cannot read yet but I know she will be so excited to see herself in this book. 

Amazing pages currently offer 3 different book titles including the mermaid one. New titles will be added next year and the books cost £19.99 each. Making the book is easy and takes minutes and my book arrived within a few days. It’s a lovely idea and a fabulous personalised keepsake type gift. 

Stuck on You: Personalised gifts

Published June 29, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Stuck on You are probably more well known for their name labels which is how the company started over 17 years ago. The name labels still continue to be their best selling products and are not limited to just  clothing labels either. The labels can be purchased for other items too. As well as name labels, Stuck on you also offers a fabulous selection of personalised gifts for children. It’s quite a vast selection too. Items of clothing, photo gifts, food and drink items am can also be personalised with names.

For Izebella I went for a personalised nightie from the Clothing selection and also a Personalised drink bottle

This gorgeous little nightie is just what Izebella needed. I chose the next size up and its fits her pretty well. She was delighted to see her name on it too. 


This nightie is currently on a very special offer of just £7.99, from previous price of £19.99.

The drink bottles come in many designs and colours and are perfect for toddlers and travelling with the non spill spout and lid.  

Izebella has a well suited pink fairy design and again very proud to see her name on her own new bottle.  


The bottles cost £15.99 each and make great gifts and come in useful for children at nursery as the child’s name is already on. 

To view more personalise gifts visit Stuck on You.  

Name Plaques from Crafty Caterpillar

Published April 30, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Over at Crafty Caterpillar you may be fooled into thinking you will find a selection of furry creepy crawlies, but no, far from it. What you will find however is the option to create a beautiful name plaque for your child (or even yourself if you wish). 

The name plaques come in lots of colour choices and all sorts of patterns and pictures with butterflies and flowers, shoes and footballs and that’s football and flowers for either boy or girl (before the PC brigade pipe up). 

I was given the great opportunity to make not one but three name plaques, one for each of my lovely children. 

I had each one made in a different style and colour. Ryan’s being blue with footballs, Jordannas has flowers and crystals and Izebella yellow with butterflies.

They arrived very elegantly packaged, wrapped in tissue paper and a red ribbon.  

I think it makes it extra special when it’s wrapped as beautiful as this. Here are all the lovely plaques. 


Ryan’s is obviously smaller as his name is much shorter. I have not edited this photo in any way either or enhanced the colours. The plaques are lovely, bright and bold and really stand out on any door or bedroom. Jordannas plaque even has mini crystals which catch the light and sparkle.

These plaques are made from birch plywood and seem very strong. On the back are four sticky foam pads reducing the need for a hammer and hooks, although I imagine I could probably put picture hooks into them if need be.  

Any name up to 9 letters can be put on the plaque and the size of the plaque will vary depending on how long the name.

Then there’s only one decision and that is where to hang them? My children opted for their bedroom doors.  


Now no one will get lost when finding their bedroom at least.

These plaques start from £15.00 depending on chosen design and can be made here.

Lost my Name

Published April 29, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Lost My Name are magical books for boys and girls in which they are the main star, only the little boys and girls have lost their names and so go on a magical adventure to find it.

The books come in 2 colours for both boys and girls. The book titles are either “The Little girl Who” or “The Little boy who” lost his (or) her name. 

I chose to make the book for Izebella as I am trying to get her learning the odd few letters and was hoping this may help a little. She also loves books and especially so any that have her name in.  

The book making process is very straightforward. You just choose the sex of the child and input their name. 

The front of the book comes with a lovely personalise greeting and the book is illustrated throughout with illustrations by Pedro Serapicos.

Along the journey, The little girl who lost her name encounters all sorts of weird and wonderful creatures which include a big giant with pink hair, a strange looking zebra, and even an Aardvark. 

Along the journey the little girl is given letters from the strange friends she meets along the way. Once she gets to the end of the journey and the child reader reaches the end of the book, the full name with all the collected letters is then revealed in big bold letters.  

It’s a very cute adorable little book and Izebella loves hearing and seeing her name in her new book. She is now convinced that the girl in the book is actually her.

The books cost £18.99 each and certainly make a very lovely and personal gift to keep and treasure for always. A perfect bedtime story too.

The one thing I would like to suggest for these books is to perhaps offer a colour choice of front cover as many parents seem to get a little offended by blue being for boys and pink/purple being for girls. It’s not something that particularly bothers or concerns me as pink and purple are both my girls favourite colours anyway but perhaps more colour choice could be an added option. Apart from that the book is lovely. 

Buy directly from Lost My Name with the optional addition of gift wrapping too if required for £2.50.


Teeny Beanies review & competition

Published March 3, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Teeny Beanies are all designed and handmade in Shropshire.

There are 14 cute and loveable characters to choose from – all looking for loving homes!

The Teeny Beanie characters are available in the form of Bean Bags, Cushions, Bags, Wheat & Lavender Hotties, Bunting & Soft Toys and are suitable for all children of 3 years and over. Made from soft suedette fabric and fun fur, they are also machine washable at 40°C. Here is a selection of the characters, all full of fun and happy faces and just waiting for a new home.

or the review part of this post. Izebella has been sent a lovely personalised blanket. The blanket is in pink with the cute Bessie bunny character. There are 2 other choices – Bertie bunny in blue and Bernie bunny in white.

The size is 70×70 cms and so probably more suitable for smaller babies and cot use rather than a small bed. Izebella isn’t too bothered with the size tho and she is very happy to have a special blanket with her name on. Pink is also her favourite colour too.


She happily uses her new pink bunny blanket whilst in her buggy on way to nurses and for her afternoon naps at home.

The blankets are made from 100% cotton and would make lovely baby gifts. The personalisation makes them very unique and this will be a lovely item to keep for many years to come.

Personalised blankets cost £20.00 each with an additional option of gift wrapping. Purchase directly from this page




Teeny Beanies are offering all my lovely readers an amazing competition. The prize on offer to one lucky winner is a £50 voucher to spend on anything you like on their website.

To enter you must live in the UK and simply click the link below to be taken to the competition page. Competition will end on March 24th.






Personalised blankets

Published November 24, 2014 by Bizzimummy

In my childhood days, if we wanted photographs then we would have to buy film, put it in the camera, take at least 26 photographs, have no idea what they would look like and then wait up to a week to get the photographs from a developing shop.

Of course thanks to the digital cameras and new technology, the days of old cameras, film and blurry photographs are long gone and we can now put our smiling happy faces just about anywhere and on anything we wish. Cups, cards, t shirts and now even blankets too.

Thanks to All Personalised Blankets I now have my 3 children on one gorgeous fleecy blanket. Meaning even when they are not here I can still wrap their faces around me.

The blankets come with a choice of sizes and many designs to choose from. Mine is a size 90×140 polar blanket and in the style “Fashion Love” this style allows for 3 photographs.

I did attempt another style first with more photographs. An option allows users to crop, rotate and edit the photographs but unfortunately the design did not look right and the photographs were all over the places with missing bits etc so I restarted and went for a more simple design. The blankets cannot be created using an iPhone either and I had to do it all on my laptop. The website can be slightly frustrating but I got there in the end.

I really like the end design I chose. I do like animal prints and especially zebra and the photographs are set on an old retro photographic background with an old negative. I chose one photograph of each of my children and the photographs turned out quite clear considering it's printed on material.

The blanket itself is great quality. Lovely fleece and keeps me very warm at night. I labsolutly love it and I just know that these would make amazing Christmas gifts too. Just imagine a loved ones face when they unwrap a present to see a blanket like this.

The blankets start from £47.79 and up to £96.39 depending on size. It's obvious a lot of work goes into creating them and they take about 2 weeks or so to arrive so if I was ordering as a Christmas gift then I would certainly be looking to order now. The company are currently offering every customer a huge 50% of any blanket, this offer can be seen when you visit their website


Personalised Christmas gifts at Special Memento

Published November 26, 2013 by Bizzimummy

Special Memento is a family run business based in London.
They originally started back in 2003 making personalised calendars for family and friends and then decided to turn into a business. In 2012 their website was revamped and they now supply personalised gifts of all kinds.
Their are gifts for everyone and gifts for all sorts of occasions throughout the year. Gifts for birthdays, anniversary, back to school, christening, bridesmaids and many more and of course lots of gifts for Christmas.
I think a personalised gift is extra special. I don’t think I have ever had one. Well not that I recall anyway but I have bought personalised gifts for people in my life and some for my kids too and I always think they are treasured more as people know you have made an extra effort for them.
If your looking for a personalised gift for a man in your life. Be it partner, brother, dad or grandad then maybe one of these.

There are traditional whiskey sets, frames, golf balls and even a message in a bottle to name just a few gifts for him.
If your after a gift for a special lady then take a look at these.

Everything to make a lucky lady smile for charm bracelets and trinket boxes to teapots and sweetie sets.
Not to leave out the little ones, there is a huge selection just for the kids.

Teddy bears, money boxes, baubles, cups, brush sets and more many of which can be personalised. A great gift for any child with lots of baby keepsakes included too.
The personalisation needed differs from different items and it’s best to check exactly how many letters and lines you can have first. The products are fairly reasonably priced too. Many items are just £10 and lots below that.
I was sent this lovely Personalised Santa Globe .

20131113-193948.jpg. As you can see it has my name on it. I have always been fascinated by snow globes since I was little and this one will look great when I put out my decorations it’s very cute and glittery and costs just £7.

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