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Spring cleaning with humble stuff

Published April 18, 2017 by Bizzimummy

This is humble stuff, cleaning products from a small Scottish based company without the harsh chemicals. They sell a small selection of products but are multi surface meaning they can be used in any room and most surfaces and general uses around the home. I am always confused as to why supermarkets stock multiple cleaners for bathroom, kitchen, glass, wood etc but then next to all those are also bottles of multisurface products containing exactly the same stuff. 

Humble stuff products differ slightly from the usual supermarket shelf brands because they don’t contain the usual chemicals or bleaches. They contain, instead blends of bicarbonate of soda, and natural oils and fragrances yet still clean just as good. 

The multi-surface spray is great for worktop sides after food preparation and also the side where the kettle is which often ends up with tea bag drips on it. I also used it in my living room to give the units a quick clean and dining room table. 

The soft cleaning paste is a white paste which resembles a soft putty. This can be used where a more intensive clean is required. Think cookers, white furniture stains etc. It’s pretty good too considering it’s made mainly with bicarbonate of soda and no bleaching agents. I’ve found it works wonders on getting cups and mugs clean of those nasty tea and coffee stains. I just add a little all around the cup, leave for 20 minutes, scrub and thoroughly wash and have managed to get the majority of my cups looking white inside again. It can be used to clean cooker tops and I’ve read inside the oven too. I haven’t tried this as my oven was not long cleaned with oven cleaner (very harsh nasty stuff) but I will give it a go soon. It’s pretty useful in bathrooms as well and even in the toilet bowl. Again wipe on, leave and flush away. 

The biggest surprise I had using this paste tho is possibly one that this paste may not really be meant got at all. Therefore I would advise you to do this at your own risk. My daughter Jordanna had a new pink top. She managed to get several stains all down it. I think it was a mixture of chocolate, ice cream and possibly sauce (she’s very messy!) I washed it and the stains were still very much there, even after wash number 2.  It was looking like the pink favourite top was destined for the bin, and then I had a bright idea. I scooped a small handful of cleaning paste and applied it to the stains on the top, scrubbed a little and then put it in the machine on a 60 degree wash cycle. (I wish I had taken before and after pictures but just didn’t think) And low and behold it came out stain free and looking very clean indeed. This was a last resort before binning the top so again use this way with caution. 

Humble stuff also sell a toilet freshener too and all their products cost just £5.00 each or buy all 3 for just £12.00. 

Poo Pourri: avoid embarrassing moments

Published March 20, 2014 by Bizzimummy


Poo Pourri sounds like a bit of a novelty joke product but it’s actually quite a useful thing to either keep in your handbag or keep on top of your own toilet at home.
Poo Pourii is a discreet spray bottle and intended for use “before you go” on the toilet. The product is intended to reduce embarrassment in public toilets. After all we can’t always help what comes out can we?
The spray is available in 15 fragrances, Poo-Pourri is made with essential oils and other natural compounds that work by forming a film on the surface of the water, coating anything that enters and trapping in the smell. Simply spray Poo-Pourri into the bowl before you go. When you flush, it further releases the product’s fragrance, leaving the bathroom smelling better than you found it!
The spray I am trying out is called Daisy Doo. It has a pleasant scent of Spring flowers and made with natural oils.
I use the spray both in my own home (before I or the kids go) and also take it out with me if I am visiting family or friends or even going out for the day. After all I cannot count the number of times I have used public toilets and they stink when I go in. It’s quite embarrassing too when you know it’s yourself that has caused a little smell. It can’t be helped but I think a good idea would be for stores and shops to maybe have this spray in their public toilets for customers to use.
The spray apparently even works for men too. Who seem to leave worse smells behind than us women.
I only need to spray once for it too work. If I use any more then the smell can be a little over powering as it’s very strong. A small bottle of this will therefore go a long way.

The spray is totally safe for all toilets, including septic systems. It is not tested on animals and is also safe for the planet, being free from the following.
• NO Harsh Chemicals
• NO Parabens
• NO Phthalates
• NO Aerosol
• NO Formaldehyde
• NO Petroleum Distillates
• NO Ethanol
• NO Benzene

Poo Pourii can be purchased directly from Temptation Gifts which is the sister site to Campus Gifts. Costing £7.99 per bottle.

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