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Once a day sun protection

Published April 24, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Sun protection products are vital for children to protect against harmful sun rays and ultra violet light. Even in the UK where our Summers don’t get as hot as other places we still need to protect our children when the weather gets warmer. 

Unfortunately when children are at school, it’s left to our children to apply their own suncream correctly, something that can be difficult for younger children and something that older children will most probably forget or refuse to do.

Calypso suncare product that takes care of these sorts of situations. Their once a day kids suncream is factor 40 meaning it’s great for most countries if taking a holiday and also perfect for children in the UK sun too. 

This has a lovely scent to it which I think may be coconut with something else. When applied correctly, which is 15 minutes before going out in the sun on all exposed skin areas, it will provide an all day protection.

It’s also water resistant too meaning children can go in pools and the sea without needing another application. 

It’s all day cover is a little hard to comment on as we have not had lots of very hot days to test it on. I have applied the sun cream to both my girls who both happen to be fair skinned and burn easily and so far no sunburn on the sunny days. My son refuses to have it on, no matter what I try but luckily he doesn’t burn as easily. (Awkward teenagers!) 

The cream absorbs into the skin and dries really fast, I have tested this myself and found the cream to dry within seconds and no greasiness whatsoever.

This sun protection cream is sold in many places and also comes in factor 30 and factor 50. Prices vary but it costs between £5-£8 depending on the store. 

Sun free tanning with skinny tan mousse

Published April 24, 2017 by Bizzimummy

I don’t tan too well in the sun. Not that we get much sun here but I seem to burn rather than tan. I also had a bit of a skin cancer scare earlier this year with a suspected melanoma which luckily turned out to be non cancerous. Last year my sister had to have surgery to remove a cancerous mole from her face. Therefore I know just how dangerous sun beds and even constant sun can be to our skin. 

I have tried a fair few self tanning products. Some of them fare much better than others but all of them claim to give an even natural looking coverage and all claim to be streak free.

Skinny tan seems to be one of the better tanning products out there compared to others. They have bought out some new mousse self tanner in medium and dark shades. 

I find mousse the easiest tan product to use compared to lotion, gel, liquid or spray. A good tip is to always use a tanning mitt which can be purchased very cheaply. A tanning mitt not only helps to give the tan an even coverage and avoid finger marks but it also helps to keep the fingers and hands free of brown tan stains which can be difficult to remove and look quite hideous. 

This mousse comes out brown, so I can see exactly where it’s being applied and it’s pretty much an instant tan product as the results can be seen instantly with more of a natural look over a few hours. 

It dries very fast, almost too fast. It’s a good idea to only apply a little at a time, otherwise it will dry before properly blended in and then will cause streaking as I found on first use as I applied too much at once. 

I really liked the finished colour it gave after just a few hours. I have used both the dark and medium tan mousses. The colour difference between them is not big. I did notice a slighter darkness using the darker one but it’s not stupidly dark at all. 

Unlike a few other tan products, this one does not make me look orange but rather a more natural tan colour and even slightly reddish in places just as the sun would. This product contains 2 green based certified natural tanning agents which help to eliminate any orange colouring. Organic coconut is also added to give the scent so it does not smell like fake tan.

And the best bit is that the tan can last up to 14 days. It may need a light top up after showering to keep it going and obviously if I have a bath and scrub then it’s going to come off. 

Both tanning mousse bottles cost £26.99 each which works out cheaper and much safer than sunbeds. 

Jamie Raven “slight of hand” magic set 

Published March 23, 2017 by Bizzimummy

One good thing about blogging with three kids of different ages is that they all like different things, so when a toy arrives it’s easy to know who gets to test it out first. Izebella loves dolls and really young girly stuff whilst Jordanna enjoys crafts and making things and of course Ryan is the house scientist and also the magician. From being very young he loved magic sets and tricks and I have lost count of how many magic sets he has had over the years. He turns 13 next month and still very much likes a good old box of tricks. And this time the magic comes from the well known magician Jamie Raven. 

Jamie Raven has been performing magic worldwide for over 13 years. He became more well know after appearing on Britain got Talent in 2015 where he even managed to amaze Simon Cowell. 

Jamie has recently partnered up with Paul Lamond games to develop a new line of magic sets

There are four sets available – card magic, magic of the mind, street magic and the one which Ryan now owns – slight of hand.  

The box sets are quite small but contain enough items for a few tricks. Ryan seemed especially delighted by the Jamie Raven membership card which gives access to online features, links and also the instructions for the tricks are online too. 

The sleight of hand set include tricks such as magnetic pen, jumping coins and the torn tissue trick where tissue, or paper is torn and then magically joins back together. He certainly needs a little more practice to make the tricks convincing but I guess practice makes perfect eventually! 

The false thumb part did get me a little confused but it’s what makes the sleight of hand trickery all the more convincing.

These sets cost £13.95 each from Paul Lamond, tho slightly cheaper via Amazon and they are suitable for young magicians ages 8 and over. 

They are quite small in comparison to other magic kits out there but the parts do seem good quality and not cheap tat that will easily break, so I would consider purchasing one of the other sets perhaps as a stocking filler for Christmas.

Sterling kids books – This or that

Published March 21, 2017 by Bizzimummy

This is just the sort of book that I would have loved as a kid. It is just packed with non stop fun. It may be mistaken for a joke book on first glance but it’s far from that. 

This or That is page by page fun giving the same question on each page – “Would you rather?” and two answers, both of which can be quite gross and revolting or not so bad. Here are just a few examples. 

Just as I imagined, my older two kids absolutely love this book and Izebella enjoys being read the questions and answering. We get a lot of laughs and lot of “Eeughs” and other strange noises. 

This book would be great for parties and sleepovers and bound to get everyone laughing and making weird noises at some of the questions. 

The author is Brandon T Snyder and the publishers are Sterling books. It costs about £8 and well worth it for lots of laughs. 

Drumond park: Dig in! Review + giveaway! 

Published March 20, 2017 by Bizzimummy

This is our new game, sent to us by Drumond park. 

The concept is simple, find the items that match the images on the card, the actual playing is a little more difficult. 

Inside the box are 128 coloured pieces which come as all sorts of items, planes, cars, trees, keys, hats, animals to name a few plus several game cards, a game bowl and a timer.

2-4 players can play and each player begins with 15 seconds on the timer to find 6 matching pieces on their cards. The cards can be played to match the item and colour or just the item regardless of colour which is much easier. Of course it’s extremely difficult to dig through 128 pieces and find just 6 in 15 seconds; needles in haystacks springs to mind! Once each player has their 15 seconds, another 15 seconds is pressed and all players then dig in together using one hand to find more pieces. If after this time, no players have all six items then it goes into an “all in” dig round without the timer and with both hands until one player fills the card. 

The main difficulties of the game are the pieces being so small and similar sized. The different colours also cause a visual distraction and even I found it hard at times to get the correct pieces. Add to this the short 15 seconds which is not long at all. 

Overall it is a very simple game, minimal rules, no batteries, no dice and no playing pieces or even a board. It’s also quite fun and it does not take long to play. The winner being the one who fills 3 cards first. Of course it’s one of those games where you can bend the rules or add own twists to it etc. 

There is one thing about this game that I don’t quite understand and that is the age guide recommendation that comes with it, which is 8 and over. Now I understand the dangers of small parts and playing pieces but this is more a danger for those under 3. By the age of 5/6 years the majority of children don’t put stuff in their mouths. Izebella being 4 years has bits of toys much smaller than the dig in playing pieces. She can also play Dig in without help and is more than able to find the pieces she needs to match the ones on her cards and that’s with the correct colour too. So I am slightly baffled as to why the age guide is set at 8 years.

Dig in by Drumond park has an rrp of £19.99 and should be available in most good toy stores. 


Drumond park are giving away one copy of their “Dig in” game worth £19.99. Please click the link below to be in with a chance of winning it. 

The giveaway will close on April 24th 2017.

Lottie dolls review + giveaway 

Published March 8, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Lottie dolls were launched in 2012 and now sell in over 30 countries. We were first introduced to Lottie a few years ago when my daughter (Jordanna) was a little younger (now 9). As Jordanna is getting a bit big for dolls, it’s now the turn of Izebella to experience Lottie. She now has 2 of the dolls to start with. 

Lottie dolls differ from other fashion dolls in a few ways. For a start they are slightly smaller, measuring 7 and half inches. All Lottie dolls are the same size and each one comes with a different outfit and it’s own name and personality. 

The main difference with Lottie dolls is that the dolls are created to challenge negative body image concerns, premature sexualisation and the demise of childhood. None of the dolls come with make-up, high heels or jewellery. If I’m being totally honest, this never really bothered or affected me, I had lots of barbie dolls when younger, however I do realise that things are different these days and more children worry about body image now.Lottie is designed to look like a child aged approximately 9 years old. 

There are lots of Lottie’s to collect and accessories too. Each one coming with its own theme and own hobby or skill. Izebella has two Lottie dolls. One being the Rockabiility lottie and the other is the new Forest friend who comes dressed in a fairy costume. 

Both dolls are very different both in outfits and hair colour. Izebella says that Forest friend lottie looks like herself as she has red hair and a fringe. Rockability lottie is all about music and listening to bands. 

The dolls are fully poseable and made from similar materials as other well known fashion dolls. They can be stood up and propped against a wall, sat down and lay down. 

Izebella seems to love swapping the clothes and swapping back again and is very happy with her new dolls.

Lottie even has its own Club to join online which offers discounts and competitions to members.

Lottie dolls start from about £16.00 upwards. I have not spotted them in the usual well known toy stores unfortunately but; they can be purchased from the UK Lottie store, Amazon, Ocado and eBay. 


The prize for this giveaway will be one Forest friends Lottie doll. 

To take part you must be a U.K. resident and enter before March 29th 2017.


Project MC2 rc car with real steam 

Published March 6, 2017 by Bizzimummy

What a great car this is, and it’s for girls too, well aimed more towards girls anyway.

For quite a while we have been reviewing MC2 dolls which are fashion dolls that come with experiments and science based personalities. The dolls usually come with some sort of small experiment to do at home and there are a few accessories and play kits that can also be purchased – all project MC2 based.

The dolls are based on the tv series – MC2 girls.

And now there is the MC2 project dolls car to, to get all the dolls moving around the house.

However this is no ordinary dolls car. It is remote controlled but not just that. It even runs on water and has an engine which needs connecting. 

Yes connecting positive and negative wires is all part of science as is converting water to steam, which this snazzy little car does. The water gets put into a little tank and then into a covered (petrol like) hole at the back of the car. Batteries go in the engine which is then connected via the black and red wires under the bonnet (a little like the real thing!). Everything gets switched on and away it goes! 

The car can fit two project MC2 dolls or any other similar size or smaller fashion dolls.  The seats even cons with seat belts.

My girls bedroom is currently being decorated and they are having new beds, this means that unfortunately the majority of their toys and dolls are in boxes, so I have just had to grab the first two dressed dolls that I could find here but most dolls will fit. 

The steam action can be seen in this video. Yes the car moves very fast once it gets going. 

I don’t think our cats are too impressed with it! 

The controller has two buttons, straight on and a turn/reverse. I found it easy to use tho as I previously mentioned the car is quite rapid. (Watch your feet!). The car also has smart blinking lights. 

It seems to be a very strong durable well made sports car. However it is quite heavy but I suppose it has to be with an engine and water inside. A slight problem is the amount of batteries needed to power it. The engine needs 6 and the remote control needs 2 so 8 in total (a full packet). The engine batteries are tricky to fit in as two batteries sit on top of each other in 2 of the compartments. The batteries also seem to get really hot inside the engine. I found this out as the car did not seem to be working at first so I swapped some of the batteries and found the batteries inside very hot to touch. I’m not sure if this is meant to happen or if the batteries were at fault. The steam from the car is not hot. 

Cost – this car does not come cheap but it’s a really good car and does encourage the whole science for girls idea in a few ways. Expect to pay upwards of £45.00 for the car alone but most dolls can be used with it. The age guide states 6 years and over. 

My Fairy Garden – magic beanpot

Published February 21, 2017 by Bizzimummy

The fairies have returned to our home once again and dropped off a magical little gift for my young fairy in training (Izebella). 

It’s a very special fairy “magic bean pot” which comes with a special pot and magic beans, just like in the fairytale Jack and the beanstalk. Leaving one fairy in training very happy indeed. 

“So what do we do?” Asked fairy Izebella! Well, came mummy fairy’s reply! We have to plant the magic beans inside the magic pot and water it and wait for it to grow. 

Our Fairy garden gift lacked one magic ingredient and that is the soil (not included in box) to help the beans grow. Not to worry tho as Mummy had plenty of magic soil kept locked away in the garden shed. So in the tiny pot, the magic soil went, along with a bean and a little water, and then the final thing – A magical little fairy to keep guard against the pesky trolls and plant eating monsters. 

She sits on the magic bean pot Day and night keeping guard. 

Of course magic beans need taking care of to grow into magic beanstalks. They need water and warmth and light  and unfortunately Bolton does not have much warmth and the moment, so the magic bean pot currently lives in our warm magic cupboard (boiler cupboard) with the fairy guard. 

It’s only been just over a week since the magic bean got planted and Izebella keeps asking when it will grow into a giant beanstalk, so I tell her that it takes time and the fairys are working hard with magic dust to make it grow and one day it may just be a beanstalk like the fairy story. Then she will no doubt ask if it leads to the giants.

Our lovely magic bean pot is much smaller than Mummy fairy thought but perfect for a  little fairy in training. It was sent to us by magic fairy post, all the way from My Fairy Garden land far away where lots of other fairies and fairy homes and products can be found. However the fairys have also delivered many of their special items to toy shops and stores everywhere so they are easier to find. I even hear that some have been dropped off in that magical place known as Amazon and they cost just £6.99. 

Just look what else you can buy for that mini fairy in training!

Izebella wants to be a tooth fairy when she gets older, her words, not mine. 

Bamboo Pete review & giveaway 

Published February 16, 2017 by Bizzimummy

When I hear the word “Bamboo” I instantly think of Pandas andBamboo Pete is all about cute pandas and panda clothing. They sell t-shirts, vests, hoodies and jumpers and all panda style for panda lovers. 

I have a very cute hoodie from Bamboo Pete – the Arctic white college hoodie

Boasting a lovely panda image, company name, drawstring hood and one of those large pocket things on the front to keep hands warm. There are other colours and styles available but I really like white when it comes to clothes. 

It’s lovely a fleecy inside so keeps me warm, but it does not make me sweat like some jumpers do. I doubt I’ll have the hood up much but here’s a pic anyway.

It’s a lovely style warm top, just perfect for the U.K. weather. The sizes start at XS all the way to XXL. I have size S (adult) which is the second smallest size. The top gives quite a lot of room as sizes seem generous. I would of easily fitted in the XS one too and I’m normally a size 8/10. 

One of these hoodies costs £35.00.


Find Bamboo Pete on the Website and on both Twitter and Facebook

And on to my giveaway!!!


Bamboo Pete are giving one winner a choice of prize. The winner can choose from one adult t-shirt or two Kids t-shirts in any design.

If you want to take part to win then please click the link below. Entries close March 4th and one winner will be chosen at random. U.K. residents only.


Celebrating 35 years of “Dear Zoo”

Published February 15, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Many parents and children will be familiar with a book called Dear Zoo. The book; aimed at very young children is a hard back, lift the flap type book and was wrote by Rod Campbell. The story is told in nurseries everywhere and this year the book celebrates a huge 35 year anniversary. It’s almost as old as myself! 

Dear Zoo is a very easy read book. There are no real characters but the story is told as if it’s from a child who writes to the Zoo for a new pet. The Zoo send all sorts of animals but none are suitable for different reasons – too big, too scary, too naughty etc. In the end the child gets a perfect pet which they keep.

All young children and toddlers will love the lift flap pages where they see which animal has been sent on each page. 

Both Ryan and Jordanna had copies of this book when they were younger, and now Izebella also had her own special copy, being the 35th anniversary box copy but still exactly the same book.

Izebella is learning a few letters and words at nursery but she is not reading yet. She can however read this book. I only had to read it once and now she knows the story word for word. The images and limited txt make it a very easy book to read and learn. She loves it. 

Throughout 2017 Macmillan Children’s Books (Dear Zoo publishers!) is celebrating 35 years of Dear Zoo with an exciting programme of anniversary activity will include new publishing, an ongoing licensing programme, Dear Zoo live on stage plus an unmissable Easter treat at ZSL London Zoo. The Dear Zoo Trail will be open through the Easter holidays at London Zoo and families will be able to follow the story of the Dear Zoo book, with fun trail stops, animal facts and photo opportunities along the way.

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