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Beauty treats – Anatomicals

Published May 17, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Today’s treats come from Anatomicals who make bath and body beauty treats and gifts and they even have a small range for children too.

Anatomicals don’t sell their own products from the website but they do have a list of products and stockists on there.

Anatomicals products are recognisable by their distinct bright, colourful packaging which comes in all sorts of vibrant colours. Also their quirky text on every item which stands out so much in stores that it makes you just want to go over and read it.

This yellow tube of stuff is one of those products for children that I mentioned earlier, but of course is big kids can use it too if we want. 

Banana bath and shower gel, which can also be used on hair, just like a kids shampoo. It has lots of banana aroma and my girls love it. 

For us grown ups. We have huge bath bars. And when I say huge I don’t just mean slightly large. I mean this. 

(And just look at these colours too!) 

Lovely grapefruit fragrance and in pink which happens to be my favourite colour. This huge soap bar will last me a long long time. 

And when my face needs refreshing or my make up is a mess and needs wiping off, Anatomicals even has cleansing pads just right for the job.

I have no idea how many pads are in the pot and I’m not going to count them either but there’s a good few of them to keep me going for a while. Excellent for removing make up and also act as a daily cleanser. The glycolic acid in them is an exfoliator and helps remove any dead skin cells thus prepping the skin for tanning or enabling fresh make up to stay on for longer. 

Lovely products in lovely colourful packaging. 

Beauty treats – Delicate owl

Published May 16, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Today’s beauty treats come from Delicate Owl.

Delicate owl have some very lovely handmade bath and body pamper products which all come made with only natural ingredients. Their products don’t just smell good; they also look great in any bathroom and being natural, are kind to any skin.

Here are just a few products that I have had the pleasure of using recently. 

What girl wouldn’t want these in her bathroom?

The big pink pot in the middle is a salt scrub with a country rose fragrance. This stuff is just lovely and contains Rose geranium oils amongst a few other essential oils. It looks and smells delicious, almost good enough to eat, and I absolutely love the cute little wooden bath spoon that came with it.

The salts are really fine and the best way to use is to scoop a small amount out and rub all over the body. As well as washing and cleansing this is also great as an exfoliater prior to fake tanning (exfoliating reduces patches). I have also found that pouring a small amount of salts into hot running water helps release the rose atoms and gives a very relaxing aromatherapy type bath. Just don’t fall asleep!

Bare in mind, a little goes a long way, The aroma can be strong if too much is used as the salts contain a lot of essential oil. 

These salt scrubs also come lavender and orange marmalade 250g tubs costing £10.50 each. 
I love my soap slices too. I love the different scents and how they look so different to the regular supermarket soaps, even in simple shapes. Delicate Owl soap slices cost just £4.50 each for an 80g bar. 

The country rose soap is the prefect addition to the soap scrub. I know your all reading and just dying to see what the oatmeal soap looks like unwrapped, so here it is. 

This is a hard clear soap and the bits of oatmeal can be clearly seen inside. Again this is a great product for exfoliating and getting rid of those dead skin patches. 

And if soap isn’t your thing for hand washing and hand care then maybe natural hand wash is. 

These are the smaller trial bottles of the hand wash and lotion gift set for £25.00. Both the handwash and the hand lotion are also available to buy in full size single 300ml bottles for £12.50 each. All with the choice of fragrance. The lotion is lovely on dry or sweaty hands and the hand wash is great when they need a refreshing scrub. 

And finally………….. The bath bomb! I do love bath bombs, I can’t get enough of them as I always use them so quickly.

Heart shaped and gift boxed and again a few scents to choose from. This one is lavender and even contains actual bits of lavender. Lavender equals a very relaxing bath, perfect just before bedtime. Each bath bomb is just £4.00. 

Amazing bath and body pamper products at amazing affordable prices. 

Squid soap review & competition

Published January 7, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Squid soap is a fun new soap for kids and it’s designed in a way to encourage kids to wash hands more and wash them properly. The bottle comes with a dispenser, which when pushed down gives a washable stamp on the hand and then children wash this off using the creamy lather.

It’s called squid soap because the bottles come decorated as squids with tentacles and eyes. 

There are 4 ink colours to choose from and the soap smells pretty good and fruity too. I would say this is probably best for the younger age group who will get more enjoyment than perhaps the older teenagers, I think my 11 year old has forgot what soap is but my girls love this.

Squid soap can be found in Tesco and their Website has lots more information too.

Squid soap are giving away two bottles of their soap to one of my readers. The competition will end on Jan 21st and is open to UK residents only.


Free competitions at ThePrizeFinder – See more at:

Best Beauty gifts: Beauty Kitchen natural bath cracker

Published December 17, 2014 by Bizzimummy

My third and final beauty gift product of the day is this very festive looking cracker. It's not the type of cracker to pull but instead a very special gift containing only natural products and great for the lady who does not like chemical beauty products.


At Beauty Kitchen we always make 100% effective, natural and affordable products. Our recipes only contain 100% pure essential oils plus naturally derived ingredients and will never cost the earth.

Inside the cracker is a huge bath bomb which contains an uplifting blend of cinnamon leaf, orange sweet and frankincense. Also a natural soap made with skin rejuvenating patchouli and intense moisturising honey and oatmeal.

From the moment I took my cracker out of the packaging I could instantly smell the lovely aromas of thr products inside. It's quite a strong scent with the two products together but not too over powering,

I could not wait to use these so in the evening and ran myself a hot bath and dropped in the bath bomb. It filled my bathroom with natural relaxing aromas and as it's quite big it took a fair bit of time to fully dissolve. I think I had a childish moment of lifting it out and listening to it fizz away, dissolving on my hand.
The soap looks like a tablet of precious red gemstone. It's also see through as I could see my fingers through it. It has a lovely smell too.
I do love natural bathing products such as these. I think they look and smell much nicer than the chemically produced stuff.
This beauty cracker makes a great stocking filler. It comes with an RRP of £8.00 and is available from Holland &Barret stores across the UK. More information can be found at The Beauty Kitchen



Science4you Soap Factory

Published December 11, 2014 by Bizzimummy

My children all love making and creating things. Sometimes it's a little messy, other times absolute chaos but fun all the same. Izebella is a little young for Science and science type kits but Ryan and Jordanna both love them.

I was contacted by Science4you who after finding out my children's ages agreed to send me some sets for all of them.

First up today is Jordanna's new kit which is called Soap Factory and as the title suggests it's all about creating your own soap to either use yourself or send as a gift.


The Soap Factory kit comes with an age recommendation of 8 and over so Jordanna is slightly on the younger side being just 7. However with mums help and supervision and a little help from Ryan too she was able it make some lovely soap.

I was a little concerned that the kit may be a little too messy and may contain chemicals which could be dangerous to Izebella, but there's not really much in the box that can cause harm. The box contents on first glance seemed a little daunting. There is a bag which seems full of all sorts of bits and parts including dyes, scents, moulds and more and another bag with 2 tubs of soap base. My first thoughts were that it looked like hard work but it's actually fairly easy.

The instruction book doubles up as an information guide on soap and how it's made, what it is, chemical compounds and lots more. A good read for any budding scientist. The book is also in English throughout so no reading through endless foreign guides trying to locate the English text.

There are a few different experiments to do but for now we are sticking with the making soap. This is the soap base which looks a little like ice cubes or sugar lumps. This needs heating to melt it and this can be done a few ways. I use a microwave and put the soap base into a glass.

Once the stuff is melted it is then poured into one of the moulds. 3 moulds are supplied all with an ocean theme (shell, fish, seahorse) these moulds are just standard plastic type and any other moulds could be used too.

There is the option to make a plain basic sops using just the soap base or make a colourful fragranced soap using the dyes and fragrances supplied and the latter definitely appeals more. The scents are tangerine and apple and colours of blue, yellow and pink. These need to be added to the melted soap base. The amount depends on how colourful or how strong a scent is desired. Pipettes and spatulas come with the kit as do safety goggles and gloves. There is even glitter too to make the soaps sparkly.

Once the solution is all mixed it gets poured into the moulds and the moulds left to set for about 3 hours. Then once the soap is set and hard it can be taken out and used.

Plastic wrapping film and ribbons also come with the kit so Jordanna can turn the soaps into little gifts.

I,m not sure how long the soap base will last or where refills can be purchased which is the only slight problem with kits such as these.

The Soap Factory kit can be purchased from Amazon for a reduced price of £16.99



St Kitts Herbery

Published May 21, 2014 by Bizzimummy

St Kitts Herbery is a Herbery in Cornwall. There, one will find an amazing selection of herbs and plants. As well as all the plant life they also have an amazing collection of perfumes, chocolates, honey products and toiletries. They also have what sounds like a lovely coffee shop inside, selling great tasting coffee, cakes, pastries and ice cream.
It’s a shame I live no where near Cornwall. I’m literally the other side of the country to it, maybe one day I will pop in and see it for myself.
It is therefore lucky that they also have a lovely online shop too, where most of their lovely natural products can also be purchased and delivered to your door, no matter what end of the country you live.
I was asked by St Kitts Herbery if I would like to try some of their toiletries in the Rosemary & Bergamot range.


From the moment I opened the box I could instantly smell the aroma of the Rosemary. The product bottles come with a rather simple and basic design, no crazy colours. They seem to instantly stand out from other products. They have a unique upmarket appearance and will look great on display in any bathroom.

I received two products. The first being a liquid soap in a 200ml bottle costing £11.95. The bottle comes with a pump dispenser which can be turned and locked when not in use. I really love the natural herby smell of this soap. The Rosemary tones and moisturises skin whilst the Bergamot lifts the mood and soothes nerves. The soap leaves me feeling refreshed as well as smelling great. I do prefer the liquid soap over the bars. It’s so much better and less messier.


The second product for use after washing or bathing is a lovely Moisture lotion. This is also in a 200ml bottle and costs £11.95. It can be used daily and again smells amazing, so natural and herby. I use this lotion both for my face and for my body after a tiring day in the sun. It gives an immediate refreshing cooling effect and it absorbs into the skin very quickly, meaning I’m left with refreshed, smooth skin.


The Rosemary and Bergamot is St Kitts best selling scent. The products are made using natural botanicals. A full list of the products available in the Rosemary & Bergamot, can be viewed here .


Published August 26, 2013 by Bizzimummy

I remember several years ago whilst out shopping with friends this incredible beautiful fragrant smell overwhelmed me. I turned around to see where it came from and there was a small shop selling all sorts of brightly coloured bath bombs and soaps. That shop of course was Lush and now every time I see a Lush shop I just have to go in and buy something. It's fairly obvious to me why Lush is called its name- because the products are simply luscious. They have got to be the best bathing products around. They are all handmade and look great with their funky colours. They smell amazing and feel so nice whilst using them. I also find when I buy Lush products that the customer service is great – always nice and friendly and my items always carefully and individually wrapped and not just thrown into a carrier bag like some shops do.

I was delighted to be able to review some of Lush's best selling products.

Dragons Egg

From the outside this looks like a regular bath bomb; whitish with a few odd coloured speckles. However inside is layers of surprise. A yellow yolk part and what looks like mini blue eggs scattered inside and right in the centre is a golden nugget part (at least that's what it looked like to me).


When placed in the bath this egg erupts like a volcano, The bath turns into molten gold and yellow foamy lava which I could actually pick up and wash myself with as its like foamy soap whilst dissolving. I could hear this magical egg fizzing, popping and cracking away like a firework whilst relaxing and taking in the beautiful aromas of this product. It is most certainly now one of my favourite Lush products which I will buy again soon.


Fun comes in five funky colours: red,green, yellow, blue and pink. I received the pink one which is my favourite colour anyway. First impressions were that it looked like a large piece of play dough and felt like it too.

Fun is very much like play dough in the form of a bathing product if that makes any sense. You can pull it apart. Squash it, shape it, make things with it and just generally have lots of fun playing around with it whilst also washing yourself with it. It has a fruity candy smell of childhood too. I have a feeling my little girl Jordanna will like this too.

Honey I washed the Kids

The best selling soap at Lush and can be bought in different weight quantities. It looks like a bar of fudge with a toffee glaze and smells like one too. It feels very soft on skin too and was like having a bath with a toffee bar. Just amazing. I hope my children don't mistake this for toffee.

Pop in the Bath Bubble Bar

These cute little bubble bars come in four different colours and combinations and contain a blend of mandarin and bergamot oils with orange flower absolut giving a great citrus candy aroma to any bathroom.

It's very generous in size too so I just break off chunks at a time for each bath so it lasts longer. Lots and lots of swirly foam and bubbles to relax in.

I am having lots of fun with my lovely Lush goodies. It's like being a child again at bathtime. All the products can be purchased from any Lush store or online at Lush.

The ingredients in Lush products are not tested on animals and products are handmade using little or no preservatives.


Kids Stuff Crazy Soap

Published June 19, 2013 by Bizzimummy

Kids Stuff Crazyhas been delivering bath time fun for over 20 years! Providing a range of unique fun and child friendly bathing products with gentle formulations to cleanse and moisturise young skin.

20130612-185830.jpg. My kids were super excited to see the range of crazy bath stuff they were sent (for review) and they couldn’t wait to try them out. They were sent
*Bath time foam soap in green a white. This amazing stuff can be shaped and bounced whilst cleansing and moisturising young skin
*Bath time body paint in red. PH balanced to gently cleanse and moisturise, kids can paint themselves away as it washes off and away very easily:
*Bath Goo thick scoopable bath gel that forms bubbles when mixed with water.
My kids love these products and it’s hard getting them out of the bath now instead of in
I managed to get a photo of the crazy soap to show you what it’s like.

20130612-190419.jpg. Only needed a small squirt for this much foam.
Crazy soap can be found in supermarkets and more information on their products can be found here

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