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Father’s Day photo gifts from Snapfish 

Published May 19, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Snapfish is the home to personalised photo gifts and I have been a customer of theirs for many years. They sell all sorts of photo gifts including cups, cushions, phone cases, place mats, keyrings and so much more. They also do a photo print service and photographs can be uploaded via a mobile phone. 

As it’s Father’s Day next month. I have been asked to come up with some personalised gift ideas from Snapfish. 

I love my wall art and I’m sure most Dads would also love a nice canvas of their children to hang up, especially so the Father’s who don’t live with their children, so this was the first thing I chose to create. 

This photo was taken at Blackpool beach a few weeks back. I’m unsure where Ryan was but I think it’s a really good picture of the girls together. 

Snapfish have many different types and sizes of wall art such as canvases and posters. 

This one is a slim canvas and measures 12×8″. It was really easy to make, I just uploaded the photograph, did a bit of cropping and the canvas arrived within a few days. It is quite small, there are bigger sizes. It can be hung on a wall (hangers not included) or stood up on a unit. 

I think most Dads would love a gift like this for Father’s Day.

And if Dad likes having a lot of memories in one place, and he’s the sort of person who takes photos of the kids but never prints them off then photobooks also make really good gifts.

The smallest photobook starts at just £6.99 for a 6×4″ size. This one has 20 pages which can hold more than one photograph per page. For 8 more additional pages it’s just an extra £1.99. 

Many of the photobooks allow for text and greetings, making them even more personalised. These photobooks mean all Dads favourites pictures are kept in one special place rather than having multiple photo prints which usually end up in a cupboard somewhere. 

Again the photobook creation process is fairly straightforward. It can take a while for multiple photographs to upload depending on the size of the book chosen. Options include colours, texts and fonts plus deciding on the layout of photographs on each page. If like me you can’t be bothered adjusting page layouts then snapfish will do it for you and arrange the photographs on each page and if it does not look right then you can manually change it. 

Visit the Snapfish website for lots more Father’s Day gift ideas.

My photo Christmas cards (but only for the special people) 

Published December 8, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Well we are quickly approaching the middle of December and this is the time when the majority of us start writing Xmas cards.

I buy quite a lot, I usually have 20 to post, then neighbours, local friends and of course the school friends of 3 children so it’s usually a case of a few cheap packs  of 50 and the cute mini ones for the kids. But!!!… what about the special people in our lives? Close family, close friends and people who have helped us out in someway this year. I do think they deserve a bit more than a cheap bog standard card. 

They get one of these! 

These are what I created over at Snapfish. There are lots of other designs and templates to make the cards with but I really liked this one as it allowed for five photographs. 
These cards are 7×5 and are the folded card type meaning I was able to include personalised txt inside. I was able to choose fonts, size and colour for the txt. 

Another card option at Snapfish is the flat card which also come in the larger 8×4 size.

The cards start at 75p each but Snapfish currently have a 40% off offer on the cards until December 11th. The cards take about 2/3 days to come so make sure you order early if you like the look of these. 

My cards are already on their way to those few special people in my life. 

Twisted Envy gifts 

Published July 20, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Twisted envy are all about unique gifts be it brilliant unusual  t-shirts, heart-stopping, weird and Geeky art, attention grabbing, Marshmallow or any other beautiful gifts. So if it’s an unusual gift you desire then take a look at their website. It’s the sort of place I love to have a browse at, and sorry to remind you all but Christmas is just five months off.

Anyway Twisted envy sent me over some of their products recently. These were surprise products as I had no idea whatsoever what they were going to send. I have to say that the products were an absolute lovely surprise, very unique to me and personal. 

This is my new mug and it’s really lovely as it has photographs of all 3 of my children on it. These are the world book day photos too which I really like. I do love photo gifts. 

And when I am drinking a nice cup of tea in a lovely cup like this, I can also enjoy these tasty treats.

This looks like a photo frame with multiple photos or even like fridge magnets. They are actually marshmallow and completely edible. These can be done with photographs or just words. There are 9 to each box and with a use by date that is a few month off so plenty of time to eat them. It does seem a little strange eating myself and my kids tho.

Thank you to Twisted Envy for my lovely photo gifts. 

Smile and say “Cheerz”

Published June 15, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Cheerz is a mobile photo printing app which enables users like myself to upload photographs from a mobile device and have them printed and delivered to your address.

Cheerz offers a variety of photo print options which includes prints in boxes, Polaroid styles, strips, posters and magnets. The retro magnet set is what really stood out for me. I love having magnets on my fridge, I do already have a few small photo magnets on there but these are quite different.

They look like they have come straight out of an instant camera, when ther were all taken with an iPhone. You can order as many as you want but in packs of 12 (being the minimum) which costs £15 per pack. Each one comes on a coloured background with the option to write text captions at the bottom. 

The colours can be random or chosen for each photograph as can the txt fonts. 

The magnetic backing allows them to be placed on a fridge or even a radiator meaning favourite pictures and memories will always be in view. 

My new retro style magnet photos turned out really well, each one being clear, and I was able to crop and make slight alterations where needed before placing the order. 

So instead of buying useless aprons or tea towels as gifts,or something that will get shoved in a drawer and forgot about, maybe think about buying a pack of these photo magnets instead. They really do brighten up my boring fridge freezer. 

Visit the Cheerz website for more information on available photo products and gifts and details on the app. Delivery takes 3-4 days.

Personalised valentines gifts at snapfish 

Published February 8, 2016 by Bizzimummy

It probably has not escaped your attention that it’s Valentine’s Day in just a few days. If you are still looking for that special gift for a loved one, then have a look over at Snapfish uk who specialise in personalised photo gifts. They have a fantastic selection to choose from and I have been using snapfish for years now to order both gifts and photographs. I find it really easy to use and they have very recently made their site more mobile friendly too meaning I am now able to upload my photos straight from an iPhone. I have found the snapfish service very reliable with most things I order arriving in 2/3 days so therefore still time to get those Valentin’s gifts in. They always have lots of offers on and especially so on individual prints which remain very low cost. 
Hete are just a few ideas for Valentine day gifts. All of which can include own photos, perhaps of couples together or memories from special places. 

There are canvases, photo books, mugs, mobile phone cases and my favourite being the photo cushions. These come in two sizes and start at £19.99.

Now I don’t have a lover this valentines to make one for, very sad I know! But I was kindly given a code to make anything I wanted over at Snapfish. The loves of my life this Valentine’s Day are of course my children so I chose to make the special gift cushion for them.

The process is easy. You need to sign up for an account. Then upload photographs and choose the one you want. There are a few edit options to crop or apply filters. You get to preview the cushion which is important to make sure it’s right and no heads are chopped off etc. Payment can be done by debit cards and credit cards  and paypal which is very useful. 

My finished cushion only took 2 days to arrive which is really fast. 

I used a photograph I took over Christmas as it’s the most recent one I have of them altogether. Obviously better quality photos give better results and I’m very happy with the quality of both image and cushion in general. 

It’s a big bulky but comfy cushion, kids obviously love having their faces on it. Friends ask where I got it from and now all want one too. The back of the cushion is really velvety and soft too and the cover can be unzipped for washing. So yes very impressed with this and I imagine it will also make a lovely valentines gift if perhaps made for a partner. 


Mothers Day Gifts from Asda

Published March 14, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Tomorrow is Mothers Day. A day to say thank you and show your mum just how much she means to you. It’s not a huge deal in our house. I’m a single mum and my kids are still very young. Nothing means more than a handmade card from my children and I often give Ryan a few pound as he likes to buy me something small from the shops from them all.

I always buy for my mum too. I can’t always afford much but a card and small gift always make her smile.

It’s not too late for those who have not yet bought their mum a small gift. It doesn’t need to be anything expensive and it just so happens that Asda have a lovely selection of Mother’s Day gifts available. I have been sent over a few little things which arrived yesterday. I was really glad to get these right before Mother’s Day too because even tho they aren’t from my children as such, they are still “Mum” gifts and are for me so they have cheered me up a lot.

This is a lovely little memory box. It has a place to put a photograph, which I have not yet had time to do (that’s not my picture on there ha). I think a mother and daughter photo would really sit well on this for a Mother’s Day gift.

It’s a lovely little box, made from tough strong board with space inside for more photographs or trinkets.

Inside a further surprise – it’s full of delicious Milk chocolate prailines. These are delicious and I can’t stop eating them. They remind me a little of maltesers but much bigger versions, being crunchy and crispy but with a smooth filling.

On checking “current” online prices at Asda. This lovely little chocolate filled box is only £3.00 – what a bargain.

This is a bit of a novelty/fun thing. It’s the Mums breakfast in bed kit.

Mother’s Day is the one morning when mum deserves a lie in and breakfast in bed.

This little kit contains a novelty toast press which when pressed into toast will make the toast say a lovely little message first thing in the morning. There’s also some heart shaped paper napkins, drink stirrers and confetti.

All in pink too – my favourite colour.


This little key ring is really sweet. Keyrings make lovely little gifts from little ones

They are very inexpensive and always look much better than just a bunch of boring metal keys together.



Finally a radiance boosting mask from the NSPA beauty collection. There are many products in this range and the majority costing less than a fiver.

Don’t forget – Mummy’s love to be pampered!

This is infused with rich Goji Berries and gives an extra boost to calm and protect skin. It also contains anti ageing properties. Just what I need at my age.

All of the above gifts for Mother’s Day cost less than a fiver each. A very small price to pay for a loving hard working mother. Most Asda stores have a special aisle reserved for Mother’s Day gifts and cards and as it’s only a day away, there are bound to be many reductions.


Eat your Photo

Published February 9, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Nothing beats a personalised photo gift. They are always a nice surprise to see someone has made an effort to find something personal. Pretty much anything can now be made with a photograph and this even includes edible gifts. Imagine the thought of eating the picture of a loved one or even yourself!

Well I never thought I could taste so good! Thanks to Eat your Photo me and the kids have been happily munching on cupcakes with a photograph of “yours truly” on them.


Eat your Photo sells a fantastic selection of edible photo gifts, including cakes, cookies and brownies. Each complete with a photograph of choice and even a name or message if required.

The ordering process seems very straightforward and comes with the bonus of being mobile friendly. Simply choose the edible treat required along with size and shape (if applicable), upload a photo, add a message and order.

The Cupcakes have recently been redesigned and I was asked if I would like some for review. We all love our cupcakes and we probably eat too many but of course I could not wait to try these. I was unsure who or what to have on the cakes but eventually decided on a good photograph of myself from my sisters wedding.


The cupcakes come in boxes of 12, 24 or 36 and a choice of 5 flavours. There is also a choice of delivery date.
My cakes are a vanilla sponge and arrived well packaged and in perfect condition. Each cake was wrapped in a foil casing which helped the cakes to stay cool and fresh during the journey.

I could not wait to try myself on a cake and they are just delicious, a layer of sweet cream icing on top of a sweet moist sponge, just great with a lovely cup of tea. I think someone else likes them too.


No hiding them from this little girl. “I’m eating Mummy” she says with a huge grin.


Messages can also be added to the cakes.

The cupcakes start from £20 for a box of 12. If you enjoy making your own cupcakes at home then the cupcake toppers can also be purchased alone as well as many other edible cakes and gifts.

Photo Chopping Board

Published January 29, 2015 by Bizzimummy

I’m having a strange few months trying to find unusual photo gifts, I have come to the bizarre conclusion that there is very little that cannot be personalised with a photograph embedded into it somewhere. Take a browse through my blog to see what I mean. Literally everything that we can buy as a gift can now be personalised with a photograph and it now seems it doesn’t just stop at small gifts either but rather home and kitchen accessories and essentials.

This here may just look like a fancy photograph ready to be hung but it is actually a glass chopping board.


Yes my 3 Angels are about to have all sorts of food bits and particles thrown over there faces. Not literally but rather on the photograph of their faces. Perhaps I should have put the ex on one of these next to a sharp chopping knife instead!😊, but it’s a pretty impressive piece of kit.

These chopping boards are made tough to withstand huge amounts of chopping. They are made with durable tempered glass and I find it fascinating how they can get photographs onto these.


The photograph is fitted underneath rather than on top meaning it won’t wear out or fade away no matter what gets chopped on it or how often. Non slip rubber feet on the corners prevent slips, which would be rather dangerous should it slide whilst holding a big knife.


The board measures a fairly impressive 30 x 40 x 0.5 cms so plenty of room for plenty of food.


I will say one slight negative thing about it and that is that I have found chopping quite noisy on this. There is a bit of a scraping noise but maybe I’m chopping wrong, who knows. It doesn’t bother me too much and the glass board is strikingly impressive, it looks much too good to chop food on.


And now for the cost!

They are only £18.99 each. I expected it to be much more. It would be a lovely gift and perhaps an idea for Mother’s Day which is not too far away .
They can be purchased from Photo Panda along with a huge array of other photo gifts and products. The ordering process is extremely easy and the website is even mobile friendly which is always a welcome bonus.


Get 20% off any product at Photo Panda use code BLGTWBM

Christmas Photo Gifts from Snapfish

Published December 16, 2014 by Bizzimummy

I have been a big fan of Snapfish for many years. It’s great for uploading photographs and then with the click of a button have them arrive at the door days later. Snapfish always seem to have constant offers on for both their individual prints and gifts which is really good for saving money. I recall just after Izebella was I purchased 100 prints which came to less than £8.00 and I have always found the prints to be clear good quality.


Snapfish very kindly gave me so e credit to spend on their site on festive photo products. The list of products to choose from is endless. It’s amazing how photographs can now be put on almost anything. Toys, cups, phone cases, calendars etc.


I got a total of 4 items and the total cost for all of these was just over £30 with postage. Here is what I chose!

First a very special Christmas decoration which is already carefully placed on my tree. These pretty personalise decorations come in a choice of both shape and design, loads of designs to pick from too.

The front allows for a photograph and unfortunately I did not have a Christmassy one at the time but at least it shows the three of them which by itself is a rarity for my photographs. Then the back can be personalised with text and a message. I chose to just put all 3 names on along with the year (incase I forget in many years to come!)


Now for some children’s stocking fillers. Ryan and Jordanna both have a personalised mug/cup each. I really love these, means no fighting over cups anymore. The cup allows for a photograph and a name and some text. There are a few designs and patterns available and the text also comes with a choice of fonts and colours which is why it looks different on each cup. I may put these in a small stocking Christmas Eve for them along with some small bits.

Izebella is a little too young for a cup like this just yet but I have not forgot her and Snapfish has something for her too. Just look at this cute little teddy. Yes this was also purchased from Snapfish.

It’s a lovely little teddy and it’s legs bend into a sitting position. This photograph does not show the Teddy’s T-shirt which has a photograph on it of Izebella very well, so here it is a little clearer.

The child’s photograph is put on the top and I’m sure Izebella will be quite fascinated by this, seeing herself on her new teddy. I could not see an option to add any text tho I may have just missed it but it would make a good addition to have her name put on it too.


I love all thes lovely things and I am sure my children will too when they see them at Christmas. The gifts are fairly inexpensive as I said previously, all 4 came to less than £30. Prices for each vary with different options of designs and personalisation.

The process is fairly straight forward. You need to register for a free account first. Then create an album, upload the photographs which is very fast on my laptop and then create gifts or order prints. The whole process took me about 30 minutes and I uploaded just over 300 photographs in total. The only downside is that it needs flash player to work so it’s cannot be done on an Apple device. Maybe this will change in the future.

The last order date for Christmas gifts is tomorrow (December 17th) so still time to get those last minute very personal gifts purchased.

They have many other photo gift ideas for almost any occasion too.









Tales of the “Grumpy cat” and my “Surprise Gift” from Firebox

Published November 27, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Don't you just love Firebox? Sellers of quirky. unusual, hard to find and quite rare fun gifts and gadgets. Hopefully my readers were amazed by my mystical creature transformation last week with the aid of a Magicorn hood. Well now I have something a little different and something rather cute, cuddly and fluffy.


How irrestible is this cuddly cat puppet. Adorable in every way. When I saw this “Grumpy Cat Puppet” on a picture, I knew I just had to have one. Now I consider myself fairly internet savy and up to date with the trends etc etc, but what I did not know is that this cute puppet is actually a fairly famous internet star known as Tadar Sauce! Tadar who?? You may ask? Yeah my thoughts exactly I had never heard of this cat. So off googling I went and here is what I got…

(Tardar Sauce (born April 4, 2012), better known by her Internet moniker “Grumpy Cat”, is a cat and Internet celebrityknown for her grumpy facial expression. Wiki)


So there you go that's who this cat puppet is based on, and I learn something new every day!

I do think my puppet looks very much like the original cat. The colourings are the same as are the grumpy looking features which I read is apparently caused by feline dwarfism.

Despite her obvious grumpy features I do think she is still a cute cat. Both the real thing and my little fluffy puppet.

The puppet comes with the trademark upturned mouth and apathetic eyes just like the real moggy herself. It is a hand puppet and therefore has a big hole underneath to put hands up and wiggle the mouth about to change the facial expressions. No matter what we try the puppet still stays grumpy but in a very cute way. It also makes a good cuddly bedtime pet too

Izebella seems to have taken a shine to this fluffy cat. From the moment it came out of the box she wanted it. I now find it curled up next to her most of the day. She even tries it feed the thing.

This cute little critter can be purchased from Firebox for £19.99. It measures 25.5cms high.


My Firebox fun does not end here though because I was also asked if I would like a surprise gift too. After a long thought of all but 10 seconds I agreed to take on this surprise gift. All I had to do was submit a photograph of myself. I therefore sort of knew it would be a photo gift of some sort. I submitted a rather goodies picture of myself at my sisters wedding last year and held my breath.
My mind fluttered between key rings, calendars, mouse mats (does anyone actually use those these days!) even a T-shirt or a magnet, but no I was wrong, very wrong. Here is what arrived.

My first thoughts?? Just what is it meant to be!

It felt soft, floppy and squishy. Brains thinking of those mouse mats once again. Maybe it’s a pillow, a toy, a stress board (like the old stress balls!) a new dart board even?

Then I found a note saying “Face flump” but no still none the wiser. It should of jumped up and hit me in the damn face. Totally clueless still. Hmm was certainly having a blonde moment!!

Just what do I do with it. I pick it up and the sweet aroma of vanilla hits me. Then it clicks like a Eureka moment, Flump as in edible marshmallow. Those squishy fat worm like things that I love! I dig deeper into the box and find a list of ingredients- sugar, vanilla etc. yes this is a massive flump with me on it. A big marshmallow just waiting to be eaten by all in my household so yes my kids will eat my face ha!

I never thought I could taste so good. I never thought eating myself would be such an enjoyable experience had by all.

The big flump of me is very sweet and sugary. Certainly not something I could manage to eat all by myself and I made sure my lovely children brushed their teeth thoroughly after consuming my face. Probably best kept in the fridge too whilst consuming and in the wrapper as it can get ever so slightly sticky.

I think this has to be without a doubt the most bizarre photo gift i have ever seen so far. Makes me wonder who came up with the crazy idea of the Face Flump. It's a fun novelty idea to have a huge flump of yourself and watch others eat you.

This is the sort of fun gift I can imagine being bought out after Christmas dinner. Dad sat there awaiting his Christmas trifle but instead wife brings out a Face Flump of dad with an embarrassing photograph from Christmas last year. Picture old dad in his wooly jumper, reindeer ears and a little merry on the whiskey, or even … God forbid dad half naked with a Christmas apron. Would anyone eat that; One wonders! Would certainly make a great party piece tho.

Checkout Firebox for more great gift ideas.






















I never thought I could taste so good. I never thought eating myself would be such an enjoyable experience had by all.


The big flump of me is very sweet and sugary. Certainly not something I could manage to eat all by myself and I made sure my lovely children brushed their teeth thoroughly after consuming my face.


It's a lovely novelty idea to have a huge flump of yourself and watch others eat you.



Checkout Firebox for more great gift ideas.


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