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Summer sandals from Start rite 

Published April 17, 2017 by Bizzimummy

I would love to say that the weather is improving, but sadly it isn’t and Easter weekend has been a bit of a wash out. We did have the odd few days of sunshine last month and I am very much hoping that the sunshine comes back again. Izebella is also hoping for nice weather as she has a brand new pair of very pretty sandals to show off in the sun. 

These are the Clara leather rip tape sandals from Start-rite. Being from Start–rite I had a pretty good inkling that they would be a good strong, but comfortable pair of shoes for my daughter and I was not wrong. 

These sandals are made from leather which helps keep sandals dry, or less sweaty. The soles are really soft, almost spongy making them really good to wear in the sun all day long. I wish I could get sandals this comfy for my feet. 

They have riptape type fastenings which even young children are able to easily fasten. The straps simply stick down and can be pulled up. The straps, being soft leather are also really comfortable and don’t dig in or leave marks like some sandals do. 

The colour is white/silver and they do look rather pretty with a nice dress on. All Izebella needs now is some better weather to wear them in. 

As for the price – they cost £38.00. This is probably a lot more than I would usually spend on a pair of summer sandals but I do think they are much better quality, both I design and comfort than cheaper versions. 

Hi-Tec Aurora womens sandals

Published June 9, 2014 by Bizzimummy

I have been waiting with anticipation for the sunshine to come out, just so I could try out my new sandals from Hi-Tec.
The new “Aurora” sandal comes in both charcoal & purple and charcoal & emerald. Both colour schemes work incredibly well together.
The sandal fastens via straps which are adjustable. The ankle and toe strap and Velcro whilst the other foot strap is both Velcro and buckle with an easy adjustment feature.

The sandal has a Vibram sole and a high performance, breathable synthetic upper with webbing and a neoprone lining for padding and protection. A neoprone pad on the heel offers additional protection against hot spots. The sculpted EVA midsole and footbed delivers underfoot cushioning, stability and support, while the flexible Vibram outsole ensures world renowned traction, comfort and durability.


The Aurora sandals are designed for comfort and uneven terrain.

I found them comfortable enough to walk in but if you have been used to wearing softer shoes such as trainers then they will feel a little strange at first. I was also a little confused at what seems to be an extra middle strap. This strap does not fasten or open, it’s just there. I wasn’t sure if this goes under or over the foot but I think having it under the foot may be a little uncomfortable, so I just put it over mine. However people with larger or wider feet may struggle with this extra strap as it does not stretch. It’s a bit baffling really. I guess it could be taken out as it appears to serve no use what so ever. I could be wrong tho.

I do like these sandals. I like the colour and the fact that they are very lightweight on the feet once you get used to them.
They would be a handy pair of sandals for a holiday. The soles mean they can be worn on rough terrains and even in the sea. I went to Egypt a few years back and I wish I had these back then as the Red Sea is full of sharp coral which can damage delicate feet. I think these would have done the trick nicely.


They are available in both colour shades for £39.99. It’s not a bad price for a durable pair of sandals. They seem very good quality, sturdy and may just last a couple of years.


Sparkle Club

Published May 6, 2014 by Bizzimummy

The Sparkle Club is like every little girls dream place. It’s a place full of glittery sparky items all with the young princesses in mind. Glittery bags, shoes, hair accessories and fancy dress an be found here.
The Sparkle Club is part of a family owned business who spotted a gap in the market for beautiful sparkly accessories for young ladies.

Jordanna really enjoyed looking at the website and was over the moon to hear she was getting something. I didn’t tell her what but her little face lit up when she saw these beautiful Peep toe sandals.

These pretty sandals come in two colours. Pink & ivory and Black & Silver.
Jordanna thinks they look like Cinderella slippers. They are very glitzy with lots of sparkle. I love the girly pink colour and what little girl wouldn’t love these.


There is a big pink flower on both the sandal straps. This is removable if not required but I think it makes them look even more girly and pretty. The sole of the sandal has the Sparkle club logo and a patter of stars. The strap is adjustable with several ready made holes for the buckle. The sandal has a small heel making it slightly higher than Jordannas other shoes and she now feels all grown up thinking she has a pair of sparkly heels.

It is a shame they don’t make these in adult sizes as I would love a pair myself. They are available in sizes 10-3 so unfortunately I am two sizes too big ha.
These gorgeous little sandals only cost £10.99 too. I imagine Jordanna will be wanting to wear them at the next party she gets invited to, regardless of where it is. She tried to put them on with her school uniform a few days ago. I had to kindly tell her she would not be allowed these in school.

I got her a size 12. When they first arrived they did look a little small. When she tried them on they fitted perfect, almost like Cinderellas slippers. She even has a bit of teo room for growing so hopefully they will last a fair few parties.
The sandals are currently on a very special Buy one get one free offer where you will get two pairs of these sandals in each colour for just £10.99. This offer can be viewed here and in sizes 10-3 excluding size 1. It’s a real bargain for both pairs.
Other shoes can also be purchased from The Sparkle Club such as canvas trainers and ballerina shoes.


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