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Summer sandals from Start rite 

Published April 17, 2017 by Bizzimummy

I would love to say that the weather is improving, but sadly it isn’t and Easter weekend has been a bit of a wash out. We did have the odd few days of sunshine last month and I am very much hoping that the sunshine comes back again. Izebella is also hoping for nice weather as she has a brand new pair of very pretty sandals to show off in the sun. 

These are the Clara leather rip tape sandals from Start-rite. Being from Start–rite I had a pretty good inkling that they would be a good strong, but comfortable pair of shoes for my daughter and I was not wrong. 

These sandals are made from leather which helps keep sandals dry, or less sweaty. The soles are really soft, almost spongy making them really good to wear in the sun all day long. I wish I could get sandals this comfy for my feet. 

They have riptape type fastenings which even young children are able to easily fasten. The straps simply stick down and can be pulled up. The straps, being soft leather are also really comfortable and don’t dig in or leave marks like some sandals do. 

The colour is white/silver and they do look rather pretty with a nice dress on. All Izebella needs now is some better weather to wear them in. 

As for the price – they cost £38.00. This is probably a lot more than I would usually spend on a pair of summer sandals but I do think they are much better quality, both I design and comfort than cheaper versions. 

Izebella’s happy feet with Happy little soles! 

Published March 23, 2017 by Bizzimummy

A good comfortable well fitting pair of shoes is essential for small growing feet. So many children suffer foot problems both when young and  later on in life due to incorrect fitting shoes. Problems from mild blisters to foot  deformities can arise due to badly fitting shoes. Children are born with relatively soft and flexible cartilage, which gradually converts to bone with age. As they are growing, their feet are vulnerable to injury and deformity due to ill-fitting footwear. 

I myself have stiff bones in a few toes. The digits can’t bend properly. This does not cause me pain or anything but looks unsightly and I can only think that it could be caused by the wrong shoes when younger. I am also very prone to ankle blisters with most new shoes.

Most good shoe stores offering foot measuring services for free and those online should also hand information on how to correctly measure little feet. 

Happy Soles sell children’s shoes online and have some good information on how to measure children’s feet. They also have a downloadable size chart. This is what I used to measure Izebella for her new shoes. It is best used on a flat surface rather than thick carpet. 

I was offered a pair of new shoes for Izebella from Happy Soles. As Izebella is now in nursery every morning I decided to go for a pair she would beable to wear for nursery plus more formal occasions as she has a fair few pairs for playing out. I chose these –Bobux Rhyme T-bar midnight. 

Izebella measures a 9.5 UK size and this pair fit her perfectly. I do sometimes have problems buying size 10 or the smaller size 9 from stores who don’t cater for half sizes. I also find that a size 9 can either be too small or too big and the same with a bigger size depending on where I buy shoes from. However these fit fine. 

The Bobux brand are well known for comfortable good kids shoes and this pair certainly live up to it. When they first arrived I was really surprised at just how soft the inner shoe sole was, it had an almost spongy feel to it and the shoes have no hard or uncomfortable bits inside them. 

These are a simple yet eye catching design and seem perfectly designed for young children as they are very easy for Izebella to put on and fasten. 

The velcro faster is very adjustable to the foot width and holds the shoe in place comfortably. Izebella told me that her shoes were so comfy and she could not wait to show her teachers and friends at school. 

The pretty shiny dark  design also means they go very well with party dresses too. I actually thought the colour was black when infact it is a very dark navy tone but it’s very hard to tell. 

Izebella has now been wearing her new shoes daily for the past two weeks to nursery and has had no problems with them at all.

Izebellas new I-walk sole Bobux shoes cost £41.99 which may seem a fairly high price for one pair of kids shoes. I would happily pay this as they are extremely comfortable and a great fit and being Bobux they will hopefully last a while. I could buy a few pairs of cheap shoes for the same price but these would just not last long or be as comfortable.

All the information about this shoe style can be found here and these shoes are available in UK sizes 7 to 10.5.

Our new waterproof shoes from Gore-Tex

Published November 17, 2015 by Bizzimummy

A few months ago we were chosen to be Gore-Tex family ambassadors and just after the big  school holidays we were sent our first lot of shoes to test out. Well now that the cold and rather wet weather is kicking in, we have kindly been sent over yet more shoes featuring the rather comfy Gore-Tex material and here they are.  

 Both Ryan and Jordanna received a pair of Adidas Terrex shoes. Both of the shoes come with the new bunjee type lace, which is something I have not come across before. 

   The laces can be a little puzzling if your not used to them as completely different to normal laces. They need no tieing, it’s an adjustable stretchy cord just like a bunjee rope. You loosen it via the black pull thing, put foot in shoe and pull tight. Much easier than laces and no worrying about double knots or the laces coming loose. 

These shoes come complete with the familiar Gore-Tex brand logos and sole and provide lots of comfort compared to other shoes. In my first shoe post back in September j gave a brief description of what Gore-Tex material is, rather than repeating the same text, it’s much easier to take a look at the useful information on the Gore-Tex website. Which gives a much better explanation on the materials and process used. 

 These Adidas Terrex shoes are all fully waterproof, which is very much needed at the moment with all the rain we have been having. The shoes are also very breathable meaning the feet are kept warm and comfortable but do not sweat, hence less smelly shoes for me to deal with.

My kids have been giving their new shoes a good test out, including playing out, school non uniform days, after school activities and a few trips out in the rain and here’s just a few photographs of them wearing the shoes. 


Gore-Tex has a very different feel to normal shoe material and both Ryan and Jordanna once again reported the shoes felt strange at first, but I’m glad to say they found them very comfortable and easy to wear and the shoes kept their feet nice and dry.

Now last but not least is Izebella and I’m doing her shoes separate as they are a different brand. 

 These pretty little boots are from the Viking kids range and again waterproof and insulated to keep little feet nice and dry.  


I do find buying shoes for Izebella quite difficult as she falls between a 7.5 ans size 8 and whilst one smaller brand shoe may fit, another won’t or be too large etc as her feet seem quite narrow too. These seem to fit quite snuggly with plenty of room left. 


Izebella was unwell for 2 weeks recently so has not been out as much as brother and sister in her new shoes, but she really likes them and more than happy to have them on.


Gore tex school holiday shoes

Published September 9, 2015 by Bizzimummy

A few months ago we were chosen to be “Gore Tex family ambassadors”. As the mm Summer holidays began, my children were all sent a lovely pair of shoes each, all made with the Gore tex material.

What is Gore Tex? – Gore-Tex is a waterproof, breathable fabric membrane and registered trademark of W. L. Gore and Associates. Invented in 1969, Gore-Tex is able to repel liquid water while allowing water vapor to pass through, and is designed to be a lightweight, waterproof fabric for all-weather use.

Gore tex is used in both clothing and footwear. It’s only when you feel the bottom of the shoe that you can actually feel the difference compared to others. 

Many shoe brands have shoes and boots made with the Gore-Tex material. The Gore Tex UK website lists all the shoes available. 

Izebella was sent these very pretty pink Primigi boots

 These are very pretty and girly with sparkly pieces all over. The soles of all Gore tex shoes are very similar with a breathable waterproof mesh. Unfortunately Izebellas shoes are a little too big for her at present. It’s just one of those things I guess that every brand of shoes differs in size and these Primigi boots seem very generous in size. I’m sure her feet will grow very soon and she will get lots of use out of them during the winter months. Izebella can’t wait until they fit her.

Next Jordannas shoes which again are rather pretty and still girly. 

 Jordanna has the “Super fit Cooly surround” they are in a deep pink/purple colour with grey and white tones and fasten with a Velcro strap. Again you can see the familiar “Gore-Tex” sole. Jordanna said the shoes were very comfortable to wear . There was no rubbing or blisters and her feet stayed dry in rain and puddles. 

These are also a perfect fit and perfect for weekends and wearing after school.

Finally Ryan who also has a pair of shoes from the Super Fit collection. These are the Swaggy surround

 In a lovely royal blue colour with white stripes and lace fastening. Ryan said they felt strange at first and different to other shoes he is used to but now he does not stop wearing them.  

   These also keep his feet very dry. Ryan often plays out on muddy fields with friends and the gore-Tex is the perfect material for puddles and wet feet.

We have all enjoyed testing out the new shoes and Izebella is looking forward to wearing hers soon too. 

Summer feet at Shoe Zone

Published May 26, 2015 by Bizzimummy

You may remember our Winter boots post for Shoe Zone last year, we all tried out some rather fashionable inexpensive yet comfortable winter footwear and now it’s time for Summer.

 Shoe Zone can of course be found in the majority of town centres and also have an online website for ordering. They provide affordable fashionable footwear for all the family.

I was able to choose 2 pairs of shoes and as Jordanna has recently jumped up a size to a one, I chose one pair for her and a pair for myself.

These are the Walkright Velcro wedge with flower. They cost just £9.99 meaning change from a tenner and can pretty much be worn for any occasion. Being black makes them perfect for going back to school in after the May holidays and Jordanna is in need of more school shoes. They are also quite pretty with the eye catching silver flower so they would be fine for a party or formal occasion too. Then the price of them also makes them fine for every day wear as well.  

Jordanna said they did rub the side of her foot slightly for the first day of wearing them but has now been wearing them over a week and not complained since.  

There’s not much else to really say about these shoes. They are certainly worth the ten pounds.

For myself I chose these!  

These are the Softies wedge comfort sandals in pink and cost £16.99. Obviously very Summery and I chose these because the majority of my Summer shoes have heels or are not so comfy like these claimed to be. 

It’s almost like walking on air, I never expected a pair of sandals costing under £20 to be so comfortable. I have shoes costing four times the amount which leave my feet feeling like they have been ripped to shreds but these are just lovely.

They are really soft on the foot base and have soft elasticated straps which sit comfortably on the foot rather than digging in. No zips either they just slip on and off. 

The colour is meant to be pink but to me they look more of a beige or skin tone colour so again go with anything but I think they look pretty with a nice dress.     

 Just a shame the sun isn’t how much recently. 

Both of the above pairs of shoes can be ordered online at ShoeZone.




Izebella’s new shoes thanks to Little Gems Boutique

Published January 22, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Last week Izebella received a gorgeous new pair of Bobux shoes from Little Gems Boutique

The arrival of the shoes was perfect timing as she was quickly growing out of many of her older pairs.

Bobux is of course a leading and well known brand of children’s footwear which actually began over in New Zealand. Bobux shoes are designed with small feet in mind. The shoes designed with comfort and are long lasting.

The shoes I chose for Izebella are part of the I walk range at Bobux. The I walk range caters for confident walkers whilst still providing flexibility and a sturdy grip.

Izebella has the Triple Stripe Trainers in Magenta. They are lovely bright pink trainers and she loves wearing them.

The shoes feel really soft and flexible but provide the comfort, support and fit which needs when walking and running. They have 3 small straps which Izebella is more than able to fasten herself and she can also get them on without help too. She rarely lets me help her do anything these days.

On the bottom of the shoe is a good grip in the shape of a foot along with the well known Bobux mark.

Although classed as a trainer, I do think they also make very pretty shoes and can be worn with pretty much anything be it pants or a dress.
The sizes for Bobux are European so I did need to look at charts to get the correct size conversion. Izebella is just about in a size 7 and so needed the size 24.

And here she is with her new shoes on and ready for nursery.

She fastened them herself on this photograph hence the strange crossed fastening.


These pretty shoes cost £39.99 from Little Gems Boutique

Little Gems have many other styles of Bobux shoes for both boys and girls but as well as shoes they also have a fabulous selection of clothing too. Also accessories, toys and gifts.

New Winter boots from Hi-Tec

Published January 6, 2015 by Bizzimummy

I’m up and out very early with school and nursery runs. I hate the cold and especially cold winds. I love the snow when it comes but hate the feel of it on my feet and legs. I need comfortable footwear that will keep my feet and legs warm and dry, something that is comfortable to walk around in but that looks good too. I used to think that Hi-Tec only made trainers but far from it. They do many other types of footwear too including a big selection of Womens Winter Boots. Hi-Tec certainly have lots of boots to choose from with many different styles to suit all types of weather and terrain. For me there was one pair that really caught my eye.


These are my brand new Winter boots. The Harmony Cosy Hi 200 . I chose these because it’s a style which I like to wear, long boots which look very fashionable.

They do look almost like a boot and trainer shoe combined in one. I was a little worried with them being made with a suede type material that they would not be waterproof but they are. Trust me I have been walking through puddles and my feet stay dry. They keep my feet warm too.
Here is the information about the features of these boots from the Hi-Tec website.

Premium, durable, waterproof, nubuck upper, provides long term comfort during wear
YKK Zipper for fit and easy application
200g Thinsulate™ insulation traps heat and stays warm, while the moisture wicking lining helps maintain comfortable feet
OrthoLite sockliner delivers long lasting cushioning, anti-odour and anti-microbial properties, all of which ensures ultimate all day comfort
Vibram rubber outsole, delivers world renowned traction, comfort and durability

I did find the boots a little difficult to get on, on the first few attempts. I did have to sort of twist my foot to fit and then pull quite hard as well as loosening the laces a little to get them on. I think this is probably just down to them being new tho as it seems to be getting easier to get them on. It also took a few days to get used to wearing them too. The fit seemed fine but because they are new I did get a slight rubbing on my big toe for a couple of days. The rubbing has now eased off and I do find this happens a lot with most new shoes I try.


I do love the fur collar around the boots. I’m a big lover of fur in Winter (obviously the fake stuff and nothing to do with real fur) . The boots also have a good grip to them. There has not been enough snow to try them out as snow boots but I’m pretty sure they would help prevent slips on the ice.

I have found the material goes pretty much back to normal after being wet, not too much discolouration. Once the warmer weather comes in I will probably invest in some proper shoe care product and give them a good going over so they look almost new for next winter too.


These boots are made to last a long time. They are currently at a reduced price of £79.99 and can be purchased directly from hi-tec

Welly Warehouse review & competition

Published November 19, 2014 by Bizzimummy

I am hoping it snows this year and not just the odd few flakes which dissolve into the rain but real full on chunky snow with streets covered in the stuff and snow footprints, snowmen and my little street resembling a winter scene. Call me mad but I missed the stuff last Christmas and cannot recall much the year before. Izebella has never really seen snow and I'm sure she will love it too.

Should the snow fall, then we will all of course need a decent pair of walking boots to walk through it. Wellies for children are the ideal choice being both waterproof and warm. Wellies are also great for rain too and splashing in puddles.

Izebella now 2, is like a typical woman and loves her shoes, she has many pairs just like mummy and a selection of everyday shoes, formal shoes, boots and now a pair of Wellies too thanks too Welly Warehouse


Welly Warehouse are based in Chorley and are a family run business who began in 2004. They sell Wellies for both adults and kids and Izebella has been sent an absolutely gorgeous pair as you can see in the photograph. The kids range are called Chipmunks and with plenty of choice for both boys and girls.

I chose the Shelby Dalmation as they look unbelievably cute and even cuter on. A Dalmation print and a purple surround makes them so girly. The Wellies have a good grip at the bottom which should hopefully prevent many trips on the ice or water and inside the boots is a pink fleece layer which runs all the way down the boot meaning little feet stay very warm. What I really like most about these boots is the cute little handles on either side. They remind me of little handbags and just add to the overall cuteness. There is also a decorative bow on the side of each boot. Do not worry the bow does not come off. If I can't take it off then I know my 2 year old can't either.

Izebella is a size 6 and when buying new shoes for her I always choose a size above, just so I know she will get the most use out of them as children's feet grow so fast. I chose a size 7 and they actually fit her very well now with some growing room. Therefore I would definitely recommend going one size up with these.

Izebella could not wait to get them out of the packet and on her feet. The day we got them, there was no rain but she would not take them off all day. We have since tried them out in rain and puddles and her feet stay dry.

These style of Wellies cost £14.95. There is also a choice of snow boots which keep the feet even warmer priced at £29.95. They run in childrens sizes up to a junior 12.



Welly Warehouse are giving away a pair of Wellies. The winner can choose their own favourite from this selection and size (subject to availability) and should have them by Christmas. Entering as always is easy peasy. Just complete the…..


The competition will end December 15th at 7pm and is open to UK residents only. See terms & conditions.


Win competitions at

– See more at:

Winter Boots for us all

Published October 7, 2014 by Bizzimummy

ShoeZone can be found on many town centre high streets. They sell fashionable footwear at discount cosvt for all family members.

We were asked to choose a pair of shoes for each of us about a month ago. I knew the cold months were starting to draw near so I chose a pair of boots for us all. What I did not expect was the rather unusual warm weather for this time of year throughout September and the beginning of October. However we are all looking forward to putting our new boots on in the coming colder weeks.



I thought it best to start with the youngest upwards. Izebella has a strong liking to her brand new boots. It can be hard to get her to wear anything else even when the sun is shining bright. For Izebella I chose the Walkright flashing light calf boots. She is currently a 5.5 foot measurement and her new boots are a size 6, giving her that bit of foot room for growth.


I find the Shoe Zone sizes very generously sized meaning they may be slightly larger than other stores.

These boots are very pretty. With a lovely flower design. The flashing light seems very appealing to toddlers and young children. It makes Izebella want to stamp just to get the light to flash. A fur collar at the top of the boot keeps Izzys legs nice and warm.

She loves them and being black means they pretty much go with any outfit.




Jordanna chose her own boots from ShoeZone. She wanted high leg boots that would help keep her legs warm on a cold school morning. She had to pick something that would be suitable for school and therefore no bright colours. Shoe Zone offer a huge choice of boots for girls and after much searching and browsing she chose the “Lily high leg quilted biker boots”

These boots look just like grown up ones. They have studs to the bottom and chunky straps to the side with one long easy open zip going up. The boots are lined with warm fleecy type material meaning legs stay warm. £19.99




Choosing for Ryan proved a little more difficult than for my girls. The boys choices did seem more limited and the fact that he is a size 5 also makes things harder. It puts him almost in men's sizes which always look way too big for him being only 10 years old. The first choice was out of stock in his size but eventually we settled on a pair of Lace up Cleated ankle boot. They come on both black and honey. The black size 5 was not in stock nor was the honey, so forward thinking I got the size 6 in honey.

They are presently a little too big for him to wear. His feet seem to never stop growing tho so I know it won't be too long until they fit him. I think they look quite trendy, very similar to the more expensive brands of boots out there. The colour is more like a light brown than a honey. They seem strong and sturdy with good grips to the bottom and the best bit is they only cost £12.99.



Yeah I am happy to say that I got a pair of boots for myself too. I dread the cold weather clapping away at my legs first thing in the morning. A long warm pair of boots is just what I need but they have to look good too. I think I found the perfect pair at Shoe Zone. The Lily Women's knee high boots with detail.

These are lined with fleece and have two zips on either side. They kind of pull on which I did find a little difficult on first go. They are a simple design and go great with leggings and skirts.

As I had not worn boots for several months, it did take me a day or so for my feet to get used to wearing boots again, but now I don't even realise I have them on my feet.

These boots cost just £24.99 and start from size 3.


I do enjoy shopping in ShoeZone. The shoes are very inexpensive whilst still retaining good quality. It is great for school shoes and seasonal footwear too. As the prices are so low it does mean its a popular choice for many and so certain sizes will sell very quickly. Visit for more details.




Charley Mouse Footwear

Published August 25, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Charley Mouse is a one woman business belonging to Charlotte Beer. A 30 something Londoner operating her business solely from her own home.

Charley Mouse is all about footwear and the lack of practical European styles on our own high streets. European kids footwear seems so much sweeter, more robust and just miles better than what we have here in the UK. If you do spot a child wearing a beautiful, comfortable durable pair of shoes then it’s highly likely they are not made in the UK.

Charley Mouse sell a cool selection of footwear from several European brands, all of which can be viewed here, brands such as Oscar Knepp and Slugs & Snails. As well as shoes there is also tights and socks and to found.

Charlotte sent me some shoe samples from the Oscar Knepp collection so I had an idea of what their shoes are like. Oscar Knepp is a well known French shoe designer

There are 3 styles, all of which come in a navy blue option and therefore suitable for school. All are made from high quality genuine leather.

This one is a traditional T-bar shoe with quality foot support construction, fully breathable and comes in many sizes. It’s a perfect high quality school shoe. Also comes in red for a party shoe. Price £51-£61.

This one slightly different with a scalloped Velcro strap making it easier to fasten for younger ones. Again in navy blue so perfect to match with most school uniforms and school dress codes. £60 – £65.

This is the T-bar toddler shoe which I think looks so sweet in the soft pink. After all little girls just love pink. The shoes also come in chocolate and again the navy making them a perfect choice for nursery where a uniform is required. The pink make perfect everyday or party shoes as does the chocolate. They have the T-bar design and start in a EU size 19 (6-9 mths) right up to a EU 24 (approx 3 years). They provide the right amount of support for those tiny growing feet as well as comfort and they look so sweet.
These cost £51.00.

To view other footwear brands and the socks and tights, please pay a visit to Charley mouse



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