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Degustabox February

Published March 6, 2018 by Bizzimummy

February’s Degustabox seemed to follow suit with the box from January in that most of the items were focused on healthy eating and fitness. Some of this months food products were a little strange but I do enjoy trying new things.

True Nopal cactus water £3.49. How bizarre does this sound? This is made from the prickly pear which grows on the Nopal cactus. Natural hydration, not much of a flavour. If I had to try and describe it, I’d say the taste is close to lychee fruit but without the sweetness. It’s a strange mild flavour without sweeteners and preservatives. I don’t think this is really something I would go out and buy but it’s nice to have tried it.

protein ball & co £1.99. Yes it’s protein balls. Protein being the key thing when trying to tone up or lose weight. The ingredients include raw dates, sultanas, sour cherries and egg white.

Dr Karg Emmental cheese & pumpkin seed crispbread. £2.00

Made with whole grain natural fibre and additive free. A healthy and easy snack, add butter or toppings to make them more of a meal.

Emily crisps £0.99.

I’ve had these before and they are absolutely delicious as far as fruit crisps go. These are without a doubt the best fruit crisps out there because they are so flavoursome and really crunchy just like real crisps yet fruity and sweet too.

Indie bay snacks – pretzel bites £2.49

I’m not sure what it is about pretzel snacks but be it sweet or savoury I find them so addictive. These bags from Indie bay are a savoury snack and are full of pretzel balls made with Quinoa and Spelt.

Tootsie roll midges £2.50

I wouldn’t say these follow with the whole healthy theme of the box, but I think it’s always a good thing when I find some yummy snacks and treats in my box. Tootsie roll chews are an American candy and these have a milky chocolate taste.

Haribo fruitlicious £1.29

Haribo’s new range contains 30% less sugar tho you wouldn’t think so when eating then. Fruity shaped squishy jelly sweets, lovely yummy flavours and it’s no surprise that these did not last long with my kids.

KitKat chunky New York cheesecake £0.65

Okay so we don’t have near the amount of kitkat flavours compared to other places like Japan but this one is mighty tasty. I ate it straight away before the kids saw it.

Product of the Month” Primrose’s kitchen – raw beetroot & ginger muesli £4.00.

A very healthy alternative breakfast cereal which is a strange combination of beetroot, ginger, gluten free oats & virgin coconut oil. Unfortunately I just didn’t like it personally and am not really a cereal person anyway so it’s not something I would buy. Also £4.00 for one box of cereal is not something I’d be happy to pay out.

Get your Degustabox for just £7.99 including delivery and packaging (usually £12.99). Buy directly from their Degustabox UK and enjoy a selection of full size monthly food products delivered directly to your door.

Forest Feast Smart & Hearty

Published March 5, 2018 by Bizzimummy

Forest Feast Smart & Hearty is a selection of traditional and exotic dried fruit snacks with a strong emphasis on No Added Sugar.

This is a new range added to the fantastic flavours the brand has become know for and includes Sun Ripened Exotics such as Goji Berries, Cherries, Mango & pineapple plus traditional family favourites such as Apricots, Figs, Prunes and Dates.

Each packet contains bite sized pieces of dried fruits which make a great sweet alternative to sugary snacks and especially so when that evening sugar craving strikes. Bring fruit and sugar free means these snacks will also be school approved and suitable for lunch boxes and break time snacks.

I really enjoyed the mango snack. Mango is one of my favourite fruits anyway but has a different flavour when dried. I couldn’t stop snacking on these.

Sainsbury’s is one seller of the snack sized 90g packs and sells them for £1.50 per bag.

Juice burst

Published March 2, 2018 by Bizzimummy

These drinks make a good packed lunch refreshment being school approved and bursting with lots of juicy fruity flavours.

Each bottle is 300ml and contains one of the 5 recommended pieces of fruit per day. There are no added sweetness or other added nasties and my kids really liked the flavours we received.

Juice burst is especially good when served chilled on a warm day, not that we have had many of those recently.

The bottles are available to buy in packs of six for just £2.50 in Tesco stores.

Degustabox December

Published January 2, 2018 by Bizzimummy

Just before Christmas my last Degustaboxof 2017 arrived.

Here is what was inside!

First a fair few drinks to keep us refreshed over the festive period.

A Sleep well Vanilla milk drink which I’m guessing helps little ones get a better sleep at night. To save arguments I had this and thought it was really nice.

The Lift Green Tea got given to a friend as this is not something I enjoy.

Robinson’s fruit creations are the all new twist on Robinson’s juices. I think they designed them more with adults in mind but my kids had this bottle.

ColdPress Apple juice – very refreshing and especially so ice cold.

San Miguel – it’s beer so not for me.

And then I found all of these lovely treats too!

Willies Cacao black pearls – These sound like something straight out of a Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Think big balls of dark chocolate with an inner circle full of bitter sweet salted caramel, just delicious.

Planters – These are small packs of nuts with varying flavours.

Taking the Pea – yes strangely enough it’s a dried pea snack pack, not really for us tho.

Pop chips – I think this was the first thing we munched through. A nice sized share bag. Star Wars shaped theme snack,

Candy Kittens – sour fizzy sweets bursting with delicious fruit flavours. I love them.

And as if that wasn’t enough. I got these two cupboard items too.

Ryvita – Rice cakes & Mary Berry’s vinaigrette dressing which I did mistake for a drink at first. It’s good with salads and great for drizzling over certain types of fish too as it’s lemon based and I can even see bits of lemon inside the bottle.

I really enjoyed the December box, so much so that there is barely anything left of it now. The snacks were great and some of the drinks seemed to go down well too.

As always Degustabox is £12.99 monthly subscription and this price includes full p&p.

Degustabox November 

Published December 8, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Ho ho ho t’s nearly Christmas and my latest Degustabox contains a few festive themed treats.  

 We have this bag of Planters fruity chocolate crunch. It’s a big bag and a mixture of peanuts, cranberries and chocolate buttons which went down a treat.

Ooh and look what we have here! Lots of yummy treats. 

Cadbury picnic bites – just like the big bar version but smaller bite size chunks and just as delicious. 
Proper corn popcorn – perfectly sweet flavour and great with a movie.

Jellybean factory super sours – These really tickle the tastebuds. I’m not a huge fan of jelly beans but my kids are. 

Two drinks in this months box, one of them I could not wait to open and drink, the other I’m not so keen on. 

Dalston’s fizzy apple was just lovely. This one bottle is packed full of crushed apples. It’s sweet and so refreshing.

Alo – is an aloe Vera drink and I wasn’t so keen. 

A few cupboard staples in this box too – Ryvita & Flippo Berio, both snack products rye cakes and a savoury Italian biscuit type snack.
English provender caramelised onion chutney – I’ve not opened this yet. It will be opened Christmas Day with the turkey. 
Taylor’s of Harrogate single origin coffee – this is a really impressive find considering it costs  £4.49 which is over a third of the total box cost. 

Kallo – stock pots. Another one for Christmas Day and gravy. 

Oh and more tuna too – 

Rio Mare tuna in olive oil. It’s a nice strong flavoured tuna with big chunks. It does cost £3.00 per tin tho. 

 And finally one for the breakfast table – Weetabix Additions Apple and raisin. Traditional weetabix chunks with fruit. I gave some to a friend to try and she absolutely loved them. 
And wow all this for just £12.99 including delivery. It’s unbelievable value and my favourite snack subscription box too.

Get yours at Degustabox UK for an amazing discount price of just £5.99.

Forest feast Christmas collection

Published December 6, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Forest feast are home to tasty fruit and nut snacks and have recently launched a festive collection in time for Christmas.

These festive snack packs combine blends of both sweet and savoury ingredients together such as nuts, dried fruits and even bits of chocolate. These make lovely Xmas day nibbles for all the family.

If I’m being totally honest, I’m not usually a big lover of nuts or dried fruits, but I do make an exception around Christmas and these do taste incredibly good. The vanilla cashew, cranberry, chocolate, fruit and nut went down a treat. I would usually expect a mix like this to contain some sort of dried fruit that I don’t like such as raisins, currants, dates etc but no, it contained dried cranberries which are one of the very few dried fruits I actually like.

There are four festive varieties to choose from and each one costs £3.50 per bag.

Degustabox October reveal

Published October 30, 2017 by Bizzimummy

My October degustabox arrived a few days ago. And as always, here is my box reveal.


My favourite bit of Degustabox are the treats. The chocolates, sweets, crisps etc. 

This month bought me a large bag of Chippeas which seem to be a new take on puff type crisps. Instead of being made from potatoes they are made with chickpeas. Unfortunately they was not to everyone’s taste. I thought they was okay, a little herby but my children did not like them at all.

Millions Vimto however went down a right treat. I actually didn’t even get to try one of the tiny flavoured vimto sweets and it was a fairly big tub too. My kids were like vultures with these. 

Michel et Augustin cookies – I made sure I did get to try one of these. I say one because there were only two cookies in the pack. Soft, sweet and ever so slightly like the taste of rusk. I would of liked a few more but yes these get the thumbs up. 

Nuttvia breadsticks – This is a new type of chocolate spread product, similar to Nutella but claims to contain 97% less sugar. It comes as a jar spread as well as the breadstick pots which are like the old retro choc pots I had when younger. The chocolate is delicious and certainly doesn’t taste like there is less sugar. They do not come cheap tho, forget the old 30p choc snack. These cost £2+ each. It was probably my favourite product this month from my box but there is no way I would pay that amount for a small breadstick and chocolate dip snack. 

 The small white packet contains a chocolate disc from the Real hot chocolate company. These discs are all wrapped and sealed individually by hand. They make an excellent cup of dreamy milky hot chocolate. Just what I need on a cold Autumn dark night.


Just two drinks this month, both of which I am quite familiar with.

They are from the same company – Feel Good. The infusions being one of the new refreshing additions but not really a flavour I’m too fond of. It just doesn’t sit well with my palette, I don’t like mint and it’s quite watery too. The orange and mango still juice is on the other hand a lovely refreshing treat.


Finally the cupboard treats, or the items with a longer shelf life that can be stored in my cupboard.

Heinz spaghetti hoops, the no added sugar variety make a very simple and easy lunch during school holidays. Tinned spaghetti on toast being one of the rare things that all three of my kids will actually eat.

Misfortune cookie – I think this was put in as a Halloween treat, or trick. They don’t taste too great.

Lo salt – I don’t think this needs much explanation. It’s a tub of salt that contains less sodium than regular salt so a bit healthier. 

Pulsin bar – A healthy bar, they don’t taste great to me tho and far too expensive. It’s probably cheaper to make my own. 


Kabuto Noodles – I’ve had a fair few of these noodle pots in my boxes over the past few months. Unfortunately again, I’m not a big fan of pot noodle snacks or microwave noodles so I end up giving these away.

Valfrutta seems to be a vegetable Quinoa product. I have not made this yet. Not too sure if I will or what I’ll make it with.

Lee Kum Kee – Now these look really interesting and tasty. Real Chinese, Cantonese and oriental sauces to make delicious dishes. Instructions in English too. I cannot wait to make the king prawn dish. I just have to get round to buying the ingredients.

 I found the October box a little bit of a strange one. There seemed to be a fair few “repeat” products from previous months. A few social network comments from box subscribers state the same too. 

 I did enjoy a few of the products, mainly the Nuttvia, hot chocolate, and my children loved the millions and always enjoy spaghetti. The salt will come in useful as it will last a while, salt of course being used for many things, not just chips. The Chinese sauces will be used in the next few weeks and I’ll hopefully remember to get a quick snap of the dishes I make. All the treat products are now gone, along with the drinks. I did like the addition of the novelty fortune cookie, even tho they don’t taste great to eat, it’s one of those silly food type products that everyone wonders what’s actually inside. None of us like the protein bars or the noodle snack, but apart from that it’s been a fairly good box. 

The content total is approximately £21.00 or just over and subscribers pay just £12.99 per box including the postage and packing. Therefore it’s still worth it even with the odd few products that we don’t really like. Degustabox currently have an amazing offer of 55% off a box, meaning the box only costs £5.99 (including p&p) instead of the usual £12.99.

 If you’re new to reading my posts and have never heard of Degustabox then head over to Degustabox UK to read all about the monthly subscription.

In a nutshell you get up to 15 different full size products delivered in a box each month. The products are usually new items that have recently appeared in UK stores and supermarkets or even products yet to hit stores, sometimes mixed with a few well known items. The products will never be small sample packets as no one wants those do they? Some boxes contain alcohol, some don’t, you can choose whether to receive an alcohol box or not. It’s all about trying new things each month. Yes there will usually be one or two items which you won’t like but just do what I do and offer them to friends and family to try instead.

Degustabox is without a doubt my favourite food/snack subscription box and yes I’ve sampled a fair few different ones.

Foodie tried and tested roundup

Published October 20, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Recently we have been trying a few new foods and snack products; so! I thought I would start featuring a few. From now either every week, or every fortnight (depending on the amount of items) I’ll be listing a few foodie products that we have tried and liked.

And here is today’s list!

Popcorn Shed – It was hard to not get excited about bags of gourmet popcorn which is exactly what popcorn she’d have. The three mouth watering flavours being pecan pie, salted caramel and rich chocolate. Absolutely delicious as far a popcorn goes and well, not really the thing I would be happy sharing as it’s just so good.

SavourSmiths – I would describe these as posh flavoured crisps with rather unusual flavours of Wagyu beef with honey mustard and Truffle with Rosemary, these are certainly not the everyday bag of cheese and onion. The crisps are chunky and the flavouring is strong and rather rich. It’s a new brand and so only four flavours to choose from at the moment. Certainly makes a different snack experience. SavourSmiths UK 
Yazoo – I can see why both kids and adults alike love Yazoo milkshake. I like it too and more so just out of the fridge when it’s ice cold and first thing in the morning. The shakes got a shake up a while ago to include kid sized handy bottles which are also the “no added sugar variety”. They now come in chocolate, banana, strawberry and chocolate. Yazoo UK.  

Simple Bakes – A new flavoured savoury snack from Wellabys UK. Odd shaped pieces of flavoured crackers. Good for snacking on, dipping and great for kids lunch boxes too. They come in large 120g bags, I found them rather filling and would certainly struggle to get through a full bag myself. My favourite are the sweet chilli. Wellabys UK
Heinz spaghetti hoops – This one may seem a strange inclusion, considering that Heinz spaghetti has been around for years. The reason for including them is that the tins seem to have recently gone through a slight makeover and the hoops are now “no added sugar” and also (I’m told) one of our five a day (I’m guessing it’s the tomato sauce). Did you also know that Heinz spaghetti is packed full of good stuff too? , such as Vitamin D and Iron. Spaghetti hoops make an easy quick hot meal when time or money is limited. I loved spaghetti hoops on toast when younger and my kids eat it today too. The hoops can also be served as a side portion with a meal. Heinz UK 

And that sums up my foodie product round up for this week.

Degustabox September reveal

Published October 3, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Yes it’s that time of the month again! It’s Degustabox reveal, the box that keeps coming packed full of foodie surprises.

It’s a fairly random mix this month, perhaps not quite as many sweet/snack type products as I would have liked but there are some good food cupboard (as I call them) useful things here.  

Chocolate from Green & Blacks: £1.99. A really dark deep 70% cocoa bar here. Perhaps a little too strong on the cocoa for me but it would be great for making cakes or deserts with.

Mentos mints sharing pouch £1.19. There aren’t too many food things that I dislike; but! unfortunately mint and mint flavours are one of them. I can’t even use mint toothpaste as it makes me gag, even the thought of it. So no I’m certainly not a mint person. Luckily my children do like the occasional few mints so they had them.

 Nestle Cheerios Oat Crisp £2.49. Nice big full size box as always. I really hate those small sample packs, they just seem to linger in the cupboard for all eternity. Full boxes get opened and used. I’m not a cereal person, I rarely eat breakfast but I have three children who need fuel before school and cheerios is quite healthy. 

Green’s egg custard mix £0.69 – I’ve not got around to using this yet. Just not had time or found a suitable recipe. It looks easy enough to make egg custard so hopefully I’ll give it a go soon.

Knorr concentrated stock £2.20 – A bottle of liquid beef stock. This goes good with beef stews or casseroles for added flavour.

Midi Ramen noodle kit – not got around to making these yet. I’m not overly keen on packet noodles such as these but we will see.

Dreams Rice Quinoa £1.60 – A milk alternative for those who can’t or don’t want to drink cows milk. It’s plant based. It’s okay, wouldn’t want to make me swap my normal milk tho. 

Wild Planet Albacore wild tuna steaks £3.49. I think this is damn expensive for one tin of tuna. It’s a no drain type but still expensive. I wouldn’t buy this due to the price and as three of us in our home (plus cats) eat tuna then it would get expensive. However it was nice, a richer flavour compared to other cheaper brands.

Tuna pasta is a really great easy meal. Large quantities can even be refrigerated and used for packed lunches in tubs etc. It’s really versatile too as any ingredients and sauce can be added.

The Virtue can you see here  was also in the box. I had two of them and they cost £1.35 each. It’s flavoured sparkling water. I found them a little bland and tasteless with only a slight hint of flavour. Not really something I would choose to drink. 

San Migel £2.00 per bottle – It’s beer and gluten free but again not for me. I’m not a beer drinker.

Santa Maria Latin American Kitchen £1.85 per pack.

Santa Maria have launched a new range of cooking sauces and rice packs. Latin American brings the flavours of South America here. There are five varieties of rice and five of the sauce.

Easy to make. Add chicken or other suitable meats, add any vegetables, add sauce, cook on high heat. The rice can be microwaved in the pack for a few minutes. Then serve and enjoy!

And that concludes my Degustabox reveal. All of this for just £12.99 a month which includes postage and packing too. With this box I was able to make two family meals with drinks, treats and a big box of cereal.
Get your Degustabox here. First time triers get a box for just £5.99!

Slabs – the biggest crisps I’ve ever seen! 

Published September 25, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Anyone who enjoys a good old bag of crisps will love a bag of slabs

Slabs are mammoth sized crisps. Not only are they big in size but they are also very thick too. Not as thick as wedges but they certainly pack some chunkiness compared to the rest.

These are like big chunky man sized crisps. The sort you could imagine a group of men on a building site happily tucking into. Of course anyone can eat them and they are also full of awesome flavour too.

There are five flavours in total to choose from, so a bit of something for everyone. Most of the flavours being based around more traditional crisp flavours such as the mature cheddar and onion and the salt & malt vinegar. For those who don’t like the flavoured crisps there is a sea salt variety too. My favourite being sweet red chilli. 

Two packet sizes – a 40g single serve and the larger 80g bag for the greedy gets! I think the larger may be meant for sharing? 

As these crisps are so big and thick, the way a crisp should be, it means hardly any crumbs. The odd chipped off chunky broken bits maybe but no small crumbs at the bottom of the packet with these.

Slabs are a very new product so are only available to buy in a few select stores at the moment. They are available to trade via the slabs website and will be on display at various foodie fares and shows across the country. I am hoping the crisps will appear in local stores or supermarkets in the near future.

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Eye Will Not Cry

"Eye Fly High"

Six degrees of harmony

Tales about a family of 6 with teens, a tween & a toddler


Subscription Box Reviews, Active Directory, Spoilers, New Box Releases, Coupons and Lots of Nonsense.

The Spirited Puddle Jumper

Modern, Family Lifestyle

Carmen Fox, Author

Welcome to the Fox's den. Musings by Carmen Fox.

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Aussie Criminals and Crooks

Australian criminals and their Crimes. Con artists, scum bags, murderers, corrupt cops, pollies, rapists and paedophiles will find themselves in this blog. It was expanded to also cover those that ought to be charged for their idiotic disgusting behaviour. Usually high-profile people who think they are above the law

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