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Juratoys: Traditional playthings, just how toys are meant to be. 

Published March 13, 2017 by Bizzimummy

If I cast my mind back to my early childhood, I remember a fair few things. Such as things I did and things I had or didn’t have. When I was little a tablet was something you took when you was unwell. A phone was walking to a phone box or if you was slightly privelaged you may have a home phone attached to the wall. We had a video player eventually but not when I was really young. Listening to music meant placing a needle onto a vinyl disc or putting a cassette tape into a player. There were no mobiles, no games consoles (not until I was slightly older) and toys back then were real toys. Toys without plugs and without the internet and I don’t remember ever being bored playing with the toys I had. 

It’s a shame that things change so much and even children as young as Izebella seem more reliant on technology and devices. So when an opportunity comes along to try out more traditional type toys with my children, it’s always a good thing.

Izebella has been playing with two different toys from Jura toys. The first being a very traditional “old fashioned” style toy for little ones. The Janod story box circus. 

It contains 19 pieces in total, all of which are made from solid wood. It includes many familiar circus characters and props, including – elephant, tiger, clown, trapeze artists, ring master and even a monkey on a unicycle. 

There are no rules to play by, it is purely up to the child to use their imagination to create their own circus. 

All the pieces stand up and the sturdy strong box is also used as part of play as well as being used to store all the parts. The pieces are all really colourful and well designed. The horse even fits a rider and characters balance on the high beam. 

Izebella really likes her new circus set. She has been to a real circus show and remembers it well. She puts on voices for the characters and moves them all around.

This really does remind me of the type of toys I had when I was her age. 

This set costs about £21 and is currently selling over on Amazon.
As it’s almost Easter (next month), Izebella has also had an early Easter gift in the form of a very cuddly rabbit.

Our new cuddly bunny friend is the Kaloo rouge sandy beige rabbit. It comes in a few sizes and rabbit is very cuddly and fluffy and makes a good bedtime companion for Izebella. 

Cuddly toys always seem to make my little girl happy. It’s a good job she is soon upgrading her toddler bed to bunk beds so she has more room to put her new cuddly bunny, she does like him to have his own cover and little pillow at night time and she has named him “Mr Bunny”. 

Kaloo rabbit toys are also being sold on Amazon as well as a few other places and start from £20.00.

Science4You: Domino Animal World

Published December 11, 2014 by Bizzimummy

My next toy from Science4You is a pre school toy for Izebella. Domino Animal World contains 28 Dominos with circular bendy shapes.

Unlike the usual domino game, these dominos have images of wild animals and also numbers. The animals include monkey, giraffe, elephant and a hippopotamus. They are very bright and colourful and all made from solid wood. The round twisty shapes makes them easy for little hands to grip and they come in a wooden storage box too.

There are many different ways to play with these dominos and I could not see any instructions in the box so it was up to us to use our imagination with these. The traditional domino game involves giving out the dominos and trying to connect dots. In this case it would be matching animals and number. Izebella is more than able to match the animals up and is actually quite good at it but she does not yet understand what taking turns means so it usually ends up with no one else getting a go. When it's just me am Izebella we have lots of fun simply matching up pictures. I will ask her what the animal is or what colour the domino is so there is a few educational and learning benefits to this toy.

Izebella also enjoys making various shapes and patterns with the dominos which she will often refer to as “Wiggly worms”. Once finished playing she is also more than happy to help tidy them away.

Of course big brother and sis are only too happy to join in the domino fun. Well when Izebella allows them to that is!

Domino Animal World can be purchased on Amazon for just £6.99 and aimed at young children ages 3 and over. My clever little 2 year old is able to play with these without any problems.


Willowbee wooden toys

Published November 18, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Nothing quite beats a toy made from just wood. They look so traditional, come with fine detail and I love the smell of the fresh wood. The majority of wooden toys do not require batteries and they are also very strong and sturdy, I would been say unbreakable. Willowbee wooden toys and gifts sell a fine range of wooden toys which includes everything from small play sets and figures right up to big play kitchens and ride on cars.

Izebella had been giving some of the Willowbee toys a good thorough testing and here is what she thinks.

First up are two wooden flutes. Now little Izebella loves her music. She enjoys songs (especially Frozen) and also loves her musical instruments of which she already has a few small things. She often gets them all out and gives them out to us all and demands we join in her little musical band. Therefore these flutes make a great addition to her growing instrument collection.

The flutes seem very strong and solid unlike the plastic kind. They come in several other colours too and they both come with animal figures. The bigger one has a slightly better sound than the smaller version which can sound a little muffed (if that's the right word!) at times. Izebella loves them and tries her best to make as much noise as she possibly can with them. She will then try and get everyone else to have a go and usually me being the last meaning I am left with a flute full of mixed dribbles LOVELY!.

Anyway great little starter instruments. Strong and sturdy and can be loud at times. Lovely bright colours too and a perfect size for small hands.


Next a beautiful little wooden toaster. Izebella sees my toaster so is well aware of how they work. Bread goes in, toast comes out. She was very happy to have one of her own.

These wooden toasters come with a choice of pink or green colours and come with 2 pieces of bread/toast. It has a dial and toast eject handle just like the real thing. Toast can get put in and popped out with the handle.

Not too sure if Izebella has quite grasped the concept that the toast is not real as it's constantly in her mouth. Or maybe she is just taking advantage of the whole fun role play experience which this toy offers.


Our final exciting wooden product comes in the for, of a unique wooden creative play set. There are several to choose from including Pirate, Indian, beauty and a doctor. Izebella has a doctor kit. Her kit came in its own metal carry case

The case has the image of a rather happy looking doctor and a few furry animal patients.

Inside the case is everything little Izebella needs to become a young doctor and take care of her own furry friends (teddies).


All of these lovely things are inside and each one of them is made purely from wood. I should also add they each of these 10 individual items also came carefully wrapped up in tissue paper too.

There is also a white doctor hat bearing a Red Cross. Obviously the hat is not made from wood but all the doctor items are, even the plasters.

It's a lovely little set. The scissors even open up like real ones and the pill bottles have removable screw on lids. It's amazing that these things are all created from wood alone.

This is the doctors hat!


Amazing little fun kits which are just right for toddlers. Nothing they can harm themselves with and pretty impossible to break anything. Izebella now puts on her hat and treats us all like her patients.

The kits start at £18.95 and can be purchased from many leading toy shops along with the other wooden products above. Further information can be found at the Willowbeewebsite.


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