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Lego Juniors: Mia’s farm suitcase

Published July 19, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Lego is one of those rare toys that has been around for decades and is still as popular as ever with both young and old. It has never gone out of toy industry fashion and new lego kits and accessories are still constantly being produced. I believe the very first lego bricks came about in the 1950s and almost 70 years later and they are still being enjoyed by my children today.

Lego sets are now available for kids of varying ages, starting with the very young at just 18 months (big bricks). Izebella is now under the Lego Junior age bracket which is 4-7 years. Her new Lego set comes in a very useful carry case. I say useful because many Lego sets come in a box, the boxes eventually break or tear and then the Lego ends up all over.

This red case has lots of space for Lego bricks and even comes with plastic dividers.

Mia’s Farm is quite an easy build which doesn’t take too long to put together. With Izebella being at the younger end of the junior age guide, it means I do have to help her a little because she hasn’t quite worked out the instruction diagrams just yet. There are approximately 100 pieces in this set which includes all the bricks, accessories, Mia mini doll figure and animals.

There is a truck, sheep barn and the main farm area to build. Lego instructions come as a page by page diagram guide, no text, each page in full colour shows us how much of each coloured brick we need and where they go. It’s fairly easy to understand on a small set like this.

Izebella did most of this farm truck by herself along with putting the figure together. I helped her a little with the main bit, mainly showing her where to put each piece. She was able to work out from the instruction guide which piece she needed by herself. 

And look what we made!

And then we took it all apart and did it all over again.

This set, with the carry case costs between £10-£15 and makes a good easy beginners set for a young child who is past the “big chunky” brick stage. The set contains very small parts just like the bigger sets so I would not recommend allowing children younger than 4 years to play without supervision. 

Pocket money toy subscription box #2

Published July 18, 2017 by Bizzimummy

My girls got another box recently from My pocket money toys. This is a monthly subscription box packed full of age related toys. The boxes even get personalised with children’s names. 

The box theme changes monthly and this month the theme was very much about Space, planets, astronomy etc.

So here is the unboxing video for both my girls boxes. 

The boxes start from £14.00 monthly. Get yours here.

Sylvanian families sky ride adventure 

Published July 13, 2017 by Bizzimummy

It’s time for Izebellas loveable sylvanian family characters to take to the warm Summer skies in their brand new sky ride flying machine.

Families can sit inside the sky ride whilst being watched on the ground by friends enjoying a summer picnic. 

The flying machine has enough room for a small family of three, one at the front driving and two at the back. It comes with propellers, wheels and the big rugby shaped balloon to take off and soar the skies.

The picnic set is also included and consists of a small pink picnic blanket, a picnic plate and various food accessorises.

The flying machine is good to go straight from the box as it comes ready assembled. 

Of course (for us grown ups) it does not actually fly. It does not need batteries either but little ones will use their imaginations to ensure that it does fly somehow. 

The Sylvanian characters do not come included. It’s just the flying machine and picnic set in the box. The characters you see in the photographs are from previous Sylvanian family reviews. Izebella has a lovely small collection now. If you are considering buying the sky ride adventure then you will need to purchase the characters separately if your child does not already own any. 

This can be purchased in most good toy stores  costing between £20-£25.

Outdoor toys that don’t cost the Earth

Published July 13, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Everyone wants to be outside playing in this unusual British Summer weather. The Entertainer store has some great outdoor toys to suit all budgets. From sandpits and pools to simple accessories such as bucket and spades. I find the Entertainer the best value store when it comes to buying good quality toys for my children. 

They have been testing out two outdoor toys from The Entertainer which is also known The toy shop at their online store.

Now Summer just would not be as fun without one of these bad boys.

It’s the Storm hurricane warrior blaster and the good news is that it only costs £10.00. It holds a massive 2L of water so if your child has one and you don’t want a soaking then it’s best you stay well clear because this can fire all that water up to 10 meters.

It’s easy to use via a pump action trigger and easy to fill and empty via a lift up cap. Simply fill and fire and that’s it. Having a long range and holding lots of water also means my windows can get a good cleaning whilst I’m safety indoors dry and watching. This thing will get anyone within its range soaked. 

We did have a slight problem with the fill cap being loose and coming off, therefore water leaks. I’m not too sure if this is just a fault on our product or how the are all made. I found putting a small plastic bag over the water fill hole and putting the cap on top sorted the leak/loose problem. 

Our other product can still get us slightly wet if not careful but is much less gentle.

It’s a double bubble machine. With this  comes 125ml bubble solution. The machine requires batteries and the bubble solution gets tipped into the machine, a small amount at a time. Once set up it’s just a simple button press and the bubbles come out.

No tireless bubble blowing required as this machine does it for us. The bubble creator inside rotates and hundreds of lovely bubbles fly out. Izebella loves her bubbles. Here is a video clip of the machine in action.

Little children in particular will have lots of fun with this. Once the bubble solution runs out, any bought bubble solution is fine to use. The bubble machine seems very reasonably priced at just £7.50.

Both of these products and more are available to purchase from The Entertainer stores across the U.K. and also online. 

NumNoms series 3 

Published June 17, 2017 by Bizzimummy

We have a few more cute collectible goody type characters from Num Noms series 3 packs. 

Izebella absolutely loves these strange rubbery type tiny figures, in fact I have had to upgrade her to a larger storage box to keep them all in or otherwise I would be finding odd Num Nom bits all over. 

It seems that with every new series of Num Noms, new parts are introduced as well of course as characters and themes which are all based around food items. 

Series 3 bought with it Num Nom lights too which are a completely new series all on there own including light ups, glitter and even freezie pop Num Noms

They are called Num Noms because of the two parts – The num and the Nom. I can’t recall which one is which but one of them is the rubbery textured soft part and the other part is the one that does something, this can be a moving part, a stamper, rubber, lip gloss etc. They keep coming with new quirky things.

Here are some of our latest series 3.

They are bright, colourful and very sweet looking. We found a stamp and eraser and even a strange part which has a hole in. I’m not too sure what this part is for.

Here’s Jordanna with her friend trying to work out which one is which out of a large box of all our Num Noms collection. 

I think girls of all ages love these. Num Nom packs can be purchased pretty much anywhere in most good toy stores and in various pack sizes.

The Amazing Mystery box

Published May 12, 2017 by Bizzimummy

*** £5 off a box using code BIZZIMUM***

I reviewed lots of subscription boxes from all over the world, containing all sorts of goodies and all at different prices. Some of them great, some okay and the odd few not so good. Of course I have my personal favourites from over the years and there’s a few which are unfortunately no longer in business. I am usually always happy with the majority of box contents but… it’s not that often that one of these boxes really makes me think….WOW!

“The Amazing mystery box is a WOW! type box”

When I saw the name of it – “Amazing mystery” and had a browse of the Amazing Mystery website (which tells me a little about what to expect) I wasn’t really expecting much. Yes the boxes are a complete mystery until you open them but the website will tell you that its character themed merchandise. They do have box choices – Star Wars, Dr who, post-watershed, kids characters etc so I was thinking “it’s another geek type box” which by the way I don’t mind whatsoever as I am a bit of a geek collector myself. However a big NO! I was wrong. 

So these are the boxes. They all look the same and don’t give much away at all.

Hmm yeah he’s getting curious too. I best get on with it and let him open it and show you all what’s inside. 

By the way, this is my first attempt at an unboxing video. I hate being videoed!! Pictures are fine but videos I just don’t do well so excuse the shaky footage and nervousness please. 

That was my son unboxing his Star Wars box and he absolutely loves it. He’s already asking how it works and if he can get another one.

This box contained about 12 items in total. The box costs £24.99 and as you can see the contents easily total much more than that. Everything is Star Wars themed and everything is brand new. Many of the boxes come with T shirts (this is clearly stated on their website too) and so when ordering a box you do get the option of a t shirt size. The amazing people behind this box got Ryan’s t shirt spot on, a perfect fit. 

The Star Wars themed box is available as a monthly subscription or as a one off taster box. 

As well as the Star Wars falcon box we also got another mystery box. Many of you will recognise this character. 

It is of course Thomas & friends. This is a one time gift type box rather than a subscription box and also costs £24.99. Again the contents are really impressive, some of them still with original price tags on so it’s easy to see this box is worth much more than what you pay. This box contained a book, straw sippy type cup, various Thomas figures, a backpack, wallet and various other items. 

A box like this would be perfect for a young child’s birthday, especially if struggling for ideas on what to get them. 

I have received two Amazing mystery boxes and I cannot fault this box subscription at all, in fact I am already trying to decide which of their boxes I wish to try next just to see what’s inside (like a big kid at Christmas). I may just have to purchase a different one each month to see the full variety of products. 

From a parents point of view. This is just the sort of subscription box I have been wanting for a while. The sort of box full of themed toys with choices for both girls, boys and teens. The boxes are amazing value for money with boxes starting at £19.99. Quality toys, stationery items and t-shirts with more items per box than I have seen in many other subscription boxes previously. Obviously as per all mystery type boxes there may be the odd item that you know your child won’t like, this can easily be put to one side and kept for kids parties or gifts to nieces, nephews at Christmas etc, thus saving even more money. 

The Amazing mystery box ranks extremely high in my long list of box reviews. I am sure that once people find out about their boxes, they will be around for a long time. 

If your reading this and feeling curious but unsure about a subscription,then take a look at their Buy it now shop and buy a one off box, once you open it you will no doubt (like me) be considering a subscription. Trust me, many of you know if I had any negatives about the boxes, I would say so – albeit in a nice sort of way but there is nothing negative to say this time.

Visit The Amazing mystery box for lots more info! 

And don’t forget it’s £5.00 off any box if you use code BIZZIMUM at checkout! 

My Pocket money toy subscription box! 

Published May 10, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Yeah it’s subscription box time once again, you all know how much I love my boxes, I think I’m perhaps a little addicted to them. Well this time the boxes were not for me, but for my girls. They were even addressed to my girls so no opening for me this time round. 

My pocket money toy box is a monthly subscription for boys and girls ages 3-10 years (hence the reason Ryan doesn’t have one). You can order one off boxes or subscriptions of 3, 6 or 12 months. The boxes are split into three age groups; 3-5, 6-7 and 8-10. Then a choice of boys, girls or gender neutral boxes. Jordanna has the 8-10 box and Izebella the younger 3-5 years box. 

Inside our boxes were toys which came wrapped like presents, sticker cards, colouring sheets and lots of sparkly packaging. 

Jordanna was very happy to take part in her own unboxing video. She had no idea that this box was arriving and no idea what was inside until she opened it.

The boxes come with various themes each month and this month seems to be all about dinosaurs and volcanoes which is really good timing because both my girls have been learning about them at school. Izebella even got on the front page of Bolton news with a big T-Rex.

Here is what’s inside Izebellas box. She’s perhaps a little too young for an unboxing video just yet, but she’s more than happy to show off the contents. 

She got a wind up walking dinosaur toy along with a large dinosaur jigsaw box which has 4 individual puzzles inside and a special volcano which magically changes into a dinosaur when placed in water. 

All the toys are good quality and certainly worth the subscription costs which start at £14.00 a month. The contents are different each month and I think as well as being good subscriptions for kids, they would also make a good birthday present for a child. All the box contents are age appropiate depending on the box age chosen. 

* GET 20% off a box using code BIZZI20 *

My girls are very happy with their box of goodies from My pocket money toys.

Hatchimals colleGGtibles

Published May 1, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Today is the launch of the new ColleGGtibles by Spinmaster toys. Hatchimals were the most recent Xmas craze with stores selling out leaving many children disappointed. 

Hatchimals Colleggtibles take the toy-line in a more collectible (and affordable) direction. These miniature eggs look like their larger counterparts but are about a tenth of the size. 

They come in blind bags and multi packs. Each pack is a surprise as the toy can’t be seen until it gets hatched. 

Hatching the eggs differs from the larger Hatchimals. This time Izebella had to hatch them herself. This is done by rubbing the Purple heart spot on the egg until the top of the egg begins to soften and crap. It’s really easy to do this and does not take too long. 

And then! Surprise! Look what she found inside, just waiting to get out! 

Each colleGGtible egg will contain one of these cute animal friend creatures and there are over 70 of them to collect at the moment. I’m sure many more will be introduced soon too. 

With the eggs, also comes a collector map which shows the colleGGtibles world and all the landmarks. 

Each ColleGGtible belongs to a different set of families such as garden, fairy, ocean, river and children can place theirs on the correct area of the map. 

Izebella has two characters to start her collection off. ColleGGtible packs start from just £2.99 and come with a 5+ years age recommendation. 

Sylvanian family accessory set 

Published March 30, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Being part of the “friends of sylvanian families” blogger group means that my girls get sent lots of cute little sylvanian family members and accessories. Of course my son Ryan could play with them too but for obvious reasons; chooses not to. 

Izebella seems to like Sylvanian family’s the most and our most recent product is a little accessory set.

This set contains lots of little accessories which can be used on the sylvanian family characters. There are headbands, jewellery, bags and even sunglasses. Obviously this is just an accessory kit and it would only be bought if you already have Sylvanian family characters.  Izebella has quite a collection of the sweet furry animals and seemed very pleased to have a few more bits to put on them. 

All the parts in the set are really small. I think they will be easily lost and it’s probably best to have some sort of container to put them all in. I have a few boxes for small accessories such as these and other bits such as dolls shoes. 

Some of the headbands can be difficult to get on certain characters as the heads do seem to vary in size. 

There is not much else to say about this, Izebella is happy with it so it’s kept her quiet for a bit. This costs £7.00 which is not too bad. Perhaps a stocking filler for lovers of Sylvanian families. 

Kinetic rock crusher

Published March 14, 2017 by Bizzimummy

If you have children who are familiar with kinetic sand then this set is similar. Kinetic sand being the all new sand that you can mould and shape with minimal mess. This set uses kinetic rock, which does the same thing as the sand, just a gritty rock version.

With the kinetic rock crusher set we got a bag of kinetic rock, a digger truck, cement turning type device, a Lego man, fold out play area and the odd few other small parts.

The box doubles up as a mini cardboard construction site and even has its own sign. The truck needs assembly, the wheels and digger part all need attaching and there is a bucket/tipped which sits on the back of it. 

The little lego type figure is pretty useless. It’s like something found in a kinder egg that you put the arms, legs and head on. The arms constantly fall off and it’s so small that it will easily be lost. 

The kinetic rock does feel rather strange. It is rough and gritty in the hand yet soft enough to squish and mould into shapes. There is one small mould included to make a boulder, would of been nice to have a few more. 

Any moulds made with kinetic rock, or even sand; stays in shape until broken apart. This is the good thing about the kinetic stuff, unlike other sand products it doesn’t get everywhere, (tho it’s not completely mess free) and it stays in the shape you mould it to.

The digger truck can be used to transport the sand just like the real thing. Unfortunately the digger part does have to be moved manually by hand, there is no button and no batteries or controls to operate the truck so it is just a play accessory. The mixer turns by a handle and the rock can be placed inside and churned out, but it does sometimes get stuck. 

This kit is suitable for children aged 3 and over. I was not too sure if this would be Izebellas thing as she is more into dolls, dressing up and girly things rather than digger trucks but she absolutely loves it and always wants it out. 

The rock can get in the carpet and it can stick to socks which gets quite uncomfortable. The best way to pick it up before the hoover gets it is to form a ball of the rock and stick it to the loose bits in the carpet. I do find it comes up fairly easily so the mess is minimal.

As for the price – I have browsed a few online toy stores plus Amazon and the price tends to be the same throughout from £18 – £20. If I’m being totally honest I do think this is slightly overpriced. The bag of kinetic rock is not huge, Izebella will get a few plays from it but the amount gets smaller with each play due to spills. The accessories are all plastic toys which could easily be bought anywhere and the box play scene is just cardboard which won’t last long. If I was to consider buying this set as a present then I think £12.00 would be more reasonable for this. 

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